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BEHRENDT, Larissa.    Legacy
General fiction (set post mid-20th century)
S'hi D'amour 14/07/2014
Maree Kimberley 12/01/2013
Tony's Reading List 10/10/2012
BEHRENDT, Larissa.    Home
Mixed / don't know / prefer not to say
General fiction (set post mid-20th century)
Anna 11/03/2016
Mindy 22/03/2013
Writereaderly 02/02/2013
BEHRENDT, Larissa.    Finding Eliza:Power and Colonial Storytelling
History, memoir or biography (non-fiction)
Kali Napier 11/01/2017
Anna 14/12/2016
calzean 12/03/2016
Yvonne Perkins 09/03/2016
MST - Adventures in Biography 04/03/2016
BEHRENDT, Larissa.    Under skin, in blood
General fiction (set post mid-20th century)
Whispering Gums 10/07/2016
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