Hello romance lovers and welcome to the fourth wrap up for the year. As always the reviews are trickling in and we have some wonderful books to talk about today, including a couple of fabulous new releases from some very popular rural romance authors. In fact let’s kick off with those!


Our first title is The Road To Hope by Rachael Johns which revisits the setting of Hope Junction in rural WA. Fans of Johns will remember Hope Junction (and this novel’s main character) from her first novel Jilted. Always a popular name in the romance archives of the AWWC, this is Johns’ 6th full length novel. Shelleyrae at Book’d Out had this to say in her review:

I really enjoyed the chemistry and slow burn romance between Lauren and Tom. Despite their immediate sexual attraction, both have good reasons for refusing to acknowledge it. They develop a friendship which is really sweet, even with the undercurrent of heat and I was delighted by the way their relationship worked itself out.

The Opal Octopus was likewise full of praise:

THIS is what I really like about full-length Aussie rural romance, compared to shorter category type romance! We get not just a love story, but other stories with complex inter-weaving storylines, social issues, all spiced with a great sense of place (which I love).

The Falls

Cathryn Hein released her new novel The Falls in April and it received three reviews for the month. Brenda from Goodreads awarded 4.5 stars and said:

I very much enjoyed The Falls, which is the latest release by Aussie author Cathryn Hein. A couple of the characters from the excellent Rocking Horse Hill also put in an appearance which was great. The side characters […] had me laughing out loud at their antics, with the author’s sense of humour shining through. I have no hesitation in recommending The Falls highly.

For myself, it was the setting:

I really enjoyed the setting in this book, the property where Tegan comes to try and heal and there’s a lot of colour in the local community and as always, a few animals of character to lighten things up!

Shelleyrae praised the author for trying new things:

A little more ambitious in scope than her previous novels, The Falls is an engaging contemporary story about family, love, romance, belonging and healing, blending heartfelt romance with impassioned drama in rural Australia.


Forecast by Jane Tara brings a touch of whimsy to the wrap-up this month with a character that can predict the weather. Once settled into the story, Sam from Sam Still Reading found it very enjoyable:

The tone of the novel is sweet and warm. It’s an easy read after all the characters are established – they’re predominantly quirky, fun and looking for companionship and love. The scenes in the family shop are genuinely heart-warming – a palm reader who softens the blow and a life saved are just some of the things that go on. Plus, everyone in this book gets their happily ever after – what more could a romance fan want?

Outback Fever

Outback Fever is a romantic suspense novel released through Sunburnt Enterprises and reviewed very positively by Brenda on Goodreads:

The plot was filled with suspense and heart stopping twists; the descriptions of the countryside authentic. The tension near the end was page turning and gripping; definitely couldn’t put it down!

Captain Jack's Woman

A little historical romance this month with Stephanie Laurens’ Captain Jack’s Woman. Reviewer Catsalive urges readers not to judge this one by its cover:

The book is fun, sexy & romantic, & I enjoyed it very much. There are quite a few erotic sex scenes to titillate the reader, & no silly misunderstandings to ruin my day.

That’s all for this month, I’ll be back the same time next month with more titles for you to all add to your TBR piles.


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