The second in our series on small publishers focuses on Sydney’s Pantera Press.

Pantera Press is a publisher unlike any other: small, close-knit and family run; I did an internship there about two years ago and had an amazing time. The books they publish may have been put on the slush pile with other publishers – but here, they are welcomed, and encouraged.

The press was created in 2008 by Alison Green (CEO), and her father, John, around the Green kitchen table. Since their first titles were released in 2010, they have published some amazing stories that showcase our great Australian talent. In 2013 and 2014, Pantera Press was shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry’s Small Publisher of the Year, and in 2015 for the ABIA Innovation Award and Small Publisher Adult Book of the Year Award. Their approach is summed up in the phrase “good books doing good things”:

Pantera Press are an organisation built with social purpose. The core focus of our company and foundation is to invest in the next generation of readers and writers. Pantera Press is one of the few publishing houses that welcomes (and actively seeks) new, previously unpublished authors – Australian authors with international, best-selling potential who write great stories. Additionally, through our Good Books Doing Good Things philosophy as well as the Pantera Press Foundation, we donate a percentage of revenue to organisations and programs that promote literacy and encourage the joy of reading. (read more here)

What I like about Pantera Press is the variety I’ve found and the addictive characters and series. These include Sulari Gentill’s Rowland Sinclair series (Book 8, A Dangerous Language, is due out this year); Lynette Noni’s Medoran Chronicles, a Young Adult Fantasy series (book 3, Draekora, is due out this year); and Melanie Casey’s Cass Lehman books – Hindsight, Craven and Missing. I will be reading both A Dangerous Language and Draekora for the challenge.

If fantasy appeals, you might want to start with Lynette Noni’s earlier books, Akarnae (book one) which introduces Alex and her friends at Akarnae on their quest and Raelia (book two). There is also a series by Wanda Wiltshire, Betrothed (book one), which introduces Amy, and her betrothed, Leif and their story; as well as books two and three, Allegiance and Confused. (Apart from Akarnae, these books have yet to be reviewed for the challenge.)

These are just a few of the choices from Pantera Press which I am looking forward to reading and reviewing – not just for the challenge, but also for the authors and the publisher.



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