Are you ready for the #AWW2017 Bingo Challenge?

Put your January reading to good use and try to make some matches on our 2017 AWW bingo card:

AWW Bingo Card 2017

If you find some of the categories difficult, you can be creative. For instance, a book with poems doesn’t have to be a poetry anthology or a verse novel, it could be a book with a poem as a prologue or one of the characters could stumble across a poem. You will also notice the use of ‘book’ rather than ‘novel’; we encourage all non-fiction aficionados to join in.

For those who love classics, we also have a special AWW Classics Challenge bingo card:

AWW Bingo Classics Bingo Card 2017
For this second card, a ‘book of non-fiction’ could be a classic in its own right or a biography of a famous female writer. We will also leave it up to you how you define a ‘contemporary classic’.

Having too many rules takes away from the fun of the challenge and we don’t want to do that. However, what we would love is for readers to be in search of forgotten AWW classics. To stay alive, books have to be discovered and re-appreciated by new generations of readers. If we let prior generations dictate our reading choices, how will we ever know what we might miss out on?

I wonder if this year we can uncover some entertaining reads that have been forgotten, perhaps through censors or because they were consigned to the pot-boilers slush pile. A book doesn’t have to be profound to be worthy or leave a lasting impression.

Last year we had a lot of last minute interest in this challenge with Christy Collins being the first to finish. Christy won a copy of Katherine Johnson’s The Better Son for her efforts, kindly donated by the publisher, Ventura Press. Look out for Christy’s interview with Katherine on the AWW blog this Friday.

This year we have another great giveaway, a copy of Writing the Dream kindly donated by Serenity Press. Click here to learn more about this anthology.

Everyone who finishes one card by October 31st will be entered into the draw. If you can complete both cards, you will have two entries – and we may be able to offer another great prize for the classics option.

We hope to get more prizes as the year progresses so watch this space.

How to enter
Once you have read a book to match each square, write a short blog post summarising your reading and put your link in the comments below.
If you don’t have a blog, you can add links from Goodreads or even just write out your list in the comments.

Here are two examples of entries from last year:

Christy Collins

Kali Napier

Finally, I hope you like the two paintings we selected this year:

Morning Shower by Lena Bovard

The Quay at Dinard by Ethel Carrick Fox


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