How are you going with this year’s Bingo Challenge? Are you planning to do some extra reading over the Easter break? My answers to those two questions are: I’ve only read two books (or, at least I’ve read two books) and yes, I hope to lose myself in a book for at least one lazy afternoon.

To remind you about the challenge, here are the two bingo cards.

The first is the general card for any AWW title:

AWW Bingo Card 2017.png

Thanks to your feedback I have lightened the background on this card to make it easier to read.

On this card I have  ticked off two of the nine squares:

A book with a beach setting: Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall

A book that surprised me: Goodwood by Holly Throsby. I loved the small town noir but when did the 90s qualify as historical fiction?! That surprised me, but in a good way.

So, I still have a way to go – and for obvious reasons I leave the free square until last in case of emergency – but it is still only April.

The second bingo card is a bit more of a niche challenge – Classics.

AWW Bingo Classics Bingo Card 2017

There are lots of books I’d love to read for this challenge but I think I will have time to settle in with this challenge until mid-year. I have Mena Calthorpe’s The Dyehouse  (1960s and 1970s) and Amy Witting’s I for Isobel (A Contemporary Classic) on the shelf next to me as I write this post so it’s likely I’ll start with those two.

Here is the link to the original bingo post where you can link your success.

Remember, there’s a copy of Writing the Dream kindly donated by Serenity Press to give away.

writing the dream cover

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