November and December 2017 releases


  • Broadbent, Cindy. The Afghan Wife (Odyssey Books)
  • Green, Elizabeth. Parenting is Forever (UWA Publishing) Non Fiction – Practical tips for navigating the developmental stages of childhood
  • McGuire, Magdalena. Home Is Nearby(Impress Books) General fiction/literary set in Poland in the 1980s
  • Michelle, Emma. Watching Cartoons with Boys (Self Published) General fiction/Commercial set in Australia
  • Washington, Lynette. Plane Tree Drive (Midnight Sun Publishing) General fiction/literary


  • Clark, T. M. Child of Africa (MIRA) – general fiction
  • Darcy, Elizabeth M. Winnawarra (Luminosity Publishing) Suspense/thriller fiction set in present day Australian outback, Kimberly
  • Forsyth, Kate. Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales of Brave Young Women (Serenity Press) Historical fiction for Young Adults
  • Lane, Karly. Six Ways to Sunday (Allen & Unwin) Rural Fiction
  • Parkyn, Stephanie. Into The World (Allen & Unwin) Historical Fiction set in France, Australia & the South Pacific 1790s
  • Kylie Fox and Ruth Wykes. Impact: the ripple effect of murder (Clan Destine Press) True Crime – Kylie Fox and Ruth Wykes are award-winning writers whose true crime book Invisible Women was released in 2016. Kylie has won awards in several categories for her crime fiction short stories at the Scarlet Stiletto Awards, run by Sisters in Crime Australia. Ruth took out first prize at the 2016 Scarlet Stilettos
  • Murdoch, KateStone Circle (Fireship Press) Historical fiction set in 16th century Italy

Some time in 2017 or ‘later in the year’

  • Johnson, Judy. Dark Convicts by Judy (UWAP) – poetry. It is a little known fact that eleven African American convicts arrived in Australia on the First Fleet in 1788. Two of these ex-slaves were the author’s ancestors. In extensively researched poems, award-winning writer Judy Johnson vividly portrays scenes from her black forebears’ lives, both before transportation and afterwards, in the fledgling colony of New South Wales.