October 2017 releases


  • Abbs, Carolyn. The Tiny Museums (UWA Publishing) Poetry – ‘Carolyn Abbs’s poems in her poised collection The Tiny Museums live in the gap between deep time and now. Abbs’s poems dealing with family grief are the centrepieces of the book and are admirable in their ability to move the reader without any cloying sentimentality.
  • Blackthorn, Isobel. The Cabin Sessions (HellBound Books) Suspense/Thriller Fiction Adult
  • Brear, AnneMarie. A Noble Place (Choc Lit)
  • Clark, T. M. Slowly, Slowly Catch a Monkey (Wombat Books) – for children or younger readers
  • Conoulty, Renee. Gotta Be This or That (Kindred Ink Press) Contemporary General Fiction set in Darwin and Melbourne.
  • Corbett, Elizabeth. The Tides Between (Odyssey Books) Historical fiction
  • Coslovich, Gabriella. Whiteley on Trial  (Melbourne University Publishing) Other Non-Fiction Adult; Gabriella Coslovich is a Melbourne journalist with more than 20 years experience, including 15 years at The Age newspaper where she specialised in arts writing and developed an extensive network of contacts in the arts world.
  • Janaczewska, Noelle. The Book of Thistles (UWA Publishing) Non-fiction set in WA – Part accidental memoir, part environmental history and part exploration of the performative voice on the page, The Book of Thistles is about the cultural and social life of this group of plants we call thistles.
  • Johns, Rachael. The Greatest Gift of All (MIRA) General fiction
  • Hall, Faye. Lust & Chastity (Beachwalk Press) General fiction
  • Kelada, Odette. Drawing Sybylla (UWA Publishing) General fiction/literary
  • O’Donnell, Kate. Untidy Towns (University of Queensland Press) General fiction – commercial. Young Adult set in country Victoria
  • O’Hagan, Joan. A Roman Death (Black Quill Press) – Historical fiction set in Rome 45 BCE. New edition of historical crime novel by Australian crime writer Joan O’Hagan (now deceased) originally published by Macmillan (London, 1988); original reviews can be found on author’s website here.
  • Rice, Sarah. Fingertip of the Tongue (UWA Publishing) Poetry – ‘In Fingertip of the Tongue’ we find a poetry of close observation of people and everyday objects, finding in them new and deeper implications. Sarah Rice displays a fascination with form and a great skill in finding the startlingly apt word, the evocative insight.
  • Sayer, Mandy. Australian Gypsies: Their Secret History (New South) History 1788 – present
  • Washington, Lynette, Plane Tree Drive (MidnightSun Publishing)
  • Wright, Fiona. Domestic Interior (Giramondo) Poetry