Nonfiction for Review

The following is a list of titles by Australian women reviewed in mainstream media during 2015 (as captured by the Stella Count) which haven’t been reviewed for the challenge.

Acker, Kathy and McKenzie Wark. I’m Very Into You: Correspondence 1995-1996. 2015

Affirm PressShe’s Having a Laugh. 2014

Alexander, Kristen. Australia’s Few and the Battle of Britain. 2014

Alexander, Alison. Beneath the Mountain: A History of South Hobart. 2015

Allen, Traudi. John Perceval: Art and Life. 2015

Amer, Sahar. What is Veiling? 2014

Avieson, Bunty. The Dragon’s Voice. 2015

Baker, Jeannine. Australian Women War Reporters: Boer War to Vietnam. 2015

Bamford, Mike and Mandy Bamford. The Wild Side: Chronicles of Nature, Part One. 2015

Barrett, Jennifer and Jacqueline Millner. Australian Artists in the Contemporary Museum. 2014

Barry, Ramona and Rebecca Jobson. The Craft Companion. 2016

Bennett, James, Nancy Cushing and Erik Eklund (eds). Radical Newcastle. 2015

Berry, Lola. The Happy Cookbook. 2015

Bird, Delys and Tony Hughes-D’Aeth. Westerly 59.2. 2015

Bishop, Catherine. Minding her Own Business: Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney. 2015

Bizys, Ebony. Hello Tokyo. 2015

Boccabella, Zoe. Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar. 2015

Bourke, Latika. From India With Love. 2015

Bowles, Robin. Smoke and Mirrors. 2015

Broinowski, Anna. The Director is the Commander. 2015

Bruhn, Cameron and Katelin Butler. The Terrace House. 2015

Bullo, Kylie. Reaching for the Canopy: A Zoo-born Orangutan’s Journey into the Wild. 2015

Bungey, Darleen. John Olsen: An Artist’s Life. 2014

Burder, Clare. Tipsy. 2015

Churcher, Betty. The Forgotten Notebook. 2015

Clur, Colleen. Pixie Annat: Champion of Nurses. 2015

Coetzee, J M and Arabella Kurtz. The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. 2015

Cornwell, Jane. The Whirl: Men, Music & Misadventures. 2015

Crane, Ralph and Lisa Fletcher. Cave: Nature and Culture. 2015

Crawford, Anwen. Hole’s Live Through This. 2014

Crawford, Anne. Ralf. 2015

Critchley, Cheryl and Helen McGrath. Why Did They Do It? 2015

Damiani, Stephen, Sally Damiani and Leah Kaminsky. Cracking the Code. 2015

Dinan, Jacqueline. Between the Dances: Word War II Women Tell Their Stories. 2015

Dougan, Lucy and Paul Clifford. Westerly 60.1. 2015

Elshafei, Amina. Amina’s Home Cooking. 2015

Erikson, Dorothy. Inspired by Light & Land. 2015

Evans, Stephany Steggall. Interestingly Enough… The Life of Tom Keneally. 2015

Falkiner, Suzanne. Mrs Mort’s Madness. 2014

Faulk, Tina. The Island of Singing Fish: A Colonial Childhood in Ceylon. 2015

Fitzpatrick, Sheila. On Stalin’s Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics. 2015

Flynn, Hazel. History’s Most Daring Moments. 2014

Ford, Justine. Unsolved Australia. 2015

Frame, Chris and Rachelle Cross. 175 years of Cunard. 2015

Garner, Helen. Regions of Thick-Ribbed Ice. 2015

Gazzo, Jane. John Farnham: The Untold Story. 2015

Gibb, Margi. Kissed by a Deer. 2015

Grant, Kirsty, Becket Rozentals, Peter Anderson (eds). Order and Variation: Robert Jacks. 2014

Griffen-Foley, Bridget. A Companion to the Australian Media. 2014

Gunningham, Sue. All the Days After. 2016

Hamid, Mustafa and Leah Farrell. The Arabs at War In Afghanistan. 2014

Hammar, Jacqueline. Daughter of the Territory. 2015

Hay, Ashley. The Best Australian Science Writing. 2014

Highley, Kerry. Dancing in My Dreams: Confronting the Spectre of Polio. 2015

Hills, Rachel. The Sex Myth. 2015

Holbrook, Carolyn. Anzac: The Unauthorised Biography. 2014

Holland, Alison. Just Relations: The Story of Mary Bennett’s Crusade for Aboriginal Rights. 2015

Hopkins, Lekkie. The Magnificent Life of Miss May Holman. 2015

Howard, Ann. A Carefree War: The Hidden History of Australian WWII Child Evacuees. 2015

Howarth, Kate. Settling Day: A Memoir. 2015

Howe, Renate, David Nichols and Graeme Davison. Trendyville: The Battle for Australia’s Inner Cities. 2014

Hunt, Deb. Australian Farming Families: Inspiring True Stories of Life on the Land. 2015

Jones, Patrick and Meg Ulman. The Art of Free Travel. 2015

Kane Dale, Lyn. Lady Soldiers. 2014

Katsonis, Maria. The Good Greek Girl. 2015

Keane, Bernard and Helen Razer. A Short History of Stupid. 2014

Kelly, Jane-Frances and Paul Donegan. City Limits. 2015

Koenig, Cheryl. With Just One Suitcase. 2015

Kon-yu, Natalie, May Linden, Christie Nieman, Maggie Scott and Miriam Sved. Mothers and Others. 2015

Korporaal, Glenda. Making Magic: The Marion Mahony Griffin Story. 2015

Kowal, Emma. Trapped in the Gap. 2015

Landon, Carolyn. Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist. 2015

Laugesen, Amanda. Furphies and Whizz Bangs: Anzac Slang from the Great War. 2014

Lipski, Sam and Suzanne Rutland. Let My People Go: The Untold story of Australia and the Soviet Jews 1959-89. 2015

Lynch, Andrew, Nicola McGarrity and George Williams eds. Inside Australia’s Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials. 2015

Mackintosh, Michelle. Snail Mail. 2015

Margo, Jill. Frank Lowry: A Second Life. 2015

Mathison, Robyn and Robert Cox. Behind the Masks: Gwen Hardwood Remembered by her Friends. 2015

McGuinness, Phillipa. Copyfight. 2015

McGuire, Michaela and Marieke Hardy. Airmail: Taking Women of Letters to the World. 2015

McSorley, Julie and Marcus. Out of the Box. 2014

Monteath, Peter and Valerie Munt. Red Professor: The Cold War Life of Fred Rose. 2015

Morgan, Ruth. Running Out? Water in Western Australia. 2015

Mullane, Brigid. Kill Your Darlings (#22 July 2015)

Murphy, Sally. 1915. 2015

Nelson, Camille, Deborah Pike and Georgina Ledvinka (eds). On Happiness: New Ideas for the Twenty-First Century. 2015

Neumann, Klaus and Janna Thompson (eds). Historical Justice and Memory. 2015

Nguyen, Cat Thao. We Are Here. 2015

Niall, Brenda. Mannix. 2015

Noske, Catherine. Westerly 60.2. 2015

Olubas, Brigitta. Shirley Hazzard: New Critical Essays. 2014

O’Neil, Clare and Tim Watts. Two Futures: Australia at a Critical Moment. 2015

Oxley, Jermey and Mary Oxley Griffiths. Here Comes the Sun: The Love Story that Saved a Man From Destruction and Reunited Sunnyboys. 2015

Pos, Margaretta. Mrs Fenton’s Journey: India and Tasmania 1826-1876. 2015

Power, Rachel (ed.) Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart. 2015

Radbourne, Jennifer and Kenneth Watkins. Philanthropy and the Arts. 2015

Rantissi, Michael and Kristy Frawley. Falafel for Breakfast. 2015

Renshaw, Mary, John D’Arcy and Gabby D’Arcy. Live Wire Bon Scott. 2015

Rickard, Suzanne. Sailing with Cook. 2015

Rismiller, Peggy. Dr Peggy’s Echidnartefacts & More. 2014

Rosenlund, Kara. Shelter: How Australians Live. 2015

Sayer, Rosemary. More to the Story: Conversations with Refugees. 2015

Scates, Bruce, Rebecca Wheatley and Laura James. World War One: A History in 100 Stories. 2015

Schoenwald, Joanne. Horse Rescue. 2014

Schultz, Julianne and Jane Camens (eds). New Asia Now: Griffith Review 49. 2015

Schwartz, Adam and Aviva Lowy. Mum, I Wish I Was Dead. 2015

Selfe, Daphne. The Way We Wore. 2015

Sharpe, Terri, et al. Surfing Margaret River. 2016

Simmonds, Alecia. Wild Man. 2015

Singer, Renata. Older and Bolder: Life After 60. 2015

Smith, Margaret and Sue Williams. Gene Genius. 2015

Stewart, Lyn. Blood Revenge: Murder on the Hawkesbury 1799. 2015

Taylor, Craig and Melina Graefe. A Sense for Humanity: The Ethical Thought of Raimond Gaita. 2014

Teplitzky, Gretta and Michael Teplitzky. The Best of Gretta Anna with Martin Teplitzky. 2015

Toohill, Trudy. The Reporting of Ned Kelly & The Kelly Gang. 2015

Trenoweth, Samantha. Fury: Women Write about Sex, Power and Violence. 2015

Underhill, Nancy. Sidney Nolan: A Life. 2015

vanden Driesen, Cynthia and Bill Ashcroft. The Legacy of a Prodigal Son. 2014

Wasowski, Vera and Robert Hillman. Vera: My Story. 2015

Whitehead, Anne. Betsy and the Emperor: The True Story of Napoleon, A Pretty Girl, A Regency Rake and An Australian Colonial Misadventure. 2015

Williams, Leslie and Tammy. Not Just Black and White. 2015

Wills, Gillian. Elvis and Me. (Note: Elvis is a dog.) 2015

Wyborn d’Abrera, Lucilla. Constance Stokes: Art & Life. 2015

Wyld, Evie and Joe Sumner. Everything is Teeth. 2015

Yahp, Beth. Eat First, Talk Later. 2015

Zampatti, Carla. My Life, My Look. 2015


Note: From list compiled October 2016; links, where available, are to the social media reviewing site, Goodreads.