We are back and in our second episode for 2017, we chat to Tinashe Jakwa.

Tinashe Jakwa is a Zimbabwean born, now Perth based writer. She analyses all things political in Southern Africa as part of her work for Foreign Brief but is also pursuing a Masters of International Relations at the University of Western Australia.

Her short story No Child Of One’s Own was published as part of the African short story anthology Ways of Being Here which was launched at the Perth Writer’s Festival a few weeks ago and was published by the Centre for Stories and Margaret River Press. TInashe Jakwa

In this episode we chat about the mentoring process that she got to go through when her story got chosen, what it has been like to have a writer she admires write about her work, what it is like to try to be respectful and authentic when translating work from an oral storytelling tradition to a written format and how work can have multiple meanings.

And also about how important it can be to just wander around for hours staring at architecture, even if it is architecture that makes you want to curse.

You can listen to the episode via the embedded player below or via this link. [mp3 file]

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If you have suggestions for a) authors and b) topics, leave a comment and let us know. You can reach Tinashe Jakwa on Twitter where she tweets about all things African and political. Marisa Wikramanayake is your interviewer prone to fits of laughter and you can reach her on Twitter or via her website where she either talks incessantly or not at all.