x2014 Online Mainstream Media Reviews of AWW fiction

The following is a list of selected fiction titles by Australian women, reviews for which appeared in mainstream Australian media during 2014, were included in the Stella Count and are now available online.

Note: some links, such as Books+Publishing, may be behind a paywall. Others may restrict access after a number of pages viewed but if you come back to them at a later date you should be able to see them. Please let us know via our contact page if you find any broken or incorrect links.


Adelaide, Debra. Letter to George Clooney. Reviewed by Amy Baillieu.

Andrews, Amy. Forbidden Affair. Reviewed by Daphne Guinness.

Atkins, Clare. Nona and Me. Reviewed by Daniel Herborn.

Bitto, Emily. The Strays. Reviewed by Michael McGirr, James Tierney and BT.

Brown, Honey. Through the Cracks, Reviewed by Thuy On.

Chan, Crystal. Bird. Reviewed by Thuy On.

Clarke, Maxine Beneba. Foreign Soil. Reviewed by Owen Richardson, Fiona Wright, Thuy On, Susan Midalia and AF.

Curtis, Shannon. Collision Course. Reviewed by Daphne Guinness.

d’Alpuget, Blanche. The Young Lion. Reviewed by Peter Craven.

Dainty, Suellen. After Everything. Reviewed by Claire Scobie.

Dale, Leigh and Tanya Dalziell. Australian Love Stories. Reviewed by Francesca Sasnaitis.

d’Alpuget, Blanche. The Lion Rampant. Reviewed by Peter Pierce.

Davis, Brooke. Lost and Found. Reviewed by Alice Bishop.

Dempsey, Dianne. Girls in Our Town. Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Dharmapala, Su. Saree. Reviewed by Claudia Hyles.

Dovey, Ceridwen . Only the Animals. Reviewed by Sam Cadman, Delia Falconer, and LS.

Fitzpatrick, Deb. The Break. Reviewed by Gretchen Shirm.

Forster, Kate. Close Up. Reviewed by Thuy On.

Forsyth, Kate. Dancing on Knives. Reviewed by Dianne Dempsey.

Fox, Kathryn. Fatal Impact. Reviewed by Sue Turnbull.

Gentill, Sulari. A Murder Unmentioned. Reviewed by Sue Turnbull.

George, Anna. What Came Before. Reviewed by Thuy On.

Harris, Catherine. The Family Men. Reviewed by Ed Wright and Kirsten Krauth.

Harrower, Elizabeth. In Certain Circles. Reviewed by Owen Richardson, Andrew Riemer. Susan Sheridan and HT.

Harrower, Elizabeth. Down In the City. Reviewed by Susan Sheridan.

Hartnett, Sonya. Golden Boys. Reviewed by Peter Pierce, Victoria Flanagan, Linda Funnell, Joy Lawn, AF, Jo Case, and Robyn Annear.

Heiss, Anita. Tiddas. Reviewed by Dianne Dempsey.

Hopkins, Sarah. This Picture of You. Reviewed by Jennifer Levasseur.

Hospital, Janette Turner. The Claimant. Reviewed by Peter Craven and Brian Matthews.

Houston, Melinda. Kat Jumps the Shark. Reviewed by Thuy On and Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Howell, Katherine. Deserving Death. Reviewed by Sue Turnbull.

Jaivin, Linda. The Empress Lover. Reviewed by Sara Dowse and Kate Holden.

James, Wendy. The Lost Girls. Reviewed by Milly Main.

Jessen, Rebecca. Gap. Reviewed by Thuy On.

Kennedy, Cate. Australian Love Stories. Reviewed by Johanna Legatt and Thuy On.

Ladd, Kylie. Mothers and Daughters. Reviewed by Ed Wright and Thuy On.

Larbalestier, Justine. Razorhurst. Reviewed by Cameron Woodhead.

Ledson, Kathryn. Monkey Business. Reviewed by Thuy On.

Lette, Kathy. Courting Trouble. Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Lohrey, Amanda. The BEst Australian Stories. Reviewed by Gregory Day.

London, Joan. The Golden Age. Reviewed by Geordie Williamson, Tegan Bennett Daylight, Kerryn Goldsworthy, Brenda Walker and Helen Elliott.

Lord, Gabrielle. Dishonour. Reviewed by Sue Turnbull.

Lunn, Jacqueline. The Unknown Woman. Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Macdonald, Carmel, Grahame? Personal Effects. Reviewed by Gillian Dooley.

McCourt, Suzanne. The Lost Child. Reviewed by Thuy On and Carol Middleton.

McFarlane, Fiona. The Night Guest. Reviewed by Lucy Sussex.

McKinnon, Moira. Cicada. Reviewed by Linda Morris.

Meyer, Angela. The Great Unknown. Reviewed by Rachel Robertson.

Meyer, Angela. Captives. Reviewed by DL.

Miller, Karen. The Falcon Throne. Reviewed by CR.

McKinnon, Moira. Cicada. Reviewed by Francesca Sasnaitis.

Morrison, Sally. Window Gods. Reviewed by Dorothy Johnston.

Munkara, Marie. A Most Peculiar Act. Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Murray, Elizabeth. The Loud Earth. Reviewed by Benjamin Chandler.

Newton, P.M. Beams Falling. Reviewed by Dean Biron, Sue Turnbull and DH.

O’Reilly, Paddy. The Wonders. Reviewed by Ashley Hay, Jane Sullivan and ZC.

Overington, Caroline. Can You Keep A Secret? Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Paice, Christine. The Word Ghost. Reviewed by CR.

Parrett, Favel. When the Night Comes. Reviewed by Peter Pierce, Lucy Sussex, Delia Falconer, Sarah Holland-Batt and SH.

Piper, Christine. After Darkness. Reviewed by David Messer and Laurie Steed.

Pung, Alice. Laurinda. Reviewed by Dianne Dempsey and Thuy On.

Riccioni, Jo. The Italians at Cleat’s Corner Store. Reviewed by Alex Cothren.

Ryan, Tracy. Claustrophobia. Reviewed by Rose Lucas.

Simpson, Inga. Nest. Reviewed by Dianne Dempsey, Sally Browne and Carol Middleton.

Smith, Annabel. The Ark. Reviewed by TW.

Sved, Miriam. Game Day. Reviewed by Ed Wright, Paul Carter and Cameron Woodhead.

Sweeney, Diana. The Minnow. Reviewed by Maya Linden.

Swinn, Louise and Zoe Dattner. The Sleepers Almanac. Reviewed by Luke Horton.

Treasure, Rachael. Cleanskin Cowgirl. Reviewed by LS.

Van Neerven, Ellen. Heat and Light. Reviewed by Alec Patric and Kerryn Goldsworthy.

Wilson, Dominique. The Yellow Papers. Reviewed by Alison Broinowski.

Wood, Danielle. Mothers Grimm. Reviewed by Jo Case and Kate Forsyth.

Wright, June. Murder in the Telephone Exchange. Reviewed by Francesca Sasnaitis.

Zorn, Claire. The Protected. Reviewed by Kerryn Goldsworthy.