As an avid non-fiction reader myself, I know that it can take some time to read, reflect and review non-fiction titles properly. However, this means that I often turn up to write my monthly non-fiction round-up to find only one or two reviews on offer.

Therefore I propose a little mini-non-fiction challenge for our regular AWW readers this month. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a bite-sized, read-in-one-sitting, non-fiction title to read and review in October. You could try one of the little On Series‘ books from Melbourne University Press for instance.


On Series Collage


Or you could tackle one of the amazing non-fiction titles that can be found in the children’s and young readers section of your local library or bookshop. Award winning titles like Maralinga’s Long Shadow by Christabel Mattingley or one of the lovely Walker series Nature Storybooks. Newer releases such as Nganga by Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson  might be easier to find or you could jump onto the springtime-new-me roundabout with a review of a diet/health/cook book!Nature Storybooks collage
For the love of non-fiction, I am prepared to be overwhelmed by choices for my October round-up post!
Your reward, as always, is the joy of reading non-fiction and bringing it to our attention 🙂

During September Tracey @Carpe Librum reminded us why so many people love Helen Garner’s non-fiction, with her review of Everywhere I Look. This was Tracey’s very first Garner and she would like us to recommend which one she should try next. Personally, I recommend trying This House of Grief. It’s not an easy or comforting read, but I liked how Garner tackled a difficult, emotional and controversial issue with such sensitivity. I’m sure our readers will have other suggestions below.

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