2014-15 Titles Reviewed Unique to AWW 2015

The following is a list of titles published in 2014-15 that weren’t reviewed in mainstream media included in the 2015 Stella Count, but were reviewed for the AWW challenge.

AMPHLETT, Rachel. Look Closer. Self-published 2015

BOWER, Robin. Beyond Home: A daughter’s journey to Burma in search of her father’s past. Self-published 2015

CARROLL, Ber. Once Lost. Killard Publishing 2015

CHELLEW, Libbie. Protein: News from a Radiant Future. Going Down Swinging 2015

CHRISTENSEN, Maggie. The Sand Dollar. Self-published 2015

CLARK, T M. Shooting Butterflies. Harlequin MIRA 2014

COOK, Pamela. Close to Home. Hachette Australia 2015

CORNALL, Jane. Take Me to Paradise. Self-published 2014

CUNNINGTON, Janita. The River House. Bantam/Random House Australia 2015

CURTIS, Shannon. Enraptured. Harlequin Escape 2014

CUSWORTH, Fran. The Near Miss. Harper Collins 2015

DAVIES, Nene. Surfacing. Self-published 2015

DOBBIE, Kaye. Sweet Wattle Creek. Harlequin MIRA

FREEMAN, Kimberley. Evergreen Falls. Hachette Australia

FUNDER, Anna. Everything Precious. Paspaley (self-published?)

GAI, Sarah. Curve My Song. Moshpit Publishing 2014

GRENVILLE, Kate. Joan Makes History. University of Queensland Press 2014 (re-release; first published 1988)

GREY, Janine. Desert Flame. Penguin Australia 2015

HAIG, Francesca. The Fire Sermon. Harper Voyager 2015

HAM, Rosalie. The Dressmaker (re-released). Duffy and Snelgrove (2015; re-release, first published 2000)

HAVENS, Clare. The Bellamy Bird.  Createspace (Self-published?) 2014

HEIDKE, Lisa. The Callahan Split. Self-published 2015

HEIN, Cathryn. The French Prize. Harlequin MIRA 2014

HEIN, Cathryn. The Falls. Penguin Australia/ Michael Joseph 2015

HIGGINS, Fiona. Wife On the Run. Allen & Unwin 2014

HILL, Loretta. The Grass is Greener. Random House Australia 2015

HILL, Loretta. The Girl in the Yellow Vest. Random House Australia 2014

JO, Peta. The Crushing Season. PWPS Publishing (Self-published?) 2015

JONES, Jennie. The House at the Bottom of the Hill. Harlequin MIRA 2015

JOY, Lisa. Yes Chef! Penguin Books Australia / Michael Joseph 2015

LEWIS, Justine. The Secret Prince. Penguin Australia (Destiny Romance) 2014

LISTON-MILLS, Kate. The Waterfowl are Drunk! Spineless Wonders 20145

LUTHERBORROW, Bridget. Thirteen Story Horse. Going Down Swinging 2015

MADDEN, Georgia. Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum. Nero Books 2015

MADISON, Juliet. The January Wish. Harlequin Escape 2014

MAGUIRE, Dianne. What Matters Most. Harper Collins 2015

MCDONALD, Fleur. Emerald Springs. Allen & Unwin 2015

McGee, Polly. Dogs of India. The Author People 2015

MCKELLAR, Lauren K. Eleven Weeks: Crazy in Love #2. Self-published 2015

MCKELLAR, Lauren K. The Problem with Heartache: Crazy in Love #3. Self-published 2015

MCKENNA, Helen. Room 46. Self-published 2015

MCLEOD, Jenn. J. Season of Shadow and Light. Simon & Schuster 2015

MOREY, Trish. Stone Castles. Pan Macmilan Australia 2014

NAGLE, Lambert. Revolution Earth. Self-published 2015

NANDAN, Kavita. Home After Dark. USP Press 2015

NASH, Stacey. Shh! Oxley College #1. Self-published 2015

NASH, Stacey. Wait! Oxley College #3. Self-published 2015

NEWLAND, Tahlia. Sacred Striptease. AIA Publishing 2014

O’NEILL, Ellie. The Enchanted Island. Simon & Schuster 2015

PALMER, Fiona. The Saddler Boys. Penguin Australia 2015

PHAM, Hoa. Wave. Spinifex Press 2015

PRICE, Fiona. Let Down Your Hair. Momentum Books 2015

REYNOLDS, Louise. An Outback Christmas. Penguin Books Australia 2015

RIMMER, Kelly. The Secret Daughter. Bookouture (Self-published?) 2015

SAMS, Lauren. She’s Having Her Baby. Nero Books 2015

SCHWARTZ, Jenny. Dare: Sensual Tales of Fantasy & Suspense. Self-published 2015

SHARP, Margaret Lynette. Love, Desire and Betrayal. Self-published 2015

SMITH, Annabel. Whiskey and Charlie (US release of earlier published title) Sourcebooks Landmark 2015 (previously published title)

SOMERS, Michelle. Lethal in Love #1. Random House Australia 2015

TUNNICLIFFE, Hannah. Season of Salt and Honey. Pan Macmillan Australia 2015

VALENTISH, Jenny. Cherry Bomb. Allen & Unwin 2014

VAN NEERVEN, Ellen. “Sweetest Thing” in Review of Australian Fiction (10/4) 2014

WISEMAN, Rowena. The Replacement Wife. Harper Collins 2015