AWW books reviewed for both MSM 2015 and AWW

The following titles were reviewed by mainstream media critics in 2015 and also for the AWW challenge, either in 2015 or subsequently in 2016 where indicated (*).

Ackland, Jenny. The Secret Son. Allen & Unwin 2015

Adelaide, Debra. The Women’s Pages. Pan Macmillan Australia 2015

Alderson, Maggie. Secret-Keeping for Beginners. Harper Collins 2015

Appleyard, Meredith. The Country Practice. Penguin Australia 2015

Armstrong, Sarah. His Other House. Pan Macmillan Australia 2015

Ashmere, Emma. The Floating Garden. Spinifex Press 2015

Barker, Robin. Close to Home. Xou Creative 2015

Barrett, Shirley. Rush Oh! Pan Macmillan Australia 2015

Daylight, Tegan Bennett. Six Bedrooms. Vintage Books Australia 2015

Bird, Carmel. My Hearts are Your Hearts. Spineless Wonders 2015

Bishop, Stephanie. The Other Side of the World. Hachette Australia 2015

Bitto, Emily. The Strays. Legend Press 2014

Brooks, Geraldine. The Secret Chord. Penguin Australia 2015

Brown, Honey. Six Degrees. Ventura 2015

Buist, Anne. Medea’s Curse. Text 2015

Burrows, Deborah. A Time of Secrets. Pan Macmillan Australia

Cadwallader, Roby. The Anchoress. Harper Collins 2015

Campion, Alice. The Painted Sky. Random House Australia 2015

Canavan, Angel of Storms. Orbit 2015

Carmody, Isabelle. The Red Queen. Viking Australia 2015

Chandler, Tania. Please Don’t Leave Me. Scribe 2015

Clark, T M. Tears of the Cheetah. Harlequin MIRA 2015

De Costa, Caroline. Double Madness. Margaret River Press 2015

De Kretser, Springtime: A Ghost Story. Allen & Unwin 2014

*Faulkner, Annah. Last Day in the Dynamite Factory. Picador Australia 2015

FitzGerald, Helen. The Exit. Faber & Faber Crime 2015

Forsyth, Kate. The Beast’s Garden. Random House Australia 2015

Fox, Candice. Eden. Random House Australia 2015

Fox, Candice. Fall. Random House Australia 2015

*French, Ophelia: Queen of Denmark. Harper Collins Australia 2015

Frew, Peggy. Hope Farm. Scribe Publications 2015

Funder, Anna. The Girl with the Dogs. Penguin Australia 2015

Gentill, Sulari. A Few Right Thinking Men. Pantera 2010

Gentill, Sulari. Give the Devil His Due. Pantera 2015

Gorton, Lisa. The Life of Houses. Giramondo 2015

Graeme-Evans, Posie. Wild Wood. Simon & Schuster 2015

Green, J M. Good Money. Scribe Publications 2015

Halligan, Marion. Goodbye Sweetheart. Allen & Unwin 2015

Harrower, Elizabeth. A Few Days in the Country.

Hart, Pamela. The Soldier’s Wife. Hachette Australia

Hayes, Antonia. Relativity. Viking 2015

Henry Jones, Eliza. In the Quiet. Harper Collins Australia 2015

Hepwort, Sally. The Secret of Midwives. Macmillan Australia 2015

*Hepworth, Sally. The Things We Keep. Macmillan Australia 2015

Hickie, Amanda. An Ordinary Epidemic. MidnightSun Publications 2015

Howell, Katherinel. Tell The Truth. Pan Macmillan 2015

Jaquiery, Anna. Death in the Rainy Season. Mantle 2015

Johns, Rachael. The Patterson Girls. Harlequin MIRA 2015

Johnson, Susan. The Landing. Allen & Unwin 2015

Jones, Gail. A Guide to Berlin. Random House Australia 2015

Jones, S A. Isabelle of the Moon and Stars. University of Western Australia Press 2014

Jones, Myfanwy. Leap. Allen & Unwin 2015

Juchau, Mireille. The World Without US. Bloomsbury 2015

Kaminsky, Leah. The Waiting Room. Random House Australia 2015

Lawson, Sue. Freedom Ride. Black Dog Books 2015

Limprecht, Eleanor. Long Bay. Sleepers 2015

Lohrey, Amanda. A Short History of Richard Kline. Black Inc 2015

Maccoll, Mary-Rose. Swimming Home. Allen & Unwin 2015

Messer, Jane. Hopscotch. Picador Australia 2015

Moon, Josephine. The Chocolate Promise. Allen & Unwin 2015

Morton, Kate. The Lake House. Allen & Unwin 2015

*Murray, Kirsty, Payal Dhar,and Anita Ray (eds). Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean. Allen & Unwin 2015

Nunn, Judy. The Spirits of the Ghan. Random House Australia 2015

O’Brien, Deborah. The Trivia Man. Bantam Australia 2015

O’Reilly, Paddy. Peripheral Vision. University of Queensland Press 2015

O’Reilly, Paddy. The Wonders. Affirm Press 2015

Ortlepp, Amada. Claiming Noah. Simon & Schuster Australia 2015

Oswald, Debra. Useful. Viking Penguin 2015

Owen, LJM. Olmec Obituary. Echo Publishing 2015

Pacat, CS. Captive Prince. Viking Penguin 2015

Pacat, CS. Captive Prince & Prince’s Gambit. Viking Penguin 2015

*Paice, Christine. The Word Ghost. Allen & Unwin 2014

Price, Sandra Leigh. The Bird’s Child. Harper Collins Australia 2015

Rawson, Jane. Formaldehyde. Seizure 2015

Robinson, Alice. Anchor Point. Affirm Press 2015

Scarfe, Wendy. Hunger Town. Wakefield Press 2014

Seaton, Annie. Kakadu Sunset. Pan Macmillan Australia

Tampke, Ilka. Skin. Text Publishing 2015

Treloar, Lucy. Salt Creek. Pan Macmillan Australia

Trope, Nicole. Hush, Little Bird. Allen & Unwin 2015

Turner, Ann. The Lost Swimmer. Simon & Schuster 2015

*Ulman, Abigail. Hot Little Hands. Penguin Australia 2015

Varley, Claire. The Bit In Between. Pan Macmillan Australia 2015

Viski, Emma. Resurrection Bay. Echo Publishing 2015

*Wakefield, Vikki. Inbetween Days. Text Publishing 2015

Walker, Lisa. Arkie’s Pilgrimage. Random House Australia 2015

Washington, Lynette. Breaking Beauty. MidnightSun Publications 2015

Wood, Charlotte. The Natural Way of Things. Allen & Unwin 2015

Wood, Tess. Love At First Flight. Harper Collins Australia 2015

Wooller, Geraldine. Trio. Transit Lounge 2015