June 2017 releases


  • Audsley, Carmel McMurdo. Conviction (Theatricks Publishing)
  • Bailey, Sarah. The Dark Lake (Allen & Unwin) – debut fiction
  • Fonseca, Conchita. Where the Light Plays (Ylva Publishing) – diversity fiction
  • Dowse, Sara. As the Lonely Fly (For Pity Sake) – Historical fiction set in Palestine/Israel, Russia and the USA in the first decades of the 20th century
  • Joosten, Melanie.  Gravity Well (Scribe)
  • Nightingale, Rachel/Rachel Le Rossigno. Harlequin’s Riddle (Odyssey Books) – Adult speculative fiction. This is the first novel by award-winning playwright Rachel Le Rossignol. Fantasy fiction with a historical twist, it follows the journey of a young woman who joins the Commedia dell’Arte (travelling players) and discovers that their theatrical performances hide a dark secret which may well be connected to the disappearance of her brother years before.
  • Munro, Donna. The Zanzibar Moon (self-published via Warm Witty Publishing) – general adult contemporary commercial fiction set in Zanzibar and East Africa, and Gold Coast (Australia).
  • Mulligan, Monique. Fergus the Farting Dragon (Serenity Press) – children’s fiction
  • Saftich, Michelle. Wanderers No More (Odyssey Books) – historical fiction
  • Spargo-Ryan, Anna. The Gulf (Picador/Pan Macmillan)
  • Trope, Nicole. Forgotten (Allen & Unwin)
  • Verity, Bree. The Hidden Duchess (self-published) – historical fiction set in provincial France 1792-3.
  • Walker-Smith, G. J. Stone Roses – #8 of Wishes series
  • Winter, Lee. Shattered (Ylva) – adult speculative fiction set in “Socotra” aka “the most alien place on Earth”. Shattered is about a black, lesbian superhero who refuses to “hero” because she decides humanity is not worth saving. It is part of Ylva’s Superheroines Collection. Lee Winter’s debut novel, The Red Files, won a Golden Crown Literary Award and was a finalist for a LAMBDA.

“Mid year”

  • Buckle, Sttephanie. Silent (Finlay Lloyd) – short story collection debut
  • Carlesss, Victoria. The Dream Walker (provisional title) – Debut YA novel that will be published by Hachette in Jun/Jul. It was selected in the 2015 QWC Hachette Aus Manuscript Development Program.
  • Down, Jennifer. Pulse Points (Text) – possibly August, general fiction
  • Hamstead, Katie.  New South Wales (REUTS Publications)