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WINCH, Tara June.    Swallow The Air
General fiction (set after 1980)
calzean 24/10/2017
Candace Writes 07/02/2015
Whispering Gums 13/07/2014
Marilyn 10/07/2014
Mindy 22/03/2013
Janine Rizzetti 08/10/2012
WINCH, Tara June.    After the carnage
General fiction (set after 1980)
calzean 27/10/2017
Theresa Petray 02/04/2017
Anna Greenwood 24/03/2017
Cassandra Page 27/01/2017
WINCH, Tara June.    The Yield
Historical fiction (set before 1980)
General fiction (set after 1980)
Jennifer Cameron-smith 12/11/2019
Kali Napier 22/07/2019
Brona's Books 22/07/2019