The list below provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers published in the 1900s which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author. Links to contemporary publications digitised on TROVE have been found with the assistance of the Australian Newspaper Fiction Database (ANFD). If any are broken or incorrect, please let us know via the contact page.

Note: No guarantee can be made as to the legibility of articles in digitised newspapers on TROVE links to which are found below. Some facsimile copies may be only partially illegible; clearer copies may sometimes be found via NSW State Library eresources collection (requires log in for full online access). It is AWWs’ aim that all copies will be legible in time, but we rely on volunteers to do this work. Any effort to correct the TROVE texts would be greatly appreciated.

< Texts by Australian women published in 1890s

Adams, Bertha Southey. Identified as Australian and female in Australian Newspaper Fiction Database (ANFD).
—–. A Barefoot Bride (1900)

Adare, James. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Tales for Piccaninnies. (1904)

Andrews, Mrs T. R. aka Andrews, Katherine E. (-1915),
—–. Stephen Kyrle: an Australian story, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1901, 383 pp. Also serialised.

Aston, Matilda Ann aka Aston, Tilly (1873-1947), The woolinappers : or, some tales from the by-ways of Methodism, Spectator Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1905, 104 pp.

Baker, Hannah Newton (?-?) Wytha Wytha: a tale of Australian life, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1903, 277 pp. downloadable as pdf

Bayne, Mary Addams (1850s-?), Bluegrass and wattle, or, The man from Australia, Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, 1909, 305 pp. (downloadable as pdff)

Baynton, Barbara (1857-1929).
—–. Bush Studies, Duckwork, London, 1902, 155 pp. gothic fiction
—–. Drought Driven (1903)

Blackett, Evelyn R. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. A Federation Episode (1900)

Blitz, Mrs A. (Julia) (1847-1923).
—–. An Australian Millionaire (1902; serialised version)

Boyne, Mabel, (?-?).
—–. That Australian family, Batson & Co., Sydney, 1907, 198 pp. downloadable as pdf

Bright, Annie (1840-1913).
—–. A Soul’s Pilgrimage, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1907, 296 pp.

Broome, Mary Anne** a.k.a. Mary Anne (Lady) Broome; Lady Barker (1831-1911)
—–. Colonial Memories by Lady Broome (1904)

Cambridge, Ada (1844-1926), The retrospect (1909)
—–. Thirty Years in Australia (1903)
—–. Sisters (1904)

Chads, Ellen Augusta aka “E.A.C.” and “Mrs E. A. Chads” (circa1837-1843-1923).
—–. “After Fame” (1903; short story with reflections on writing and romance)
—–. “Picking Up Windfalls” (1904; short story incorporating Australian idiom; reflection on poverty, music and romance)
—–. “Too Long Delayed” (1902, short story)

Clinch, Eileen. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Australian Babie: A Story of the Wild Old Times (1907)
—–. The Story of Mavis Dacre; or, Sins of the Fathers (1908)

Cross, Zora. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Clem’s Ride (1906)
—–. Midge: An Australian Story (1906)

Dawe, G. L. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Way of the Transgressor (1907)

Debney, Ellen Elizabeth, aka Ellen Elizabeth Turner, Mrs. G. R. Debney (1833-1870

Dwyer, Vera. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Bulldog’s Decision (1906)
—–. Great-Great-Uncle John (1906)
—–. Two Little Mesdames (1905)

Eyton, Alice. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Girl He left Behind Him: An Incident of the Trannsvaal War (1900)

Foote, Maria Hannay, aka “Egeria” and “Tau”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Terror of Moggil-Moggil (1904)

Forrest, Mabel. aka M Burkinshaw. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD. Note: Forrest published many short fiction pieces during this decade and the following list is an uncurated sample. More titles can be found here.
A Definite Conclusion (1901); A Fair Revenge (1902); A Long Golden Day (1900); A Night at Toomgal (1901); A Point of Honour (1901); A Reproach to the Town (1900); Alec’s Dress Clothes (1904); Butterflies (1908); Charlie’s Love-Letter (1901); Compensation (1901); Comyn’s Love Story (1901); Goodbye, Sweetheart (1901)l; The Happys (1908); Her Letter (1900); In a Furnished Room (1904); Kiss Mother, Too (1903); Leila’s Laugh (1900); The Little Grey Man (1904); The Man Who Would Not Forget (1908); Mated (1903); Monica’s Make-Believe (1902); Mr. Chang (1900); Noblesse Oblige (1900); The Old Road (1901); Peter (1902); Petty Cash (1903); The Pretty Parlourmaid (1904); Red Gap (1904); The Rose of Forgiveness (1903); The Singer (1901); Sophy’s Pink Dress (1902); The Triumph of George (1901); The Wild Cat’s Story (1908)

Fortune, Mary Helena. aka “Waif Wander” and “W.W.”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. “A Haunted Man” (1903), available via TROVE.
—–. “The Celctic Cross” (poem; 1906), available via TROVE.
—–. “Coolnabine: A Song” (poem, 1907), available via TROVE.
—–. The Family Secret (1900)
—–. “Give A Man a Chance” (1906), available via TROVE.
—–. “Kathleen’s Vocation” (1906), available via TROVE.
—–. “The Legend of Bruges” (poem, 1907), available via TROVE.
—–. “The Lilies of Forgiveness” (1904), available via TROVE.
—–. “Little Georgie’s Grandpa” (1904), available via TROVE: I, II.
—–. “ ‘Missa Est’: An Easter Story” (1906), available via TROVE.
—–. “Noel: Or Love and War” (1904), available via TROVE (poor scan quality). version2; version3; (19/1/1904; “concluded from last week 26/1/1904)
—–. “Nora’s Novena: A Christmas Story” (1903), available via TROVE (poor scan quality).
—–. “St Mary’s” (poem; 1906), available via TROVE.
—– “Swear Not At All: A Christmas Story” (1904), available via TROVE.
—– “Three Jacks” (1903), available via TROVE.
—–. “The Widow’s Wedding” (1904), available via TROVE.

Franc, Maud Jeanne, aka Matilda Jane Congreve (Birth name) and Matilda Jane Evans (married name) (1827-1886), Vermont Vale: Or Home pictures in Australia(190?)

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka “Owen Roe O’Neill”, “L”, Joseph Marizeeni (1868-1946), Bark House Days (1921) poetry
—–. The breaking furrow: verses (Melbourne: S. J. Endacott, 1921)
—–. Moods and melodies: sonnets and lyrics (Melbourne: T.C. Lothian, 1908) Downloadable as pdf here (warning: it may download automatically)

Gaunt, Mary (1861-1942).
—–. His Mail (1900)
—–. Mistress Betty Carew: Being Some Passages in the Life of Mr George Bass, Surgeon of H.M.S. Reliance (1903)

Geach, Edwina Catherine, (1870-1905),From the Soul of the Ti-tree, Lothian, Melbourne, 1909, 94 pp.

Gibbs, May.
—–. Parson Dick of Pinginup (1908)

Grant, Isabel. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Furnace for Gold: A Tale of a Mining Community (1905)

Halcro, Hugh. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Chinkie, Chonkie, Chinaman (1900)
—–. His Reward (1900)

Keith, Kyra.  Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Lights and Shadows (1900)
—–. Kips (1901)
—–. Out on the Rocks (1901)

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller (1865-1949).
—–. Shamrock and Wattle Bloom: a series of short tales and sketches, Edgerton and Moore, Melbourne, 1900, 208 pp.

Lancaster, G. B. aka Lyttleton, Edith Joan (1873-1945).
—–. A spur to smite, Andrew Melrose, London, 1905, 123 pp. Downloadable here.

Lawson, Louisa.
—–. Green Peaches (1903)

Luffmann, Laura Bogue (1946-1929).
—–. A Cold Lover (1900)
—–. ‘An Elderly Romance, in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 40-45.
—–. ‘Seen in the Biograph‘, in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories, John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 232-238.

Mills, Ethel Margaret. (1872-1952?) aka E Mills and E Mills Primrose. Identified as female and Australian in  ANFD. [sister of Mabel Forrest] The following short stories were published in newspapers during this period and digitised versions are available via TROVE. While some of the scanned copies have been corrected, many have not, and some scans are barely legible. The poor quality scans have been identified and have been included here for research purposes.
—–. “A Box of Dead RosesThe Bulletin Storybook (ref in Worker, 11 Jan 1902, publication date?; a notorious elderly woman tells a story of love betrayed)
—–. “A Bunch of River Grasses” (17 Jan 1900; a love story set on a station on the McIntyre River which provides the border for NSW and QLD)
—–. “A Dinner of Herbs”, (ss) The Lone Hand: The Australian Monthly Sep 1907  Sep 1907 Illustrations by D H Souter
—–. “A Rank Outsider” (14 Feb 1903; A society woman takes a gamble on her gambling husband.)
—–. “A True Story: For the Christmas FigaroQueensland Figaro 19 Dec 1901
—–. “A Woolshed Wooing” 20 Dec 1902
—–. “Annabel’s Crime” 22 Mar 1902
—–. “Australians One Meets and Misses” 20 Nov 1906
—–. “Cats” (nonfiction?) 23 Dec 1902
—–. “Corona’s Vow” 13 Jul 1901
—–. “Danger Dick’s Gift” (by Ethel Mills-Primrose – for children?) 14 Dec 1907
—–. “Do You Remember?” 17 Dec 1902
—–. “Fernie’s Revenge”, (ss) The English Illustrated Magazine Oct 1905. Reprint of “Fernie’s Revenge” – The Australasian (10 May 1902; an encounter with a bushranger tests a girl’s faith in her fiancé0.
—– “Fernie” – poor quality text; unreadable 8 Feb 1902 – any other copy?
—–. “For All Or Nothing” 12 May 1900
—–. “For Love of Louise” 17 Dec 1903
—–. “Georgina Washington” 18 May 1901
—–. “Girl and Gazeka” 20 Feb 1907
—–. “Gypsy Joan” 9 Dec 1903
—–. “How Lyl Brought the News” (dramatisation) 5 May 1900
—–. “King BillyThe Australasian II 19 Dec 1903
—–. “Like a Fan in the Autumn” 23 May 1903
—–. “A Captivating Cabman” 6 Jun 1903
—–. “Love Is Blind” 16 Sep 1900
—–. “Man, Maid and Cat” 27 Jul 1902
—–. “Miss Pauletta Panama” 9 Dec 1903
—–. “Rick’s Rival” 24 Aug 1901
—–. “Storyette: The Shadow” 4 Oct 1902
—–. “Sydney Letter” (gossip?) 16 Apr 1903
—–. “The Butterfly” 4 Jan 1902
—–. “The Chee Child”, (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Nov 1905 ss; illustrated by Arthur H. Buckland TO FIND Nov 1905
—–. “The Cherub” 19 Sep 1908
—–. “The China Child” 23 Aug 1902
—–. “The ‘Chronicle’ Girl” also here The Storyteller (9 Nov 1901)
—–. “The Dusting Girl” (poor quality text The Australasian) 21 Jan 1905
—–. “The Golden Snake” The Storyteller: (13 Oct 1900)
—–. “The Haunted Houseboat” 19 Dec 1903
—–. “The Hawthorn House” 5 Sep 1903
—–. “The Honourable John” poor text quality 18 Aug 1900
—–. “The Latest Engagement” [“The Novelette”] 28 Mar 1903
—–. “Lazenby’s Picnic” The Storyteller (28 Nov 1903)
—–. “The Lilies of Sin – A Sketch” also here. “The Storyteller” (30 June 1900)
—–. “The Long DayFreeman’s Journal 17 Dec 1904
—–. “The Lost Miss Leigh” 17 Dec 1900
—–. “Miss Baby” Christmas Story (14 Dec 1901)
—–. “The Shouldn’t Have Beens” 16 Aug 1904
—–. “The Soldier’s Children” (poem) 6 Oct 1900
—–. “The String-coloured Girl” 6 Oct 1901
—–. “The Swamp Lees’ Christmas” 15 Dec 1906
—–. “Those Wycherly Twins” (21 Apr 1900; The now impoverished Wycherly family has moved from the station life to the town of Waveney; the youngest, Brian and Betty, throw a “pretend” birthday party for the local children.)
—– “To Tea at the Priory” 5 Oct 1901
—–. “Unwritten” The Sketcher (19 Nov 1904)
—–. “Walking the Water – a Children’s Story”, “The Storyteller” (30 Mar 1901)
—–. “Waveny V Violet” 17 Nov 1900
—–. “What We Did For Rose Maria” 16 Apr 1904
—–. “Wooing An Heiress” 6 Jul 1901

Mordaunt, Elinor aka Mordaunt, Evelyn May (1872-1942).
—–. The garden of contentment, Heinemann, London, 1902, 240 pp.

O’Doherty, Mary Eva a.k.a. Mrs Kevin I. O’Doherty and “Eva of the Nation” (1830-1910)
—–. “A Longing” (1907, poem)
—–. “Awaking” (1907)
—–. “O’Brien”i “Not proudest, not highest, of them the true-hearted,” (1907)
—–. Poems by ‘Eva’ of ‘The Nation’ (1909)

Palmer-Archer, Laura M (1862-1929).
—–. A Bush Honeymoon and Other Stories, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 350 pp.

Partrige, Sydney and Warren, Cecil. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. A Bush Torquemada (1902)
—–. The Education of Clothilde (1907)

Philpott, N. V. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. “The Waters of Marah” (1908; in 3 parts), I, II, III.

Praed, Mrs Campbell aka Rosa Caroline Praed (1851-1935).
—–. My Australian Girlhood: Sketches and impressions of bush life, Fisher Unwin, London, 1904, 270 pp. romance and gothic
—–. The Maid of the River, John Long, London, 1905.
—–. The Luck of the Leura, John Long, London, 1907.
—–. A Summer Wreath, Long, London, 1909, 317 pp.
—–. Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush (London: J. Long, 1902) 428 pp. Available as pdf

Richardson, Henry Handel* (1870-1946).
—–. Maurice Guest (1908)

Robinson, Jean C. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. The Hermit of Myalong: A Romance of the Australian Alps (1903-04)

Rosman, Alice Grant. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Fate and Patricia (1907)
—–. Neva. (1901)

Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. aka Albanesi, E. Maria, and Madame Albanesi. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Bonnie Barbara: A Fascinating Love Story (1903)
—–. The Brown Eyes of Mary (1905)
—–. Priceless Violet (1901)
—–. The Way to Win (1908)

Rugby, Jack. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Nobody’s Baby (1900)

Stevens, J. M. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. A Son of the Soil (1908)
—–. The Wattle Sprite (1901)

Stow, Catherine Eliza. aka K. Langloh Parker. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. A Day in the Life of a Western Squatter’s Wife (1902)
—–. Introduction to The Euahlayi Tribe (London, 1905)
—–. The Remnant of a Life (1903)

Sweetapple, Anna Mapleson. aka “Silver Wattle”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. “Cruel As the Grave” (1900)
—–. Is Life Worth Living? (1902)
—–. The Scorn of Her Eyes (1903)
—–. Strong Delusion (1906)

Tibbs, Mrs C. E. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Love Triumphant (1909)

Turner, Ethel.
—–. The Convalescence of Taffie Farndon (1900)
—–. Fugitives from fortune (1909)
—–. The Gift Impossible (1904)
—–. More about Misrule (1903)
—–. Mr. Jessop’s experiment (1903)
—–. The Museum at Koonaworra (1903)
—–. The Raft in the Bush (1902)
—–. The Story of a Selection (1901)
—–. That girl (1907)
—–. Thomas (1903)
—–. Three Little Maids (1900)

Turner, Lilian,** (1867-1956).
—–. An Australian Lassie (1903-05 or 1910)
—–. One Chance in a Hundred (1902)

Weston, Kate Helen. aka Mrs J S Weston.  Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. A Daughter of the Bush: A Tale of South Australia (1906)
—–. An Unorthodox Courtship (1905)
—–. Binks: The Story of a Great Endeavour (1908)
—–. The Honeymoon (1908)
—–. Jacob Hoffmann’s Temptation (1909)
—–. The Little Veteran (1905)
—–. The Marriage of Martin Mainwaring (1909)
—–. The Peacemakers (1908)
—–. The Seventh Earl of Cholmondley (1903)
—–. Sir Peter’s Heir (1909)

Whitfeld, Adeline J. aka A Jamieson Wrainford. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. “The Soldier’s Wife” (1900; children’s fiction in 2 parts), via TROVE: I, II.
—–. “Mrs Bockles’s Five” (1900; children’s fiction in 3 parts), via TROVE: I, II, III.
—–. “Dr Patch” (1901; children’s fiction in 2 parts), via TROVE I, II.

Wren, Jenny. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
—–. Sir Godfrey’s Decree (1900)


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