Twelve Book Blogs of Christmas

Twelve Book Blogs of Christmas

Leura-xmas-2012Here’s a selection of posts (in reverse order of publication) by participants in the Australian Women Writers challenge to help celebrate Christmas. Most are recent wrap-up posts for the challenge, including one from Shelleyrae from Book’d Out blog, the person who must have read and reviewed more books by Australian women this year than anyone.

  1. Michelle from Book to the Future – this isn’t a round-up of Michelle’s reading, but rather Part 1 of a selection of highly recommended reads from a number of book bloggers and authors
  2. Bernadette from Reactions to Reading – mostly crime
  3. David Golding – mixed genres and a call for men to join the challenge in 2013
  4. Timothy of Book Coasters, the blog of Gold Coast Libraries – a librarian’s recap of the challenge
  5. Tsana’s Reads and Reviews – two completed challenges, Science Fiction and Fantasy
  6. Sean Adventures of a Bookonaut podcast – of particular interest to readers of this blog is Sean’s interview with author Helen Merrick
  7. Yvonne of Stumbling Through the Past – mostly history, memoir and biography
  8. Shelleyrae of Book’d Out – 100 AWW books and counting, mostly contemporary
  9. Jon Page of Bite the Book – mostly literary
  10. Lara Cain Grey, This Charming Mum
  11. Janine Rizetti, The Resident Judge
  12. ?

Number 12 is for you.

Have you finished the challenge? Have you written a wrap-up post? If you have, please add your link here or in the comments below. If you haven’t, how did you go?


  1. Many thanks for the shout out Elizabeth – and for highlighting so many of the other participants who I hadn’t yet come across. I am looking forward to being more involved next year so that it doesn’t take me a whole year to find all these great people :)

    • You’re very welcome, Bernadette. As for getting to know the other book blogs, it does take a while to find all the wonderful blogs that are out there. I don’t think I’ve visited them all yet. There’s definitely material here for another AWW blog post.

  2. I just want to echo what Bernadette has said really! I’ve really enjoyed participating in this challenge but in 2013 I’m hoping to read a lot more of other people’s blogs and reviews. Thanks for helping me discover a few new ones today. Looking forward to the new year!

    • Thanks, Lara. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews and I hope to get round to more blogs next year, too. And there are so many more blogs than the ones I’ve mentioned here – particularly of those who finished the challenge early. I’m also determined to read some genres I’ve neglected (including some SciFi and horror). I look forward to your contribution.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for all your amazing work through 2012 on the Australian Women Writers Challenge. Although I won’t sign up for the challenge, in my own way I will continue with what I started (and then stopped) this year. I’m looking forward to discovering many more amazing women writers in the coming year!

    • You’re very welcome, Anna. Good luck with finishing what you started – and please feel free to sign up just to read (it’s an extra option this year), if that suits you. I’m also hoping that people will read and comment on reviews more – especially about the books they’ve read. I look forward to hearing about what books you choose.

    • Thanks, Sally. It has been a treat to follow your reviews this year, and I hope to discover more great reads next year, too.

  4. Thanks for including me, Elizabeth! Now to take a look around at all the other lists and recaps you’ve posted…

    • You’re very welcome, Michelle. I look forward to seeing what you choose to read and review next year – if you join in again.

    • Fantastic, Katrina. Congratulations on completing this year’s challenge and welcome aboard for 2013. I hope it’s another great year of discovery.

  5. Well, I didn’t do so great on my challenge this year, but that’s only stregthened my resolve to do better next year. It’s been lovely to take part, even in the flimsiest of ways, and congratulations on all your hard work and amazing achievements with the challenge Elizabeth – I’m sure it is going to continue to grow hugely in 2013 – I see there are already more than 100 people signed up to take part in 2013 and it’s not even January 1st yet!


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