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Welcome to our 6th year of the Australian Women Writers Challenge!

The AWW challenge was set up to help overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women. The challenge encourages avid readers and book bloggers, male and female, living in or outside Australia, to read and review books by Australian women throughout the year. You don’t have to be a writer to sign up. You can choose to read and review, or read only. (Our guidelines for what makes a good review can be found here.)

The challenge will run from Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2017. You can sign up throughout the year till 30 November 2017.

New emphasis for 2017

In addition to reading and reviewing contemporary books, this year, we’re encouraging participants to review one or two “classics” – books that might once have been popular but which have now fallen out of favour. Some time in 2017, we plan to dedicate a whole month to classics on the AWW blog, including authors Ernestine Hill, Henrietta Drake-Brockman and Patsy Adam-Smith. If you know other authors or books that might fit the bill, please add them to your challenge list. We’re also keen to attract more nonfiction and poetry reviews, as these areas have been identified as lacking for the challenge so far. And, of course, look out for our “Diversity” posts on the AWW blog: the more we can read and share books written by Australian women of different ethnicities, the more impact our reviewing will have for our society.

If you’re already familiar with the challenge and its aims, jump to the sign-up form below. Otherwise, read on.

How to join

AWW2017 badgePlease start by following the AWW blog via email, if you aren’t already following. Feel free to comment on AWW posts throughout the year – this encourages our volunteers and helps to create a sense of community. Also, if you’re on Facebook, consider joining our new Facebook group. (We’re hoping to create something more interactive than the current AWW Facebook page.) You can also join our Goodreads group and follow us on Twitter @auswomenwriters.

  • download the 2017 AWW badge (right)
  • create a sign-up post for your blog or in one of our social media groups
  • enter your details in the sign-up form below. (Note: your information will not be used for any non-AWW-related activity.)

If you want to read only, rather than review, simply nominate the number of books you plan to read throughout the year and share your reading on social media as you can. I know a number of authors who mini-blog on Twitter. It all helps spread the word about our talented Aussie women writers.

Choose your level:

  • Stella: read 4 – if reviewing, review at least 3
  • Miles: read 6 – if reviewing, review at least 4
  • Franklin: read 10 – if reviewing, review at least 6
  • Create your own challenge: nominate your own goal e.g. “Classics Challenge”.

We’re also putting together another AWW Bingo card – so keep an eye out for it during the year. It’s a lot of fun!

To sign up to #AWW2017, enter your challenge details in the form at the bottom of this page. Please include the optional additional information where relevant – it’ll help us get to know you.


Througout the year: link your reviews

Each time you read and review a book, add a link to your review on the AWW Link Your Review page. Our volunteers will choose selected reviews to add to their monthly roundup of reviews in different genres.

Challenge completed

When you’ve finished your challenge, please write a sign-up post and enter your details on our “Challenge Completed” page.

Become more involved

If you follow this blog, you’ll receive regular roundups of reviews linked to the challenge, interviews with authors and news which we will publish throughout the year. (If enough people express an interest, we may also create an occasional newsletter to notify participants of competitions and other relevant news.)

Also, please free to follow and comment on blogs participating in the AWW challenge. You might even like to add links to others’ reviews in your own posts: this will help to broaden the discussion of books by Australian women and help to create a reading and reviewing community.

Check out the AWW Review Search Page to find books already reviewed for the challenge.

If you’re short of ideas of books to read, visit the AWW bookshelf in Goodreads.

If you’re on Twitter, follow @auswomenwriters and use the #aww2017 hashtag to tweet links to your reviews, and to share in discussions of interest to AWW participants.

You might also like to join:

If you have other ideas you’d like to share as to how we could build a thriving reading and reviewing community, please let us know via our AWW contact page.

Most of all, have fun reading great books by Australian women and share what you discover with your friends!

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