The list below provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers published in the 1900s which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author. Links are to Trove, unless otherwise stated; many have been found with the assistance of the Australian Newspaper Fiction Database (ANFD). If any are broken or incorrect, please let us know via the contact page.

Note: No guarantee can be made as to the legibility of articles in digitised newspapers on Trove links to which are found below. Some facsimile copies may be only partially illegible; clearer copies may sometimes be found via NSW State Library e-resources collection (requires log in for full online access). It is AWW’s aim that all copies will be legible in time, but we rely on volunteers to do this work. Any effort to correct the Trove texts would be greatly appreciated.

Links are to Trove unless otherwise stated. Note: for State Library of Victoria (SLVIC) digital collections, access conditions apply.

Adams, Bertha Southey aka Bertha Adams, B. S. Adams, Mrs T C Brammall, Berth Southey Brammall, Bertha Brammall; b. 1877 Hamilton, Tas; d. 1957 Sydney, NSW; biographical snippet (21 Mar 1936); widowed 1945 (ref)
— A barefoot bride (1900, short story; in Examiner [Launceston]; faint print, but corrected in Trove; a wild girl meets two boating young gentlemen, one a photographer, and shows one how to use an axe): 4 Jul: ch1; 4 Jul: ch2; 9 Jul: ch2 (cont); 9 July: ch3; 9 Jul: ch4 (final).
A home letter (1904, poem)
A love song (1904, poem)
A scrap (1905, poem)
A song of the drought (1903, poem)
Bungy (1904, prose)
Cheer up (1903, poem)
Cured: a Christmas story (1900, short story; a girl crossed in love is cured of her grief; text corrected in Trove)
Edwin Exon’s poems (1907, criticism)
— From the Banks of the Forth (1901, short story: two poor fisher children encounter a vicar’s son: 25 Sep; 2 Oct; 9 Oct (final).
From far away (1901, poem)
Good-bye (1903, poem)
In the rectory (1905, poem – very faint scan)
The March O’Cameron’s men: a Tasmanian love story (1901, short story; a young German woman doubts her faith when her betrothed, a Tassie man, volunteers for the Boer War; text corrected in Trove)
Mount Roland: a sonnet (1905, poem)
Motherhood: a sonnet (1904, poem)
My Bandolier (1903, poem)
Old folks (1903, poem)
The old man’s garden (1900, poem)
One of Wallack’s Men (1900, short story: the grandfather and betrothed of a volunteer for the Boer war are left praying)
Our village (1903, poem)
The path in the oats (1901, poem)
Right back (1903, poem)
Sleep-time: a sonnet (1904, poem)
Stay (1905, poem)
Two lives (1907, poem)
When the boats come home (1901, poem)
Winter: sonnet (1904, poem)

Anderson, Maybanke b. 1845, 16 Feb, Surrey, Eng; d. 1927, 15 Apr, Paris, France; arrived in Australia 1855.
Australian songs for Australian children (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1902)

Anderson, Thistle; a.k.a. M. C. Fisher; Thistle M. C. Anderson; Thistle Clavering Fisher; Thistle Clavering Shearmur b. 12 Oct 1878, Scotland; arrived in Australia 1885; interview with the author (19 May 1905); biographical snippet in The Bulletin (1905)
Arcadian Adelaide (1905, prose satire)
The arcadians (1905; sequel to Arcadian Adelaide) – link to SLVIC digital collection
The reveller and vagabond verses (1905)
The war and other things (1900, correspondence and poem)

Andrews, Mrs T. R. aka Andrews, Katherine E. (-1915),
Stephen Kyrle: an Australian story, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1901, 383 pp. Links to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive. Also serialised in The Arrow (1901-02).

Ashton, Helen b. 1868 NSW; d. 1929 NSW
The kings colonists (1907, drama/operetta)

Aston, Matilda Ann aka Aston, Tilly b.11 Dec 1873, Carisbrook Vic; d.1 Nov 1947, Windsor Vic; obituary 3 Nov 1947
An old dream again (1906, short story)
Boronia Billy (1909, short story)
The homecoming (1909, short story)
Maiden verses (1901)
The Middiby marriage (1906, short story)
Miss Margaret’s diggers (1909, short story)
The Trelanty brood (1907, short story)
The woolinappers: or, some tales from the by-ways of Methodism, Spectator Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1905, 104 pp. – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Atkins, C I Dick, birth name: Charlotte Isabel Atkins; aka C Isabel Atkins, Charlotte Isabel Dick, Mrs Ronald Dick; also writes as C I D; C I Dick. b. 24 Jun 1881, North Hobart, Tas; d. 12 Sep 1959, Hobart, Tas. Biographical pararaghs (18 Jul 1945). Atkins’ poem Of a sadness and a gladness was included in The Commonwealth annual for 1902 (ref).
A triolet (1907, poem)
Imagination (1907, poem)

Baker, Hannah Newton (?-30/10/1904). Little so far has been discovered about the life of this author. Baker published under the initials H.N.B. in periodicals such as Melbourne Review and Victorian Review (hard copies of these exist in State Library of New South Wales but as of Nov 2021 are not digitised on Trove), essays including Religion and Education , Ode on the Opening of the Exhibition . Note: a notice for an auction of Mrs. Hannah Newton Baker’s estate appeared in January 1905 in the Geelong Advertiser, describing her weatherboard residence, Bitah Conah , in Bellarine Street.
Wytha Wytha: a tale of Australian life, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1903, 277 pp. Links to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive; downloadable as pdf.

Bateson, Caroline Emma aka C.E.B. , Mrs C E Bateson b. 1856; d. 1906
The war screws: a fairytale (1900, short story; children’s fiction)

Baverstock, Florence aka Louisa Florence Blair, Mrs Florence Baverstock, “Clio”, “A Victorian girl” (with her sister Lillian); b. 1860; d. 1937
Misc articles (1900s, short nonfiction)
— ed. For women: a daily budget of news and notes (1907, column; multiple entries; including “The university woman: does she make a good wife and mother?” by Gertrude C Nuttall)

Bayne, Mary Addams (1850s-?); born and died in USA, but apparently spent some time in Adelaide (AustLit bio).
Bluegrass and wattle, or, the man from Australia, Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, 1909, 305 pp. Links to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive; downloadable as pdf.

Baynton, Barbara (1857-1929).
Bush studies, Duckwork, London, 1902, 155 pp. (gothic fiction). Links to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— Drought driven (1903): ch1; ch2. ANFD entry.
Human toll (London: Duckworth, 1907); online versions: Australian Digital Collection; Project Gutenberg Australia.
To my country (1902, poem)

Bedford, Ruth aka Ruth M Bedford b. 2 Aug 1882, Petersham, NSW; d. 24 Jul 1963, Paddington NSW; Bedford published a number of poems in the 1900s, mostly in The bulletin.
City of desire (1905, poem)
Haunted (1905, poem)
The mother (1905, poem)
Looking backward (1908, poem)
My ship at sunset (1905, poem)
Night in the graveyard (1906, poem)
Sydney at sunset (1909, poem)
Youth and age (1909, poem; in The lone hand)

Benham, Agnes Nesbit, aka Agnes Mary Matilda Benham b. 1850; d. 1932.
Love’s way to perfect humanhood: an appeal to thoughtful people (1904) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Bentley, Mary Moore b. 1865; d. circa late 1950s
A woman of mars (1901, novel; science fiction) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Blackett, Evelyn R. (see biographical note in 1880s list)
— A Federation Episode (1900; novella serialised in The Examiner (Launceston, Tas); very poor scan quality in parts): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10 (final). ANFD entry.

Blitz, Mrs A. (Julia) (1847-1923).
An Australian millionaire (1902-05) Pdf available from Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive; serialised in Camperdown Chronicle: ch1; ch2; ch3; [supplement missing for 11 Oct 1902) ch5; ch7; ch8 (cont.)-9; ch10 (poor print quality); ch12 (cont.) poor print quality; ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch16; ch17; ch18; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24, poor print quality; ch25; ch26 (cont.); ch27 (cont.); ch28 (cont.); ch30; ch32; ch34; ch36; ch38; [supplement missing for 25 Apr 1903]; ch42;

Bode, Effie H, birth name Fylafie Iline Hamilton Bode. b. 1880; d. 11 Feb 1921; married Joseph Alfred Hayward on 6 March 1909, and Arthur Boushear in 1917. Daughter of Ettie Bode.
Australia’s bushmen (1900, poem)
From me to you (1904, poem)

Bode, Ettie birth- name: Elizabeth Esther Ayliffe; aka Mrs. J. A. Bode, Mrs E E Bode, aka Ettie E Ayliffe, Ettie Bode , E.B ., b. 1836 d. 3 Aug 1920. Death notice.
A song of jubilation (1900, poem)
— Colonial reminiscences (1900, short prose)
The present excitement (1900, short prose)
— Women’s Work (1900, short prose): part 1; part 2.

Boyne, Mabel, (?-?).
That Australian family, Batson & Co., Sydney, 1907, 198 pp. downloadable as pdf from Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive

Braithwaite, Marie, aka Jack Rugby and E J Braithwaite, nee Maria Black. b. circa 1861; d. 1927 (obituary)
A bush of wild barrier lilies (1908, poem)
A nineteenth century knight (1900, short story)
A song of hope (1907, poem)
The absolution of John Derrick (1901, short story)
Betty pops the question (1906, short story)
The blue enamel ring (1909, short story)
The dry sea (1903, poem)
Felix (1908, short story)
Finigan’s lease (1909, short story)
Gandy & co. (1903, short story)
Jimmie (1901, short story)
Only a scab (1908, short story)
Nobody’s baby (1900): ch1; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16 (final).
Red Mick and Benny (published in The Sydney Mail, 1906; and later anthologised in The Red Kangaroo and other Australian short stories: Sydney: John Fairfax and Sons, 1907)
When Jay went bad (1906, short story)

Bright, Annie (1840-1913).
A soul’s pilgrimage, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1907, 296 pp. Downloadable as a pdf from Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Broome, Mary Anne** a.k.a. Mary Anne (Lady) Broome; Lady Barker (1831-1911)
Colonial memories by Lady Broome (1904) – link to archive.org

Broughton, N. (Identified as Miss N Broughton in a promotion for the anthology, The Red Kangaroo, in which the following story appears: The Sydney Mail 10 Apr 1907: 946)
The five-thirty from Sydney (1906, short story)

Bruton, Nellie. See Helen Jerome.

Campbell, Mildred V.
A rabbit-proof fence (1907, short story)
Billy Boy (1906, anthologised in The Red Kangaroo)
Flight of the goose (1906, short story)
One girl (1905, short story)

Cambridge, Ada (1844-1926).
The retrospect (1909) – link to gutenberg.org.
Thirty Years in Australia (1903) – link to gutenberg.org.
— Sisters (1904) – to gutenberg.org.

Carmichael, Jennings aka Grace Elizabeth Jennings, Carmichael, Mrs Francis Mullis. b 24 Feb 1867, c 9 Feb 1904. Carmichael published several short stories, as well as hundreds of poems (listed on AustLit database).
A Pinch of Attic Salt (1902, short story)
The Close of a Gray Day (1900, short story)
Dr Nell (1903, short story)
Jack and Gentleman (1903, short story)
Love in a Day (1903, short story)
Marjorie (1904, short story)
Milkmaid Mary (1902, short story)
Miss Pat (1902, short story)

Carroll, Norah Skeffington aka Nora Skeffington Carroll, Nora Dardanelli; b. 1878 SA; married, Sydney NSW, 1914 to Bartolommeo Giovanni Dardanelli; widowed 1928; d. 1954, Darlinghurst, NSW
Checkmated (1905, short story)
The conversion of a celibate (1906, short story)
The elopement and the other man (1907, short story; widely syndicated)
In retrospect: a story in letters (1905, short story)
Love o’ Liz (1906, short story)
Platonics: a story in one chapter (1904)

Castilla, Ethel. aka Ethelrita Ramos de Castilla, aka Viva . b. Kyneton, Vic 1861; d. Camberwell, Vic, 1937.
A Bush Sunrise (1905, poem – poor scan quality)
A Bush Violet (1906, short story)
A Christmas Song (1905, poem)
A Song of Summer (1906, poem)
A Sydney Rosebud (1906, poem)
Alfred Tennyson (1909, poem)
— [The Australian Girl and Other Verses (Melbourne: George Robertson, 1900); print copy available via SLNSW]
Christmas in the Bush (1904, poem)
Coronation Contrasts (1902, prose)
The Earl of Wycombe (1903, prose)
Fortescue’s Lucky Find (1901, short story)
George-Street Sydney (1906, poem)
June (1905, poem)
The Kurrowah Cup (1902, prose)
Leathers (1904, short story)
The New King of England (1901, prose)
November (1906, poem – poor scan quality)
On the Downs (1905, poem)
Pretty Mrs. Forsythe (1900, short story)
The Red Kangaroo (1905, short story; also anthologised in The Red Kangaroo and other Australian short stories 1907)
Shakespeare’s Birthday (1909, poem)
Summer Rain (1905, poem – very poor scan quality)
Sunset on the Hawkesbury (1906, poem)
To the North Wind (1906, poem)
Twelve Best Novels to Date (1905, list)
Wattle-Bloom (1906, poem – very poor scan quality)

Chads, Ellen Augusta aka E.A.C. and Mrs E. A. Chads (circa1837-1843-1923).
After Fame (1903; short story with reflections on writing and romance)
Picking Up Windfalls (1904; short story incorporating Australian idiom; reflection on poverty, music and romance)
Too Long Delayed (1902, short story)

Christie, E. F. aka Emily F Marmont b. 1872, Yass, NSW
A Quiet Christmas (1907, poem)
Autumn (1908, poem)
Catching ‘the Colonel’ (1909, short prose; Bush Sketcher series)
The Choosing of Emma (1909, short story; Bush Sketcher series)
En Passant (1907, poem, appears in The Bulletin scroll down to view)
Going to Town: a bush sketch (1909, prose)
His First Journey (1909, prose; parts of text obscured)
The Invitations: a bush sketch (1909, short story)
Laddie (1907, poem)
The Letter (1908, poem)
Memories (1907, poem; faint print)
Over the Hill (1908, poem)
The Selfishness of Dad (1909, prose; Bush Sketcher series)
The Sound of Wings (1907, poem; very faint print)
— [Untitled fragment] (1907, poem: On every side green arms of Ocean toss )
The Water Nymphs (1909, poem)
The Way the World Wags (1907, poem)
Wood Elves (1908, poem)

Clinch, Eileen Bertha b. c1879; d. 1930, Pennant Hills, NSW; ANFD entry.
A Christmas Spirit (1906, short story)
A Dear Little Somebody (1906, poem)
The Dear Old Weeds (1906, poem)
A Dream in Blue (1903, poem)
A Farewell (1905, poem)
A Little Blue Shoe (1904, poem)
A Picture of Molly Gray’s Home (1903, poem)
A Portrait of Molly Gray (1903, poem)
A Story of Christmas Roses (1906, poem)
Australassie: legend of the bush (1904, poem)
Australian Babie: A Story of the Wild Old Times (1907)
Biddy Wee (1904, poem)
Black Annie and Dusky Rose (1905, poem)
A Bush Baby’s Lullaby (1903, poem)
A Fairy Fantasy (1906, poem)
A Photograph (1904, poem)
A Ripple (1908, poem)
A Tale of the Bunyip (1905, poem)
About Pinky Winky (1903, poem)
Asthoreen (1906, poem)
Babe of the Deep Blue Sea (1906, poem)
Beautiful Castles of Air (1907, poem)
Black Annie (1904, poem – devastating racial content)
Black Annie’s Lullaby (1905, poem)
Black Eyes and Blue (1908, short story)
Blue Wave and the Mermaid (1904, poem)
— Bradley’s Baby (1907; reprinted 1917)
Cara Mia: A Picture (1908, short story)
Cherry’s Secret (1906, short story)
Close De Red Curtain (1905, poem)
Dat Shiny Path on the Moonlit Sea (1905, poem – racially offensive language and content)
De *** and de Kisser (1906, poem – racially offensive language)
De Little ***’s Birds (1905, poem; offfensive language and racially stereotyping content)
De Litte ***’s Trouble (1906, poem; offensive language)
Do You Think (1905, poem)
Dream Flowers (1904, poem)
Dreaming (1906, poem)
Dusty Blue Kiama (1904; poem: Little Laureate’s Corner )
The Fairy Tramp (1909, short story)
Flowers of Fame (1907; poem: Little Laureate’s Corner )
The Girleen (1908, short story)
— ‘Gladdie’ versus ‘Gladys‘ (1903, poem)
Gladys and the Wicked Spirit (1906, poem)
The Googoo’s Vesper Message (1905, poem)
Grandmother’s Little Girl (1905, poem)
His Artist Child (1907, short story)
How Black Annie Saved Dream Castle (1904, poem)
In the Land of Nod (1906, poem)
Inasmuch (1908, short story)
The Isle in the Mist (1906, poem)
Joan (1908, short story)
The Land of Child (1903, poem)
The Legend of Red Waterfall (1905, poem)
The Little Larrikin (1905, poem)
Little Laughing Cherrylips – a lullaby (1904, poem)
Little Star (1907, short story)
Love and Wishes (1905, poem)
Lull’ La Littl’ Honey (1906, poem)
The Lullaby Boat (1904, poem)
Ma’ Iris Bloom (1906, poem)
The Maiden’s Lost Sheep (1909, poem)
Nancy’s Pet Lamb (1906, short story)
Nightmare (1906, poem)
Our Baby Gladys (1903, poem)
The Parson’s Little Girl (1907, short story)
Pilgrims (1906, short story)
The Purple Shadow (1904, poem)
The Red Cupboard (1908, short story)
Redwing (1906, short story; reprinted 1909)
Rosalie Lullaby (1904, poem)
The Sea Hath its Voices (1903, poem)
Song of dat Yellar Roze (1905, poem; racially stereotyping language)
The Snakebone Necklace (1907, short story)
The Spirit of the Night: A Dream (1906, poem)
The Story of Blue Bonnet (1905, poem)
The Story of Mavis Dacre; or, Sins of the Fathers (1908; serialised in The Gundagai Times and elsewhere): chs 1-2; ch2 (cont.); ch2 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch5 (cont.); ch5 (cont.); ch6 (cont.); ch6 (cont.); chs 7-8; ch8 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10 (cont.); chs 11(cont.)-12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch14 (cont.)-15; ch15 (cont.); ch15 (cont.); ch15 (cont.)-16; ch16 (cont.) final.
The story of pink pinafore (1904, poem)
Thidrara’s wraith (1905, poem)
To my schoolchum (1904, poem)
To sisters, two (1905, poem)
To tell the moon the stars are fFalling (1907, poem)
Treasures and trash (1905, poem)
Two knights and a pilgrimage (1909, short story)
Wattle-weird (1908, short story)
What are you singing, Babee (1906, poem)
Whispers in the bush (1903, poem)
The wWishing well (1907, short story)
Zeph, the little circus boy (1906, short story)

Clyde, Constance. See entry for Constance McAdam.

Crist, Alice Guerin, birth name: Alice Guerin; b. 8 Feb 1876, Ireland; d. 13 Jun 1941, Toowoomba, Qld. Arrived in Australia 20 Jan 1879; obituary 17 Jul 1941.
A Wallabong romance (1902, prose)
A young rebel (1901, poem)
At the window (1900, poem)
Australian flowers (1902, poem)
How I ran the Wallabong creamery (1900, prose)
New Year’s Eve: December, 1901 (1902, poem)
The sowers (1903, poem)

Cross, Zora aka Zora Bernice May Cross, Bernice Smith, Z. C. Bernice May, Adelaide Stree, B May, Mary Glenbrook, Zora C Smith, Rosa Carment and Daisy M. b. 18 May 1890 Eagle Farm, QLD; d. 22 Jan 1964, Glenbrook, NSW.
— Clem’s ride (1906): ch1; ch2; ch3.
Five merry girls (1905; children’s fiction)
— Midge: an Australian story (1906): ch1; ch2; ch3.

Daly, Mrs Dominic aka Harriet Millie Daly.
John Oliver Hobbes (1906; on the death of the author Mrs Craigie )

Dalziel, Kathleen, birth name: Laura Kathleen Natalie Walker, aka K Dalziel; also writes as Kathleen Womersley, Kathleen Walker; b. 1881, Durban, SA; d. 1969, Ivanhoe, Vic; arrived in Australia c. 1887. Throughout the 1900s, writing as Kathleen Walker , Dalziel had over 30 poems published in The bulletin. From a divorce application in 1921, it appears Walker married a Frank Womersley in 1903 at Dunkeld, Vic. (ref)

Daskein, Mrs. See entry for Tarella Quin below.

Dawe, Gwendoline L, aka G L Dawe (c1863-1936) Sister of writer Carlton Dawe.
The Way of the Transgressor (1907): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6 (cont.); ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch8; ch8 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch11; ch11 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch12 (cont.); ch13 9cont.); ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch17; ch17 (cont.); ch18; ch18 (cont.), poor quality print; ch19; ch19 (cont.); ch20 (cont.); ch20 (cont.); ch21 (cont.); ch22; ch22 (cont.); ch22 (cont.); ch23; ch23 (cont.); ch24; ch24 (cont.); ch26; ch27; ch28; ch29; ch29 (cont.); ch30; ch30 (cont.); ch31 (final).

Deamer, Dulcie* aka Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Dulcie Deamer, Dulcie Goldie. b.1890; d.1972.
As It Was In the Beginning (1908, short story)
The First Born (1908, short story)
The Great Water (1908, short story)
People of the Lion-Slayer (1908, short story)

Derham, Enid b. 24 Mar 1882; d. 13 Nov 1941
The awakening (1908, poem)
Farewell (1907, poem)
Fire o’ the flame (1908, poem)
From the French of Emile Nelligan (1908, poem)
The moment (1908, poem)
The mountain road (1908, poem)
A note on the year’s poetry and drama (1908, prose criticism)
The prisoner (1907, poem)
Scattered lyrics (1907, prose)
Service (1908, poem)
The tenth muse (1908, prose criticism)
The wave (1908, poem)

Dibben, Janet b. ca 1849, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1909, East Melbourne, Vic; birth name: Janet Willis; married George Julian Dibben in 1876, convicted of the manslaughter of her infant son January 1888; review The Bulletin 28 Sep 1901, includes extract of letter and other works quoted.
Songs and Recitations: Written and Composed from Experience (Melbourne: Janet Dibben [1901]; includes prison poems)

Donohue, Madge b. 1864; d. 1940 NSW
The Women’s Congress: Great Gatherings at Berlin (1904, prose)

Doudy, Jane Sarh aka Mrs Henry A Doudy, Jane Sarah Staines Doudy b. 1846, 28 Sep London, Eng; d. 1932, 17 Aug, Port Lincoln, SA; arrived in Australia 1849.
Growing Towards the Light: Womens Work Exhibition Prize (Melbourne: Robertson, 1909)

Doyle, B Cecil, birth name: Bertha Cecil Doyle; aka Cecil Doyle; b. 7 Feb 1886, Anvil Creek, NSW; d. 3 Jul 1961, Maitland NSW. Doyle’s work was commended in a competition for young people run by the Sunday times (Sydney) in 1905 (ref). She was first published in Steele Rudd’s magazine in 1906 (not online), then published regularly through the late 1910s in The Australasian, The Brisbane courierThe bulletin, The Sydney mail, Leader, The Queenslander and elsewhere.
A page from a book (1907, short story for children)
A satin shoe (1905, poem)
A summer episode (1909, short story)
His promise (1909, short story)
Pioneering (1909, prose)

Duncan, Ada Lindsay, aka Mrs T. C. Cloud , Mrs Thomas Charles Cloud, Lindsay Duncan .
Christmas-Land (1900, poem)
The Crystal Pool: A Fairy Tale (1902)
—– The Secret of the Sand-Hills: A Story for Children (1901)

Dwyer, Vera Gladys, aka Coldham-Fussell Dwyer; Vera Gladys Coldham-Fussell; Vera G Dwyer, Vera Gladys Fussell; b. 1889, Hobart, Tas; d. 10 Sep 1967, St Leonards, NSW
A cheer for Aunt Judy (1909, prose)
A game (1907, short story for children)
A Lakeside (1907, poem)
A love story (1905, short story serialised in Australian town and country journal, Princess Spinaway’s department)
A Pianoforte Teacher (1904, short story)
A Tale of a Story (1905, short story)
As In A Story (1907, short story)
Baggy Pants (1903, short story)
Belinda, an Aubrey Mare (1905, poem)
Boy’s Beauty (1904, short story)
The Bulldog’s Decision (1906)
Children of the Soil (1904, short story)
The fulfilment (1909, short story for children)
The glorious compact (1908, short story for children)
Great-Great-Uncle John (1906, short story)
The moon was entertained (1908, short story)
On the Windy Shore (1907, poem)
Next Door (1904, short story)
The pretty page (1906, short story)
The Sea (1905, poem)
The secret of the holidays (1909, short story for children)
The Theft of a Day (1906, short story, prize-winner)
Two Avenues (1905, short story)
Two Little Mesdames (1905, short story)

Easton, Rose Ellen birth name: Rose Ellen McKinlay; b. 1840, Portaferry, Co Down, Ireland; d. 1932, Paddington, NSW; married 1870 Arthur Llewellyn Easton.
Disturb them not (1901, poem)
Gratitude (1907, poem)
The legend of Fingal cave (1906, poem)
Lines to Peter Moore, Esq, Kogarah (1909, poem)
The nun and the roses (1908, poem)
Sing me the songs of my land (1906, poem)
The wanderer’s return (1909, poem)

Eedy, Pauline aka Pauline Henderson, Mrs G W Henderson; b. Sep 1884, Nelson Bay, NSW; d. 13 Oct 1884, Sydney, NSW.
A dream (1901, short story; by Pauline Eedy [paged 15], Woolahra )
After death (1902, short story)
Discontent (1904, short story)
The story of the waratah (1903, short story)
True to his trust (1901, short story)

Elmes, Frances Fitzgerald aka Mars, A Leo Watts, S.O.S. and F.F. b. 1867; d. 1919
Bilious (1904, poem)
Bill’s Redemption (1905, short story)
Married and Marred (1905, poetry)
Untitled fragment (1905, poem; appears to be a quote from a rejected poem)
Untitled (1906, poem by Mars – several by different authors with the first beginning line)

Ernst, Olga D A; aka Olga Dorothea Agnes Ernst; also writes as Olga D A Waller; b. 1888 Melbourne, Vic; d. 1972
A question of utility (1907, short story)
The discontented dandelion (1906, short story; First C C League compeition ; by Olga D A Ernst, 18 years )
Fairy tales from the land of the wattle (1904)
How the rain came (1907, short story)
The purple sarsparilla (1907, short story)

Evans, Nellie A, aka Nellie Alice Evans b. 1884, Goulburn, NSW; d. 1944. Published over eighty poems over nearly four decades. Obit 1; obit 2; mentions of posthumous collection The Remembered Valley (1947), 4 Sep 1947; 11 Oct 1947.
Christmas Greeting (1908, poem)
The lost poet (1908, poem)
When we were young , with Mabel Evans (1904, poem)

Eyton, Alice. aka Alice Von Saxmar; Aice Rose Eyton. b. 8 Jun 1874, New Zealand; d. 3 Nov 1929, California; Australian resident until 1902.
How Austraia Was Invented (1900, short story)
— The Girl He left Behind Him: An Incident of the Trannsvaal War (1900): ch1; ch2; ch3.

Faviell, Laura; birth name: Laura Eveline Faviell; aka Mrs Laura Eveline Dixon, Laura Edwards; also writes as Sylvia Fairfax. b. 1888 NSW; d. Apr 1953 (ref with biographical snippet); a nurse in WWI, she lived in Harbord (now Freshwater) NSW at the time of her death. Another biographical snippet (1953) states that the author published short stories under the name Sylvia Fairfax . There are a few short stories in the early 1900s by a youthful story-writer (ref) published under this name in The Hawkesbury herald when this author would have been in her early teens. AustLit only has this author attributed to this pen-name.
— A chance meeting (1903, short story): 18 Sep; 25 Sep; 2 Oct.
Bandola, or cigar-band work; the latest novelty for women (1907, prose)
The old love and the new (1903, short story)
Thy duty ever (1902, short story; when author was 14[?]; setting includes a field hospital, and author trained as a nurse)

Field, Catherine Eliza Somerville. aka Katie Langloh, K. Langloh Parker, Mrs P R Stow, Catherine Somerville, Catherine Field. Birth name: Catherine Eliza Somerville Field. b. 1856 (Encounter Bay, SA), d. 1940 (Glenelg, SA).
A Day in the Life of a Western Squatter’s Wife (1902): ch1; ch2.
A Dodo of the Back Blocks (1908)
Apples and Might-Have-Beens (1901, short story)
— Introduction to The Euahlayi Tribe (London, 1905) – link to archive.org
The Kid’s Carriage (1902)
— [My Best Boy and my boy-in-law and, Bobbity, a bush baby: sketches of children from life, Sydney: W Dymock 1901, available at Mitchel Library NSW]
The Remnant of a Life (1903): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5.

Field, Nellie Mary b. 1875
A Man’s Inconsequence (1901, short story; appeared in The Bulletin)
A Message (1902, poem; appeared in The Bulletin)
Credo (1901, poem; appeared in The Bulletin)
Do you Remember? (1901, short story; appeared in The Bulletin)
I Wish (1901, poem; appeared in The Bulletin)
The Incidental Mrs Brackenridge (1900, short story; appeared in The Bulletin)
Sauce for the Gander (1902, humorous short story; appeared in The Bulletin)
The Stars and I (1902, poem; appeared in The Bulletin)

Finn, Mary Agnes b. c1860, Vic; d. Randwick, NSW 1948. Obituary (13 Jan 1949). Finn published several works of fiction for children that are available online via AustLit database (access via library membership or subscription)
The Breaking of the Dawn (1909, short story)

Fisher, Mary Lucy aka Lala Fisher, Mrs Francis George Fisher, Lala. Birth name: Mary Lucy Richardson b. 17 Jan1872, Rockhampton, QLD; d. 27 Feb 1929, Gladesville NSW.
Cobwebs (1905, poem)
Flowers (1904, poem)
Flowers (1909, poem; republished in The Lone Hand vol 4 no. 22: 389)
Love’s Trysting Place (1903, poem)
The Prudes (1905; poem, humour)
Sanctuary (1904, poem)

Fotheringhame, Josephine. b. 1854; d. 1947. Editor of Young Australia and author.
A Brave Little Gentleman (c1900; short story, published in Tales for Young Australia: 11)
Jim the Inkslinger (c1900; short story, published in Tales for Young Australia: 72)
Just In Time (c1900; short story, published in Tales for Young Australia: 44)
Winning His Epaulet (c1900; short story, published in Tales for Young Australia: 64)

Foott, Mary Hannay, aka Egeria and Tau . Born 1846, Glasgow, Scotland; died 1918, Bundaberg, QLD.
At Lytton: Queensland (1902, poem)
Lettres Cachees: Sydney Branch (1903, short story)
President McKinley (1901, poem)
The Terror of Moggil-Moggil (1904)
With the Milk in the Morning (1902, short story)

Forrest, Mabel. birth name: Helena Mabel Checkly Mills; aka M Forrest, Mabel Burkinshaw, Helena Mabel Checkley Forrest; also writes as M Burkinshaw, M Burkenshaw, Helena M C Mills, M. R., and Reca . [Sister of Ethel Mills.] b. 6 Mar 1872 Yandilla, Qld; d. 18 Mar 1935, Brisbane, Qld. Forrest was a prolific writer who published many poems and short stories during the 1900s. Writing as M Burkinshaw , her poems and short stories appeared regularly in The Brisbane Courier, and The Queenslander; writing as M Forrest her work appeared in The Australasian, Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney), The Bulletin and The Lone Hand, among other publications. The following list is an uncurated sample; more titles can be found here and on the AustLit database (access via library membership or subscription).
A definite conclusion (1901)
A fair revenge (1902)
A long golden day (1900)
A night at Toomgal (1901)
A pawnbroker’s window (1900)
A point of honour (1901)
A reproach to the town (1900)
Alec’s dress clothes (1904)
Bury or burn (1909, correspondence)
Butterflies (1908)
Carlotta (1907-08, novella serialised in The Age): 26 Oct; 2 Nov; 9 Nov; 16 Nov; 23 Nov; 30 Nov; 7 Dec; 14 Dec; 21 Dec; 28 Dec; 4 Jan 1908; 11 Jan (final).
Charlie’s love-letter (1901)
Compensation (1901)
Comyn’s love story (1901)
Goodbye, sweetheart (1901)
The happys  (1908)
Her letter (1900)
In a furnished room (1904)
In a sunny land (1906-07, novella; serialised in Sunday Times): 16 Dec; 23 Dec; 30 Dec; 6 Jan 1907; 13 Jan; 20 Jan; 27 Jan; 3 Feb; 10 Feb (final).
Interludes (1907, poem)
Karma (1907, poem)
Kiss Mother, too (1903)
Leila’s laugh (1900)
The little grey man (1904)
The man who would not forget (1908)
Mated (1903)
Monica’s make-believe (1902)
Mr. Chang (1900)
Noblesse oblige (1900)
The old road (1901)
Peter (1902)
Petty cash (1903)
The pretty parlourmaid (1904)
Red gap (1904)
The rose of forgiveness (1903)
The singer (1901)
Someone else (1907, poem)
Sophy’s pink dress (1902)
Theatres and the garden (1919, correspondence)
The triumph of George (1901)
The wild cat’s story (1908)

Fortune, Mary Helena. aka Waif Wander and W.W. . Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Haunted Man (1903)
The Celctic Cross (poem; 1906)
Coolnabine: A Song (poem, 1907)
The Family Secret (1900) – some damage to copy; alternative, but poor quality, copy here.
Give A Man a Chance (1906)
Kathleen’s Vocation (1906)
The Legend of Bruges (poem, 1907)
The Lilies of Forgiveness (1904)
— Little Georgie’s Grandpa (1904): ch1, ch2.
—  ‘Missa Est’: An Easter Story (1906)
Noel: Or Love and War (1904), available via Trove (poor scan quality). version2; version3; (19/1/1904; concluded from last week 26/1/1904)
Nora’s Novena: A Christmas Story (1903) – poor scan quality.
St Mary’s (poem; 1906)
—– Swear Not At All: A Christmas Story (1904)
—– Three Jacks (1903)
The Widow’s Wedding (1904)

Franc, Maud Jeanne, aka Matilda Jane Congreve (Birth name) and Matilda Jane Evans (married name) (1827-1886).
Vermont Vale: Or Home pictures in Australia (190?) – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive

Franklin, Miles birth name: Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, aka Stella Franklin; also writes as Brent of Bin Bin; Mr and Mrs Ogniblat L’Artsau, William Black, S.M.S, Stella Lampe, Vernacular, Sarah Mills, Sarah Miles, An Old Bachelor, The Glowworm, Field Hospital Orderly; b. 14 Oct 1879, Talbingo, NSW; d. 19 Sep 1954, Drummoyn, NSW; departed from Australia in 1906 and lived for a time in Chicago.
Jilted (1909, short story)
The old house-post (1904, essay)
My Brilliant Career (1901, novel)
Of love (1904, short story)

Fry, Edith M, aka E M Fry, Edith May Fry; b. 1883, Copeland NSW; d. ca 1950, London, Eng.
— with F M Fry, Poems (1906)
— with F M Fry, To the sea in the storm (1909, poem)

Fry, F M birth name: Florence Mildred Fry; aka Florence Mildred Muscio; Mildred Fry; Mildred Muscio; b. 28 Apr 1882, Copeland NSW; d. 17 Aug 1964, Ryde, NSW
— with Edith M Fry, Poems (1906)
— with Edith M Fry, To the sea in the storm (1909, poem)

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka Robert Gray, Turner O Lingo, Gordon Manners, E , Alpenstock, wen Roe O’Neill, L , Joseph Marizeeni (1868-1946). [works out of copyright] A prolific author whose full title list can be found at AustLit (subscription or access via library).
In the Course of Time (1907, short story)
In the Night-Watches (1903, poem)
Margaret (1904, poem)
Moods and melodies: sonnets and lyrics (Melbourne: T.C. Lothian, 1908) Downloadable as pdf here – link to State Library of Victoria Digital Collection

Gaunt, Mary, aka M. Gaunt, Mrs H Lindsay Miller ; b. 1861, Vic; d. 1942, France; departed Australia 1901. Colonial Popular Fiction Digital Archive bio; AustLit bio entry (subscription).[works out of copyright]
A Bargain Hunter (1902, short story)
A Cardinal Sin (1902, short story)
A Desperate Situation (1901, short story)
A False Alarm (1901, short story)
A Family of Martyrs (1900, short prose – poor scan quality)
A Good Samaritan (1908, short story)
A Hardened Criminal (1902, short story)
A Knock-about Woman (1901, short story)
A Missing Trustee (1900, short story)
A Peep At Santos Dumont (1902, short story)
A Reformatory for Girls (1901, short story)
A Salt Lake (1900, short prose – poor scan quality)
A. P. and O. Flirtation (1900, short story)
An Auction Sale (1900, short prose)
An Old Colonist (1900, short prose)
An Old-time Incident (1902, short story)
— ‘Abroad’ About Australia (1901, column)
An There is Trumpery (1900, short prose)
At the Austin Hospital (1900, short story)
At Eventide it shall be light (1900, short story)
Aunt Meg’s Difficulties (1900, short prose)
The Breaking of the Engagement (1904, short story – poor scan quality)
Briton vs Boer (1900, short prose; poor scan quality)
Christmas in the Never Never (1902, short story)
Cross-Eyed (1902, short story)
Cuddle Down, Dolly (1901, short story)
The Easiest Way (1904, short story)
Emancipated (1900, short story)
Fidem Servo (1902, short story)
For Better, For Worse (1900, short story)
For Charity (1900, short prose)
For Old Sake’s Sake (1902, short story)
From Armadale to South Yarra (1900, short prose)
Gentle Dan (1902, short story)
Ghosts (1900, short prose)
Her Limerick Lace (1902, short story)
Her Marriage Line (1902, short prose)
His Little Dog (1902, short prose)
His Mail (1900)
In An Old Curiosity Shop (1901, short prose)
In Her Old Age (1902, short prose)
In the Criminal Court (1901, short prose)
In the Grampians (1901, short story; children’s)
In Saturday’s Crush (1900, short prose)
The Joys of a Country Life (1902, short prose)
Little Miss Hill: Annals of a Country Town (1901, short prose)
Mary’s Wedding Dress (1901, short prose)
The Miss Petters (1901, short prose)
— Mistress Betty Carew: Being Some Passages in the Life of Mr George Bass, Surgeon of H.M.S. Reliance (1903): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20 (final).
Mother’s Talks (1900, short prose)
Mrs Mason’s Poultry Farm (1901, short prose)
Mrs Thompson’s Tribulations (1900, short prose)
The Nautilus Shell: Annals of a Country Town (1901, prose)
North of 53 degrees (1908, short prose)
Our Charwoman (1902, short prose)
Our Forest Fete (1901, short prose)
Our Passengers (1901, short prose)
Quarentined (1900, short prose)
Sage’s Love Story (1901, short story – very faint scan quality)
Saturday Night Market (1901, short prose)
Smith-Street, Collingwood (1900, short prose)
Street Incidents (1900, short story)
Striking Out (1901, short story)
The Terrors of Debt (1902, short story)
That Elegant Furniture (1900, short story – poor scan quality)
That Fashionable Woman (1900, short story)
That Will Not When He May (1902, short story)
Their Flat (1901, short story)
Those Beautiful Diamonds (1902, short story)
Those Bees (1900, short story)
Twist Cup and Lip (1904, short story)
Unfurnished Rooms (1900, short prose – poor scan quality)
Victoria Maud (1901, short story)
Wanted – A Baby (1900, short prose – poor scan quality)
The Ways of God (1909, short story)
The Women’s Shelter (1901, short story)

Geach, Edwina Catherine, aka Edwina Catherine Geach; also writes as E. C.; Spencer Gray; b.1870, Prahan, Vic; d. 25 Dec 1905, St Leonards, NSW.
A Fantasy (1908, writing as Spencer Gray )
Chloroform (1908, writing as Spencer Gray )
Fate’s Answer (1909, poem; quoted in a review of From the Soul of the Ti-tree)
From the Soul of the Ti-tree, Lothian, Melbourne, 1909, 94 pp. – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive
The Pity of It (1904, correspondence)
Through the River (1908, poem; writing as E.C. )

Gibbs, May birth name: Cecila May Gibbs; aka Cecilia May Ossoli Kelly; also writes as Blob, Stan Cottman; b. 17 Jan 1877, Kent, England; d. 27 Nov 1969, Sydney NSW; arrived in Australia 1881
Parson Dick of Pinginup (1908, short story)

Gill, Frances, aka Frances Tyrell Gill, Tyrell Gill b.? d.?
Friends (1908, short story)
Turner (1904, prose)
Under the wattles (1908, poem)
— selected and with introductions by, Wit and wisdom of modern women writers (1902, prose)

Gilmore, Mary; birth name: Mary Jean Cameron; b. 1865; d. 1962; Mary Gilmore was a prolific writer who published over many decades. A full list of her works can be found at AustLit (subscription or free access via library membership).
A Woman’s Column (1908, series in The Worker; various dates)
Baby (1902, poem)
By the Lone Thorn (1903, poem)
Civilisation and Convention (1905, prose)
In Buenos Aires (1905, short prose)
Quarrelin’ (1903, poem)
The Singer in Brown (1907, poem)
Some Baby Verses (1907, poem)
South American Memories (1902, prose)

Gore-Jones, Alice b. 29 May 1887, Toowong, Qld; d. 26 Jul 1961, Brisbane, Qld. Gore-Jones began publishing as a juvenile in Princess Spinaway’s Department for Australian town and country journal.
Autumn (1907, poem)
Billy (1907, short story)
Black and white (1902, short story; place of residence given as North Sydney )
Carrotty-blue (1909, short story)
The exhibition (1907, short story)
Love’s emblem (1905, poem)
The rivals (1909, short story)
Samoci (1903, short story; on a steamer bound for Fiji)

Gough, Evelyn b. 1854; d. 1931.
Non-represented Female Labor (1901, pamphlet) – link to SLVIC digital collection; also quoted by Muriel Heagney (24 May 1937)
— Two Little Tin-Plate Soldiers (1909, short story): 13 Mar; 20 Mar; 27 Mar.

Graham, Edith b. c1886. From 1903-09, as a juvenile, Graham published numerous pieces in Princess Spinaway’s Department , Australian town and country journal.
Netterby, St Mark’s-road, Randwick (1903, prose; Queen Youngheart’s Competition: prize for over thirteen; aged 17 , July; elsewhere her address is given as Netherby )

Grant, Isabel aka Isabella Grant, Isabel Murray. b. c1870, Scotland; d. 1952, Bundaberg, QLD.
A Daughter of Her Country (1906, short story)
A Stolen Game (1904) – very patchy print
The Archangel Michael (1909)
The Furnace for Gold: A Tale of a Mining Community (1905, prize-winning story): ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch2 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch5 (cont.); ch6 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch9 (cont.); ch10 (cont.); ch10 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch12 (cont.); ch12 (cont.); ch13 (cont.); ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch17 (cont.); ch18 (cont.); ch19 (cont.); ch20 (cont.); ch21; ch21 (cont.); ch21 (cont.); ch22 (cont.); ch23; ch24; ch25 (cont.); ch26 (cont.); ch27 (cont.); ch29; ch30; ch31; ch31 (cont.); ch32 (cont.); ch34; ch35; ch35 (cont.); ch36 (cont.); ch37 (cont.); ch37 (cont.); ch39; ch40; ch41 (final).
The House of Reckoning (serialised in the Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 1909: ch 1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch9; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch 15; 11 Dec 1909 (no chapter given); ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch24; ch25 (22 Jan); 9nothing 29 Jan?); ch26 (5 Feb – very faint print); ch 28; ch29 (very faint print); ch31; ch32; ch33; ch34; ch35; ch36; ch38; ch39 (very faint and patchy print; final). There was another serialisation in The Capricornia.
The prospector’s Christmas dinner (1909, short story)
The Two Tides (1906, poem)

Greaves, Lilian Wooster, aka Lilian.
The Two Doves and Other Poems (1906) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Gregory, Ada L Gregory aka Ada Leonora Gregory; b. 1873 d. 1935 St Kilda, Vic; accorind to the AustLit database, Gregory was the sister of the artist Georgina Alice (Ina) Gregory.
—–. Australia My Beloved: A Forest Song (1900; poetry)

Grimshaw, Beatrice. b. Antrim, Northern Ireland 1879; d. Kelso NSW 1953; arrived in Australia 1936.
From Fiji to the Cannibal Islands (London: Bell, 1907; prose travel)
In the Strange South Seas (London: Hutch9inson, 1907; prose travel) – link to archive.org
The Lily Wedding (1909, short prose)

Gunn, Mrs Aeneas birth name: Jeannie Taylor; aka Jeannie Gunn; born 5 Jun 1870, Carlton, Vic; d. 9 Jun 1961, Hawthorn, Vic.
We of the never-never (1900, novel)

Gwynne, Agnes M (1862-1934). [works out of copyright]
A Social Experiment (1908, drama, humour)

Hamilton, Lillias b. 1858, Binalong NSW; d. 1920 Nice, France; expatriate author; left Australia as a young child
A Vizier’s Daughter (1900, novel)

Hamilton, M Lynn aka Marianne Lynn Hamilton, Mrs Charles Lewis, M L Hamilton-Lewis; also writes as Mariane Lynn Lewis; b. 1886; d. 1976
The hunter of the years (1908, selected work; poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Harford, Lesbia Vennor* (née Keogh); b. 1891; d. 1927.
Angel (1904, short story), published in Leader 5 March 1904: 42.

Harmsworth, Ethel L
Haunts … of the Muse and Other Verses ([1906], poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Hart, Annie A aka Annie Alice Hart, Annie A Hines; also writes as TLOA b. 1870, Scarsdale, Vic; d. 1966, Port Fairy, Vic; married Alfred Hines in 1897.
— with her sister Gertrude Hart, At the bend of the creek: a story of Australia (1902; London, S W Partridge & Co)

Hart, Gertrude aka E Gertrude Hart; Ethel Gertrude Hart, E. G. H. and T. L. O. A. b. 1873 Vic; d. 1965; daughter of a Wesleyan minister (ref)
— with her sister Annie A Hart, At the bend of the creek: a story of Australia (1902)
The one who stayed: a story of the Second Contingent (1900)

Hogan, Nancy b. 8 Jan 1876, Ross, Tas; d. 1905.
The bush confessional (1904, short story)
Mother’s room (1907, short story; published posthumously: Note from editor: The above unfinished sketch was written about year before the author’s death. )
The parable of the mountain (1904, poem) – striking language

Holman, Ada A. See below entry: Ada A Kidgell.

Hookey, Mabel aka M Hookey; Mabel Madeline Hookey; b. 1871, Rokeby Tas; d. 30 Jun 1953, Tas.
The coming of winter (1909, short story in The lone hand)

House, Mary, birth name: Mary Hewitt; aka Mrs Charles House; b. 23 Dec 1875, Manly, NSW; d. 21 Dec 1950, Rockhampton, Qld.
Queensland bush townships (1901, poem)

Hughes, Katherine birth name Catherin McNicol; also writes as K H; b. 1871 Wentworth, NSW; d. 22 Sep 1957 Jandowae, QLD [work in copyright until 2027]
Don’t Run Into Debt (1910, poem; by K.H. )
The Wearing of the Green (1907, short story)

Hyland, Inez K b. Portland 1863; d Magill, SA 1892. An article, Amongst the Books (17 Jun 1893), mentions a collection of poems and short stories by Hyland, In Sunshine and Shadows, which was published posthumously by Hyland’s grandmother, Mrs. Penfold. (This is most likely the collection mentioned in 7 Mar 1933.) Sydney Partrige wrote a short biographical note on Hyland in The Sydney Mail (1 Jul 1914).
Bread and Wine (1907, poem published posthumously)

James, Winifred aka Winifred Llewellyn James; Winifred Lewellin De Jan; Mrs Henry De Jan; also writes as Edward of the Golden Heart. b. 20 Mar 1876 Prahran, Vic; d. 27 Apr 1941, Sydney, NSW. Sketch of author 25 Oct 1908; biographical snippet 25 Jan 1923; obituary 29 Apr 1941. James wrote many novels, most of which have not been digitised, but may be available via SLNSW in print.
The baby elephant (1904, prose)
Betty’s plan (1907, prose snippet)
Biddy catches a Tartar (1904, short story)
Biddy goes upon the stage (1904, short story)
Biddy receives a proposal (1904, short story; faint print)
Woman in politics (1904, prose)
The wind in the trees (1904, poem)
Weary-hearted (1904, poem)

Jefferis, Murial, aka Mrs Frederick Priest b. 27 Oct 1881; d. 8 Feb 1967
In sun and shade (1900, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Jerome, Helen, birth name: Helen Bruton; aka Helene Jerome, Helen Bruton Jerome; also writes as Nellie Bruton, Helen Bruton; b. 10 May 1883, London, Eng; d. 10 Feb 1966, Berkshire, Engl. Engagement notice with some family biographical information; wedding notice (14 Jun 1900)
A bar of music (1907, poem)
A cameo (1905, poem)
A cup comedy (1905, short story)
A plea for Ireland (1900, prose)
A recognition (1900, poem)
Alas! (1906, poem)
Another ballad of kisses (1902, poem)
Another spring song (1903, poem)
Australia’s stomach (1907, poem)
Australian grand opera! Why not? (1908, prose)
Blood-echoes (1908, short story)
Death’s little ironies (1909, poem)
Evolution of a butterfly  (1902, poem)
For art’s sake (1909, poem)
The hat horrible (1908, poem)
Ingrate (1907)
The Izvostshik (cabby) of Russia (1905, poem)
Joy (1909, poem)
The life respectable (1906, short story)
The limit (1909, poem)
The ‘London Times’ doth shake its fist (1908, poem; contains racially offensive language; interesting in the context of the author’s – and The bulletin’s – acceptance of the White Australia policy, this poem is prefaced by a note: Australia, by its absolutely necessary policy of Asiatic exclusion, has shaken its fist in the face of all Asia, and the Times broadly hints that it may also have shaken the same implement in the face of the British Empire. Bulletin, 9/1/08. Quote source here).
The lying-in-state (1908, poem)
Mime and music: the lost art of criticism (1909, prose)
The modern Omar (1904, poem)
Nitchevo (1905, poem)
Opportunity (1909, poem)
Spring (1902, poem)
Something overhead (1906, short story)
Some plain talk to ‘Australian’ (1900, correspondence; in response to the letter published here)
The singer’s sceptre (1900, poem)
The sweeter song (1900, poem
Thin ice (1907, short story)
The turning of the worm (1904,
Two blue eyes and a mouth (1902, poem)
Two soliloquies (1906, poem)
The way of it (1909, poem)
The ways of virtue (1907, short story)
We also serve (the cry of the women) (1900, poem)
When men sleep (1909, poem)
Why do I love you? (1908, poem; scroll down to view)
The wisdom of the conventions (1908, poem)
The world’s ideal (1900, poem)

Jones, Doris Egerton aka D Egerton Jones, Mrs Reginal Callaghan b. 23 Dec 1889, Mitcham, SA; d. 30 Sep 1973, Wahroonga, NSW. Article on the author by Bernic May (1930)
Dance programmes (1909, poem)

Kearney, G. M. V. birth name: Georgina Mary Veronica Doyle; b. c1851; d. 1936.
An Englishman’s Home (1915, column)
Anzacs Welcome Song (1918, poem)
Australian Women and Their Brothers (1900, poem)
Cry of Australian Women for the Australian Soldiers For the Transvaal (1900, poem)
The Magic Stocking: a fairytale (1909, short story; children’s fiction)
The Pot That Wouldn’t Boil: a fairytale: (1909, short story; children’s fiction)
Tip-Lo-To and the Enchanted Cows: a fairytale (1909, short story; children’s fiction)

Kendall, May, birth name Adeline Mabel Kendall b. 1873 Kiama NSW; d. 1953 (not to be confused with a British Victorian writer of the same name whose work appeared in Australian periodicals in the 1880s and 90s)
A reverie (1906, poem)
A song of Summer (1907, poem for children)
At Kiama (1906, poem)
Autumn (1907, poem)
Baby bunting (1906, poem for children)
Baby’s footprint (1908, poem)
Before and after (1907, poem for children)
Bubba ’Obin M’g’ham (1906, short story for children)
Bush violets (1907, poem)
Chateaux en Espagne (1907, poem)
The Christmas goose (1907, poem)
Concerning mud (1907, poem)
The fairy of the Southern Cross (1907, short story)
Goosey Goosey Gander (1907, verse for children)
I know a small girl (1906, poem); reprinted in The Ballarat star (1908)
Kiama (1906, poem)
The laying of the ghost (1906, short story)
Love’s morning, The Australasian (25 Aug 1906, poem)
The mechanical housekeeper (1906, poem)
The Minamurra fall (1907, poem)
The native cat (1907, poem)
Niblet’s reprieve (1906, short story for children)
Rachel’s sacrifice (1908, short story)
The song of the sea (1907, poem)
Song to E— (1907, poem)
Sonny boy (1906, short story for children)
The spirit of the rock (1906, short story for children)
Sunrise at Kiama (1906, poem)
The three kisses (1907, poem)
Twenty-minute dumplings (1907, short story for children)
Also possibly Kendall’s work:
Phil’s race (1895, poem), published in Riverina recorder. It’s humorous, like many of Kendall’s poems, and has a rural Australian flavour (reprinted in other publications).
Good-bye (1899), published in The Capricornian.
The bargain (1927, poem), similar in style; reprinted from The Cornhill.

Kerr, Hilda C Temple birth name: Hilda Constance Temple aka Hilda Temple; Mrs D Kerr, also writes as Hilda E Temple Kerr; b. 1874, Ararat, Vic; d. Jun 1956, Brighton, Vic.
Haste to Me, Love ([1900-1909], lyric)
The Little Birthday Queen ([1907], poetry for children) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Room For Three ([1900-1909], lyric)
The Spirit Wind ([1900-1909], lyric)

Kidgell, Ada A.* b. 1869, Ballarat, Vic; d. 1949 Darling Point, NSW; short story writer, novelist, poet and journalist; aka Ada A Holman (married name); also published as Tackra (ref: 10 Nov 1910); as well as Marcus Malcolm , Nardoo and Myee (mostly journalistic columns not listed here).
A Debt Repaid (1902)
A Bush Epic (1900, short story)
A Love Song (1906, poem by Tackra )
A Twelve Months’ Engagement (1901, short story)
A Virtuous Denoument (1901, short story)
— All Sorts of Conditions of Trams (1901, column by Tackra ): 2 Feb; 9 Feb.
At Katoomba (1900, poem)
The Bliss of Possession (1902, short story)
By Order of the Court (1900, short story)
The Case of Robert Carsons (1901, short story)
Cheriton Gray: A Love Story (1900, short story by Tackra )
— [Columns in The Sydney Mail by Tackra ]
— Daphne Lyall: Girl Reporter (1901, short story/prose by Tackra ): 12 Jan; 19 Jan.
The Domestic Problem (1901, column)
His Mother (1903, short story)
His Mother’s Legacy (1907, short story writing as Ada Kidgell )
His Rival (1906, short story)
The Junction of the Roads: An Irish-Australian Love-Story (1902, short story)
Lees (1905, poem by Tackra )
The Major and the Minor (1900, short story; first prize in NSW Literary and Debating Societies’ Union competition [ref])
The Marchesa’s Resolve (1902, short story by Ada Kidgell )
Nobody’s Child: Lines to a baby adopted from a Baby’s Home (1906, poem by Tackra )
— The Old, Old Story (1901, column by Tackra ): 23 Feb; 2 Mar.
Queer Comrades (1900, ghost story by Tackra ; note: a wedding notice in Sunday Times [27 Jan 1901] mentions Kidgell as the authoress of numerous ghost stories, some of which have appeared in the ‘Sunday Times’. )
The Secret of Willanara (1900, short story)
The Strike at Linga Linga (1903, short story)
Toorwallan’s Railway (1902, short story)

Kidgell, Una. b. 1871; d. 1965; aka Shandon Reeve, Nimitybelle; sister of Ada A Holman nee Kidgell
A satisfactory arrangement (1908, short story)
A temporary arrangement (1905, short story)
Affinities (1904, short story)
Chummy (1901, short story published under the pen-name “Shandon Reeve”)
‘Far above rubies’ (1907, short story)
The future of women in industry (1908, article)
The interloper (1905, short story) – poor quality scan
The lonely one (1904, short story)
Sydney – the beautiful and the horrible (1904, article)

King, Ailsa aka Ailsa Caroline Iceton; b. 26 May 1892, Weelamurra, Qld; d. 5 May 1986, Armidale NSW
Sunshine’s adventure (1907, short story; by Ailsa King, aged 14)

Kirkham, Elizabeth aka Mrs Tom Kirkham, Ashbourne; Kyra Keith; according to AustLit database: born Elizabeth Pennington Bayly (1853-1901). [death announcement above Aug 8 issue: 1901]:

The Late Mrs. Tom Kirkham. – It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the untimely death of Mrs. Kirkham, wife of Mr. Tom Kirkham, of Ashbourne, the highly esteemed lady dying at Miss Baker’s private hospital, North Adelaide, on Tuesday last from peritonitis, following on a severe internal operation she had just undergone. Mrs. Kirkham had been in somewhat delicate health for some four or five years, but by no means in feeble condition, and her bright life promised to be a long, as it had already been a useful one, but at the early age of 48 years she has passed away and solved the great problem, the mystery of death, leaving a husband and seven children sorrowing. Mrs. Kirkham was a highly cultured lady, with great intellectual gifts, an advanced student, a deep reader, and a clever writer of poetry and prose, besides being that most prized of all things, a lovable and womanly woman, ever to the fore in kindly actions, and ever ready to sacrifice herself for the help of others, and her death will cause a big blank in the district in which she had lived for over a quarter of a century. But if in her own social circle she will be missed, there are hundreds to whom her personality was unknown who will learn of her death with regret, her writings under the nom de plume of Kyra Keith having won her a popularity which is wide-spread through the South, her stories, Divided Lives,  Pains and Penalties, and the many essays and articles published in this paper having made her literary name a household word. At the present time we are publishing her latest story, Kips in our columns, and next week we print an article from her pen which she completed just prior to her leaving for Adelaide – unhappily the last she ever wrote. Hundreds of our readers will, we know full well, join us in the regret that so clever and pleasing a writer has been called away, and very many of them will also join us in our deep sympathy with the bereaved family who are suffering so irreparable a loss. The funeral of the deceased lady takes place at two o’clock this afternoon at Ashbourne. The Southern Argus, 8 Aug 1901.

— The Atonement of Maurice Carruth (1901): 19 Sep; 26 Sep; 10 Oct (cont. from 26 Sep); 17 Oct; 24 Oct; 7 Nov (final).
David Bryce’s Soliloquy on the Passing of a Century (1901)
— Divided Lives (novella serialised from 1899-1900) – see entry for 1890s page.
Heredity and Environment (1900, essay)
How I Entertained an Editor at Supper (1901, essay)
Kips (1901): ch1; ch2; ch3 )23 May); [instalment for 30 May missing?]; 6 Jun; 13 Jun; 20 Jun; 27 Jun; 4 Jul; 11 Jul (ch11); 18 Jul (ch12); 25 Jul; 1 Aug; 8 Aug; 15 Aug; 22 Aug (ch16 cont. – ch17, final);
Lights and Shadows (1900): 24 May, where chapter 1 should begin, has a poem by Kyra Keith, Inspiration ; 31 May: ch1 (cont.)-2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); 21 Jun; ch7; ch8; 12 Jul; ch10; 26 Jul; 2 Aug; ch12; ch13; 23 Aug; 30 Aug; 6 Sep; 13 Sep; ch17; 27 Sep; 4 Oct; ch19; 18 Oct; 25 Oct; 1 Nov; 8 Nov; ch25; 22 Nov – ch26 (final).
On Drifting (1901)
— Out on the Rocks (1901, short story): ch1; ch2.
Psyche: An Idyll (1901)
The Rabbit’s Party: a rhyme without reason (1901, poem)
Red, White and Blue (1900, poem)
To-day (1901, poem)

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, M. M. Knowles; John Desmond, Marion Miller, Aunt Patsy. b. Woods Point, Vic. 8 Aug 1865; d. Camberwell, Vic. 16 Sep 1949). ANDB entry.
The Belle of Slaty Creek (1901)
Bit-O’- Rubbish (1908)
Cabbage Rose (1906)
For Love and Gold; or, The Old Store (1900)
Matey (1901)
Miss Dunne of Dunnegarre (1908)
Mum (1908)
Parker’s Peg (1909)
Rachel (1905)
Shamrock and Wattle Bloom: a series of short tales and sketches, Edgerton and Moore, Melbourne, 1900, 208 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Lackersteen, Lily J b. 1873 NSW; d. 1932 NSW
My First Venture (1901, collection): including:
—  A mother’s son (1901)
—  How the storm was abated (1901)
—  Joe’s cowardice overcome (1901)
—  Pathos, little Ruth (1901)
—  The slave’s release (1901; “drawn from Longfellow’s poems on slavery”)

Lancaster, G. B. aka Edith Joan Lyttleton (1873-1945). Biographical piece (16 Jun 1909) by Mabel Forrest. Author mainly associated with New Zealand, although she published in Australian journals and lived for a period in Australia.
A spur to smite, Andrew Melrose, London, 1905, 123 pp. Downloadable here. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
The altar stairs (1907, novella; serialised in The Australasian).

Lawson, Louisa.
Green Peaches (1903)

Le Breton, Agatha; birth name: Agatha Magdalen Le Breton; aka Miriam Le Breton; also writes as Miriam Agatha, Henry Somerville, Mickie Daly; b. 28 Jun 1886, Maryborough, Qld; d. 1970, Sydney, NSW. In 1909, Le Breton’s work was rejected by Freeman’s journal for being too gloomy ( Notes and Queries , ref).
Australia – the baptismal day of the Great South Land (1909, prose; interesting for what it illuminates about indoctrination in the discourse of colonisation from a Christian perspective)
A dream in a garden – God’s flowers (1909, prose)
The cross and the crown (1908, prose)
The Great South Land – a meditation – the sign in the heavens
O salutaris hostia – a reverie (1909, prose)
Our Lady help of Christians (1909, prose)
The mother of sorrows – a Lenten dream (1909, prose)
The saint of the great south land (1909, prose)
The waratah – a fancy (1909, prose)

Leith, Mary E. aka Mary Leith; birth name: Mary Elizabeth Creagh. b. 1879, Manning River, NSW; d. 1908; married John George Leith 1890; also published journalistic pieces not listed here.
£100 Reward (1907, short story)
A Tongue in Deshabille (1908, short story)
A Gentleman of Resource (1903, microfiction)
An Everyday Tragedy (1903, microfiction)
An Idyl (1907, poem)
An Interlude (1903, short story)
The Artist’s Model (1903, short story)
As When Peter Wept (1907, short story)
Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (1904, short story)
Bowery’s Mistake (1907, short story)
The Case of Mrs Griggs (1903, short story)
The Chastening of Mitchell and Others (1909, short story)
The Child and the Star (1904, short story)
Concerning Those Roses (1905, short story; children’s fiction)
Daffodils (1904, short story)
Daffodils (1907, short story; children’s fiction)
The Futility of It (1903; short story by M.L. /Mary Leith)
Hester’s Wooring (1903, short story)
The House on Smithers’ Rise (1903, short story; illustrated)
How He Saw the Simple Life! (1907, short story)
In the Forecabin (1906, short story)
The Infernal Machine (1906, short story)
Life’s Nosegay (1901, short story)
Lilac and Moonbeams (1905, short story)
The Misanthropical Hen (1908, short story)
Miss Angel (1907, short story; children’s fiction)
Mrs Griggs On Innocations (1907, short story)
My Stationary Bloom (1907, short story)
The New Girl (1902, short story)
Pale Hands (1907, short story)
Peggy’s Love Affairs (1905, short story; introduction: A dainty story of a dainty Australian girl who leaned something on her travels )
Sydney’s Big Ben (1902, short story)
That Frightful Beetle: A Parcel-Laden Woman’s Predicament (1903, microfiction)
That Night In June (1906, short story)
The University Spirit (1905, nonfiction essay)
The Vengeance that was Mine (1907, short story)
The Waiting of ‘Enery (1905, short story)
What That Cheque Covered (1904, short story)
When Winter is Here (1904, short story)
Who Knows (1903, short story)
Woman the Philospher (1903, short story)
The Wooing of Jim (1905, short story)

Lewin, Frances Sescadorowna. aka Sesca Lewin Somerville, Mrs Archibald Somerville, Nemor , Bonnie Dundee. Southern Cross , F Sesca Lewin, Sesca Lewin. b. 24 Nov 1861, SA; d. 27 nov 1946, Brighton, SA. Lewin also wrote poetry; a list of her poems can be obtained at AustLit (subscription or access via your library).
A Lucky Opal (1901)

Light, Maud. b. 1870, New Zealand; resident NSW; d.?
1s 6d Early Doors (1902, short story)
The Correspondence of a Little Dressmaker (1900, short story)

Linacre, Elsie b. 1878, Carleton, Vic; d. 1914
Sic Passim (1902, poem)

Littlejohn, Agnes b. 1865; d.1944 Ryde NSW
A Lapse of Memory and other stories (1909) – link to hathitrust.org
The Daughter of a Soldier and other stories (1907) – link to hathitrust.org

Lloyd, Mary aka Mary Ellen Lloyd, M.E. Lloyd, Vinegar, Bay Ash, MEL , Comrade Mary. Birth name: Mary Ellen Parry; b. Wales, UK; d. Sydney NSW 1962.
A Curtain Raiser (1906; short story, humour)
The Flesh Burden (1900, prose)

Locke, Sumner, Birth name: Helena Sumner Locke; aka Helena Sumner Locke Elliott; H Sumner Lock Elliott, Mrs Logan Elliott, Sumner Locke Elliott, Mrs Henry Logan Elliott, Mrs H L Elliott; b. 4 Jul 1881, Sandgate, Qld; d. 18 Oct 1917, Kogarah, NSW.
A miss in the mails (1908, short story)
Absent (1907, short story)
Broke (1908, short story)
Don’s kid (1908, short story; faint scan)
Eggs and Molly (1908, short story; originally tightly bound, so poor quality scan)
The fairy grandfather (1909, short story)
For weal or woe (1908, short story)
Jim (1909, short story)
Leah the beautiful (1908, short story; poor quality scan)
The mountain (1909, short story)
The painted wooden soldier (1909, short story)
The passing (1908, short story)
Patty (1908, short story)
The prodigal (1909, short story)
The revel of blue shirt and blucher (1909, short story)
Riders of the plains (1909, short story)
The righteous lie (1908, short story)
Shag of the north (1909, short story)
The shaggy bushman (1909, short story)
Ward – the immigrant (1908, short story)
Youth at the prow (1909, short story)

Luffmann, Laura Bogue aka C Bogue Luffman , Laura M Lane, Bogue Luffman, Lauretta Caroline Maria Luffman; birth name: Lauretta Caroline Maria Lane. b. 1846, 17 Dec, Bedfordshire, Eng; d.1929, 7 Jun, Queanbeyan, NSW.
A Cold Lover (1900)
An Elderly Romance , in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 40-45. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— [The principle of women’s associations for women alone [Sydney? 1909? (Sydney D S Ford)]; print copy available at SLNSW]
Seen in the Biograph , in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 232-238. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— [Will Aylmer: A Tale of the Australian Bush (London: Religious Tract Society [1909], children’s fiction; online copy available to subscribers or via a library membership at AustLit; print copy available at SLNSW]

McAdam, Constance, aka Constance Clyde, Clyde Writer, Pen, C. C., C Clyde. b. 1872, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1951, Brisbane QLD.
A Faithful Woman (1900, poem)
A Little Gentleman (1902, by C. C. )
A Men’s Refuge (1903)
A Pilgrim of Love (1904)
An Appeal (1902, poem)
An Exemplary Mother (1903)
Angela, the Good (1900)
The Australian Girl (1902, essay)
The Ballad of John Bigly (1900, poem)
The Ballad of John Ibbetson (1903, poem)
Berny (1903, C.C. )
The Black Death (1900)
The Broken Dove (1900, poem)
The Career of Jessica (1908)
The Chief Mourner (1901, C.C. )
The Cleverness of Douglass Fitzgerald (1900)
The Commonplace Men (1903, poem)
The Difference (1903, poem)
The Diplomacy of Caroline Constance (1903)
The Dream (1902, poem)
The Elopement of Lydia (1900, poem)
The Enfranchised Woman (1903, opinion)
The Folly of Being Generous (1900)
For Ever (1900, poem)
The Forgiveness of Florence (1902, by C. C. )
The Game Eileen Played (1902)
Held Cheap (1904)
Her Good Father (1901)
Her Guardian Angel (1901, C.C. )
Her Mysterious Lover (1901)
Her Reason (1906)
His Fatherhood (1901)
His Forensic Triumph (1903)
His Friend the Cat (1901, C.C. )
His Sister’s Fault (1903, C.C. )
His Strange Little Lady (1904)
In the Night (1900, poem)
Jennison’s Gaol Girl (1902)
Jones, the Genius Hunter (1900, poem, humour)
Keeper’s of the Life to Come (1902)
Lizzie’s Lie (1902, by C. C. )
Love’s Climax (1900, poem)
Mabel’s Love Letter (1902, by C. C. )
The Man that Came Back (1900)
The Marrying of Mr Maxwell (1903)
Millar’s Water (1900)
Miss Lucilla’s Love Affair (1905)
Mrs Flynn’s Sofy (1900)
Mrs Shannon’s Choice (1901, C.C. )
My Best Friend (1901, C.C. )
My Eccentric Landlady (1905)
The Ordeal of Mrs Holmes
Our Honeymoon in Heaven (1902, poem)
Pan of the Sea-Shore (1901, poem)
Parson King’s Happy Day (1900)
Pirates (1900)
The Pride of Mrs Bates (1903)
The Question of Beer (1903, pome)
The Reform of Grandma Stowfell (1903)
The Soul of the Dog (1902)
Stepmother Bessie (1900)
Sympathetic Miss Swanston (1900)
The Tragedy of the Spun-Silk Shawl (1904)
The Waxen Man (1902)
Why They Killed Mrs Saville (1900)

McCrae, Dorothy Frances, aka Mrs C E Perry; Mrs Cecil Perry; also writes as The Youn ‘Un , Moth , Dorothy Frances Perry. b. 1879, Hawthorn, Vic; died 1937, North Sydney NSW.
A good quarter-of-an-house (1902, short story)
A memory (1903, short story)
A song (1907, poem) – with portrait of the author
A will and a way (1905, short story; faint print)
After (1907, short story)
After Dinner (1906, short story)
An afternoon on the Yarra (1906, short story; scroll down to view)
Explanation (1903, short story)
Fitz – the mentor (1904, short story)
The flesh pots (1906, short story)
‘Flu (1904, short story)
Kitty (1907, short story)
Lock’s luck (1904, short story)
Married (1908, poem)
Mementos (1907, prose)
Now November’s There (1903, short story)
The operation (1906, short story)
Our village (1906, short story)
Petticoats (1907, short story)
Poetry versus prose (1905, short story)
The quest (1905, short story)
Supposition (1904, short story)

Macdonald, Henrietta b. 1859 Macleay River, NSW; d. 1949 Maitland NSW
The girl of the back-blocks (1904, short story)

McFadyen, Ella aka Ella May McFadyen, Ella M’Fadyen, Ellen McFadyen; E. McF ; b. 26 Nov 1887, Stanmore, NSW; d. 22 Aug 1976, Lane Cove, NSW. McFadyen was a prolific poet and in the 1900s published many poems in The Sydney mail, The Australasian, Australian town and country journal, and elsewhere. McFadyen was given second place to Amy E Mack for Nature articles, Australian character in the Women’s work exhbition, Melbourne in 1908 (ref). (Note: many of the following poems give Ashfield, Sydney as the poet’s place of residence.)
A little white shoe (1907, poem)
A satin shoe (1906, poem)
Breakers on the bar (1907, poem)
The forest king (1909, poem)
Home (1907, poem)
Jimmy (1907, short story)
Life (1906, poem)
Morning (1906, poem)
Outland born (1909, poem extract; first published in Spectator)
Pride and the princess (1906, poem)
Ships of hope (1907, poem)
The songsters (1906, poem)
Till we forget ([1900-1999], lyric/song)
Violets (1907, poem)
The way to Arcady (1907, poem)
Without the gate (1907, poem)

McGowan, Henrietta d. 1937
Dress and the Woman (1907, short story by H. C. McG )

Mack, Amy Eleanor, aka Mrs Laucelot Harrison, Amy E Mack; also writes as Fayre ; b. 6 June 1876, Port Adelaide, SA; d. 4 Nov 1939, Sydney, NSW.
A bush calendar (1909) – link to archive.org
Along the garden avenue (1907, prose)
East away! (1906, prose)
Four Letters (1902, short story)
In absence (1901, poem; scroll to view)
In my office (1903, poem)
In the city (1907, poem)
In traitorous mood (1907, prose)
The sea wall (1903, poem; scroll to view)
The story of the wagtails (1906, short story)
The sugar doll (1905, short story)
The three dolls (1905, short story)
The two shags (1908, poem)
The victims (1907, prose; nature writing)
The white crow (1907, short story)

Mack, Louise aka Marie Louise Hamilton Mack; Mrs Creed; Mrs Allen Illingworth Leyland; Mrs J P Creed; Mrs J Percy Cred; Mrs Percy Creed; Marie Louise Creed; Felicia Watts; Louise M; M.L.M.; Nerang Minstrel. b 10 Oct 1870 Hobart; d. 23 Nov 1935 Mosman NSW. [work out of copyright] Biographical note
A few tired lines (1901, poem)
A literary dinner in London (1902)
A meeting of creditors (extract from Children of the Sun; 1906)
A preacher of peace (1901)
A question of colour (by M.L.M.; 1900)
A Royal theatre-party (1902)
After parting (1901, poem)
— [An Australian Girl in London (London: T Fisher, 1902); print copy available from SLNSW; Mrs J P Creed ]
Before exile (1901, poem)
The bond (1901; short story, romance), The Bulletin Story Book: A Selection of Stories and Literary Sketches from ‘The Bulletin’ [1881-1901], 1901: 51-55. – link to archive.org
Bury it deep (1901, poem)
— [Children of the Sun (1904, novel)
Dreams in flower (Sydney: Bulletin, 1901; selected work, poetry) – link to hathitrust.
The faded flame (1901, poem)
The great smoke (1901, poem)
Horse o’ gold (1901, poem)
Land I love! (1901, poem)
Larva Loquitur (1900, poem)
Laugh, let us laugh (1901, poem)
The little bank clerk’s romance (1903)
Meat (1901)
My valley (1901, short story)
Proud moments (1900)
— [The Red Rose of a Summer (1909, novel)]
So little hast thou (1901, poem)
Some day will come an end (1901, poem)
Some forgive, or say so (1901, poem)
Song of black nights (1901, poem)
Theodore’s husband (London: Alston Rivers, 1909] – link to hathiturst.org
Untitled: I dreamed of Italy (1900, poem)
— [With Great Possessions (1908, novel)]

Mackellar, Dorothea aka Isolbel Marion Dorothea Mackellar; b. 1 Jul 1885; d. 14 Jan 1968. [Work in copyright until 2038]
Core of my heart (1908, poem; In the London ‘Spectator’, to hand by the last mail, appears the folling poem by Miss Dorothea Mackellar, daughter of Dr. Mackellar, M. S. C., of Sydney )
The dreamer (1908, poem)
The grey lake (Lake Eyre, SA)
Magic (1909, poem)
The open sea (1909, poem)
Recollections of the ancient mariner (1909, prose)

McKinnon, Alice Kate b.1878; d. Orange, NSW 1956; resided at Oakley
A Hushaby Song (1900, poem for children)
Farmer Giles’s Lesson (1901, short story)
Gou-Gou: A True Story (1900, short prose for children)
Grin and Bear-it (1903, short story for children)
The Little Hunchback (1903, short story)
The Magic Spectaces: a fairy story (1900, short story for children)
Misunderstood (1901, poem for children)
The Story of Myee: an Australian princess (1902, short prose)
Sympathy (1900, poem)
The Thirteenth (1900, short story)
The Wonderful Cap and Mirror (1901, short story)

MacLeod, Agnes birth name: Agnes Conor O’Brien, aka Agnes Conor Macleod; also writes as Conor O’Brien, Conor Macleod, Lynnette, Akenehi; b. c1868 NZ; d. 1934, Mosman NSW; arrived in Australia in 1899; journalist and short story writer. Married in 1911; obituary: 14 Mar 1934.
A laundress (1901, short story)
A Sydney nor’-easter (1901)
A woman’s letter (1901-12; column in The bulletin, writing as Akenehi)
Alma and mother (1901, short story)
Barks and bays (1900)
The Beauchamp heirlooms (1900; faint scan)
The butterfly and the bookmaker (1908, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
Cats on show (1900)
The courts of the lord (1900, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
The hat – is it the devil? (1907, prose)
His inconsistency (1901, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
In a registry office (1900, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
Jobson and Chubb (1900, shor story)
Julia’s city address (1900, short story; writing as Lynette)
The little bush girl and the King (1900, short story)
Maud (1901, short story)
Men are such fools (1900, short story)
My first offer of marriage (1900, short story)
Of tender years (1902, short story)
The open road (1900, short story; in The Bulletin vol. 21 no. 1088: 32)
Roses and Marble (1901, short story)
The soul that bolted (1907, short story; humour)
Strategy (1900, short story)
The Tintoretto Venus (1909, short story; ; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
Twenty minutes (1900, short story)
The voice and the woman (1900, short story; in The Bulletin vol. 21 no. 1065: 2)
The wisdom of the serpent (1907, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)
Within three minutes (1901, short story)
The wooing in a madhouse (1900, short story; writing as A Conor O’Brien)

McNaughton, Catharine Annie b. 1850; d. 1925
A Christmas Blessing (1907, poem)
A Fragment (1907, poem)
A Lesson (1908, poem)
A Sunbeam Sent From Heaven (1907, poem)
A Sunset Scene (1906, poem)
As He Wills (1908, poem)
The Coronation of King Edward (1902, poem)
Departure of the Year (1906, poem)
Forget Thee Not (1905, poem)
Light Behind the Clouds (1905, poem)
Lines (1908, poem)
Misunderstood! (1908, poem)
My Minstrel Boy (1906, poem)
Ne Cede Malis (1908, poem)
The New Year 1908 (1908, poem)
New Year 1909 (1909, poem)
Nobility Forgives If It Cannot Forget! (1907, poem)
Old Friends, Old Memories, Olden Days (1905, poem)
Severed (1906, poem)
Someday (1907, poem)
Sweet Bird of Spring (1907, poem)
Then and Now (for music) (1907, poem)
To A Star (1906, poem)
To Me ‘Tis No Grief (1908, poem)
Years! (1906, poem)

Mills, Ethel Margaret. (1872-1952?) aka E Mills and E Mills Primrose. [sister of Mabel Forrest] The following short stories and poems were published in newspapers during this period and digitised versions are available via Trove. While some of the scanned copies have been corrected, many have not, and some scans are barely legible. The poor quality scans have been identified and have been included here for research purposes.
A box of dead roses The Bulletin Storybook (short story, 1902; ref in Worker, 11 Jan 1902; a notorious elderly woman tells a story of love betrayed) – link to gutenberg.org
A Bunch of River Grasses (17 Jan 1900; a love story set on a station on the McIntyre River which provides the border for NSW and QLD)
A dinner of herbs , (short story) The Lone Hand: The Australian Monthly Sep 1907 Illustrations by D H Souter
A dog’s death (1901, short story)
A letter to Lucy (1901, short story)
A moonflower (1904, short story)
A rank outsider (1903, short story; A society woman takes a gamble on her gambling husband.)
A requiem: to M.C. (1902, poem)
A True Story: For the Christmas Figaro Queensland Figaro 19 Dec 1901
A woolshed wooing (1902, short story)
Annabel’s Crime (1902, short story)
Australians one meets and misses (1906, prose)
Burning the program (1904, poem)
The Butterfly (1902)
The captivating cabman (1903, short story)
The casualty list (1901, poem)
Cats (nonfiction) 23 Dec 1902
The China child (1902, short story)
The Chee child , originally published as The China child (The Australasian, 1902), and republished in The Pall Mall Magazine London Vol. 36, Iss. 151, (Nov 1905): 646-649. Illustrated by Arthur H. Buckland. Also available via SLNSW, ProQuest (requires log in). Contains racial stereotypes.
The cherub (1908, short story)
The ‘chronicle’ girl (1901, short story)
Corona’s vow (1901, short story)
Danger Dick’s gift (by Ethel Mills-Primrose – for children?) 14 Dec 1907
Do you remember? (1902, short story)
The dusting girl (1905, short story; very faint print)
Fair Floraline (1907, short story)
Fernie – beginning has poor quality text in The Australiasian; 8 Feb 1902 but text has been corrected.
Fernie’s revenge (1902, short story; an encounter with a bushranger tests a girl’s faith in her fiancé); reprinted: Fernie’s revenge, in The English Illustrated Magazine Oct 1905.
For all or nothing (1900, short story)
For love of Louise (1903, short story)
Georgina Washington (1901, short story)
Girl and Gazeka (1907, short story)
The golden snake (1900, short story)
Gypsy Joan (1903, short story)
The haunted houseboat (1903, short story)
The Hawthorn house (1903, short story)
His honeymoon (1905, short story)
The honourable John (1900, short story; very poor scan)
How Lyl Brought the News (1900, dramatisation)
In Hoya Gully (1902, short story)
King Billy The Australasian II 19 Dec 1903
The kiss of Trooper 93 (1902, short story)
The latest engagement (1903, short story)
Lazenby’s picnic (1903, short story)
Like a fan in the Autumn (1903, short story)
The lilies of sin (1900, short story)
The long day (1904, short story)
The lost Miss Leigh (1900, short story)
Love is blind (1900, short story)
Man, maid and cat (1902, short story)
Miss Baby (1901, short story)
Miss Paulett’s panama 9 Dec 1903
My Australian wife (1905, poem)
My garden (1904, poem)
Rick’s Rival (1901, short story)
The saving of John Sandilands (1901, short story)
The shadow (1902, short story)
The shouldn’t have beens (1904, short story)
The soldier’s children (1900, poem)
The string-coloured girl (1904, short story)
The Swamp Lees’ Christmas (1906, short story)
Sydney letter (1903; gossip?)
That dear little fool (1900, short story)
Those Wycherly twins (1900, short story; the now impoverished Wycherly family has moved from the station life to the town of Waveney; the youngest, Brian and Betty, throw a pretend birthday party for the local children.)
To tea at the Priory (1901, short story)
Tu Quoque! (1901, short story)
Unwritten (1904, short story)
 Walking the water – a children’s story (1901, short story)
Waveney V Violet (1900, short story)
What We Did For Rose Maria 16 Apr 1904
Wooing An Heiress (1901, short story)

Montefiore, Dora B. b. 1851; d. 1933; poet, autobiographer and translator
— (trans) The outcasts: and other stories by Maxim Gorky (1905) by Dora B. Montefiore and Emily Jakowleff
— and Alexandra de Holstein, Serf life in Russia: the childhood of a Russian grandmother (1906, nonfiction)
— (trans.) Twenty-six men and a girl by Maxim Gorky (1902); translated from the Russian by Emily Jakowleff and Dora B. Montefiore

Mordaunt, Elinor aka Mordaunt, Evelyn May (1872-1942).
The garden of contentment, Heinemann, London, 1902, 240 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Morrice, E C. aka E Charles aka Mrs W Morrice. Birth name: Elizabeth Charlotte Bingmann; b. 1851; d. 1941.
Allan’s adventure (1907, short story)
Australian birds as pets (1908, prose)
The awakening of Douglas (1907, short story; romance)
Bird idylls (1908, prose)
Birds of my garden (1907, prose)
Black and grey magpies (1907, prose)
The bunyip (1906, poem)
The cat’s story (1908, short story for children)
The chittabob (1906, prose)
Christmas morning (1907, poem)
The egrets (1907, poem)
Flowering grasses (1907, prose)
Gruesome Christmas stories (1907, prose)
The harvesting horses (1907, poem)
The hatter of Christmas Gully (1908, short story): p1653; p1663.
John Brenton’s wife (1909, short story): a city girl’s loyalty to her country husband is tested.
The legend of the Pleiades (Aboriginal) (1909, poem)
Literary blindness (1908, criticism; on Wordsworth, Thackeray, Tennyson)
The longest night (1909, poem)
Molly’s dilemma (1908, short story)
Mother and son (1908, short story)
The old spring cart (1907, poem)
Old Wallaroo (1906, poem)
On the plains (1907, poem)
The red dwarf (1907, short story for children)
The river (1907, poem)
Slaves of the pen (1908, poem)
The Southern Cross (1908, poem)
The spiny ant-eater (1907, prose)
That boy Billy (1907, prose)
To Australia (1907, poem)
To the Evening Star (1909, poem)
The tortoise (1907, prose fragment)
Winter (1908, poem)
Women workers (1907, poem)

Moseley, Isabelle aka Belle Moseley b. 1878; d. 1952 SA
A Lone Woman (1905, short story)
Against Time (1905, prose)
Bobbie Gray: Man (1903, short story)
Country Visitors to the Show (1906, prose)
Dick and Dear (1907, short story)
Pollie (1905, short story)
The Saving of Capt. Pat (1902, short story)
Spear Creek’s Girl (1907, short story)
Up the River (1907, prose)
When Dreams Come True (1907, short story)

Murphy, Agnes G b. 1865; d. 1931 Founding member of the Austral Salon; wrote a women’s column for Melbourne Punch as Rhoda
Melba: A Biography (1909, biography)

Muskett, Alice Jane b.1869; d. 1936
The Nihilist (1906, short story)
Playing the Game (1908, drama)
The White Witch (1907, short story)

O’Doherty, Mary Eva a.k.a. Mrs Kevin I. O’Doherty and Eva of the Nation (1830-1910)
A Longing (1907, poem)
Awaking (1907)
O’Brien  Not proudest, not highest, of them the true-hearted (1907)
Poems by ‘Eva’ of ‘The Nation’ (1909) – link to archive.org

Paige, Ethel C, aka Ethel Paige, Ethel C M Paige; b. 1869, Brisbane; d. 1938 North Sydney
A Crochetty Fancy (1909, short story; children’s fiction)
Aunt Jane’s Experiment (1906, short story; children’s fiction)
Dot’s Pony (1907, short story; children’s fiction)
Dreams and Dish-Washing (1905, short story; children’s fiction)
Eliza Smith’s Bonnet (1906, short story; children’s fiction)
How Nonie Mulligan Spoiled the Party (1905, short story; children’s fiction)
—–, How Polly Settled the Question (1904, short story)
In Somebody Else’s Shoes (1907, short story)
Magic Spectacles: Rosey or Blue (1908, short story; children’s fiction)
The Message In Her Eyes (1909, poem)
The Nursery Party and the Election (1905, short story; children’s fiction)
Sorrow and Sunshine (1907, short story)
That Fascinating French Doll (1900, short story)
That Little Girl Next Door (1904, short story)
What Peggy Did (1909, short story)
When Rosey Went To School (1906, short story; children’s fiction)
When Tessa Had Measles (1905, short story; children’s fiction)
When Vicky Kept Shop (1904, short story; children’s fiction)

Palmer-Archer, Laura M (1862-1929).
A Bush Honeymoon and Other Stories, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 350 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
‘Lizer of th’ Overshot (1904, short story)

Partrige, Sydney, birth name: Kate Margaret Partridge; aka Sydney Partridge, Sidney Partrige; also writes as Kate Margaret Stone; b. 1871, Wairarapa, North Island, NZ; d. 17 Feb 1953, East Gordon, Sydney, NSW. Biographical/critical articles: Sydney Partrige (5 Jan 1911), An Australian authoress (1911). Obituary (The West Australian 14 Mar 1953)
A bit of diversion (1903, short story)
A strange resouce [sic] (1903, short story)
The alibi (1903, short story)
Ashes (1901, short story)
Before the cave dwellers (1904, short story)
Clod’s factotum (19096, short story)
— and Cecil Warren (Leonora Polkinghome), The Education of Clothilde (1907, serialised in The Leader and The Western Mail): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25; ch26; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch31 (6 Jul); ch31 cont. (13 Jul); ch21 cont. (20 Jul); ch33; ch34; ch35; ch36; ch37; ch38; ch39; ch40; ch41 (final).
The Greater Love (1905, short story)
The House With the Stone Steps (1905, short story)
Le reve (1903, short story)
The lesser love (1906, short story)
The metempsychosis of John Wedderburn (1906, short story; second prize in Western Mail Christmas story competition )
Rocky selection: an Australian romance (1906, novel; originally appeared serialised in Steele Rudd’s Magazine ref) – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive
Southward ho! (1903, short story)
Tarpeia (1901, short story)
Ted, the fool (1904, short story)
When the night comes (1905, poem)
Who saith ‘I loved once’? (1902, short story)

Paterson, Alice F. birth name: Alice Florence Gome; aka Solus b. 1849 England
Dreaming: A Reply to ‘The Last Lover Letter’ (1902, prose)

Peterson, Edith M. aka E.L.P. b. 1852, SA; departed Australia in 1892.
Our Jess (1907, poem)

Petrie, Constance Campbell b. 1873; d. 1926
Tom Petrie’s Reminiscences of Early Queensland (1904: recorded by his daughter )

Pettengell, Violet; aka Violet Alice May Pettengell, V Pettengell; b. ca 1886, Bega NSW; d. 1 Feb 1981, Wahroongah, NSW (ref).
A bush wedding (1909, prose)
A sea trip (1908, prose)
At a district show (1909, prose)
The birthday of Evelina (1908, short story)
Daddy and Lilian (1909, short story)
Evening – in a suburban street (1907, prose)
How Dad went surf-bathing (1909, prose)
How we celebrated Empire Day on our selection (1909, prose)
Johnny’s bush home (1909, short story)
Kitty Bell (1908, short story)
The little teacher (1912, short story)
Morning – in a suburban street (1907, prose)
The professor’s daughter and her Christmas party (1908, short story)
Rainy weather (1908, prose)
Spring cleaning – on our selection – how we did it (1909, prose)
Tom’s wife (1907, short story)
Westward bound – in a railway carriage (1908, prose)

Phelps, Bertha E aka Bertha Batley birth name: Bertha Emily Simpson b. 1870 Mudgee, NSW; d. 1940 Mungindi, NSW
Wattle Blossoms and Heather: A Story (1901, novel by Bertha Batley )

Phillips, Marion M. aka M M Phillips, Marion Phillips b. 1881; c. 1932
An answering chord (1908, short story)
The marriage bond (1909, short story)

Philpott, N. V. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
— The Waters of Marah (1908; in 3 parts), I, II, III.

Polkinghome, Leonora; birth name: Leonora Twiss, aka Cecil Warren, b. 1873 Ballarat, Vic; d. 11 May 1953 at sea
A bush torquemada (1902)
— and Sydney Partrige: The education of Clothilde (1907, serialised in The Leader and The Western Mail): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25; ch26; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch31 (6 Jul); ch31 cont. (13 Jul); ch21 cont. (20 Jul); ch33; ch34; ch35; ch36; ch37; ch38; ch39; ch40; ch41 (final).
Her boy (1900, short story)
Women writers of Australia (1909, correspondence)

Power, Helen aka Marguerite Helen Power; b. 6 Jan 1870, Campbell Town, Tasmania; d. 21 Nov 1957, South Hobart, Tasmania
A Cry to Peace (1909, poem)

Praed, Mrs Campbell aka Rosa Caroline Praed (1851-1935).
My Australian Girlhood: Sketches and impressions of bush life, Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 270 pp. (romance and gothic) – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
—–. The Maid of the River, John Long, London, 1905 – link to hathitrust.org
— The Luck of the Leura, John Long, London, 1907 – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— A Summer Wreath, Long, London, 1909, 317 pp – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush (London: J. Long, 1902) 428 pp. Available as pdf. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Prichard, Katharine Susannah aka Katharine Prichard; b. 1883, Levuka, Fiji; d. 1969 Biographical note (17 Feb 1937) [work in copyright until 2039]
The Kid (1907, short story)

Quin, Tarella. aka Mrs Daskein; birth name: Tarella Ruth Quin; aka Tarella Daskein; James Dare; James Adare; Tarella Quin Daskein. b. 1877, Wilcannia, NSW; d. 1934 Author biography from The World News in 1913. Quin wrote many novels and collections, many of which are not available online but maybe accessed via SLNSW. [work out of copyright]
A Gum Tree Brownie (1904)
— The City of Dreams (1904): ch1; ch2
Tales for Piccaninnies. (1904, for children): Tale 1: Moonshine ; Tale 2: The Professor’s Dream : ch1; ch2; Tale 3: September Gold ch1; ch2; Tale 4: The Other Side of Nowhere : ch1; ch2; Tale 5: Where Stars Abound : ch1; ch2; Tale 7: The Storm Sprite : ch1; ch2

Primrose, Adelaide, birth name: Adelaide Elizabeth Paton Primrose, a.k.a. Mrs L. J. F. Gatzemeyer; aalso published as Waratah and Doreen ; b. 22 Mar 1877 Adelaide, South Australia; d. Nov 1944 obituary (10 Nov 1944). Note: In addition to many poems and songs, she wrote journalistic pieces of a religious nature, that are not listed here (tagged in Trove).
A Bushman’s Christmas (1901, poem)
A Christmas Carol (1906, poem)
A Fin de Diecle Invention (1900, short story)
A Literary Masterpiece (1904, short story)
A Misnomer (1901, poem)
A Nest of Thoughts (1902, poem)
A Poet’s Mission (1900, poem)
A Query (1902, poem)
A Romance of the Golden West (1902, short story)
A Romp’s Petition (1901, poem)
A Song of Morning (1904, poem)
After Many Years (1903, short story)
All Soul’s Day (1900, poem)
An Idyll of the Sea (1901, poem)
The Assumption (1906, poem)
At Rest (1901, poem; In Memoriam Lines—M S Gunson. )
Baby’s Photo (1902, poem)
Brisbane Waters (1905, poem)
Bubbles (1901, poem)
The Christ Child: A Christmas Carol (1901, poem)
Christmas (1903, poem; illustrated by Queenie Primrose)
Dainty Little Maiden (1906, poem)
The Dirge of a Dying Century (1900, poem)
Ecco Homo (1901, poem)
Farewell (1902, poem)
From Death To Life (1902, poem; In memoriam Rev. Father Cosgrave, who died suddenly at Mount Gambier,April 8th, 1902. )
Gloria In Excelsis Deo (1902, poem)
The Golden Days (1902, poem)
The Golden Valley of Content (1901, poem)
Greeting to Miss Ada Crossley (1903, poem)
Greeting to the New Year (1903, poem; illustrated by Queenie Primrose)
Guardian Angels (1901, poem)
In King’s Park (1907, prose)
In Memoriam (1904, poem; Rev. Father Cornes, who was calledto his eternal reward, Glenelg, Sept. 7,1904.)
In Memoriam: Mother Mary of the Cross (1909, poem)
In Memoriam: Pope Leo XIII (1903, poem)
In My Garden (1905, poem)
— Jean, The Flower-Girl (1903, short story; A circulating story, each chapter of which is contributed by a separate author ): ch2 (15 Aug).
The Late Father Alfred: a tragic end (1902, poem)
Life’s Toilers (1904, poem)
The Master Musician (1907, short story)
Namesake of Mine: to my aunt’s portrait (1904, poem)
Nature’s School (1900, poem)
Night (1903, poem)
The Old Piano (1908, prose)
Peace on Earth to men of good will (1904, poem)
The Poet (1902, poem)
The Poisoned Dart (1902, poem)
The Professor’s Experiment (1906, poem)
Requiescat in Pace (1903, poem; (Rev. Father John, C.P., Priest and Poet; Died at Goubourn, N.S.W., November 11th, 1903.)
Rest After Toil: in memoriam, Sister M Alberta (1902, poem)
Return of the Archbishop (1905, poem)
The River in the Ranges (1908, poem)
St Anthony (1906, poem)
The Sea Spell (1902, poem)
Shadow and Shine (1900, poem)
The Soldier Boy: a tale of the Transvaal (1901, short prose)
Some Legends of the Stars (1903, poem)
Sweet Sacred Heart (1905, poem)
Sweet Violets (1908, poem)
The Swing (1902, poem)
The Three Muses (1902, poem)
The Toymaker (1900, short story)
‘Twixt Love and Fame (1909, short story)
The Wayward Princess (1901, short story)
The Weary-Hearted Watchers (after Rudyard Kipling) (1900, poem; published under the pseudonym Doreen ; Kipling’s response 28 Feb 1901 here)
Wee Laddies Three (1904, poem)
Wee Teddy’s Views (1903, poem)
The Women Who Weep (1904, poem)

Ranken, J L aka Jean Logan Ranken, Jeanie Logan Ranken; b. 1878. d. 1945
The Challenge (1909, poem)

Rede, Geraldine b. 1874 Ballarat, Vic; d. 1943 South Yarra, VIC
Night Fall in the Ti-tree (1905, poem)

Rees, Katherine A. aka Katherine A Wardlaw; Hugh Halcro .
At Mission Station (1901, travel column)
Chinkie, Chonkie, Chinaman (1900, short story)
Dimples (1902, short story)
Dozy: A Sketch (1901, short story)
His Reward (1903, short story)

Rentoul, Annie R aka Annie Rattray Rentoil; also writes as Billabong b. 22 Sep 1882, Melbourne Vic; d. 24 Jul 1978, Melbourne, Vic
Australia’s song of empire ([1908], lyric)
The comet and the jook (1901, poem)

Richardson, Henry Handel* birth name: Ethel Florence Lindesay Richarson; aka Ethel Florence Lindesay Robertson; Ethel F L Robertson; also writes as Ethel F L Robertson. b. 3 Jan 1870, East Melbourne, Vic; d. 1946, Hastings, East Sussex, England.
Maurice Guest (1908) – link to gutenberg.org

Ridge, Lola, birth name Rose Emily Ridge; aka Rosalie Ridge, Lola; also wrote as Rosa Webster; bo. 19 Dec 1873, Dublin, Ireland; d. 19 May 1941 New Yori, USA; arrived in Australia c. 1878; departed from Australia 1907
After the Storm (1905, poem)
At Sundown (1903, poem; in The Bulletin, scroll to view)
Baby’s Sick (1903, poem)
Beth (1905, poem; scroll to view on RHS of page; also here)
The Body and its Master (1905, poem)
The Bush (1904, poem)
The Bush (1908, short story in The Lone Hand)
The Call of the Dream Man (1906, poem)
The Half-Breed (1904, poem; note: offensively racist sentiment)
The Hour of Dawn (1905, poem)
The Incurable (1902, poem)
The Insane (1906, poem)
The Last Lover (1905, poem)
Love and Pain (1903, poem)
The Magic Island (1905, poem)
The Moon Child (1907, poem)
On the Track (1903, poem)
Parted (1906, poem)
The Queen of Golden Gully (1903, short story)
The Returned Hero (1904, short story)
The Seed (1905, poem)
Sleep Delores (1904, poem)
Song of the Earth Spirit (1905, poem)
Storm Spirit (1905, poem)
To An Old Playfellow (1906, poem)
Waiting (1904, poem)
When the Moon was in Eclipse (1905, poem)

Rix, Harriet Alice aka H. A. St. Buxton, Mrs F H Rix b. c1841, England; d. 1928
Jack Melville’s Courtship: A South Australian story (1903; novella serialised in The Port Augusta Dispatch): 3 Jul; 10 Jul; 17 Jul; 24 Jul; 31 Jul; 7 Aug; 14 Aug; 21 Aug; 28 Aug final.
— Peace and War (1902, short story): 26 Sep; 3 Oct.
— The Seasons (1902, prose)
Sir Cuthbert Wells: A little love story; or ‘All On A Dusty Day‘ (1903, short story)
The World and its Productions (1903; prose)

Robinson, Jean C. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
The Hermit of Myalong: A Romance of the Australian Alps (1903-04): ch1; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch13 (cont.); ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch17 cont. (24 Dec); 5 Feb (mislabelled ch14); 19 cont. (12 Feb); Part II: ch21 (19 Feb); ch21 (cont.); ch22; ch23; ch24; ch24 (cont.); ch25 (cont.); ch26; ch27 (cont.); ch28 (cont.); ch28 (cont.); ch29 (cont.); ch30; ch30 (cont.); ch31 (cont.); ch32 (cont.); ch33 (cont.); ch33 (cont.); ch34 (29 Jul); ch34 (12 Aug); ch34 (19 Aug); ch24-ch25 (2 Sep) final

Rosman, Alice Grant. aka Alice Trevenen Grant Rosman, Alice Trevenen Rosman; in the late 1910s, wrote a column as Aunt Tabitha b. 18 July 1882, Kapunda, SA; died 20 August 1961, Highgate, London, England. The Australian women’s register has an entry for Rosman’s correspondence; a note says the material is unprocessed and access may not be accessible. (ref) A 1952 mention in The southern cross freferring to what was happening 50 years ago states:

The Girls’ Realm recently offered a prize of £1/1/- for the best plot of a novel, and the prize was awarded to Alice Grant Rosman, of South Australia, who is an ex-student of the Dominican Convent, Cabra. Miss Rosman was also awaded a prize for her description of a wild Australian garden. (ref)

From 1906, Rosman was a regular contributor to ‘The Gadfly‘ under the pen name of [Aunt] Tabitha (ref).

A breaker of rules (1909, short story for children)
A minature repertory theatre: Adelaide’s brave little effort (1909, short prose)
A song of dawn (1908, poem)
An impromptu melodrama (1908, short story)
Autumn (1907, poem)
The comrades (1908, short fiction for children)
The exiles (1903)
Fate and Patricia (1907): ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; [chapters missing?] ch10 cont. (3 Dec); ch11 (10 Dec); ch 11 (cont); ch12; ch13 (to be continued, but The Age, Queenbeyan, ends here). Alternative publication in Evening Journal, along with some biographical details, referenced here, including chs 7-8; chs 9-10.
The genius (1907, short story)
The lie (1907, short story)
The matchmakers (1907, short story)
Neva. (1901, short story)
The original story (1907, short story)
Pantoum (1909, poem)
The promise (1907, short story)
The return (1901, poem)
The search (1907, short story)
Song of dawn (1908, poem)
Surcease (1909, poem)
The triolet (1906, poem)
Valeria (1908, short story)
The watcher (1909, poem)

Rosman, Alice Matilda Bowyer aka A M Bowyer-Rosman b. 1857; departed Australia 1911; died 1931. Note: to see some of these poems (those published in The Bulletin), you may need to scroll down the page.
A Song of Seasons (1904, poem)
A Tryst (1903, poem)
At the Fall of a Leaf (1906, poem)
Autumn Winds (1904, poem)
Disabled (1906, poem)
The Fiddler (1906, poem)
In Winter (1904, poem)
The Ivory Gate (1906, poem)
Memory (1905, poem)
Nocturne (1906, poem)
The Passing of Spring (1904, poem)
The Pipes of Pan (1906, poem)
Satiety (1903, poem)
The Spinners (1907, poem)
Spring Song (1902, poem)
Thieves (1907, poem)
The wattle sprite (1901)

Rowan, Ellis aka Marian Ellis Rowan, Mrs F C Rowan; birth name: Marian Ellis Ryan; b. 1848, 30 Jul, Melbourne, Vic; d. 1922; 4 Oct Macedon, Vic.
— [Bill Baillie: his life and adventures (Melbourne: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1908; children’s fiction): extract; print copy available SLNSW and elsewhere]

Rowlands, Effie Adelaide, nee Henderson; aka E. Maria Albanesi and Madame Albanesi. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD. The AustLit biography states that Rowlands was born in Australia (perhaps in 1859), and settled in England at an early age. It suggests that some of her many novels have Australian content (e.g. The Hand of Fate, 1914), but as there are so few of her novels in Australian libraries this aspect of her work has not yet been determined. Several of her novels were nevertheless serialised in Australian newspapers. Her obituary (West Australian, 17 Oct 1936) describes her as an English novelist .
— Bonnie Barbara: A Fascinating Love Story (1903): ch1; ch2; ch4; ch4 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10 (cont.); ch12 (poor scan quality, but story published in other newspapers); ch13; chs 13 (cont.)-14; ch15 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch17 (cont.); ch19 (cont.); ch20 (cont.) – poor scan quality; ch21; ch22; ch22 (cont.) – poor scan quality; ch22 (cont.); chs 23 (cont.)-24; ch24 (cont.); ch24 (cont.); ch26 (cont.); ch27 (final). Other editions: Evelyn Observer and Bourke East Record.
— The Brown Eyes of Mary (1905): ch1; ch3; ch5; chs 7-8; chs 9-10; chs 11-12; ch13 (mislabelled); ch15; ch17; ch19; ch21; ch23; ch25 (final).
— Priceless Violet (1901): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch5; ch6; ch8; ch12; ch14; ch15 (cont.); ch17; ch18 (cont.); ch19 (cont.); ch20; ch22; ch23 (cont.); ch24 (final). Syndicated in other publications, if scan quality is poor.
— The Way to Win (1908; serialised in The Mercury): ch1; ch2; ch4; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch17; ch17 (cont.); ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch24; ch25; ch26; ch26 (cont.); ch27; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch31; ch31 (cont.) final.

Salmon, Mary Frederica b. c1853; d. 1937
By the Way (1905, short story)
The Descent of Janetta (1905, short story)
Matilda Simpson’s Cemetery (1905, short story)
The Hawkesbury Settler (1905, short story)

Sampson, Bertha Emily aka Bertha Batley, Bertha E Phelps b. 1870 Mudgee, NSW; d. 25 Feb 1949, Mungindi, NSW
Wattle blossoms and heather: a story (1900, novel) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Schlank, Racey aka Racey Beaver (changed her name in 1915), Excelsior b. [1872]; d 14 Apr 1931; Jewish heritage; obituary 23 Apr 1931:


Miss Racey Schlank who will be remembered as ‘Racey Beaver’ and was an outstanding worker during the war, died at a private hospital in Malvern on Tuesday. She was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Salis Schlank, and was born in Adelaide. She organised the Exhibition sewing circle, and was an ardent worker in Red Cross activities. Miss Beaver became an invalid four years ago, when she suffered the amputation of her left foot. She was a prolific writer of poem and prose for the ‘Journal’ some years ago, and published a book of poems, which had a large sale. In recent -years Miss Beaver composed a book of verse for children, which Miss Edyth Harry, the well-known musician and composer, set to music. About two years ago she put the Braille alphabet into verse, thus simplifying the teaching of Braille to the blind. She also invented a clock for the blind, and a mechanical system for teaching the Braille alphabet. These are being used in institutions in other countries. Messrs. M. Schlank (North Unley), D. F. Schlank (Unley Park), L. Schlank (Glenelg), are brothers, and Mrs. F. Kingsborough (Monte Carlo) and Miss F. Schlank (St. Peters) are sisters.

A Happy New Year (1901, poem)
A Sudden Dislike (1902, poem)
A Temperance Man (1900, poem)
An Office Boy (1900, poem)
Australian Art (1904, correspondence)
Australian Poems and Ballads (1902, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Bridget (1901, poem)
The Cowardice of Mooka-Mee (1902, short story)
The Cricket of the Creek (1904, short story)
Crumbs (1902, poem)
Echoes and Re-Echoes: A Domestic Idyl (1900, poem)
Friendship (1900, poem)
Grown-Up Land (1902, poem)
In Bohemia (1901, poem)
In the Scrubland (1902, poem)
Is A Young Man Married a Young Man Marred? (1901, poem)
Little Tin Gods (1903, poem)
Naughty May Louise (1902, poem)
On the Saltbush Plain (1902, poem)
Our Soldiers (1900, poem)
Stockmen (1900, poem)
The Tale of a Piccaninny (1902, poem)
The Treasure Chest of the World (1903, poem)
The Usual Way (1901, poem)
What Aunt Ella Said (1900, poem)
The Woman of To-Morrow (1902, poem)

Scott, Rose, b. 1847, 8 Oct, Glendon, NSW; d. 1925, 20 Apr, Sydney, NSW.
Woman’s Part in Making Australia (1909)

Scott, Winifred. b. 1866; d. 1950
A Watch in the Night (1909, short story)

Shaw, Alice Marie aka A M Shaw b.1861; d. 1941
The Smile (1900, poem) – mentions her being from Ultimo, Sydney

Simons, Marion aka Marion Betteridge Simons; also wrote as Stella Hope ; b. 25 Sep 1883, Crystal Brook SA; d. 5 May 1952
Psyche (1907, short story)

Simpson, Martha M b. 1869 Ireland; arrived in Australia c.1883
To An Old Grammar (1906, poem; in An Anthology of Australian Verse ed. Bertram Stevens: 213)

Simpson, Mary; birth name: Mary Williams; aka Weeroona ; b. 1884, Stawell, Vic. As Weeroona , Simpson published many pieces in The bulletin during the 1900s and later.

Skinner, M L. aka Mary Louisa-Molly Skinner, Mollie Skinner, Mary Louisa Skinner; also writes as R E Leake; b. 19 Sep 1876, Perth, WA; d. 25 May 1955, York, WA.
After the rain (1904, short story; this story was awarded the second prise of £4 in the ‘Western Mail’ Christmas Story Competition )
Doll (1905, short story)
The school marm (1908, short story)
Under the southern cross (1906, short story)

Smyth, K Carew, birth name Katherine Graham, aka Katherine Carew Smyth, Katherine Carew-Smyth, K Smyth, K Carew-Smyth, Malicia Demons. b. 1 Mar 1876 Toowoomba, Queensland; d. 1954, Queensland.
A Garden of Flowers (1904, poem)
Afterwards (1905, poem)
An Interlude (1904, poem)
Between the Showers (1904, poem)
Cigar Ash (1905, poem)
The Encore (1904, poem)
The Extra (1905, poem)
The Gift (1905, poem)
In the Heart of the Fire (1904, poem)
The Little Red Shoes (1904, poem)
The Little Song (1905, poem)
The Little White Wraith (1905, poem)
Pierette (1904, poem)
Sitting Out
The Student and the Maid (1904, poem)
Two by the Creek (1904, poem)

Spence, Catherine Helen* (1825-1910).
The Australian in Literature (1902, commentary; no author given, but listed in AustLit as Spence’s)

Stevens, J. M. aka Joan Marguerite Stevens; Janie M Stevens, Joan M Stevens; b. 1887; d. 30 May 1944. Stevens was a writer of short stories in the 1900s, many of which appeared in The Queenslander and some of which were syndicated and appeared elsewhere.
A son of the soil  (1908, short story)
An incident of Budrapore (1904, short story)
‘An ocean’s rock-girt shore’: a Queenslander in Warrnambool (1908, prose)
An urgent call to Gilston (1909, short story)
The book (1906, short story)
The bridge (1907, short story)
‘Clouds of nature’: a Queenslander in the Western District of Victoria (1908, short story)
The diamond of good luck: a sequel to the roadmakers (1903, short story)
The editor’s lament (1901, poem)
The eyes of a goddess (1902, short story)
The feast of the fish (1903, short story)
The field of death (1907, short story)
A hillside tragedy (1907, short story)
His life for his friend (1907, short story)
The master of his fate (1903, short story)
The old and the new (1901, poem)
Old scores (1903, short story)
Oonong, the traitor (1905, short story)
The road makers (1902, short story)
The violinist (1909, short story)
The weaving of Manjanee (1905, short story)
The white moth (1906, short story)

Storrie, Agnes L. aka Mrs J. W. Ketwell, Avea , A.Y.E.A. b. 1864; d. 1936.
A Runaway Pair (1909, novella serialised in The Australasian)
What Rita Did (1908, short story)
White Everlasting Daisy (1905, short story)

Sugden, Edith Wallis b. c1850s Yorkshire, England; resided in Tasmania
The pride of Mrs Penington (1906, short story)

Sun Ya See, Rita aka Rita Sunyasee – unattributed pseudonym?
A battler (1904, poem)
Bullock punching (1904, prose)
Bush courtin’ (1904, poem)
The bush telephone (1902, poem)
The champion flicker (1902, poem)
Cupid’s letter-box!
Dad’s cheque (1904, poem)
Godly folks (1907, poem)
Growin’ dry (1908, poem)
He kissed my twice (1904, poem)
How did I know? (1903, poem)
I don’t care (1907, poem)
Just a little bit (1902, poem)
Locusts (1905, poem)
Mopoke (1904, poem)
Nodding (1903, poem)
Off the land (1907, poem)
Old age (1902, poem)
On the woman writer question (1902, correspondence; The bulletin, Vol 23, no. 1190 (6 Dec 1902): red page.
Our circus (1908, poem)
Our girl – before the glass – and behind (1902, poem)
The philospher (1906, poem)
Re-wed (1904, poem)
So long (1905, poem)
Some loves of mine (1903, poem)
Wanderlust (1906, poem)
When our cows come home (1904, poem)
When the poddy calves go to drink (1902, poem)

Suttor, Catherine. aka Mrs Allan Suttor, Mrs Alan Suttor; birth name: Catherine M J Bowerman; b circa 1856; died circa 1950; married Allan Albert Suttor in 1879.
An Austral Maid (15 Dec 1900: A Story of Australian Life )
Australia 1899-1900 (1900, poem)
Beside the river (1903, poem)
In Honour Bound (1901)

Sweetapple, Anne aka Silver Wattle . Birth nam: Anna Mapelson (1831-1928, arrived in Australia 1853). Obituary 1928.
Cruel As the Grave (1900)
Dingo: A True Story of a Dog (1906, for children)
Is Life Worth Living? (1902, short story)
Polly: A True Story of a Gray African Parrot (1906, for children)
The Scorn of Her Eyes (1903, short story)
Strong Delusion (1901, short story)

Taylor, Margaret Cox aka Vandorian b. 1864; d. 1939; The sun obituary (20 Jul 1939); The bulletin obituary (26 Jul 1939)
A fairy queen of Christmas pantomime (1900, short story)
A native land court (1905, prose)
A silver wedding (1907, short story)
After the war (1901, short story)
An Australian wrecker (1906, short story)
As the tide went down (1900, short story)
The back blocks school teacher (1904, short story)
Beyond the sunset (1908, short story)
The boundary dog (1905, prose)
The boy in buttons (1904, short story)
— ed. Children’s circle for The star (1909)
Clinker’s last race (1906, short story)
The clockmaker’s dream (1901, short story)
— [Cry?] of a stage-horse (1901, short story; poor quality scan)
The dredge master (1905, short story)
The enfranchised woman (1902, prose)
Evening standard journalistic pieces (1899-1906)
The famous Burmese idol (1900, short story)
From Samoa to Berlin (1900)
Haunt (1902, short story)
Henry Irving (1901, short story)
Her first appearance on any stage (1900, short story)
The Lady Juliana (1909, short story)
The land of used-to-be (1909, short story)
The Mallee ghost (1900, short story)
Melinda (1906, short story)
Miss Popham’s diamonds (1903, short story)
The mutton bird islands (1906, prose)
The probationer (1901, prose)
The professor’s holiday (1904, short story)
Sydney sidelights (1901, column)
Sydney social (1902-04, column in Punch)
The valley of death (1903, short story; widely syndicated)
Wives and daughters (1909, column in The star [Sydney])

Taylor, Agnes Rosamond; birth name Rosamond Benham; aka Benham Taylor; Mrs Thomas Gilbert Taylor; Lalage . b. 10 Oct 1874, Adelaide, SA; d. 11 Dec 1923, Melbourne Vic. Obtained a 3rd class medical degree; practiced in Subiaco, WA from 1902; a cousin to English author, Edith Nesbit. Married Thomas G Taylor, Secretary of the WA Social Democratic Federation in March 1903, petitioned for divorce 1913 ref. Death announcement, with some biographical details: 11 Jan 1924.
Evensong (1907, poem)
Her Ancient Right (1907, poem; The Bookfellow, Vol 1, no 6 [7 Feb 1907]: p6)
…I Thee Worship (1907, poem)
Lais (1902, poem)
Oasis (1901, poem)
Sense About Sex ([1905], prose pamphlet)
There is a tide (1901, poem)
The Three Sisters (1907, poem)

Temple, Mable Stewart b. 1871; d. 1892 VIC
Room for Three: Song for Tenor or Baritone (c1900s, from ‘Nell, A True Story of the Sea’ Hilda E. Temple Kerr , Mable Stewart Temple , W. R. Furlong, composer)

Thorne, Carina b.1876
The Dumping Ground (1909, poem)

Tibbs, Mrs C. E. aka Morahmee .
— Love Triumphant (1909): ch1; ch2. [prize-winning story]

Tisdale, Constance birth name: Alice Constance Tisdall; aka Alice Constance Muriel Tisdall; b. 17 Aug 1877, Walhalla, Vic; d. 24 Aug 1968, Melbourne, Vic.
Australian Nature Stories for Children [1902]

Torrance, Joan aka Joan Kerr; Mrs Kerr; b. 1867; d. 1945 VIC
A Welcome to Miss Ada Crossley (1903, poetry)

Tully, R McKay, birth name: Anna Maria Tully; aka Hannah Maria Tully; Mrs R McKay Tully; Mrs H M Tully; b. 1868 Hay, NSW; d. 1945, Gulargambone, NSW.
The Power of a Child , Dawn, 1 March 1903: 17-18.

Turner, Ethel.* birth name: Ethel Mary Burwell; aka Ethel Sybil Turner; Ethel M Turner, Ethel Curlewis, Mrs H. R. Curlewis and Ethele S Turner b. 24 Jan 1870, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Eng; d. 8 Apr, 1958, Mosman, NSW; arrived in Australia circa 1880. Also writes as Dame Durden; Princess Ida; The Little Laureat; The Old Sailor; and E.S.T.
A ballade of Sandalphon (1905, poem)
A boat on the sea (1905, poem)
A broken pitcher (1905, poem)
A canvas (1900, poem)
A perfectly-proper tale (1905, poem; illustrated)
A sad word or two (1900, prose; on the death of Mr H H Spooner)
A trembling star (1900, poem)
After the battle (1904, poem)
An afternoon call (1908, short story)
The angel’s peril (1908, poem)
At a little Christmas party (1904, poem)
But where does the winter go? (1908, poem; illustrated)
— The convalescence of Taffie Farndon (1900): ch1; ch2.
Fifteen and fair (1904, poem)
For half a day (1905, poem)
Found (1905, poem)
Fugitives from fortune (1909, novella serialised in Sunday Times [Sydney])
— The gift impossible (1904): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch8; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch19 (cont.); ch19 (cont.); ch19 (concl); ch20; ch20 (cont.); ch21; ch22; ch22 (cont.); ch23; ch23 (cont.); ch24; ch24 (cont.); ch25. ANFD entry.
Girls as verse makers (1901, column)
Giving up: a sketch in drought time (1903, short story)
The going forth of Tod (1903, short story)
Grass on the ships (1907, poem)
Gum leaves (1900, poem)
In the mist of the mountains ([1906], novel) – link to Project Gutenberg
The light of a star (1905, short story)
— More about misrule (1903): chs 1-2; chs 3-4; ch5; ch6; chs 7-8; ch9; chs 10-11; ch12; chs 13-14; ch15; ch18; ch19; ch22; ch23. ANFD entry.
Mr. Jessop’s experiment (1903)
The museum at Koonaworra (1903, short story): ch1; ch2.
My firm resolve (1905, poem)
My lover, the child (1906, poem)
Next door (1902, short story)
On the mountains (1905, poem)
The orchard man (1905, poem)
— The raft in the bush (1902): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17 (final). Review from 1910. ANFD entry.
The railway journey (1909, short story for children)
— Revolving bookcase (1907, column): no. 1; no. 2; no. 3; no. 4; no. 5; no. 6; no. 7; no. 8.
The sardine’s strategy (1906, poem)
The schoolboy’s farewell (1901, poem)
Sent to bed (1901, poem)
Some notable nonsense (1907, prose)
— The story of a selection (1901): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch6; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch20; ch21. ANFD entry.
The tale of the tiny house (1900, short story)
Taylor, tramguard (1905, short story)
— That girl (1907): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch8; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch17; ch19; ch21; ch22; ch24 (final). ANFD entry.
Thomas (1903): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5.
— Three little maids (1900): Intro; ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch4 (cont.); ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch14; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch26; ch27; ch27 (cont.); ch28. ANFD entry.
To C.C. (1906, poem)
Turning back the hands (1907, poem)
— [Untitled: Lift up thy heavy hand ] (1901, poem)
Widening the horizon (1907, short story)
The wonder child: an Australian story ([1900-09]) – link to project gutenberg
Wooing the muse (1907, poem)

Turner, Lilian,** aka Regan, Talking Oak, Mrs F. Lindsay Thompson; b.1867 Eng; d. 1956 Turramurra NSW
A Tale of Two Churches (1902, short story)
Achieving Valour (1907, short story)
An Australian Lassie (1903-05 or 1910) – link to Gutenberg.org
The Common Chord (1908, short story)
Imps and Angels (1900, short story)
The Little Sister (1902, short story)
— One Chance in a Hundred (1902): ch1; ch2.
Playmates of Port Wine (1903, short story)
Subjection of Mrs Jones (1903, short story)
Under A Sword (1907, short story)
Verdict for the Plaintiff (1906, short story)
Young Love (1902, novel)

Vivian, Edith C A, aka Edith Vivian b. 1881, Sydney NSW; d. 1903, Johannesburg, SA.
Wisdom and friendship (1907, poem; published posthumously; with review of her selected works)

Walker, Netta; b. 1868, Windsor, NSW; d. unknown; birth name: Henrietta Ann Walker
A Circe of To-day (1905, poem)
A Glimpse of the Downs (1902, prose description of the Downs area of QLD)
Bob’s Yarn (1902; a drover story)
Fair Play (1900, correspondence)
General Wauchope (Magersfontein) (1900, poem)
Life’s Lullaby (1903, poem)
Masks and Faces (1903)
My Garden of Dreams (1903, poem)
The Old and New Year (1902, poem)
—  The Old, Old Story , Windsor and Richmond Gazette (15 Dec 1900: 18; short story)
Ned the Hatter (1904; the story of a lonely boundary rider and his faithful friends)
Paradise Square (1902, prose)
Rita (1902, nonfiction; mentions Dame Durden )
Symphony (1902, poem)
Three Evenings in a Life (1906, Molong Argus 2 Nov: 2)
To Her Eyes (1904, poem)
What the Crystal Read (1905, prose)
Woman (1903, poem)

Watson, Kathleen b. 31 Dec 1870 Leicestershire, England; d. 9 May 1926, Brisbane, QLD; arrived in Australia 1898.
The Gaiety of Fatima: a novel (1906, London: Brown, Langham)
The House of Broken Dreams: a memory ([1908], novel, Melbourne: George Robertson)
No Rival Like the Past (1908, short story; appears in The Lone Hand)

Weale, Isabel aka Delphia, Mrs G T Weale; birth name: Isabella Tomlinson; b. c 1845, England; d. 1919, 25 May, Brisbane, QLD; arrived in Australia c Aug 1863.
—-. Retrenched: A Prose Queensland Idyll (1900)
Station Life in the Early Seventies (1900)

Weatherly, Marjorie. Birth name: Mary Ann Marjorie Weatherly; aka Marjorie Carter; Marjory Carter, Mrs M. Carter, Mrs Carter. b. 1884 Ranxholme, Vic; d. 1967 Rupanyup, Vic.
Drought in the Wimmera (1928, prose)
Men of Australia (1917, poem)
Unto the Third & Fourth Generation (1913-14, novella serialised): ch1 (1 Nov); ch2 (8 Nov); ch4 and ch5 (15 Nov); ch6, ch7 and ch8 (22 Nov); ch9 (29 Nov); ch11 (6 Dec); ch13 (13 Dec); ch15 (20 Dec); ch17 and ch18 (24 Dec); ch19, ch20 and ch21 final (14 Jan).
Reviews of her novel The Keys of Heaven (1919): ATCJ; Sunday Times; The Daily Mail. Reviews of Contrasts (1925): The Mail, Table Talk,The Horsham Times.

Wemyss, Ellie; aka Eleanor Evelyn Beatrice Wemyss; b. 1885, Adelaide, SA; d. 1961 [Adelaide, SA]
But once (1906, poem)
Coo-ee! (1909, short story)
The cry of Israel (1905, poem)
God with us (1903, poem)
How Lily’s Christmas wish came true (1905, short story)
Israel’s race: a Christian’s appeal (1904, poem)
The miners’ children (1909, prose)
Our roll of heroes (1904, prose)
Perseverance is the great agent of success (1901, prose; Ellie Wemyss [age 16 years 6 months] )
Renmark and the Murray: an appreciation (1907, prose)
Russian Jewish atrocities (1903, correspondence)
The Russians and the jews (1905, correspondence)
That luggage (1908, short story)
Thomas Price: from stonecutter to premier (1909, poem)
— [Untitled] (1904, prose; The great campaign [1758-9] waged by England against France…  aged 19 )
— [Untitled] (1902, prose; India from its situation… )
— [Untitled] (1901, prose; Previous to 1840 expeditions were mostly through good country…  aged 16 )

Weston, Kate Helen. aka Mrs J S Weston. Birth name Kate Helen Carter. b. Ballarat, Vic. 4 Mar 1863 d. 1 Aug 1929, Adelaide, SA.
— A Daughter of the Bush: A Tale of South Australia (1906): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5.
A Skeleton Story (1907)
A Vagabond Song (1912, poem)
— An Unorthodox Courtship (1905): ch1; ch2; ch3.
Beyond the Gate of Dreams (1907, short story)
— Binks: The Story of a Great Endeavour (1908): ch1; ch2; ch3.
Daughters of Babylon (1907, short story)
— The Honeymoon (1908): ch1; ch2; ch3.
In Memory of Jennings Carmichael (1909, poem)
Jacob Hoffmann’s Temptation (1909, short story)
— The Little Veteran (1905): ch1; ch2.
The Marriage of Martin Mainwaring (1909)
— Miss Grigson, Artist (1908): ch1; ch2.
The Peacemakers (1908)
Phillis and Matrimony (1909)
The Seventh Earl of Cholmondley (1903)
Sir Peter’s Heir (1909): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4.
Snoggins (1908, short story)

Whitfeld, Adeline J. aka A Jamieson Wrainford, Python . Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
— The Soldier’s Wife (1900; children’s fiction): ch1, ch2.
— Mrs Bockles’s Five (1900; children’s fiction): ch1, ch2, ch3.
— Dr Patch (1901; children’s fiction): ch1, ch2.

Whitfield, Jessie Mary aka J. M. Whitfield; b. 1862 Sydney; d.1964 Oxfordshire, England
The great Gillard feud (1900, short story)
How sunny hair found a heart (1906, short story)
The stepping stone (1903, short story)
The Wynnestone poisoning affair (1904, short story)

Wildman, Ina M birth name: Alexina Maude Wildman; aka Sappho Smith; b. 28 Feb 1867, Paddington, NSW; d. 15 Nov, 1896, Waverly, NSW obituary (16 Nov 1896)
Amoris taedium (1903, poem)

Woodard, Agnes Theodora. aka A T Woodard b. 1881, London, Eng; d. 14 May 1947, Brisbane, Qld.
A song of the sea (1909, poem)
Light and shadows (1909, short story)
My dog (1909, poem)

Wren, Jenny. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
Sir Godfrey’s decree (1900, short story)

Yencken, H B. aka Harriet B Yencken, Harriet Byron Yencken; biographical article (11 May 1929). Took out copyright for Toorak collage school song in 1912 (ref). Won first prize in Women’s work exhibition 1908 for Fairy story, Australian in character (ref).
The massing storm (1909, poem)


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