The following list provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author in decade of publication.


Andrews, Mrs T. R. aka Andrews, Katherine E., Stephen Kyrle: an Australian story, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1901, 383 pp.

Aston, Matilda Ann aka Aston, Tilly, The woolinappers : or, some tales from the by-ways of Methodism, Spectator Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1905, 104 pp.

Baker, Hannah Newton, Wytha Wytha: a tale of Australian life, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1903, 277 pp. downloadable as pdf

Bayne, Mary Addams, Bluegrass and wattle, or, The man from Australia, Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, 1909, 305 pp. (downloadable as pdff)

Baynton, Barbara (gothic fiction), Bush Studies, Duckwork, London, 1902, 155 pp.

Boyne, Mabel, That Australian family, Batson & Co., Sydney, 1907, 198 pp. downloadable as pdf

Bright, Annie, A Soul’s Pilgrimage, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1907, 296 pp.

Cambridge, Ada, The retrospect (1909)

—–. Thirty Years in Australia (1903)

—–. Sisters (1904)

Franc, Maud Jeanne, aka Matilda Jane Congreve (Birth name) and Matilda Jane Evans (married name), Vermont Vale: Or Home pictures in Australia (190?)

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka “Owen Roe O’Neill”, “L”, Joseph Marizeeni (poetry), Bark House Days (1921)

—–. The breaking furrow: verses (Melbourne: S. J. Endacott, 1921)

—–. Moods and melodies: sonnets and lyrics (Melbourne: T.C. Lothian, 1908) Downloadable as pdf here (warning: it may download automatically)

Geach, Edwina Catherine, From the Soul of the Ti-tree, Lothian, Melbourne, 1909, 94 pp.

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, Shamrock and Wattle Bloom: a series of short tales and sketches, Edgerton and Moore, Melbourne, 1900, 208 pp.

Lancaster, G. B. aka Lyttleton, Edith Joan, A spur to smite, Andrew Melrose, London, 1905, 123 pp. Downloadable here.

Luffmann, Laura Bogue, An Elderly Romance‘, in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 40-45.

—–. ‘Seen in the Biograph‘, in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 232-238.

Mordaunt, Elinor aka Mordaunt, Evelyn May, The garden of contentment, Heinemann, London, 1902, 240 pp.

Palmer-Archer, Laura M, A Bush Honeymoon and Other Stories, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 350 pp.

Praed, Mrs Campbell aka Rosa Caroline Praed (romance and gothic), My Australian Girlhood: Sketches and impressions of bush life, Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 270 pp.

—–. The Maid of the River, John Long, London, 1905.

—–. The Luck of the Leura, John Long, London, 1907.

—–. A Summer Wreath, Long, London, 1909, 317 pp.

—–. Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush (London: J. Long, 1902) 428 pp. Available as pdf

Richardson, Henry Handel,* Maurice Guest (1908)

Turner, Lilian,** An Australian Lassie (1903-05 or 1910)


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* Links to the Australian Dictionary of Biography online
** Links to AustLit

Note: For purposes of this list “Australian” is defined loosely and may include authors who wrote books while living in Australia, or who wrote books set in Australia. Many of these text were found in the Colonial Australian Popular Fiction: A Digital Archive (CAPF) and bibliographical details and genre are taken from that archive. (Note: the archivists’ definitions of “romance” might differ from contemporary views.) Links to author names where given are to the CAPF archive, unless otherwise indicated; links to online texts are either to that archive, to pdf versions from the University of Sydney Digital Archive, Project Gutenberg or elsewhere as found. If you find other texts for this list, or better links to any of the books listed below, please let us know via the contact page.

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