The following list provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers published in the 1910s which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author in decade of publication.

Links below are to TROVE unless otherwise stated. Note: for State Library of Victoria (SLVIC) digital collections, access conditions apply.


< Texts by Australian Women published in 1900s

Abbott, Edith Sarah, born: 21 Mar 1878 in Adelaide, South Australia; died: 1961 Melbourne, Victoria.
Violet Verses (1917, Adelaide W. K. Thomas; poetry) – link to SLNSW digital collection; also available at SLVIC

Adams, Bertha Southey aka Bertha Adams, B. S. Adams, Mrs T C Brammall, Berth Southey Brammall, Bertha Brammall; b. 1877 Hamilton, Tas; d. 1957 Sydney, NSW; biographical snippet (21 Mar 1936); widowed 1945 (ref)
Ice cream (1919, poem; impossibly faint print but some kind soul has corrected the text)
The lieutenant (1917, poem)
The shepherdess by B. S. Brammall (1916, short story)

Aimir, Noel aka Marie Lion (1855-1922). (b. 2 May 1855 in Pau, France; d. 3 May 1909 in Rose Park, SA) [work out of copyright]
— The black pearl, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1911, 244 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive

Andrews, M Henniker. Writing name for M L Eades aka Maud Louise Eades b. 29 Mar 1874, Port Adelaide, SA; d. 1949, England; departed Australia c. 1901. Widowed 1913; Biographical note 23 Sep 1911
Bitten by a cobra (1911, prose)
The Magill mystery (1913, fiction)

Aston, Matilda Ann aka Aston, Tilly b.11 Dec 1873, Carisbrook Vic; d.1 Nov 1947, Windsor Vic; obituary 3 Nov 1947; evidently wrote poetry in Esperanto as well.
The Lord of light (1918, poem)
Thoughts on dawn (1918, poem; the following lines were written in the train to Adelaide, by Tilly Aston, a blind writer)

Barry, Anna aka Anna Carey, Nora Barry b. 1902, Qld; d. 1964, Manly, NSW. A member of the Sunday Times staff in 1925. Biographical note: 1 Feb 1926; biographical note: 6 Mar 1926; biographical note May 1927; biographical note 1941.
A medal of honour (1919, poem)
Anzac Day: lest we forget (1919, poem)
Autumn (1919, prose)
Baby (1919, poem)
The deathless army (1919, poem)
Death (1919, poem)
Destiny (1919, poem)
The fairies’ garden (1919, short story)
Foibles of the fatuous (1919, prose)
Gordonvale (1919, prose)
Impressions of Babinda (1919, prose)
The island of desire (1919, poem)
O Noto san (1919, poem)
Ode to the pyramid (1919, poem)
The pioneer (1919, poem)
Requiescat in pace (1921, poem)
Shadow (1919, poem)
The striker’s soliloquy (1919, poem)
The weary multitude (1919, poem)
Welcome, Anzacs! (1919, poem)

Barton, Emily Mary. Birth name: Emily Mary Darvall, aka E. M. B. and Veni . b. 1817, Yorkshire, England; died 1909, Gladesville NSW. [work out of copyright]
Straws on the stream by E.M.B (1910; anothology of poetry). Australian Digital Collection (use arrows > to scroll, or download as pdf).

Baverstock, Florence aka Louisa Florence Blair, Mrs Florence Baverstock, “Clio”, “A Victorian girl” (with her sister Lillian); b. 1860; d. 1937
A page for women, ed. (1914-18)

Baynton, Barbara aka B.B. , B (1857-1919)
Indignity of domestic service (1911, short prose)
Trooper Jim Tasman (1917)

Bedford, Ruth aka Ruth M Bedford b. 2 Aug 1882, Petersham, NSW; d. 24 Jul 1963, Paddington NSW. In addition to co-authoring a novel with Dorothea Mackellar, Bedford published a number of poems in the 1910s, mostly in The bulletin. Biographical note The lone hand (1 Mar1915).
— with Dorothea Mackellar, The little blue devil (1912, novel) – link to archive.org (access conditions may apply)
At Grandmamma’s (1914, poem; scroll down to view)
The cloud-eagle
The dead (1917, poem)
Dear land of mine (1912, poem)
In a green meadow (1910, poem)
Kissing Point Road (1915, poem)
The learner (1918, poem)
New Year prayer (1919, poem)
Not a centipede (1914, poem)
The roll of honour (1918, poem)
The spoon-game (1914, poem)
Sydney at sunset and other verses (1911)
Tribute (1919, poem)

Bevan, Beatrice Vale birth name: Beatrice Vale; also writes as Mrs Willett Bevan, B V B; b. 1876, Vic; d. 1946, Adelaide, SA. Married Rev. Willett Bevan, M.A. in Hong Kong in 1902 (ref); obituary 13 Apr 1945.
A Belgian woman (1915, poem)
A bouquet (1917, poem)
A bunch of roses (1916, poem)
A mystery (1915, poem)
A picture of ‘the mother’ (1917, poem)
A portrait (1919, poem)
A prayer (1916, poem)
A press interview (1915, poem)
All glory to the Lord (1918, poem)
Anniversary of Shakespeare’s burial (1916, poem)
Anzac Day, 1915 (1915, poem)
Anzac Day, 1917 (1917, poem)
April 25, 1916 (1916, poem; scroll to view)
Blessed are the peacemakers (1916, poem)
The bride leaves home (1916, poem)
Calvary: Anno Domini XXXIII (1916, poem)
Christ’s Thorns (1916, poem)
Christmas, 1915 (1915, poem)
Christmas, 1916 (1916, poem)
Christmas Eve, 1915 (1915, poem)
Christmas hymn (1914, poem)
Christmas hymn (1919, poem)
Christmas hymn, 1918 (1918, poem)
Christmas in time of war (1915, poem)
The death of the old year (1916, poem)
December 31, 1915 (1916, poem)
Easter, 1915 (1915, poem)
Easter, 1917 (1917, poem)
Edith Cavell (1915, poem)
England’s prayer (1915, poem)
Enlistment (1915, prose)
Final leave (1916, poem)
For ‘Anzac Day‘ (1915, poem)
Forget-me-not (1915, poem; May Day )
God save the King! (1917, poem; scroll to view)
The Golden rose (1913; dramatisation)
Good Friday, 1917 (1917, poem)
Heroes of the hour (1915, poem)
I love you (1915, poem)
In Kobe (1917, poem; from ‘Songs of the East’ )
Inebriates (1916, prose; in Notes and Queries )
June 23, 1916 (1916, poem)
K of K (1916, poem)
The Kaiser is dejected (1915, poem)
The Kaiser soliloquises (1915, poem)
Killed in action (1916, poem)
The King’s birthday (1915, poem)
MCMXV, vale! (1916, poem)
MCMXVI, ave! (1916, poem; scroll down)
Mother’s Day, 1915 (1915, poem)
May 1 (1916, poem)
Mothers’ Day (1916, poem)
Mothers’ Day [2] (1916, poem)
My villa in Japan (1917, poem)
O Tsuto San (1917, poem; from Songs of the East )
The old story (1919, poem)
Our gallant volunteers (1915, poem)
Passed – with honour!
The passion (6 Apr 1928, dramatization)
Previously reported dead (1916, poem)
The purple call (1916, poem)
Quis separabit! (1917, poem)
The Royal despatch rider (1915, poem)
St George’s Day (1915, poem)
The song of the sandbags (1916, poem)
The song of the violets (1916, poem)
Spring, 1915 (1915, poem)
There are mothers (1919, poem)
To King George (1915, poem; writing as BVB )
Trashy poetry (1915, correspondence)
Two songs: sorrow/joy (1915, poems)
Under the hedge (1915, poem)
— [Untitled: I wonder are there many (such / As she!) (1919, poem; scroll to view)
— [Untitled: Lord God of Empires ] (1917, poem)
Wattle blossom (1915, poem)
Wattle blossom and the Southern Cross (1915, poem)
White comrade (1915, poem)

Blackburn, Doris; birth name: Doris Hordern; aka Doris A Blackburn, Doris Hodern; b. 18 Sep 1889, Auburn, Vic; d. 12 Dec 1970, Melbourne, Vic.
A child in a garden (1917, poem)
The simpleton of the family (1918, short story)

Boake, Capel birth name: Doris Boake Kerr, aka D. B. Kerr, also writes as Stephen Grey b. 29 Aug 1899, Summer Hill, NSW; d. 5 Jun 1944, Caulfield, Vic. [work out of copyright] Australian Dictionary of Biography entry.
A remembrance (1919, prose for Anzac Day)
Are you coming? (1916, war poem; written under her birth name)
The brothers (1919, short story)
The chateau (1919, short story)
The call of pan (1919, short story)
Ever the faith endures (1916, short story)
The little track (1919, poem)
— Painted clay, Australasian Authors’ Agency, Melbourne, 1917, 343 pp.
The secret garden (1919, short story)
Stitch’ seams (1919, poem)

Bjelke-Petersen, Marie aka Marie Caroline Bjelke-Petersen; also writes as B.P. and B-P. b. 23 Dec 1874, Jagtvejen, Copenhagen, Denmark; d. 11 Oct 1969, Lindisfarne, Tas.
The captive singer (1916, novel)
The mysterious stranger (1913, poetry)

Bode, Ettie aka Bode, Mrs. J. A. aka Ettie E Ayliffe (1836-1920).
A woman’s prayer for peace (1916, republished poem)

Boldrewood, Rose aka Browne, birth name: Rose Christiana Angell; b.1862; d.1920s [work out of copyright]
— The cComplications at Collaroi, John Ouseley, London, 1911, 304 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Braithwaite, Marie, aka Jack Rugby. (b. circa 1861 – death notice, 1927)
A McLeod of Cromarty (1910, short story)
Excelsior: a story of the Australian bush (1917, short story)
I can hear my mother calling (1910, poem)

Bridges, Hilda, birth name: Hilda Maggie Bridges; aka Hilda M Bridges; also writes as Joan Gardiner. b. 19 Oct 1881, Hobart, Tas; d. 11 Sep 1971, Hobart, Tas.
A stranger comes to the township (1919, short story)
After long years (1919, short story)
The dance at Sheepbanks (1919, short story)
The new teacher (1919, short story)

Broad, Mrs Alfred. Possibly the married name of Emmeline Fanny Ray (source: wikipedia entry on Alfred Scott Broad); biographical piece in The Weekly Times (Melbourne): 17 May 1913: 13 (poor scan quality).
The Japanese gong (1912, prose)
— [The sex problem (Adelaide: [Mrs A. Scott Broad; Centenary Typ. 1911]; includes a short story, The Paintings in the Temple ; print copy available at SLNSW; reviews: 1 Oct 1911; 7 Oct 1911; 28 Oct 1911 (scathing).]

Bruce, Mary Grant* aka Minnie Grant Bruce, M.G.B Cinderella b. 24 May 1878 d 12 July 1958 Sale, Vic; d Sussex, England. [work in copyright until 2028]
— A little bush maid (1910) – link to gutenberg.org
A snake story (1912, short story)
— Glen Eyre (1912): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch20 (final).
— Mates at Billabong (1912) – link to gutenberg.org
Back To Billabong (1914) – link to gutenberg.org
Captain Jim (1916) – link to gutenberg.org
— Dick Lester of Kurrajong London, Ward Lock, 1920.
From Billabong to London (1915,)
— Jim and Wally (1917)
— Norah of Billabong (1913): ch1; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch8; ch9; ch12; ch13; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch19; ch21.
Port Arthur today (1913, essay)
‘Possum (1917) – link to gutenberg.org

Bulcock, Emily Hemans b. Emily Palmer, 28 Jul 1877, Tinana Qld; d. 4 Sep 1969, Brisband Qld; published poems in The daily mail throughout WWI (link).Campbell, Mildred V.
Antipathy (1915, short story)

Castilla, Ethel. aka Ethelrita Ramos de Castilla, aka Viva . b. Kyneton, Vic 1861; d. Camberwell, Vic, 1937.
April (1910, poem – very poor scan quality)
Charles Dickens (1912, poem)
Dandy (1913, poem)

Christie, E. F. aka Emily F Marmont b. 1872, Yass, NSW; d. 1949, Crookwell, NSW; married John A Marmont in 1916
Baxter’s ‘Ria (1912, short prose)
The call of the rising sun (1913, short prose)
The creamer: snapshots at life (1911, short story)
How we spent Christmas (1910, short prose)
Life’s passing (1911, poem)
The love that is best (1914, poem)
Meeting Lizzie (1911, short prose)
The new house (1914, short prose)
Old pack-a-back (1910, short prose; Bush Sketcher series; very faint print)
Old Speckle: a bush sketch (1911, short prose; illustrated)
On the land (1911, poem)
Our visit to Aunt Jemima (1911, short prose)
The Scrubsons: a bush sketch (1910, short prose)
The watch-box: a story of unfenced Australia (1912, short story)

Chute-Erson, Kathleen b. c1876; d. 19 Nov 1966
1916 (1916, poem)
A challenge (1916, poem)
A little song (1917, poem)
A tribute (1918, poem: note To Pauline: a dear pupil, drowned while endeavouring to help her sister )
A vagabond song (1914, poem)
Adieu (1915, poem)
Anzac (1916, poem)
Apologia (1916, poem)
Belgium (1915, poem)
The bird (1916, poem)
Blow wind of God (1915, poem)
By the sea (1914, poem)
The brook (1914, poem)
The call (1918, poem)
The city on a wet night (1917, poem; response to Darwinism)
Death – the archer (1915, poem)
England for thee (1915, poem)
Eugene (killed in action) (1915, poem; scroll down to view)
Foreboding (1917, poem)
The hounds of war (1914, poem)
In memoriam (1918, poem)
It’s our flag – fight for It. Work for it (1916, poem)
Land of our love, Australia (1915, poem)
Nature’s spells (1915, poem)
Nocturne (1912, poem)
On the ocean (1915, poem)
Our Anzac dead (1916, poem)
Our beloved dead (1916, poem)
Pagan verses (1916, poem)
Parted (1917, poem)
Pipes o’ Pan (1910, poem)
Red gold (1919, poem suggested by Hans Heysen’s picture in the National Art Gallery )
Sanctuary (1916, poem)
The singer: a fantasy (1914, poem)
— [Untitled: from Violet Verses ] (1919, poem What would we say to you, dearly loved dead )
War stanzas and other recent verses (1916) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
William Shakespeare (1916, poem)

Clarke, Phyllis M. birth name: Phyllis Mary Clarke; aka Phyllis M Power. b. 6 Sep 1887, Brighton, East Sussex, Engl; d. 1977; of Rupertswood, Victoria (ref). A note in Gadfly in 1906 refers to as the 17-year-old daughter of Sir Rupert Clarke, the well known magnate of Victoria (ref). Note: her father has an entry in Australian Dictionary of Biography.
All Halloween (1910, short story)

Clinch, Eileen Bertha b. c1879; d. 1930, Pennant Hills, NSW
A Christmas Fairy (1914, short story)
Australoo, Midge, and the Debil-Debil (1911, short story)
Christmas Jewel (1914, short story)
The Harum-Scarum Four (1911, short story)
In Search of the Pink Nardoo (1911, short story)
Iris-bloom (1913, poetry) – link to State Library of Victoria Digital Collection
Keziah of the Hill-Farm (1910, short story)
Lady Betty’s Christmas (1913, short story)
The Land at the Back of a Dream (1915, short story)
The Love of Leone Lawson (1912, short story)
The Order of the Fairy Ring (1911, short story)
Mr Tompkin’s Coat (1912, short story)
The Red Pocket (1910, short story)
The Rescue of Red (1912, short story)
Skeleton Gold (1911, short story)
Softy (1911, short story)
Wattle Day (1910, short story)
Wild Wing: An Idyll (1912, short story)
Wingaree (1919, short story)
The Wonderful Wing (1911, short story)

Clow, Margaret; birth name: Florence Clow Ross; aka Florence Hunter; b. 1889, Dalby, Qld; d. 1968, Adelaide, SA
How I spent a fortnight in Kuranda (1914)

Clyde, Constance. See entry for Constance McAdam.

Congeau, Emily aka Hibiscus b. 1860 Eng; d. 1936 QLD
Poems, Verses and Prose Fragments (1914, collected works) – link to hathitrust.org
Princess Mona: a romantic poetical drama (1914) – link to hathitrust.org

Cramer, Violet Bertha, aka Violet B Cramer b. 17 May 1879 Brighton, Victoria; d. 1963; teacher of pianoforte and theory (ref) in Baillie St, Horsham, Vic.
Gallipoli (1915, poem)
Give Us Bread (1915, poem)
In Memorium J. C. T. (1916, poem)
Memories of the Great War ([1916], poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Our Boys Are Coming Back (1915, poem)

Crosbie, Clarie G aka C Crosbie. Crosbie was a prolific poet; a list of her poetry publications can be found at AustLit. Several of her poems appear in Romance: The Australian Fiction Magazine (print copy available at SLNSW).
A Vision of Fountains (1915, poem)
Sea Piece (1919, poem)

Cross, Zora aka Zora Bernice May Cross, Bernice Smith, Z. C. Bernice May, Adelaide Street, B May, Mary Glenbrook, Zora C Smith, Rosa Carment and Daisy M. b. 18 May 1890 Eagle Farm, QLD; d. 22 Jan 1964, Glenbrook, NSW. [works in copyright until 2034]
Bells (1918, prose)
Blind (1919, prose)
The Child (1917, prose)
The Clerk (1917, prose)
Crumbs (1917, prose)
— The Coming of a Princess (1911; children’s fiction): ch1; ch2.
Fear (1915; prose by Z.C.S. and J.O’N. )
God’s In His Heaven (1917, prose)
The Kitchen Maid (1917, prose)
Meals (1918, prose)
Middle-Class (1918, prose)
Moonmaid‘ (1911; children’s fiction)
My Lady (1917, prose)
Over the Wash-Tub (1917, prose)
Passing of 1916 (1916, prose)
The Schoolboy (1917, prose)
The Unemployed: A Tale of a Boarding House, showing that sometimes the Loafing Stone gathers the Moss (1917)
Waiting (1917, prose)
Walls (1918, prose)

Curlewis, Jean aka Jean Charlton; birth name: Ethel Jean Sophia Curlewis; daughter of Ethel Turner; b. 1898, 7 Feb, Mosman, NSW; d. 1930, 28 Mar, Sydney, NSW.
Suburban (1917, poem)
Temptation in the Wilderness (1919, poem)

Curtis, Jessie birth name: Jessie Maria Mills, aka Mrs Oliver Curtis, A Bendigo Lady ; of London ; married Oliver Curtis in 1905.
A shadowed Christmas (1916, poem)
Australia to England (1914, poem)
Bells of Peace (1918, poem)
Bendigo (1918, poem)
The call (1917, poem)
The day (1918, poem)
Germany (1918, poem)
Hymn for our airmen (1917, poem)
The Red Cross (1918, poem)
Remember (1917, poem)
Somewhere in France (1916, poem)
Spring, 1917 (1917, poem)
Verdun (1916, poem; faint scan)
Vote yes! (1917, poem)

Daly, Mrs Dominic aka Harriet Millie Daly. d. 1927. Biographical snippet stating Daly was a contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald on feminine interests for many years, 17 Oct 1914.
Girls’ War-time Clubs: Mrs S Hordern’s At Home (1915, column)

Dalziel, Kathleen, birth name: Laura Kathleen Natalie Walker, aka K Dalziel, Kathleen Womersley, Kathleen Walker; b. 1881, Durban, SA; d. 1969, Ivanhoe, Vic; arrived in Australia c. 1887. Throughout the 1910s, writing as Kathleen Walker , Dalziel had 10 poems published in The bulletin.
An Anzac story (1916, poem)
Remembering (1918, poem, for The Australian worker)

Davidson, E C, aka Euphemia Coulson Davidson, Euphemia Crawford Kidd, E Coulson Davidson; also writes as George Byfield, Warrigal ; b. 1874, Williamstown, Vic; d. 1936, Oakleigh, Vic.
Prisoners: a play (1919) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

De Conlay, Olive b. 1882, Warwick, Qld; d. 16 Oct 1935, Warwich Qld; Obituary (21 Oct 1935); biographical snippet (29 Nov 1907).
The magic seed (1917, short story; prize-winning)

Deamer, Dulcie* (1890-1972).
— The Australian Girl (1913; column): 1 May 1913.
Fire A Shot for the Empire (1914-1918? song)
Haunted (1911, poem)
The Immortal Lover (1916, poem)
The King’s Wife (1917, poem)
The Night (1916, poem)
These Remain When the Palaces of Kings are Forgotten (1911, poem)
The Suttee of Safa: A Hindoo romance (1913) – link to archive.org

Derham, Enid b. 24 Mar 1882; d. 13 Nov 1941
A women’s college (1918, correspondence)
Cras nobis (1912, poem)
Eden gate (1919, poem)
Francis Thomson (1913, prose criticism)
Gallipoli, 1917 (1918, poem)
Music (1915, poem)
The return (1919, poem)
The roll of honour (1915, poem)
The seamstress (1919, poem)
Thomas Hardy (1912, prose criticism)
The wind child (1912, poem)

Dickson, Madge b. 1886; d 1955
A Japanese Love Song (1910, lyric/song)

Dodwell, Annie Louisa Virginia b. 1870, Ireland; d. 1924, West Terrace, South Australia.
A calendar in Australian verse (1919, poetry), link via State Library of Victoria Digital Collection
Our crusade (1919, poetry)
The planet Venus (1918, short prose, Children’s Hour )

Donohoe, Madge b. 1864; d. 1940 NSW
A matrimonial agent (1914, short story)
A song of Sydney Town (1914, poem)
The men in khaki (1915, poem)
The steeper calvary (1916, short story)

Doudy, Jane Sarh aka Mrs Henry A Doudy b. 1846, 28 Sep London, Eng; d. 1932, 17 Aug, Port Lincoln, SA; arrived in Australia 1849.
The Higher Education of Women: Is It of Benefit to the Human Race? Jane Sarah Doudy , Adelaide : Women’s Liberal Educational Union , [1914]

Downes, Marion Grace (1864-1926). [work out of copyright]
In the Track of the Sunset: An Australian Story for Girls (1919; children’s fiction)
Reported Missing (1917, short story)
Swayed by the Storm: a story of Australia to-day, Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1911, 264 pp. romance – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Doyle, B Cecil, birth name: Bertha Cecil Doyle; aka Cecil Doyle; b. 7 Feb 1886, Anvil Creek, NSW; d. 3 Jul 1961, Maitland NSW. Doyle was a prolific writer who, throughout the 1910s, published in The Australasian, The Sydney mail, The Sydney morning herald, The Sydney stock and station journal, The daily mail, The argus, The weekly times, The lone hand and elsewhere. In 1919, a society page snippet in The Sunday times gives her home as Belleview, Lochinvar (ref), in the Hunter Valley region of NSW.
A fifth wheel (1911, short story)
A purple ribbon sketch (1918, prose; on M Forrest)
Aftermath (1917, short story; first published in The triad and widely reprinted up to 30 times in newspapers throughout regional Victoria and elsewhere)
Auckland, NZ (1915, prose)
The crucible (1919, short story)
The dragging slippers (1912, short story)
The fleshpots (1911, short story)
Gardens of remembrance (1913) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The gramophone (1911, prose)
Hartopp’s lie (1917, short story)
The houseboat (1910, prose)
The inner hell (1910, short story)
Karuah – a beautiful and historic spot (1919, prose)
The mayoshi (1918, short story)
The moon-call (1914, prose; quoted from a piece in The argus which hasn’t been found)
The mountain and Mahomet (1911, short story)
The old wool shed (1917, prose)
Old-time shearing (1918, prose)
The price (1913, short story)
Rouen (1918, prose)
Scylla and Charybdis (1912, short story)
Shearing in the seventies – interesting reminisences (sic) (1918, prose)
Some bird scraps (1911, prose)
The soup (1910, short story)
To arms! (1914, poem)
The tomboy (1912, short story)
The unbroken dream (1913, short story)
Virginia’s experiment (1913, short story)
Wild weird coast – memory snapshots of Tasmania’s peninsula (1912, prose)

Doyle, Ruby Mary; aka Ruby Doyle, Ruby M Doyle b. 1887, Gunnedah, NSW; d. c1943, England
The Dragon (1913, serialised): 4Jun; 11Jun; 18Jun; 25Jun; 2Jul; 9Jul; 16Jul; 23Jul; 30Jul; 6Aug; 13Aug; 20Aug; 27Aug; 3Sep; 10Sep; 17Sep; 24Sep; 1Oct; 8Oct; 15Oct; 22Oct; 29Oct; 5Nov.
Golden Wattle (1919, prose)
Michael (1913-14, serialised; a temperamental study of a child ref): 12Nov; 19Nov; 26Nov; 3Dec; 10Dec; 17Dec; 24Dec; 31Dec; 7Jan 1914; 14Jan; 21Jan (end).
The Mystery of the Hills (1918, novel)
The Rainbow (1919, prose)
The Winning of Miriam Heron (1918, novel; syndicated in Sydney Mail): Apr24; 1May; 8May; 15May; 23 May; 29May; 5Jun; 12Jun; 19Jun; 26Jun; 3Jul; 10Jul; 17Jul; 24Jul; 31Jul; 7Aug; 14Aug; 4Sep; 11Sep; 18Sep; 25Sep.

du Faur, Freda; b. 16 Sep 1882, Croydon NSW; d. 11 Dep 1935, Sydney, NSW
The conquest of Mount Cook and other climbs (1915)

Dunn, Annie Powis aka Annie Elizabeth Powis Dunn, Powis, An Australian Mother . Birth name: Annie Jordan; b. 1863, Bristol, England; d. 1936 Brisbane, QLD. Obituary The Telegraph, 8 Apr 1936: 2.
Your Country’s Call (1915, poem)

Dwyer, Vera Gladys, aka Coldham-Fussell Dwyer; Vera Gladys Coldham-Fussell; Vera G Dwyer, Vera Gladys Fussell; b. 1889, Hobart, Tas; d. 10 Sep 1967, St Leonards, NSW; biographical piece The world news (22 Nov 1913)
A birthday (1911, short story for children)
Arms and the girl (1917; pamphlet with introduction by the author) – link to SLNSW digital collection, access conditions apply
The soul seeker (1910, short story)
Timothy’s goose (1913, short story)

Easton, Rose Ellen birth name: Rose Ellen McKinlay; b. 1840, Portaferry, Co Down, Ireland; d. 1932, Paddington, NSW; married 1870 Arthur Llewellyn Easton.
—  “Eva” of “The Nation”  (1913, poem)
Graves at the Dardanelles (1915, poem)
To bishop O’Connor (on completion of his Catholic cathedral in Armidale) (1913, poem)
— [Untitled] (1916, poem; published “in the De La Salle Christmas Magazine” on the Rev. William Killeen, late P.P., Lisbon, diocese of Down and Connor, Ireland; quotes  in The ladies’ page, Advocate 13 Jan 1917: 31)

Eedy, Pauline aka Pauline Henderson, Mrs G W Henderson; b. Sep 1884, Nelson Bay, NSW; d. 13 Oct 1884, Sydney, NSW.
The captives: another chance for the boy (1913, short story; scroll down to view)
Kindly, Mr Rain (1912, short story; follows on after a story by Ella McFadyen)
Straight from cloudland (1914, short story)
Toads and roses (1918, short story)
Vain Mr Possie (1913, short story)
Whistler’s wooing (1912, short story)

Ernst, Olga D A; aka Olga Dorothea Agnes Ernst; also writes as Olga D A Waller; b. 1888 Melbourne, Vic; d. 1972
The magic shadow show ([1913]) – link to archive.org

Evans, Nellie A, aka Nellie Alice Evans b. 1884, Goulburn, NSW; d. 1944.
Anzac Day, 1917 (1917, poem)
Araminta’s eyes (1917, poem)
Araminata’s hair (1918, poem)
Araminta’s home (1919, poem)
Greeting, Easter 1918 (1918, poem)
In hospital (1916, poem)
Kinship: Australia to Britain (1917, poem)
Magic (1911, poem)
The magic of the mountains  (1918, poem)
The message (1918, poem)
The red road (1918, poem)
Song of roads (1917, poem)
To the native born (1911, poem; obtained first prize at the Industrial Fair and Exhibition )
White feathers (1916, prose)
The white road (1918, poem)
With the engineers (1915, poem)

Fane, Margaret, birth name: Beatrice Florence Osborne; b. 10 Jan 1887; d. 1962, Brisbane, Qld. Fane was a prolific writer who in the late 1910s began publishing poems in The bulletin. and The lone hand.
The bride (1919, poem)
The bridge builder (1918, poem)
Buttercups (1918, poem)
The capture (1919, poem)
Carrots (1918, poem)
The crotchety cobbler man (1919, short story for children)
Fairy song (1918, poem)
Fightin’ sin (1918, poem)
The gardener (1918, poem)
The gift (1918, poem)
My hands (1918, poem)

Farley, Jessie May; aka Mrs Jessica May Collins; Messica May Farley; b. 11 Jun 1887, Point Pass, SA; d. 19 Jan 1963, Goondiwindi, Qld.
Verses (1910) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Field, Catherine Eliza Somerville. aka Katie Langloh, K. Langloh Parker, Mrs P R Stow, Catherine Somerville, Catherine Field. Birth name: Catherine Eliza Somerville Field. b. 1856 (Encounter Bay, SA), d. 1940 (Glenelg, SA). [work out of copyright]
Byamul, the Black Swans (1912, short story)
Nerida, the Water Lily (1912, short story)
Wahn: The Crow Wizard (1912, short story)
The Walkabouts of Wur-run-nah (Adelaide, Hassell Press, 1918) – link to Project Gutenberg Australia

Finn, Mary Agnes b. c1860, Vic; d. Randwick, NSW 1948
A Young Apostle (1911, short story)

Fisher, Mary Lucy aka Lala Fisher, Mrs Francis George Fisher, Lala. Birth name: Mary Lucy Richardson b. 17 Jan1872, Rockhampton, QLD; d. 27 Feb 1929, Gladesville NSW.
Earth Spiritual (1918, poetry)
God and Guns (1918, poem)
Grass flowering: verses (1915) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Love Regnant (1919, poem)
Napoleon Buonaparte [sic] (1915, poem)
The Reaper (1913, poem)
— [Earth Spiritual 1918]; review in Birth: a little journal of Australian Poetry Vol 2 No 23 (October 1918): 7.

Forrest, Mabel, birth name: Helena Mabel Checkly Mills; aka M Forrest, Mabel Burkinshaw, Helena Mabel Checkley Forrest; also writes as M Burkinshaw, M Burkershaw, Helena M C Mills, M. R., and Reca . [Sister of Ethel Mills.] b. 6 Mar 1872 Yandilla, Qld; d. 18 Mar 1935, Brisbane, Qld. Courier-Mail obituary (19 Mar 1935; with photo); SMH obituary (19 Mar 1935). Forrest was a prolific writer who published many poems and short stories during the 1910s. A list of her titles can be found via the ANFD here or via the AustLit database (access by library membership or subscription). As M Forrest she published extensively in The Australasian, The Sydney Mail, The Lone Hand, and The Triad. The following list includes pieces from The Lone Hand and The Triad (as the AustLit database entry for Forrest does not show links to these journals). Her novel, The wild moth was serialised in The Age.
A withered rosebud (1912, poem)
At the dawn of things (1913, poem)
At the window (1913, poem)
The birth of a song (1912, poem)
The bud (1913, poem)
Cabbages (1914, short story)
The Cave (1915, prose; Triad)
The child (1913, short story)
Color memories (1913, poem)
The coquette (1917, poem)
The dreaming (1911, poem)
The driftwood house (1916, poem)
Emily’s present (1914, short story)
Fear (1913, poem)
The game (1912, poem)
The gate of parting (1912, poem)
The hands (1912, short story)
Hats: new and old (1917, prose; Triad)
The hatter (1911, poem)
The holiday (1913, poem)
In a city street (1913, poem)
In the rainy season (1912, short story)
In the slumber-house (1910, poem)
It might happen (1912, short story)
and Excelsior: an Anzac of the ‘Ninth’, Gallipoli , Literary exchanges (1915, prose)
Little brown-hand (1910, poem)
The little red shoes (1915, poem)
Love’s roses (1913, poem)
The looker (1914, short story)
My thoughts (1912, poem)
On cats (1915, prose: Triad)
The pipes (1914, poem)
The poet (1915, poem)
Prim streets (1917, poem)
The race (1912, poem)
Related to the Duke (1913, short story)
Remounts (1917, poem)
The ripples (1912, poem)
The rose brocade (1914, poem)
The satin gown (1912, short story)
Spirit-tryst (1911, poem)
Sydney (1917, poem)
To Bowen (1914, correspondence)
To-morrow (1913, poem)
The unforgivable (1916, prose; Triad)
Wallflowers in Martin Place (1916, poem)
Water hyacinth (1914, poem)
The wild moth (1914, novel serialised in The Age): 5 Sep; 12 Sep; 19 Sep; 26 Sep; 3 Oct; 10 Oct; 17 Oct; 24 Oct; 31 Oct; 7 Nov; 14 Nov; 21 Nov; 28 Nov; 5 Dec (final).
The witch (1910, poem)
The woman in the story , (1915, short story).

Fortune, Mary Helena. (1833-1911) aka Waif Wander and W.W. . [work out of copyright]
Widow Neil (1919; published posthumously)

Francis, Nancy aka Black Bonnet b. 1873, England; d. 1954, Herberton, Qld; arrived in Australia c. 1910.
A letter in the forest (1918, poem)
Letter to the Protector of Aboriginals (1919, correspondence)
— ‘Ecce homo‘ (1917, poem)
Elfin orchids (1918, poem)
Eve (1919, poem)
The song (1919, poem)
Vignettes (1919, poem)
Windy weather (1918, poem)

Franklin, Miles birth name: Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, aka Stella Franklin; also writes as Brent of Bin Bin; Mr and Mrs Ogniblat L’Artsau, William Black, S.M.S, Stella Lampe, Vernacular, Sarah Mills, Sarah Miles, An Old Bachelor, The Glowworm, Field Hospital Orderly; b. 14 Oct 1879, Talbingo, NSW; d. 19 Sep 1954, Drummoyne, NSW; departed from Australia in 1906 and lived for a time in Chicago.
Pansy’s Party (1910, short story)

Fry, Edith M, aka E M Fry, Edith May Fry; b. 1883, Copeland NSW; d. ca 1950, London, Eng. Fry was an expatriate who wrote two articles on Australians in Paris the Sydney Morning Herald in the 1910s.
A drama of the trenches (1917, prose)
Spring in France, 1918 (1918, poem)
The two stories: the Anzacs story; the nurse’s story (1917, prose)

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka Robert Gray, Turner O Lingo, Gordon Manners, E , Alpenstock, Owen Roe O’Neill, L , Joseph Marizeeni (1868-1946). [works out of copyright] A prolific author whose full title list – including many poems not listed here – can be found at AustLit (subscription or access via library). [work out of copyright]
A Bush Othello (1917, short story)
A Leg of Mutton (1912, short story)
An Old Bookshelf (1918, short story)
Anderson’s Gift (1915, short story)
The Bill of Sale (1916, short story)
Billy’s Scrap of Paper (1917, short story)
The Creek (1916, short story)
The First Church (1915, autobiography)
Hedwin and Me: a monologue (1912, short story)
The Hill (1916, short story)
The Immaculate Man (1919, short story)
The Immediate Man (1919, short story)
The Metamorphosis of Simon Perkins (1914, short story)
Mrs Dwyer McMahan (1915, autobiography)
No Harm Done (1914, short story)
The Old Games (1918, autobiography)
The Old School House (1914, autobiography)
The Preparations of Slavin (1911, short story)
Selina Comes to Stay (1914, short story)
The Valley (1918, column)
When the Tide Came Back In (1916, short story)

Gaden, Triphena aka Triphena Boehme, Triphena b. 1861 Eden, NSW
Stumpy, a Cattle Dog: His Own Tale (1912, children’s fiction) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Gaunt, Mary (1861-1942). [work out of copyright]
A Broken Journey: Wanderings from the Hoang-Ho to the Island of Saghalien and the Upper Reaches of the Amur River (London: T. W. Laurie Ltd., ca.1919) multiple formats here.
— A Wind from the Wilderness (London: T. W. Laurie, ltd., [1919] – link to gutenberg.org
A Woman in China (London: T Werner Laurie, c. 1914) multiple formats here.
Alone in West Africa (New York: C. Scribner’s Sons; London: T. W. Laurie, ca. 1912) multiple formats here.
The Ends of the Earth, T. (Werner Laurie, London, 1916) 237 pp) – link to gutenberg.org
The Man Who Laughed (1913, short story)
The Mate’s Salvage (1911, short story)
Where There’s A Will (1910, short story)

Gibbs, May birth name: Cecila May Gibbs; aka Cecilia May Ossoli Kelly; also writes as Blob, Stan Cottman; b. 17 Jan 1877, Kent, England; d. 27 Nov 1969, Sydney NSW; arrived in Australia 1881

Gill, Frances, aka Frances Tyrell Gill, Tyrell Gill b.? d.?
Along the creekside: the week-end hut (1913, prose; nature writing)
Because I miss you so (1911, poem)
How small a thing (1910, poem)

Gilmore, Mary; birth name: Mary Jean Cameron; b. 1865; d. 1962; Mary Gilmore was a prolific writer who published over many decades. A full list of her works can be found at AustLit (subscription or free access via library membership).
A Song of Grass (1918, poem)
After the Battle (1919, poem)
Alison of the Marge (1918, poem)
All Or Nothing (1917, poem)
The Ancient (1917, poem)
Appasionato (1916, poem)
Australian (1918, poem)
The Claw (1918, poem)
Fellowship (1919, poem)
Fire Song (1916, poem)
Here Where My Heart Is (1912, poem)
In Hospital (1916, poem)
The Little Dancer in O’Brien’s Lane (1917, poem)
Lost Arches of the Sun (1918, poem)
Lucy (1916, poem)
Man (1915, poem)
Miscegenal: At the Quay (1915, poem [scroll down])
The March of Surry Hills (1918, poem)
Marri’d (1910, poem)
Memorial (1919, poem)
Memorial of Them (1918, poem)
The Mother (1917, poem)
Of Books (1917, poem)
Of Language (1919, poem)
Previsioned (1911, poem)
Rememberings (1916, poem)
The Romance of Words (1919, prose)
Sydney Scribes (1918, poem)
Time Waits Not (1910, poem)
The Truest Mate (1910, poem)
The Woman (1918, poem)
The Wish (1917, poem)

Gittins, Constance birth name: Constance Laura Doughty; aka Constance Laura Doughty Gittins, Mrs T Gittins Jnr, Connie Gittins; also writes as Constance L D Smith; born 25 Jun 1875, Gympie QLD; d. 1963, Bowral NSW
By city-ways (1919, poem)
For our sowing (1918, poem; published in The Daily Mail, text damaged)
From the homeland (1917, poem)
The ghostly army (1917, poem)
In the ranks of the deathless army (1919, poem)
The late E. S. Emerson (1919, prose)
My star (1919, poem)
Our marching men (1918, poem)
The passing of the year (1917, poem)
Poems of Queensland (1917)
Therefore give us love (1918, poem)
Three for the diggers (1919, poem; written for St George’s Day )
Unfulfilled (1919, poem; text damaged)
Us and our hills (1919, prose)
White-eared honey-eater (1919, poem; unreadable scan Daily Mail 25 Oct 1919:12)

Gore-Jones, Alice aka A Gore-Jones; b. 29 May 1887, Toowong, Qld; d. 26 Jul 1961, Brisbane, Qld. Gore-Jones was a prolific writer who, in the 1910s, had poetry published in The Australasian. A copyright notice in 1918 for her Troop trains and other verses her address as Norman-parade, Eagle Junction, Brisbane, Queensland .
Australia remounts (1916, poem)
The black nun (1912, poem)
Colin and Ginto (1914, short story)
The downfall of Ginger Mackorkin (1911, short story)
The girl who would be an actress (1911, short story)
H’Elsie (1911, short story)
The lists (1918, poem)
The master passion of Mary Malloy (1913, short story)
The street of shadows (1916, short story)
The soldier (1917, poem)
Striped stockings (1910, short story)
Troop trains and other verses (1917) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The would-be adventurers (1912, short story)

Gornall, Lola, b. 1884, Sydney, NSW; d. 1969, Sydney, NSW. Gornall was a prolific poet, in the 1910s, who had numerous poems published in The Australian workerThe bulletin, The triad, Birth, The daily mail, Smith’s weekly, The Australasian, and elsewhere.
Behind the veil (1919, poem)
Dreamers of dreams (1919, poem)
Laurels (1919, poem)
Martin Place – evening (1919, poem; scroll to view)
Night in Sydney (1919, poem)
October (1919, poem)

Gough, Evelyn b. 1854; d. 1931.
The Mental Case (1914, short story)

Graham, Edith aka E Graham; b. c1886. From 1903-09, as a juvenile, Graham published numerous pieces in The little laureate’s corner , in Australian town and country journal, and elsewhere. Biographical snippet (25 Jun 1913), referring to a trip to America; and her return (2 Dec 1914).
Australians on tour: some impressions of Washington (1914, prose)
Australians on tour: a beautiful home of America (1914, prose)
The dearest toys of childhood (1914, poem; earned a specila mention in a Little Laureate competition, with the note that the competition wasn’t open to older members [ref])
Finis (1913, poem in The Sydney mail; by E Graham ‘ inference that this Edith Graham from note with photo, 9 Jul 1913, to the effect that Edith Graham has had verses and stories in the ‘Mail’. [ref])
— Her fatal beauty (1913, short story in two parts): 2 Jul; 9 Jul)
In memory (1911, poem)
The message of the moonstone (1910, poem;
Nadji (1912, poem)
North and south (1911, poem)
Pearl of the Orient (1913, short story; set in Manila)
— [Untitled] (1913, poem; Only last May my heart was all aflame )
The white road (1912, poem)

Grant, Isabel aka Isabella Grant, Isabel Murray. b. c1870, Scotland; d. 1952, Bundaberg, QLD.
A Cousin From the Back Blocks (1911)
Bedrock (1919)
Fate’s Messenger (1911)
High Water Mark (1910, very faint print)
— Johnnie or John (1914): part 1; part 2.
On the Fringe of War (1916)
On Perilous Seas (1918)
Pharoah’s Daughter (1912, very faint print)
St Aethelyn’s (1912)
Sheoak (1914)
Windermere: An Australian Novel (serialised in The Queenslander 1916): ch1; ch3; ch4; ch6; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch13; ch15; ch16; ch19 (4 Nov); ch21; ch23; ch25; ch27; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch32; ch33; ch34; ch35; ch37; ch38 (final).
The Wife (1910)

Greaves, Lilian Wooster aka Lilian b, 1869 d. 1958
Roses in Rain and Other Poems (1910)

Grimshaw, Beatrice. b. Antrim, Northern Ireland 1879; d. Kelso NSW 1953; arrived in Australia 1936.
— [Adventures in Papua with the Catholic Mission (Melbourne: Australian Catholic Truth Society, 1915: Advocate Press; print copy available at SLNSW)]
— [The Coral Queen: Twixt Capricorn and Cancer (Sydney: NSW Bookstall, 1919; print copy available at SLNSW); republished: London: Mills & Boon, 1920: collection of short stories]
Guinea Gold (London: Mills & Boon, 1912) – link to archive.org
Kris-girl (London: Mills & Boon, 1917) – link to archive.org
The New New Guinea (London: Hutchinson, 1910; prose travel) – link to archive.org
— [Nobody’s Island (originally published London: Mills & Boon 1917; republished 1934 London, Sydney: Cassell, 1934; print copy available at SLNSW)]
Red Bob of the Bismarcks (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1915) – link to archive.org
The Sorcerer’s Stone (Philadelphia: John C Winsont Co: 1913?14?) – link to hathitrust.org
The Terrible Island (New York: Ridgway [1919]) – link to archive.org
When the Red Gods Call (London: Mills & Boon, 1911) – link to archive.org
— [White Savage Simon (London: George Newnes [1919]; print copy available SLNSW)

Grimwade, Alice b. 1871; d. 1925 Vic
Once Upon A Time (1911, children’s fiction)

Guerin, Bella aka Bella Lavender b. 1858; d. 1923
Bravo the Red Flag! (1918, prose)
Democracy (1910, prose)
Mrs Pankhurst: sonnet (1913, poem)
Our Australian Girls (1913, prose)
Untitled (1913, poem, first line: Onward for justice, stand for the right )
Women in the Twentieth-Century: Their Work (1912, prose)
Women’s Sense of Honour (1913, prose)

Gunn, Mrs Aeneas birth name: Jeannie Taylor; aka Jeannie Gunn; born 5 Jun 1870, Carlton, Vic; d. 9 Jun 1961, Hawthorn, Vic.
Days and distances in the Never Never (1915, in Melba’s Gift Book of Australian Art and Literature [1915] (1915, short story)

Hamlyn-Harris, Maymie; birth name: Maymie Ada Stevens; wrote as M. Hamly-Harris; b. 1890, Southport, Qld; d. 1964, Brisbane, Qld.
Moonlight and dewdrops (1914, poem)

Harford, Lesbia Vennor* (née Keogh); b. 1891; d. 1927.
Untitled. [1913; poem: We build a city. In our hearts we build. ] The Bulletin Red Page, Vol 34, no. 1735: 2.

Harper, Edith Alice Mary,** writing as Anna Wickham aka John Oland (1883-1947).
—–.The man with a hammer: verses (London: G. Richards, 1916) Link to archive.org. Downloadable here.
— The contemplative quarry [1917]; and, The man with a hammer [1916] (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and co., 1921) available here. Link to hathitrust.org

Harris, Iren Unal b, 1891, Warath, NSW
The Cooina tree (1912, short story)
The discontented kangaroos (1913, short story)
Dream-babies (1913, short story)
The dug-out : from Barbara Vernon, formerly of Malvern, England, to her friend Dorothy Deane (1914, short story)
The kookaburra that couldn’t (1913, short story; scroll down to view)
Teddy’s big catch (1914, short story)

Hart, Annie A aka Annie Alice Hart, Annie A Hines; also writes as TLOA b. 1870, Scarsdale, Vic; d. 1966, Port Fairy, Vic; married Alfred Hines in 1897.
A missing page (1917, short story)
A nine days’ wonder (1914, short story)
At the corners (1912, short story)
Aunt Phizz (1912, short story)
The blue pencil (1917, short story; Alice A Hines)
Curtained with shadows (1919, short story)
The duffer (1912, short story)
For keeps (1912, short story)
The gap in the hedge (1918, short story; Alice A Hines)
The heart of a coward (1910, short story)
His Brother’s Wife (1911, short story)
His Second Chance (1911, short story)
Holland’s Soak (1911, short story)
Ideal (1914, poem)
The Immigran’ (1912, short story)
The Lone Hand (1918, short story; Alice A Hines)
The Major’s Tenants (1912, short story)
Not Necessarily for Publication (1914, short story)
Oakes’ Folly (1917, short story)
The Outsider (1917, short story; Annie A Hines)
The Pride of the Court-Lands (1911, short story)
The Question of Orthography (1914, short story)
The River Between (1913, short story)
The Second Chance (1911, short story)
Shelved (1919, short story; Annie A Hines)
The Soft Spot (1915, short story)
The Stand By (1917, short story)
Storm-Stayed (1911, short story)
Terry (1914, short story)
Two and Two (1913, short story)
The U. B. (1913, short story)
Uncle Josh (1912, short story)
Up North (1910, short story)
Wor-worth while? (1913, short story)

Hart, Gertrude aka E Gertrude Hart; Ethel Gertrude Hart, E. G. H. and T. L. O. A. b. 1873 Vic; d. 1965
A bridge and a road (1919, prose)
A garden of dreams (1914, short story)
A lifted mortgage (1917, short story)
A ‘missing friend’ (1919, short story)
After the night (1915, poem)
Alsace-Lorraine (1919, poem)
An autumn song-cycle (1919, poem)
An unprofessional procedure (1910, short story)
An unregenerate (1918, short story)
April and after (1917, poem)
At half-way house (1918, short story)
The autumn way (1912, poem)
The back number (1916, short story)
The Beast and Beauty (1917, short story)
Because of Betty (1919, short story)
The blood of the Campbell’s (1917, short story)
The bush track (1919, poem)
Chimney corner (1917, poem)
Come On Australia! (1915, poem)
Copy (1914, short story)
The dream girl (1912, novel) – link to openlibrary.org
The emancipation of Chloe (1919, short story)
The end o’ the way (1913, poem)
Entr’acte! (1916, short story)
The fellow that had to stay (1914, poem)
The frump (1918, short story)
The game (1913, short story)
The go-between (1915, short story)
Gorse gold (1917, poem)
Her billy soldier (1917 short story)
Her perfect night (1912, short story)
His pagan wife (1914, short story)
The house of stilts (1916, short story)
— ‘In search of Christmas (1914, short story)
In the trenches (1917, poem)
Love’s Song (1912, poem)
The Major Intervenes (1918, short story)
Merely John (1913, short story)
The minx (1916, short story)
More than the beasts (1916, short story)
Mrs Quilter – and a secretaire (1916, short story)
Murk (1917, poem)
Night-day (1911, poem)
The Other Man (1914, short story)
The other side of the question (1910, short story)
Pat lays the ghost (1913, short story)
Phantom fear (1919, short story)
The place where the dreams come true (1913, poem)
Printed in capitals (1917, short story)
Right away back (1914, short story)
Road mates (1917, poem)
Rosemary (1918, poem)
The Rutland standard (1918, short story)
Serenade (1912, poem)
The shadowy third (1917, short story)
Spring the laggard (1919, poem)
Square Jane (1917, short story)
The tenth man (1911 short story)
The turn of the road (1919, short story)
There – and – Here (1917, poem)
They wrote letters (1918, short story)
The upper room (1916, short story)
The woman tells (1915, short story)
The woman’s share (1917, poem)
We must do more (1915, poem)
What the fire keeps (1915, short story)
With the current (1913, short story)
Within the barricade (1912, short story)
The wrong side of the river (1919, short story)

Heydon, Sybil birth name: Annie Lucy Sybil Russell, aka Lybel ; b. 1886, Castlemaine, Vic; d. 1941, East Lindfield, NSW. Married Judge Charles Gilbert Heydon, widower, in 1909.
A litany (1916, poem)
Belgium’s call (1915, poem)
Honour above all (1915, poem)
To Australia’s women (1915, poem)
Verses (1915) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Holman, Ada A. aka Mrs W A Holman. Birth name Ada Augusta Kidgell. b. 1869, Ballarat, Vic; d. 1949.
Better than marriage – drudges of the average home (1917; article)
Homes and Home Life in American Cities ([1916], article)
Australia! Sighs My Heart (1919, poem)
— Little Miss Anzac: the true story of an Australian doll (London: TC & EC Jack, 1917)
My Country I: City of the Desert (1916, article)
My Country: The Harbor (1916, article)
My Country II: Its One River (1916, article)
My Country III: The South Coast (1916, article)
Primitive Woman (1915, essay): Introduction: Though the suffragette movement has been temporarily suspended, the importance of ‘the woman question’ has been emphasised rather than diminished by the War. On this question there is no one in Australia better qualified to write than the wife of the New South Wales Premier. She has been a life-long student of the literature relating to the liberation of Women, and for years a prominent worker in political and other organisations.
— (trans.) The Prussian (1915): Introduction: This story, written long before the War began, illustrates the feeling of the average Frenchman towards the Prussians. Translated from the French of Leon Frage by Ada A Holman.
Remembering (1918, poem)uu

Homfray, Lucy Everett, aka L E Homfray b. 1873, Sydney, NSW; d. 1951, Sydney; sister of a Canon Homfray who resided in Portland, near Lithgow, NSW; she wrote hymns to be sung, as well as poetry (ref1; ref2); resided at Lindfield, NSW (ref).
Australians Awake, and Other Poems ([1915] poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Before The Altar (1912, poem)
Late Bishop of Bathurst: to his memory (1911, poem)
Lost Opportunities (1915, poem)
My Wish (1910, poem)
Our First Communion (1914, poem)
Prayer For the Wandering Sheep (1913, poem)
Somewhere in France ([1916] poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Unfaltering to the End ([1916] poetry)
Voices of Anzac (1917, poem)

Hookey, Mabel aka M Hookey; Mabel Madeline Hookey; b. 1871, Rokeby Tas; d. 30 Jun 1953, Tas.
The Huon Belle (1913, poem in The bulletin)
The lowest depth (1911, short story in The lone hand)
The Unnamed Flowers of the Australian Bush (1913, poem in The bulletin)

Hope, Adelaide
While Women Sewed (1915, short story)
Waiting (1915, short story)

Howson, May Isabel (nee Browne) b. 1878; d. 1934 Vic.
Love’s sacrifice (founded on facts): A book for the trenches. Depicting undying love, Imperial Press, Melbourne, 1917, 199 pp. – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Hughes, Katherine birth name Catherine McNicol; also writes as K H; b. 1871 Wentworth, NSW; d. 22 Sep 1957 Jandowae, QLD [work in copyright until 2027]
A Bush Tragedy (1911, poem)
A Tally for the King (1915, poem)
Australia (1914, poem)
The Call (1916, poem)
— ‘The Chase: an incident of station life (1917, poem)
Dreaming (1918, poem)
Hearts Bereaved (1917, poem)
List to the Call (1918, poem)
Memory Pictures (1913, poem)
Movin’ On (1917, poem)
The Old Homestead (1911, poem)
Olden Day (1917, poem)
Out Back (1910, poem)
Petunias (1917, poem)
Roses Red (1917, poem)
The Shadows Grey (1917, poem)
The Sign of Four O’ (1915, prose)
The Singers (1917, poem)
The ‘Southerner’ in Queensland (1910, poem; poor quality scan)
The Titanic Wreck: an incident (1913, poem)
Waiting for Bread In the Snow (1915, poem)
War’s Knife (1915, poem)
Weaving Threads (1917, poem)
When the Creeks Were High (1911, poem)
When the Ship Comes In (1911, poem)
Where Heroes Life (1916, poem)

Hungerford, Alys b. birth name: Alys Hungerford; Mrs Francis John Beamish; Mrs Kenneth Stuart Hungerford; 17 July 1857 at Cahirmore, Rosscarbery, County Cork, Ireland; d. 16 August, 1934 at Lawson (district of Katoomba), NSW; married Francis John Beamish JP on 19 Jun 1877; following her brothers, she migrated without her husband to Australia in 1887 on the ship Australasian; divorced Francis Beamish, 19 June 1893, a freemason; worked as governess for family of Thomas Hungerford (her sixth cousin); married Kenneth Stuart Hungerford (also her sixth cousin) 4 Jan 1898; suffered from sandy blight while Kenneth, a mining engineer, was in the Yukon, Canada; divorced Kenneth June 1922. (ref: HAFS Journal, 14-2:3)
The call (1915, poem); also published as A Woman in War
Bankrupt (1919, poem)
In the cathedral (1917, poem)
The inner prayer (1918, poem)
Liberty’s Call (1916, poem)
One Man (1916, poem)
Optimism (1917, poem)
To the mother (1916, poem)
Pan speaks (1916, poem)
Quand meme (1919, poem)
The Sacredness of human life (1917, poem)
Savoire Vivre (1919, poem)
She Doesn’t Care: A Foreword (1918, poem)
Song (1918, poem)
Song of the Troops (1914, poem)
Spendthrift (1919, short prose)
Tragedy (1917, poem)
— [Untitled] Dark, dark is the night (1915, poem fragment)
Where shall our England’s empire be? (1915, poem)

Hyland, Inez K b. Portland 1863; d Magill, SA 1892. An article, Amongst the Books (17 Jun 1893), mentions a collection of poems and short stories by Hyland, In Sunshine and Shadows, which was published posthumously by Hyland’s grandmother, Mrs. Penfold. (This is most likely the collection mentioned in 7 Mar 1933.) Sydney Partrige wrote a short biographical not on Hyland in The Sydney Mail (1 Jul 1914).
A Book of the Months (1917, poetry; publish posthumously) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Irvine, E Marie b. 1872 Qld. d. 1959
The Way of It: On the Rubicon Ferry Steps (1912, short story), appears in The Lone Hand, March vol. 10 no. 59 1912; (p. 400).

Jackson, S Elizabeth b. 1890; d. 1923
— At Petunia (1918, poetry) – links to SLVIC digital records
The Film Fanatic (1918, poem)

James, Winifred aka Winifred Llewellyn James; Winifred Lewellin De Jan; Mrs Henry De Jan; also writes as Edward of the Golden Heart. b. 20 Mar 1876 Prahran, Vic; d. 27 Apr 1941, Sydney, NSW. Biographical essay by Freda Sternberg (1 Dec 1923). James wrote many novels, most of which have not been digitised, but may be available via SLNSW in print.
A woman in the wilderness (1915) – link to Internet Archive
Bananas: a romance of trade (1916, prose)
Letters of a Spinster (1912, prose; quoted snippet)
Saturday’s children: a story of to-day (1910)
Waiting for news (1915, prose)

Jerome, Helen, birth name: Helen Bruton; aka Helene Jerome, Helen Bruton Jerome; also writes as Nellie Bruton, Helen Bruton; b. 10 May 1883, London, Eng; d. 10 Feb 1966, Berkshire, Engl.
A sestinette of hate (1911, poem; scroll down to view)
A toast (1911, poem)
An etching (1919, poem)
An impression (1911, poem)
Another vampire (1912, poem)
The assignation (1919, poem)
Baby (1910, poem; illustrated by Ida S Rentoul)
The mother-woman (1910, poem; suggests abandonment by ungrateful sons)
Petals in the wind: verses of a persifleuse (1910) – links to SLVIC digital collection+
Quien sabe? (1910, poem)
Reincarnation (1910, poem)
The serpent that encircles the world (1919, short story)
She of the laces (1910, poem)
The victim (1910, poem)
War (1917, poem; scroll down to view)
The woman question (1910, prose)
Women (1910, poem; suggests a disillusioned awakening from the bargain of marriage)

Jones, Doris Egerton aka D Egerton Jones, Mrs Reginal Callaghan b. 23 Dec 1889, Mitcham, SA; d. 30 Sep 1973, Wahroonga, NSW. Article on the author by Bernic May (1930)
The coconut planter (1916, novel) – link to archive.org
The greater need ([1915], short story)

Kearney, G. M. V. birth name: Georgina Mary Veronica Doyle; b. c1851; d. 1936.
Australia Day: An Appeal (1915, column)
The Absent-minded Beggar (1915, poem)
— The Enchanted Possum: An Australian Fairytale (1912, short story; children’s fiction): 4 Sep; 11 Sep;
The Flying Damper (1912, short story)
The Kaiser’s Coffin (1917, column: From Every Point of View)
The Little Baked Bean (1912, short story; children’s fiction)
The Little Sea Foam Maidens (1910, short story; children’s fiction)
The Lonely Giant: a fairytale (1910, short story; children’s fiction)
The Questioning Child: Mother’s in Australia (1919, poem)
The Shaft That Caved In (1912, short story; children’s fiction)
The Three Wood Pears (1911, short story; children’s fiction)

Kelaher, Mary. Birth name Mary Ellen Cross. b. 1895, Moree, NSW; d. 1943, Sydney, NSW. The following were published as written as Mary E Cross
Sally – The Optimist (1915, short story)
Suzanne’s Sacrifice (1914, short story)
Tears (1914, short story)

Kellerman, Annette; birth name: Annette Marie Sarah Kellerman; aka Annette Marie Sarah Sullivan; Annette Kellerman; b. 6 Jul 1886, Marrickville, NSW; d. 6 Nov 1975, Southport, Qld.
Physical beauty – how to keep it (1918)

Kelly, Nora aka Nora McAuliffe, John Egan, Flossie Fluffytop b. NZ; one-time editor of the social pages of The bulletin.
A chant of envy (1916, poem)
A Christmas carol (1918, poem)
A good-night song (1916, poem)
A letter (1915, poem)
A letter from the west (1917, poem)
A little ghost (1919, poem)
A memory (1918, poem)
A song of gladness (1917, poem)
A Southland wooing (1917, poem)
A strong case (1918, short story; writing as John Egan)
A summer road (1918, poem)
A touch of frost (1918, poem)
All Souls’ Eve (1917, poem)
An aspiration (1916, poem)
Apres la guerre (1918, poem)
Aspirations (1911, poem)
At Easter time (1919, poem)
At parting (1918, poem)
Autumn nights (1917, poem)
Bachelor girl (1918, poem)
Bail (1915, short story)
The banquet (1917, poem; writing as Flossie Fluffytop)
Beatrice (1917, poem)
Between ourselves (1917, poem)
Callao (1917, poem; writing as John Egan)
The children (1917, poem)
Clarity (1918, poem)
The crystal gazer (1917, short story)
Dawn of love (1916, poem)
De profundis (1918, poem)
Discouraged (1918, poem)
The dreamer (1917, poem)
The empty pack (1916, poem)
Explanation (1916, poem)
The father (1918, poem)
Fear (1916, short story)
Firelight (1919, poem)
First kiss (1919, poem)
Fishing (1918, poem)
The fountain (1916, poem)
The fragrance (1919, poem)
From Philista (1916, poem)
The giver (1917, short story)
Good-night (1916, poem)
Good night (1918, poem)
Happiness (1919, poem)
The hat (1918, poem)
Heart free (1916, poem)
The heiress (1918, poem)
Helen (1917, poem)
Hill climbing (1916, poem)
Holiday (1918, poem)
I had a garden (1916, poem)
I wrote a letter (1918, poem)
Impatience (1918, poem)
In Southland (1916, poem)
Irish (1918, poem)
Knowledge (1916, poem)
Labor-saving (1916, poem)
Lent (1917, poem)
The lesson (1917, poem)
The little heart (1913, poem)
Love and the singer (1918, poem)
Love passes (1917, poem)
Magdalen (1918, poem)
Maid of all work (1917,
Maoriland speaks (1915, poem)
Mater triumphans (1916, poem)
Mater triumphans (1918, poem)
Meeting (1917, poem)
Misunderstood (1917, poem)
Mother song (1918, poem)
Mutiny abroad (1917, poem)
My love is near (1919, poem)
Nightfall (1916, poem)
— “No. 19” (1915, poem)
No washing day this week (1916, poem
The old days were better (1918, poem)
One spring morning (1917, poem)
Operation (1918, poem)
Outnumbered (1916, short story)
Over the fence (1917, poem)
The path (1916, poem)
The petulant poet (1917, poem)
The price (1918, poem)
Poor Columbine (1917, poem)
Residential (1919, poem)
Revenge (1917, poem)
Rigoletto (1917, short story)
The seamstress (1917, poem)
The secret song (1918, poem)
Seventeen (1916, poem)
She and I (1915, poem)
The singer (1916, poem)
The soldier (1916, poem)
Soldier band (1919, poem)
Southland (1917, poem)
Speeding her lover (1917, poem)
Spring song (1917, poem)
The star hunters (1917, poem)
Summer night (1918, poem)
Syncope (1918, poem)
To the glory of spring (1917, poem)
Together (1916, short story)
The tree (1916, poem)
Two of a kind (1917, poem)
The valley girl (1919, poem)
The way of it (1918, poem)
The way to town (1917, poem)
The woman with the cloak (1918, short story)
Woodhaugh (1916, poem)
Youth passes (1918, poem)

Kernot, Mary Jane aka M.J.K; b. 1847 in UK; d. 1932 Victoria; arrived in Australia c 1850.
Reminiscences of the Carlton Refuge, 1854 to 1919 (Melbourne : Carlton Refuge, 1919; autobiography) – link to State Library of Victoria digital collection

Kidgell, Stella. Sister of Ada A Holman nee Kidgell
Travelling in war-time (1917, correspondence)

Kidgell, Una. b. 1871; d. 1965; aka Shandon Reeve, Nimitybelle; sister of Ada A Holman nee Kidgell
A new profession (1913, article)
Old and new Japan: changing fashions in woman’s attire (1919, article)
Triumph of the Dead (1910, short story)

King, Ailsa aka Ailsa Caroline Iceton; b. 26 May 1892, Weelamurra, Qld; d. 5 May 1986, Armidale NSW
Women and war (1914, poem)

Knaggs, M R aka Mary R Knaggs, Mary Read Knaggs; b. 1884, Sydney NSW; d. 11 Jul 1974, Blue Mountains NSW.
Ode to Australia (1914, poem)

Knight, Hattie aka H M Knight, Hattie Martha Knight; Hattie Martha Leckie; Mrs John Leckie; b. 3 Jan 1886 St Kilda, Vic; d. 21 Jun 1965, Cheltenham, Vic.
The wrong man (1916, short story)

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, M. M. Knowles; John Desmond, Marion Miller, Aunt Patsy. b. Woods Point, Vic. 8 Aug 1865; d. Camberwell, Vic. 16 Sep 1949. ANDB entry. [works out of copyright]
Barbara Halliday: A Story of the Hill Country of Victoria (1910) – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction database
Bob Brady (1910)
Corinne of Corrall’s Bluff; a seashore tale (Melbourne: W P Linehan, 1912; novel, romance) – link to archive.org
Jonathan (1915; appears in Melba’s Gift Book of Australian Art and Literature)
Love, Luck and Lavender (1919, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Roses on the Window Sill: original poems (1913, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Shamrock Sprays (1916, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Songs From the Heart: Christmas Flowers of Verse (1917, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Songs From the Land of the Wattle (1916, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Lane, Dorothy F aka Dorothy Florence Lane, Dorothy Lane; b. 2 Oct 1882, Rimau, Aorangi, South Island, NZ; d. 1969, Lindisfarne, Tas; arrived in Australian ca. 1890.
The healer (1913, short story)
The splendid moment (1916, short story)
The swine of the Gadarenes (1915, short story) – about a young violin teacher whose pride separates her from her betrothed, distinctive for its depiction of her act of violence
Tears of a princess (1912, short story) – a fable about an impoverished princess who learns to suffer

Lawson, Bertha Louise aka Bertha Marie Louise Lawson, birth name Bredt b. 1876, Bairnsdale, Vic; d. 1957 (in copyright until 2027); married Henry Lawson (1896); divorced 1903 (ref)
The Imprisoned Lark (1910, poem; in The Bulletin, RHS of red page)

Le Breton, Agatha; birth name: Agatha Magdalen Le Breton; aka Miriam Le Breton; also writes as Miriam Agatha, Henry Somerville, Mickie Daly; b. 28 Jun 1886, Maryborough, Qld; d. 1970, Sydney, NSW. Praise for Le Breton’s work appeared in an essay, Miriam Agatha in The advocate (4 Mar 1911; ref) and Catholic press (26 Nov 1914; ref).
Nellie Doran: a story of Australian home and school life (1914)

Le Plastrier, Constance Mary aka Erica , Mary Lee b. 1864; d. 1938
Heirs in Exile (1910; novel)

Léon, Marie aka Noel Aimir b. 1855 France d. 1922 SA
Black Pearl (1911, novel; Melbourne: George Robertson and Co) – link to archive.org

Liston, Maud Renner aka Maud R Liston b. 25 Nov 1875, SA; 3. 30 Sep 1944 Adelaide, SA
Ars Longa (1915, poem)
Baby Betty (1917, poem)
Beatus (1916, poem)
Benedicam (1916, poem)
The Blessing (1916, poem)
Blood Letting (1916, poem)
Caritas (1916, poem)
Christina Rosetti (1913, poem)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1913, poem)
Fruition (1916, poem)
Geography (1916, poem)
Her Sitting Room (1917, poem)
Kapa Talks (1916, poem)
The Mad Tea Party and After (1917, prose)
Mine (1916, poem)
Never Shall We Forget You (1917, poem)
Our Shakespeare (1915, poem)
Peace (1918, poem)
The Pessimist (1915, poem)
Puris Animo (1916, poem)
The Red Salvia (1917, poem)
The Refusal (1916, poem)
Saint Folly (1917)
The Singing Robes (1917, poem)
Some Women Writers (1914, correspondence)
Three Wishes (1917, poem)
To A True Shepherd of His Flock (1919, poem)
To F K (1913, poem)
To Marie Carola Galway (poem, 1918)
— [Untitled] (1914, correspondence)
Vision (1916, poem)
The Word (1917, poem)

Litchfield, J S birth name: Jessie Phillips; aka Jessie Sinclair Litchfield, J Litchfield, Jessie Litchfield; b. 18 Feb 1883, Ashfield, NSW; d. 12 Mar 1956, Richmond, Vic; a resident of the Northern Territory for many years. Litchfield was a prolific poet and editor, who published many poems during the 1910s in Northern Territory times and gazette.
A night of terror (1919, short story)
A prelude (1911, poem)
The garden where men forget (1912, poem)
The shining way (1919, short story)
The song I never can sing (1919, poem)
To-morrow (1911, poem)
When we meet again (1919, poem)

Little, Maud Isabel aka Maud I Little, M. I. Little b. 1876 Northern Territory; d. 1961 VIC
A White Night: an incident in the Northern Territory (1914)
Bungahice: A Maid of Malacca (1913)
Dunham Days: a sketch (1913)
— Her Greatest Loss (1915): 9 Jul; 16 Jul.
Leave All and Follow Me (1913)
Maisie of the Mount (1912, short story; Christmas Stories )
Revolution in Art (1914, prose)
Tears and Weeping (1915, poem)
Vae Victis (1914, poem)
Via Crucis: a story of the Great War (1915)

Littlejohn, Agnes b. 1865; d.1944 Ryde NSW
The Mirage of the Desert (1910) – link to hathitrust.org
Patriotic Poems (1915)
Poems (1915) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The Silver Road Across the Lagoon (1918, short story; children’s fiction)
Verses (1914) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
War Poems (1916)

Lloyd, Mary aka Mary Ellen Lloyd, M.E. Lloyd, Vinegar, Bay Ash, MEL , Comrade Mary. Birth name: Mary Ellen Parry; b. Wales, UK; d. Sydney NSW 1962.
Confessions: An occasion upon which it proved unwise for the woman to have the last word (1919, prose)
— [Men I Have Proposed To (Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop, 1915); available in print SLNSW]
— [Susan’s Little Sins (Sydney: Judd Publishing Co, 1919); available in print SLNSW]
The Wedding Dress (1915, prose)

Locke, Sumner, Birth name: Helena Sumner Locke; aka Helena Sumner Locke Elliott; H Sumner Lock Elliott, Mrs Logan Elliott, Sumner Locke Elliott, Mrs Henry Logan Elliott, Mrs H L Elliott; b. 4 Jul 1881, Sandgate, Qld; d. 18 Oct 1917, Kogarah, NSW. Locke was a prolific writer before the birth of her son and subsequent death in 1917. As well as publishing novels, she wrote nearly 60 short stories for the Weekly times (Melbourne) alone (Trove seach results here); a number also appeared in The western mail (Perth); The Sydney mail; the Weekly times annual (Vic). Several of her stories were syndicated in smaller regional newspapers.
The Dawson’s Uncle George (1912, novel; humour)
His bit o’ land (1918, short story)
Mum Dawson Boss  (1911, novel; humour)
Three Gentlemen to the Front (1915, short story)
— Worst Kind of Bachelor (1914, novella; romance): 19 Dec; 26 Dec (concl.)

Lord, Florence E, aka Wilga ; birth name: Florence Eliza Lord b. 1879 QLD; d. 1942 VIC
The Adventures of Young Mr. Opossum (1915, short story)
Kangaroo Kingdom (1913, short story).

Luffmann, Laura Bogue aka C Bogue Luffman , Laura M Lane, Bogue Luffman, Lauretta Caroline Maria Luffman; birth name: Lauretta Caroline Maria Lane. b. 1846, 17 Dec, Bedfordshire, Eng; d.1929, 7 Jun, Queanbeyan, NSW.
— [A Question of Latitude (London: John Lane, 1912; print copy at SLNSW Record Identifier:74VMjNEEVOwX]
A Wife’s Confession (1911)

McAuliffe, Nora aka Nora Kelly b. Dunedin New Zealand; resident of Australia.
A Letter (1915, poem)
A Letter from the West (1917, poem)
A Little Ghost (1919, poem)
A Song of Gladness (1917, 1930 poem)
A Touch of Frost (1918, poem)
Apres la Guerre (1918, poem)
Aspirations (1911, poem)
At Easter Time (1919, poem)
At Parting (1918, poem)
Bachelor Girl (1918, poem)
Beatrice (1917, poem)
Between Ourselves (1917/1928, poem)
-— The Crystal Gazer (1917, short story)
Dawn of Love (1916/1924, poem)
De Profundis (1918, poem)
The Empty Pack (1916, poem)
Explanation (1916, poem)
The Father (1918, poem)
Firelight (1919, poem)
First Kiss (1919, poem)
Fishing (1918, poem)
The Fragrance (1919, poem)
Good Night (1918, poem)
Happiness (1919, poem)
The Hat (1918, poem)
Heart Free (1916, poem)
The Heiress (1918, poem)
Helen (1917, poem)
Holiday (1918, poem)
I Wrote A Letter (1918, poem)
Irish (1918, poem)
Knowledge (1916, poem)
The Lesson (1917, poem)
The Little Heart (1913)
Love and the Singer (1918, poem)
Magdelen (1918, poem)
Mater Triumphans (1918, poem)
Meeting (1917, poem)
Mother Song (1918, poem)
Mutiny Aboard (1917, poem)
Operation (1918)
Outnumbered (1916, prose)
The Path (1916, poem)
The Price (1918, poem)
Residential (1919, poem)
The Seamstress (1917, poem)
The Secret Song (1918, poem)
Seventeen (1916, poem)
The Singer (1916, poem)
Soldier Band (1919, poem)
Some Silk Stockings and Annie Egan (1913)
Speeding Her Lover (1917, poem)
Spring Song (1917, poem)
The Star Hunters (1917, poem)
Summer Night (1918, poem)
Syncope (1918, poem)
To the Glory of Spring! (1917, poem)
Two of a Kind (1917, poem)
The Valley Girl (1919, poem)
The Woman with the Cloak (1918, short story)
Woodhaugh (1916, poem)
Youth Passes (1918, poem)

McAdam, Constance, aka Constance Clyde, Clyde Writer, Pen, C. C., C Clyde. b. 1872, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1951, Brisbane QLD.
The Doctor’s Cure (1916)
Donald’s Falsehood (1914)
The Garden that Spoke (1917)
Her Double Plan (1913)
The Literary Kitten (1912)
The Making of a Traitor (1915)
Marian’s Rival (1912)
The Millionaire’s Experiment (1914)
The Pardoning of Jessie (1916)
The Plan of Elise Blanc (1915)
The Present Ethel Received (1912)
Seven Years for Jacob (1914)
Soldier’s Wives (1918)
The Talking House (1912)
Uncle Jacob’s Will (1912)

McBurney, Mona
The Dalmation (1910, musical theatre) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

McCrae, Dorothy Frances, aka Mrs C E Perry; Mrs Cecil Perry; also writes as The Youn ‘Un , Moth , Dorothy Frances Perry. b. 1879, Hawthorn, Vic; died 1937, North Sydney NSW.
A happy Christmas (1913, short story)
A memory (1915, short story)
The call (1915, poem)
The clear call (1915, poem)
Consent (1915, poem)
The empire’s call (1914, poem)
The flowering gum (1916, prose)
Love or money (1912, short story)
Margaret (1916, short story)
The passing of Mrs Merryweather (1915, short story)
Plea (1916, poem)
Plea for the babies (1915, poem)
The Reply (1915, poem)
The rosary (1912, poem)
Some women (1915, short story)
The test (1919, short story)
Tribute (1915, poem)
Two mothers (1915, short story)
The villa (1910, poem)
Vita brevis (1914, short story)

McFadyen, Ella aka Ella May McFadyen, Ella M’Fadyen, Ellen McFadyen; E. McF ; b. 26 Nov 1887, Stanmore, NSW; d. 22 Aug 1976, Lane Cove, NSW. McFadyen was a prolific writer who, in the 1910s, published many poems in The Sydney mailThe Sydney mail and New South Wales Advertiser, The Sunday times, and elsewhere; as well as stories for children in The Sydney Mail, The Sydney mail and New South Wales Advertiser, among other publications.
An Easter idyll (1910, short story)
Crosses in Gallipoli
The debt (1915, poem; The following lines were written by Miss Ella McFadyen, the gifted daughter of Mr and Mrs D McFadyen, late of Point Clare and row resident in Ashfield. The verses have been printed on cards, and sold at 3d, proceeds being devoted to the Belgian Fund .)
The fairy tale (1913, poem)
The foolish giant (1910, short story for children)
The man (1910, short story)
Outland born and other verses (1911) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Songs of the last crusade (1917) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The waiting niche (1912, short story)
When time stood still (1913, short story)

Mack, Amy Eleanor, aka Mrs Laucelot Harrison, Amy E Mack; also writes as Fayre ; b. 6 June 1876, Port Adelaide, SA; d. 4 Nov 1939, Sydney, NSW.
A day in Western Australia  (1914, prose; poor quality print)
An Adelaide woman: her war work (1916, prose; on Dorothea Proud)
At Bath: some Australian patients (1916, prose)
Australians in exile (1915, prose)
Australians in exile (2) (1915, prose)
The best of friends (1914, short story)
Bird sanctuaries (1913, prose)
Books for the front (1916, prose)
Bushland stories (originally published 1910; this edition 1914) – link to archive.org
Cambridge in wartime (1915, prose)
The christmas bells and the holly bush (1915, short story)
England in June (1915, prose)
The flannel flower (1915, short story)
The gallant gums (1915, short story)
Going to work in war time: an Australian’s impressions (1917, prose)
The gum leaf that flew (1915, short story; manuscript version available to view via SLNSW)
Heroes at Harefield: men Australia needs (1916, prose)
How the little white cloud grew big (1914, short story)
Lake Illawarra (1913, prose)
The leaf that longed to be red (1914, short story)
The little angler (1914, short story)
Maurice Maeterlinck: my impressions (1915, prose)
Men Australia needs: the brave and smiling wounded (1916, prose; on the survivors of the Gallipoli campaign)
On the land; farm and station; women’s war work (1916, prose)
The story of a clothes-peg (1916, short story)
To Adelaide by train (1911, short story)
Why the spinebill’s beak is long (1912, short story)
Why the wind gives himself airs (1914, short story)
Women’s part: replacin the men (1916, prose)
The world’s great war; red triangle; YMCA war work (1916, prose)

Mack, Louise aka Marie Louise Hamilton Mack; Mrs Creed; Mrs Allen Illingworth Leyland; Mrs J P Creed; Mrs J Percy Cred; Mrs Percy Creed; Marie Louise Creed; Felicia Watts; Louise M; M.L.M.; Nerang Minstrel. b 10 Oct 1870 Hobart; d. 23 Nov 1935 Mosman NSW. [work out of copyright]
A woman’s experience of the Great War (1915); also Librivox audio recording here.
Attraction (1913)
The marriage of Edward (1913)
Putting up with Uncle (1910)
The romance of a woman of thirty (London: Rivers 1911) – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Mackellar, Dorothea aka Isolbel Marion Dorothea Mackellar; b. 1 Jul 1885; d. 14 Jan 1968. [Work in copyright until 2038]
A bathing rhyme (1912, poem)
A private matter (1912, poem)
A wide horizon (1911, poem)
And the other left (1912, poem)
As a matter of course (1916, short story)
Australia (1911, poem)
The beggar who chose (1911, poem; scroll down to view)
The burnt child (1912, poem)
The crystal land (1911, prose)
The dryads of the blue gums (1914, poem)
Faint heart and tender heart (1916, prose)
From ‘The heart of a bird’ (a Japanese song) (1913, poem)
The gates of El Dorado (1910, poem)
The gift of colors (1911, poem)
High places (1910, poem)
The high woods (1919, poem)
Hyde Park, Sydney (1910, poem)
with Ruth Bedford,The little blue devil (1912, novel)
The magic forest (1915, poem)
March winds (1913, poem)
The moon and the morning (1912, poem)
Morning glory (1911, poem)
My country (1912, poem; in The lone hand)
The Nandewah Hills (1910, poem)
Night on the plains
Non penso a lei
Reminder (1912, poem)
The Santa Maria (1910, poem)
September (1913, poem; embedded in article)
The shadow ([1915], poem)
Sketch (1911, poem)
Sleeping out (eight years old) (1916, poem)
Sorrow (1913, poem)
The spring fret (1913, poem)
Swallows (by Berenger) (1910, poem; translated for ‘The Call’ by Miss Dorothea Mackellar )
The voice of the surf (1912, poem)
What mattered (1911, short story)
White nights (1915, poem)
The witch-maid (1914, poem)
The witch-maid and other verses (1914; poetry collection)

MacKinnon, Eleanor aka E MacKinnon; birth name: Eleanor Vokes Irby Addison; b. 1871, Tenterfield NSW; d. 1936, Sydney NSW. Red Cross worker: Memorial (1936)
The Lilies of France and Other Poems (1917) – link to SLNSW digital collection
Women and Party Politics (1917, prose)

MacLeod, Agnes birth name: Agnes Conor O’Brien, aka Agnes Conor Macleod; also writes as Conor O’Brien, Conor Macleod, Lynnette, Akenehi; b. c1868 NZ; d. 1934, Mosman NSW; arrived in Australia in 1899; journalist and short story writer. Married in 1911; article on her, with portrait (1916); obituary: 14 Mar 1934.
A woman’s letter (1901-12; column in The bulletin; writing as Akenehi)
An episode in the life of the Drexels (1913, short story; writing as A L Conor O’Brien)

McNaughton, Catharine Annie b. 1850; d. 1925
A mother’s prayer (1916, poem)
A sheaf of patriotic verse (1915, poetry; poor quality scan)
Benigno numine (1915, poem)
Christmas 1915 (1915, poem)
Christmas 1918 (1918, poem)
Close of the year (1915, poem)
Daisies, buttercups and clover (1919, poem)
Finem respice auxilium ab alt (1918, poem; faint scan)
Grandmother’s letter (1915, poem)
Honor the brave (1918, poem)
Old Scotland’s sons (1915, poem)
Our lads (1915, poem)
Past and present (1915, poem; poor quality scan; also here)
The settler’s wife’s soliloquy (1916, poem)
Thinking of my laddie (1916, poem)
To our laddie in Egypt (1915, poem; poor quality scan)
Two links of memory (1918, poem)
Welcome To Australia’s sons (1915, poem; poor quality scan)

Mackness, Constance b. 17 Jun 1882 Tuena, NSW; d. 13 Dec 1973, Corinda, Qld.
Gem of the flat (1914, novel for children)

McNutt, M. E. birth name: Mary E Shaw; aka Mollie E McNutt, Mollie M’Nutt; b. 23 Mar 1885, West Mailand, NSW; d. 26 Feb 1919, Torrington, NSW; McNutt mostly published poems in School magazine, during the 1910s and, posthumously, in the 1920s and 30s.
A bush school (1918, poem)
A day of rain (1918, poem)
A mile away from home (1913, poem)
A legend of the wattle (1918, prose)
A war-time prayer (1916, poem)
An Australian nature story (1912, short story)
August (1918, poem)
Australia remounts (1916, poem)
The birds I love (1919, song)
The birds of Australia (1917, poem)
The boys who blazed the track (1919, poem)
Buttercups (1913, poem)
Colour rhymes (1919, poem; published posthumously)
Grandfather’s Christmas clothes (1918, short story)
The laughing jackass (1919, poem)
The little breeze (1918, poem)
November in the bush (1911, poem)
October (1919, poem)
The old brown house (1919, poem)
The song of the magpies (1919, poem)
Then and now (1917, poem)
Wattle (1918, poem)
When Mary had a little lamb (1919, prose)
Where the black people came from (1918, prose)
Why the jackass laughed (1919, prose)
The white feather (1915, short story)
The willy wagtail (1918, poem)
Winter flowers (1918, poem)

Martyr, Grace Ethel aka G E Martyr, E Martyr, Ethel Martyr, G Ethel Martyr; b. 1888, Ballarat, Vic; d. 22 Dec 1934, Bendigo.
Afterwards (1918, poem; First Prize Poem, South Street Comps, 1917 )
Afterwards and other verses (1918) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
At night (1918, poem)
Calvary (1918, poem)
Flood time (1918, short story)
His eyes (1919, poem)
I have no lover (1919, poem)
Jimmy (1919, short story)
The last act (1918, short story)
Mildred’s young man (1919, short story)
Rain (1918, poem)
Remember (1917, poem)
Returned (1919, poem)
The school teacher (1918, short story)
Sleep (1918, poem)
Spring (1919, poem)
Success (1919, poem)
Sunrise (1918, poem)
Tidings (1919, poem)
The welcome (1919, poem)

Morrice, E C. aka E Charles aka Mrs W Morrice. Birth name: Elizabeth Charlotte Bingmann; b. 1851; d. 1941.
A boundary rider’s family (1911, short story)
A pair of gloves (1911, short story)
Atonement (1913, short story)
Birds of passage (1912, prose)
Bray’s chance (1910, short story)
The emu (1911, short story)
Guests of the apple tree (1912, prose)
His rival (1910, short story)
The river and other verses (1912, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Moseley, Isabelle aka Belle Moseley b. 1878; d. 1952 SA
A girl of the plains (1914, novella serialised in the Sydney Mail)
A little grey lady (1918, short story)
A run through Western Australia (1910, prose)
An Augustan abroad (1911, a series of prose travel pieces): Ceylon; Aden; Port Said; Gibraltar – London; Switzerland; Birmingham; England’s Splendid Train Service; London and the King; England’s Watchdogs; Norway; Edinburgh; Home Again.
Bindyi (1915, short story)
Father Peter’s well (1911, short story)
Memory (1913, short story)

Nankivell, Joice M, birth name: Joice Mary Nankivell; aka Joice Mary Loch, Mrs Sydney Loch, J M Loch, Mrs J M Loch, Joice N Loch, Joice Nankival, Joyce Nakivell; b. 24 Jan 1887, Ingham, Qld; d. 8 Oct 1982, Greece; biographical article, The Australian women’s weekly (20 Jan 1965)
A fragment (1917, poem)
Back again into the firing line quoted in The art of war – a comedy (1916, poem)
But I have married a wife (1916, poem)
Cobwebs (1918, poem)
Contrast (1918, poem)
The call to recruits (1916, poem)
The eleventh hour (1916, poem)
The kitbags of the fallen (1916, poem)
The lowered blind (1917, poem)
On guard (1916, poem)
Somewhere in France (1917, poem)
Stand together tight (1918, poem)
Thou shalt not (1917, poem)
To you who should follow (1915, poem)
We are not schooloed in vengeance (1916, poem)
Where are you going to? (1917, poem)

Osborn, Annie birth name: Annie Delbridge aka Mrs Andrew Rule Osborn; Mrs A R Osborn, Annie R Osborn; writes as Cinderella,the Minister’s Wife, Annie O’Neill b. 1874, Vic; d. 1948, New York, USA
The quarrel of the baby lions (1918, short stories for children) – link via SLVIC

Osmond, Sophie** (1871-?) Note: several of Osmond’s novels are available in print at SLNSW. Biographical note Dec 1894. Reference to her acting, The Bulletin 2 Sep 1899. Reference to her having frequented the Austral Salon rooms in Melbourne, a women’s only club founded in the 1890s, The Australian Women’s Mirror 29 March 1932. [more snippets available from TROVE Journal or magazine search]
An Australian wooing (1916) – link to archive.org review The Bulletin 12 Oct 1916.

Partrige, Sydney, birth name: Kate Margaret Partridge; aka Sydney Partridge, Sidney Partrige; also writes as Kate Margaret Stone; b. 1871, Wairarapa, North Island, NZ; d. 17 Feb 1953, East Gordon, Sydney, NSW. Biographical/critical articles: Sydney Partrige (5 Jan 1911), An Australian authoress (1911). Obituary (The West Australian 14 Mar 1953)
A question of rent (1914, short story)
A quite-alone fire (1910, short story)
A record story (1912, short story)
A ride for honour (1910, short story)
A sign of the times (1914, correspondence)
A striking vision (1915, prose)
A three colour job (1915, short story)
A winning throw (1911, short story)
A word for women (1910, prose)
Adelaide activities (1915, prose; very faint scan)
An open letter to Sir Robert Stout, from an Australian authoress (1914, correspondence)
And the sins of the fathers (1914, short story)
Anti-German demonstration (1915, correspondence)
Australia’s flag (1914, poem)
Bible in state schools (1914, correspondence)
Brawn and Brain (1913, prose)
Capitalism (1913, poem)
Censorship and the war (1914, correspondence)
The change (1915, short story)
The child (1911, prose)
The church and socialism (1913, correspondence)
The church and the worker (1913, short story)
Clodd’s traveller (1913, short story)
Compulsory military defence (1913, correspondence)
Compulsory training for girls (1914, prose)
Conscription (1912, poem)
The door that banged (1915, short story)
The dream (1913, poem; scroll to view)
The faery moon (1913, poem)
The flying shingler (1912, short story; very faint print)
For speaking peace (1915, prose)
Free speech and soldiers (1915, correspondence)
Freedom of speech (1915, correspondence; scroll down to view)
German Australians (1914, corresondence)
The good woman (1913, short story)
The Governesses’ Association (1910, prose)
— How Ronny went to Mittawee (1914, short story): 14 Mar; 21 Mar; 28 Mar.
The idol and the woman (1913, short story)
In the pit (1910, short story; poor quality scan)
In the wilderness (1914, short story)
Inez Kathleen Hyland (1914, prose/biography)
Justice (1911, prose)
The Lady distraught (1911, prose)
Listening (1912, poem)
The lonely man (1912, poem)
The lost pegs (1911, short story)
The madness of Walter Durie (1911, short story)
Me ‘n’ you (1913, poem; scroll to view)
Militarism and ‘No compromise’ (1915, prose)
Mutilated Belgians: are there any in Australia? (1915, prose)
— and C Raworth, The mystery of Wall’s Hill (1916, novella serialised in The Age): 1 Jan; 8 Jan; 15 Jan; 22 Jan; 29 Jan; 5 Feb; 12 Feb; 19 Feb; 26 Feb; 4 Mar; 11 Mar; 18 Mar (final). [A note in The Week 27 May 1931 states that this story was co-written with B Cecil Doyle ref)
The nurse and mother (1911, correspondence)
The oddity (1914, short story)
Of truth (1910, prose)
— Our rebel will: a country romance of the New England District of New South Wales (1912-13, novella serialised in Sydney Mail; first prize winner of a Melbourne women’s exhibition ref ): 20 Nov; 27 Nov; 4 Dec; (skipped 11 Dec where The Flying Shingler appears instead?); 18 Dec; 25 Dec; 1 Jan 1913; 8 Jan; 15 Jan; 22 Jan; 29 Jan; 5 Feb; 12 Feb; 19 Feb; 26 Feb; 5 Mar; 12 Mar; 19 Mar; 26 Mar; 2 Apr; 9 Apr; 16 Apr; 23 Apr; 30 Apr; 7 May; 14 May; 21 May; 28 May (final).
Peace offering (1910, short story)
Pictures from the past (1910, short story)
Playing with identities (1914, short story)
Re the Boys Who Suffer (1913, correspondence)
Red wine (1914, short story)
Rejuvenescence (1917, short story)
Round the red rock (1913, short story)
The sacrifice (1913, short story)
Sandwich women (1910, prose)
She gave her son (1915, prose)
Siren of the south (1914, prose; on Sydney, NSW)
Smile Bill (1912, prose; concerning the plight of writers)
Sorter’s, no. 33 (1915, short story)
South Australian genius (1915, prose)
Sun’dy (1913, poem; scroll down to view)
Survival of the fittest (1912, poem)
Taking the census (1911, prose)
To the Editor of The Mail (1914, correspondence)
The two kisses (1911, short story)
The unthinkable thing (1915, short story)
War (1912, poem)
What the boys think (1912, prose)
What the woman saw (1912, short story)
The women of men writers (1913, prose)
Women and socialism (1911, prose)
Women and war (1915, prose; faint scan)
The woman’s part (1914, prose)
The woman’s side of the war (1914, prose)
Workers of the world unite! (1915, poem)

Pankhurst-Walsh, Adela; birth name: Adela Constantia Mary Pankhurst; also writes as Adela Pankhurst. b. 19 Jun 1885, Manchester, Eng; d. 23 May 1961, Wahroongah, NSW. After her arrival in Australia in 1914, Adela Pankhurst contributed numerous prose articles to Australian newspapers.
After the war what? (1917)
Betrayed: a play in five acts (1917)
Put up the sword (1917)

Paterson, Alice F. birth name: Alice Florence Gome; aka Solus b. 1849 England
A mysterious eisappearance: linked with a past tragedy (1910, prose)

Pettengell, Violet; aka Violet Alice May Pettengell, V Pettengell; b. ca 1886, Bega NSW; d. 1 Feb 1981, Wahroongah, NSW (ref). In 1913, Pettengell was noted by the Tamworth daily observer as being the winner of a prize of two guineas for her story, Three Christmastides . Her home is given at Attunga (ref).
A bush nightingale (1910, short story)
A little hero (1912, short story)
A sprig of wattle (1916, prose)
Amusements in the bush (1909, prose)
Annie (1913, short story)
Billy’s violin (1910, short story)
Birds out west (1910, prose)
Christmas in the bush (1919, prose)
Christmas tree in a bush school (1912, prose)
Claribel’s school garden (1911, short story)
Dick and Dolly and Santa Claus (1913, short story)
The foolish opossum (1918, short story)
The heat of the day (1911, short story)
Her boy’s Christmas sock (1915, short story)
Her boy’s return (1916, short story)
How the fireworks came to Crooked Corner (1910, short story)
How Rebecca saved the flag: an Empire Day story for children (1914, short story)
The legend of the Ibis (1919, prose)
Little Jack’s trip (1913, short story)
Mail day in the bush (1916, prose)
Matilda May (1910, short story)
Millsop and the mosquitoes (1911, short story)
My bush home (1917, short story for children)
My daughter in town (1913, short story)
Old folks at home (1915, prose)
Peter and the peach (1914, short story)
Polling day at Dingo Flat (1910, short story)
Pretty Jack’s Santa Claus (1912, short story)
The soldier’s son on Wattle Day (1915, short story)
Waiting for the mail in the bush (1910, prose)
Wattle Queen (1913, short story)
When the old year passed (1914, short story)
Why the crows do not sing (1919, prose)
Why the lyre-bird has a long tail (1916, prose)

Peterson, Edith M. aka E.L.P. b. 1852, SA; departed Australia in 1892.
A bush sanctuary (1911, poem)
Hope (1916, poem)
Jane (1910, poem)
Mistletoe and mirth (1911, poem)
Pride goeth before a fall (1911, poem)

Phillips, Marion M. aka M M Phillips, Marion Phillips b. 1881; c. 1932
English trees: late autumn (1911, poem)
In his absence (1911, poem)

Pitt, Marie E J aka M E J Pitt, Magnet, Mooroopna; birth name Marie Elizabeth Josephine McKeown.
The horses of the hills and other verses (1911) – link to hathitrust.org
How it happened (1918, short story)
In the era of the wireless (1910, short story)

Power, Helen aka Marguerite Helen Power; b. 6 Jan 1870, Campbell Town, Tasmania; d. 21 Nov 1957, South Hobart, Tasmania
An Australian in England (1910, poem)
An Australian litany (1911, poem)
At home in war-time (1918, poem)
The factory (1911, poem)
The fire of driftwood (1910, poem)
The glimpse (1911, poem)
To a woman’s face (1912, poem)
My garden (1912, poem)
March (1915, poem; scroll to view)
June (1914, poem; scroll to view)
Philosophy (1910, poem)
Rain in the night (1911, poem)
Spring, 1915 (1915, poem)
Two meetings (1911, poem)

Praed, Mrs Campbell; aka Praed, Rosa Caroline (1851-1935). [work out of copyright]
Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land: a story of Australian life (1915) romance and gothic – link to gutenberg

Prichard, Katharine Susannah aka Katharine Prichard; b. 1883, Levuka, Fiji; d. 1969 Biographical note (17 Feb 1937) [work in copyright until 2039]
A wanderin’ one (1916, short story)
An encounter (1917, short story)
The bridge (1917, short story)
Christmas tree (1919, short story)
Clovelly verses (1913) – link to SLNVIC digital collection+
Danny Niel (1917, short story)
Earthernware (1917, short story)
Mary Gilmore – a populr writer: her poetry and work (1910, prose)
The Pioneers (1915); access conditions may apply – links to hathitrust.org
Treason (1919, short story)
Wild Honey (1917, short story)

Primrose, Adelaide, birth name: Adelaide Elizabeth Paton Primrose, a.k.a. Mrs L. J. F. Gatzemeyer; b. 22 Mar 1877 Adelaide, South Australia; d. Nov 1944 obituary (10 Nov 1944). Primrose also published many journalistic pieces of a religious nature not listed here.
A birthday greeting (1914, poem; for ‘The Southern Cross’ Silver Jubilee )
A Christmas breeting to our heroes (1915, poem)
A Christmas greeting to the Huns (1916, poem)
A Christmas memory (1912, poem)
A Dardanelle’s hero: a war romance (1915, short story)
A haven of rest: a romance of the war (1916, short story)
A hymn of thanksgiving (1913, poem)
A New Year message (1914, poem)
A New Year’s wish, 1912 (1912, poem)
A song of roses (1911, poem)
A spray of gold (1913, poem)
A sprig of wattle: a war romance (1917, short story)
A tribute to Archbishop O’Reily (1913, poem)
A world of roses: a romance of the eternal (1918, short story)
Almond blossom (1919, poem)
An Easter egg (1919, poem)
An invocation (1914, poem)
Anzac Day: an acrostic (1915, poem)
The benediction of the golden wattle: an idyll (1912, prose)
The boys of the line (1915, poem)
Britons all – Australia’s rally (1914, poem)
Browning: a dedication – based on ‘Asalando’ (1912, poem)
By the sea (1911, poem)
The camouflage of McNab: an extraordinary story (1919, short story)
Christmas bells (1916, poem)
Consoler of the afflicted (1917, poem)
The cross of faith: a Belgian story (1918, prose)
The Dardanelles ([1915] lyric/song)
Easter morn (1914, poem)
The first Christmas (1913, poem)
The flag – an appeal for our heroes (1918, poem)
Gloria in excelcsis Deo: a Christmas chant (1918, poem)
Golden Jubilee of St Joseph’s Sisterhood (1916, poem)
The great day: a thanksgiving (1918, poem)
His boy (1917, poem)
In memorium: Archbishop O’Reily (1915, poem)
Jimmy: a story (1912, prose)
The legend of the Easter lilies (1919, prose; religious)
Lindara: the spirit of the river [misattributed to Adelaide Hope; correction: 13 Dec 1919)
The little brown gate: a fairy tale (1911, short story)
Little Mischief: a child’s recital (1916, poem)
The Madonna and Child: Baugereau’s Inspiration (1919, poem)
My crucifix (1914, poem)
My lady’s fan (1918, short story)
The New Year (1914, poem)
Our fallen heroes (1916, poem)
Our heroes (1915, poem)
Our Lady of the Lilies (1910, poem)
Peace and victory (1918, poem)
The pet of the regiment (1916, poem)
The plea of the Red Cross nurse (1915, poem)
— ed. The Red Cross and Belgian fete book (1915, anthology)
Remembrance (1912, poem)
St Anthony (1912, poem)
The spirit of the New Year: an allegory (1914, prose)
The treasure (1912, poem)
The vagaries of Cupid: an episode of war (1917, prose)
Violet Day (1918, poem)
The wattle blossom: a legend (1913, prose)
The Wattle Queen (1917, short story)
— White Heather: a romance (1912, short story): part 1; part 2.
The workings of fate (1914, short story)
You and I (1914, poem)

Primrose, M. V. aka Maude Violet Primrose; b. 31 Jul 1872 d. 16 Jul 1954
To the Women of Our Empire: a tribute, Melbourne: [1918] selected work poetry

Primrose, Queenie (sister of Adelaide Primrose)
The Gift (1919, short story; misattributed to her sister Adelaide; correction: 13 Dec 1919)
Peter and the Bargains (1915 short story; appears in: Red Cross and Belgian Fete Book 1915; p. 41)

Pyke, Lillian M birth name: Lillian Maxwell Heath; aka Lilliam Maxwell Pyke; Lilian M Pyke; b. 25 Aug 1881; d. 31 Aug 1927. Attended University High School; earned first-class honours in English and History in in 1898 (ref); 1899 (ref) and 1900 (ref) – published in the University of Melbourne honor list; married Richard Dimond Pyke in 1906 (ref); widowed in 1917. Obituary, 8 Sep 1927.
A ready-made family (1918, short story)
The apple harvest (1919, short story)
The harp of life (1918, serialised in The Brisbane Courier and syndicated elsewhere)

Quin, Tarella. aka Mrs Daskein; birth name: Tarella Ruth Quin; aka Tarella Daskein; James Dare; James Adare; Tarella Quin Daskein. b. 1877, Wilcannia, NSW; d. 1934 Author biography from The World News in 1913. Quin wrote many novels and collections, many of which are not available online but maybe accessed via SLNSW. [work out of copyright]
A desert rose (1912, novel) – link to hathitrust.org
Carnival (1915, short story; appears in Melba’s Gift book)
The Dragon’s Teeth (1916, short story)
Kerno: a stone, William Heinemann, London, 1914, 283 pp. romance – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
Paying Guests, Lothian Book Publishing, Melbourne, 1917, 311 pp. – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Quinn, Marjorie b. 28 Nov 1889, Sydney; d. 1972
At the end (1919, poem)
Freddy – a lonely bush lad (1911, short story)
Jim Barron, drover (1910, short story)
Panama exposition (1915, prose)
The wind of fate (1919, poem)

Quinlan, May aka May F Quinlan b. 1872, Melbourne, Vic;
Damien of Molokai (R T Washbone Ltd, London, 1914; together with R L Stevenson’s Father Damien)

Ranken, J L aka Jean Logan Ranken, Jeanie Logan Ranken; b. 1878. d. 1945
Dream Horses and Other Verses (1912, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Fulfilment (1912, poem)
Moonlight (1911, poem)
My Love (1912, poem)
Youth To Age (1912, poem; extracted from Dream Horses and Other Verses)

Rattenbury, Mary; birth name Mary McIntyre; aka Mrs William Rattenbury; b. 12 Jul 1878, Ipswich, Qld; d. 23 Aug 1937, Brisbane, Qld.
Hero children of the state ([1910], pamphlet)
Old Nick in the guise of Kaiser (1915, poem; written on the day the Germans sank the Lusitania – May 8th, 1915 [corrected by pen to 7th])

Rentoul, Annie R aka Annie Rattray Rentoil; also writes as Billabong b. 22 Sep 1882, Melbourne Vic; d. 24 Jul 1978, Melbourne, Vic
The adventures of the Christmas toys (1915, short story for children)
The adventures of Prince Blue Cap (1916, short story for children)
The bush school (1914, short story for children)
Mother (1917, poem for children)

Richardson, Henry Handel* birth name: Ethel Florence Lindesay Richarson; aka Ethel Florence Lindesay Robertson; Ethel F L Robertson; also writes as Ethel F L Robertson. b. 3 Jan 1870, East Melbourne, Vic; d. 1946, Hastings, East Sussex, England. [work out of copyright]
Death (1911, short story)
The Getting of Wisdom (1910) – links to gutenberg.org
Australia Felix (1917) (Vol 1 of The Fortunes of Richard Mahony) – links to gutenberg.org
The Fortunes of Richard Mahony (1917) – links to gutenberg.org

Rix, Harriet Alice aka H. A. St. Buxton, Mrs F H Rix b. c1841, England; d. 1928
For King and Empire (1916, short story)

Roach, Hilda; b. 11 Oct 1885, Burra, SA; d. 1 Jan 1959 Colonel Light Gardens, SA
A wanderer’s rhymes (1911)

Robb, Emily Maud aka E M Robb; birth name Emily Maud Newbigin; b. 1869; d. 1946
What Will We Do When the Wattle Blooms Again? (1918-1928; lyrics)

Robertson, Philadelphia, N. b. 27 Feb 1886, Wangaratta, Vic; d. 11 Jan 1951, East Melbourne, Vic.
A Woman’s Prayer (1916, poem, in The Bulletin 2 Nov:2)
An Anzac budget and other verses (1916) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Christmas at the Front (1916, poem)
The Dardanelles (1918, poem)

Roe, Annie Alison aka Inshallah Roe b. 1855; d. 1933
Australia Under Arms (1915-16 poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Rose-Soley, Agnes aka Rose de Boheme , Mrs J F Soley, Madame Rose-Soley, J F Rose-Soley) b 1847; d. 1938, 19 Mar; founder of the Lyceum Club in Sydney; obituary. Rose-Soley was a journalist, as well as fiction writer. A list of her other publications can be found via the AustLit database (subscription or free access via a library). Biographical information, A R and J F Rose-Soley .
The Parliament of Women (1910)
Two Traders, With the Episode of the Divided Pig (1911)

Rosman, Alice Grant. aka Alice Trevenen Grant Rosman, Alice Trevenen Rosman. b. 18 July 1882, Kapunda, SA; died 20 August 1961, Highgate, London, England.
A Christmas night menagerie (1910, poem)
— A Sketch of New Literature in Australia (1913, criticism; in The Academy and Literature [London] 30 August vol. 85 no. 1913: pp. 227-278; available via membership of State Library of New South Wales: eproxy link)
A hero’s daughter (1918, short story)
A spring hat and a golden day (short story, 1913)
Australian prisoners of war – some of their godmothers in London (1917, prose)
Cloth made from weaweed (1910, short prose)
The day (1911, poem)
The gem (1911, poem)
Kinship (1910, poem)
The little ghost (1911, poem)
The lucky ones (1918, short prose; war)
The meeting (1910, poem)
My democratic muse (1910, poem)
The pot boiler (1910, short story)
Tommy kangaroo in London (1915, short prose; war)
Vigil (1910, poem)

Rosman, Alice Matilda Bowyer aka A M Bowyer-Rosman b. 1857; departed Australia 1911; died 1931
A Philosopher (1910, poem)
An Enchanted Garden and Other Verse (1915, poetry)
Bush Magic (1917, poem; scroll down to view p2)
The Fold of Dreams (1917, poem)
From Afar (1916, poem)
Rendezvous (1915, poem)

Rowe, Minnie I aka Minnie Isabella Rowe, also writes as Miro; b. 13 Apr 1882, Bethanga, Vic; d. 1972, Wangaratta, Vic.
The wand of dawn (1918, children’s book)

Rowlands, Effie Adelaide; birth name Effie Adelaide Maria Henderson; aka Mrs Raleigh, E. Maria Albanesi and Madame Albanesi. (b. circa 1859, Adelaide, SA; d 1936). The AustLit biography states that Rowlands was born in Australia (perhaps in 1859), and settled in England at an early age. It suggests that some of her many novels have Australian content (e.g. The Hand of Fate, 1914), but as there are so few of her novels in Australian libraries this aspect of her work has not yet been determined. Several of her novels were nevertheless serialised in Australian newspapers. Her obituary (West Australian, 17 Oct 1936) describes her as an English novelist . [work out of copyright]
— Money Or Wife? (1913): ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch8; ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch13 (cont.); ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch16; ch17; ch17 (cont.); ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch19; ch20; ch21; ch21 (cont.); ch22 (cont); ch23? (19 Aug); ch23 (cont.); ch24 (cont.); ch24 (cont.); ch25 (cont.); ch26 (final).
— Sunset and Dawn (1914): ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch8; ch8 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch9 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch12; ch13; ch14; ch14 (cont.); ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch16 (cont.); ch17; ch17 (cont.); ch18 (cont.); ch18 (cont.); ch19; ch20; ch20 (cont.); ch21; ch22 (cont.); ch22 (cont.); ch23; ch23 (cont.); ch24; ch24 (cont.); ch25; ch25 (cont.); ch26; ch26 (cont.); 26 (cont.) final.
— Love’s Young Dream (1912): ch1; ch3; ch5; ch8; ch10; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch16; ch18; ch20; ch21 final. [Reprinted by Ward Lock, London, 1915]

Russell, Lindsay, birth name: Patricia Ethel Stonehouse; also wrote as E Hardingham Quinn and Harlingham Quinn b. 1 Aug 1883, Nhill, Vic; d. 1 May 1964, Melbourne, Vic. Note: AustLit attributes to Russell the editing of the volume, America to Japan; the archive.org volume clearly indicates this was by a different Lindsay Russell , founder and president of the Japan society, a man (pictured: ref).
Where the curlews call (1912, poem)

Salmon, Mary Frederica b. c1853; d. 1937; also wrote various journalistic pieces not listed here.
Some Australian Pioneers: Sir Henry Parkes (1910, biography)

Schlank, Racey aka Racey Beaver, Excelsior b. [1872]; d 14 Apr 1931; Jewish heritage; in 1915 Schlank changed her family name to Beaver, her mother’s birth name; from that year on, her works were mostly published under that name.
A Soldier of the Pen (1911, poem)
A Type of Chivalry (1911, poem)
Adam Lindsay Gordon (1911, poem)
Adelaide at Sunrise (1910, poem)
Australia’s Birthday, Celebrated in London: The Wearing of the Wattle (1913, prose)
Fencing – Out Back (1910, poem)
In the Mallee (1911, poem)
In the Nepean Bay (1911, poem)
In the Shade of the Nipa Palm (1910, poem)
Kangaroo Island (1910, poem)
Kew Church: a ramble and recollections (1914, prose)
Lines to A.G. (1910, poem)
The Man on the Land (1910, poem)
The Men of the 10th of the 48th (1917, poem writing as Racey Beaver )
The Message (1911, poem)
Old Chiswick Church: a ramble and recollections (1913, prose)
The Old Mulberry Tree (1910, poem; Kingscote )
On Leaving School: How England Guards the Children of the Poor (1914, prose)
Overland Telegraph Line (1911, poem)
The Statue (1910, poem)
The Stockman’s Home (1910, poem)
Toilers of the Bush (1911, poem)
The Town (1911, poem)
Two Trilobites (1911, poem)
The Warning (1916, poem writing as Racey Beaver )
We Live But Once (1911, poem)
Wombah, the Boomerang Maker: a tale for the piccaninnies (1914, prose)
The World Tide (1911, poem)
The Verge of War: Scenes in London (12 Sep 1914, prose)

Scott, Winifred. b. 1866; d. 1950
Matilda Jane (1919, short story; children’s fiction)
The Way of Transgressors (1910, short story)

Scott, Rose, b. 1847, 8 Oct, Glendon, NSW; d. 1925, 20 Apr, Sydney, NSW.
The Grand Old Woman of Australia (1910; obituary for Catherin Helen Spence)

Seager, Alexandra aka Alexandra Laidlaw; Alexandrina Seager; A. Seager; Alexandrine Seager b. 1870, Ballarat, Vic; d. 1950, Kangaroo Island, SA
A Soldier’s Sweetheart (1916, poem)
A Year Ago (1915, poem)
‘After Many Days’: a retrospect (1919, prose)
Again (1914, poem)
Anzacs at Jericho (1918, poem)
‘Aussie’s’ Wattle: the ‘Diggers’ Love (1919, prose; refers to the Cheer-up Hut)
Australia’s Great Gift (1923, prose – mentions C J Dennis; about war)
Back (1916, poem)
Belgium (1914, poem)
The Call of the Dead (1916, poem; Violet Day Poems )
Christmas, 1916 (1916, poem)
The Cost (1919, poem)
The Conquest of Jerusalem (1917, poem)
Egypt (1915, poem)
Good-bye (1915, poem)
Hands All Round (1914, poem)
In Camp (1914, poem)
Is It Fair (1915, poem)
The Landing (1916, poem)
Letters (1915, poem)
The Men of Anzac (1916, poem)
The Mother Slacker (1915, poem)
The New Crusader (1917, poem)
News (1917, poem; poor quality scan)
October 1916 (1916, poem)
Our Bluey Boys (1917, poem)
Our Boys (1914, poem)
Our Boys in Action (1915, poem)
Our Boys In Blue (1915, poem)
Our Boys’ New Year (1915, poem)
Our Dear Young Dead (1915, poem)
Our Soldiers’ Answer (1915, poem)
Peace (1918, poem)
Quid Pro Quo (1915, poem)
Recruiting Song (1915, poem)
Reinforcement Song (1915, poem)
Retrospect (1918, poem)
Romani (1916, poem)
The Tenth Good-bye (1914, poem)
To A. R. – 16/12/16 (1916, poem)
To ‘Our Boys’ (1914, poem)
The Trust of the Sea (1917, poem)
To an Anzac Mother (1918, poem)
To the 9th Light Horse (1914, poem)
To the 9th Light Horse [2] (1919, poem)
The Twenty-Seventh (1915, poem)
‘The Twenty-Seventh’: Recollections (1918, prose; retrospective on the early days of the Cheer-up Club)
Violet Verses (1916, poem)
Violet Verses [2] (1919, poem)
Violets For Remembrance (1917, poem)
Which? (1917, poem)

Simpson, Mary; aka Weeroona ; b. 1884, Stawell, Vic. As Weeroona , Simpson published many pieces in The bulletin during the 1910s.

Smith, Jessie Lillian aka Jessie Lillian Vickers, b. 1886, Brighton, Vic; d. 1954, Parkville, Vic
God’s men of war and other company recitations (1910)

Smyth, K Carew, birth name Katherine Graham, aka Katherine Carew Smyth, Katherine Carew-Smyth, K Smyth, K Carew-Smyth; also wrote as Malicia Demons, many journalistic prose pieces written under this pen-name are not listed here. b. 1 Mar 1876 Toowoomba, Queensland; d. 1954, Queensland; obituary 11 Oct 1954.
A Happy Warrior (1917, prose; writing as Malicia Demons )
A House To Let (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
As the Twig is Bent (1918, prose)
Babette (1919, poem)
The Broad Highway (1919, poem)
Broken Springs (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Brothers (1917, poem)
Christmas and Mr Bailey (1916, short story)
The Cost (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Dust (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Flags (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
For Valor (1916, poem)
For You and Me (1917, poem)
From Darkest Toowong (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Fuller’s Farm (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Grey Eves (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Her Son (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
I Am Remembering (1919, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Irony Or [sic] It (1918, prose)
The Letter She Did Not Send (1917, prose; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Lighter Side of Things (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Love and War (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Margaret (1919, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Mater Misericordiae (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Memory’s Garden (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Menace of the Veil (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Miss Mary and the Zonophone (1917, short story)
My Son John (1917, poem)
News item from an English Journal (1918, prose snippet, humour)
Obiter Dicta (1918, prose/poem)
The Optimist (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Other Chap (1917, poem)
Owed to her Hat (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Owed to the Town Council (After Longfellow) (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Picture-Show Chameleon (1918, prose)
The Price of Motherhood (1919, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Quo Vadis! (1919, prose)
Resignation (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Shirker (1917, poem; also attributed to Malicia Demons here)
Since Billy Went (1917, poem)
The Slogger (1919, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Spilt Wine (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Spring (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Sweetest Flowers That Blow (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Tokens of Friendship (1918, prose)
Unfinished (1918, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Veil Lifted (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Wedding (To Margot) (1918, poem)
What Is a Great Ideal? (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
Willy Wally (1917, poem; writing as Malicia Demons )
The Woman Question (1917, prose; writing as Malicia Demons )

Sternberg, Freda aka Freda Sternburg, Freda Barrymore; b. c. 1880, Tas; d. Jan 1971, Sydney, NSW
The militant suffragettes: an interview with Miss Adela Pankhurst (1914, prose)
Mrs Fairbairn (1915, prose)

Stevens, J. M. aka Joan Marguerite Stevens; Janie M Stevens, Joan M Stevens; J. M. S ; b. 1887; d. 30 May 1944. Stevens was a prolific writer of short stories in the 1910s, many of which appeared in The Queenslander. [works out of copyright]
A day in apartments (1919, prose)
A night shore (1913, prose)
A voice from the East (1918, short story)
Adam – pessimist (1912, short story)
The artist (1912, short story)
The blind philosopher (1911, short story)
Bracken (1916, prose)
— By the side of the road (1914, short story): part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4; part 5.
Chance or fate? (1910, short story)
Colour (1915, short story)
Colour in the tropics (1913, prose)
The Corroboree (1910, prose)
The godess’s other eye (1915, short story)
The haunted Kris (1914, short story)
The little grey home in the west (1919, short story)
The lure of the East (1913, short story)
MacIntyre’s creed (1910, short story)
The mistake: an incident of the Stony Desert (1912, prose)
Mother’s Christmas Eve (1917, short story)
The manuscript (1917, short story)
Pacific Shores (1919, prose)
The pandanus tree (1918, prose)
Paul Laidlaw, violinist (1919, short story)
Playing the fame (1916, short story)
Poets’ days (1918, prose)
The smile (1913, short story)
The soul of a day (1919, short story)
The tooth of Ah Loo (1917, short story)
The veiled canvas (1913, short story)
The yogi who broke his vow (1911, short story)

Studdert, Annie L aka Annie Rixon; birth name Annie Louisa Rixon; also writes as Mrs R de Clare Studdert; Rixie; b. 1886, NSW; d. 1975, NSW; wrote several historical novels in 1939-40 that are not online.
Anzac pal ([1916-1918], song)

Sugden, Edith Wallis b. c1850s Yorkshire, England; resided in Tasmania
Remembrance and Other Verses (1913) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Sun Ya See, Rita aka Rita Sunyasee – unattributed pseudonym?
A skinner (1915, poem)
Actin’ (1919, poem)
After all (1918, poem)
Drop a line (1918, poem)
Fiddlin’ round (1918, poem)
Flutin’ (1915, poem)
Give us a rest (1919, poem)
The home-coming (1918, poem)
Jim’s shrine (1915, poem)
Just a little bit (1911, poem; previously published 1902)
The Kelly’s and the girl (1919, prose)
Old Mum’s eyes (1919, poem)
Our Jim (1918, poem)
Pancake flippin’ (1915, poem)
Please don’t forget (1915, poem)
To-morrow! (1919, prose)
Watches repaired (1919, poem)
When a man grows grey (1919, poem)
When it all comes mine (1918, poem)
When mother has a pound to spend (1916, poem)

Sutherland, Jessie b. 1872; d. 1925
Short Poems [1915]

Sweetapple, Anne aka Silver Wattle . Birth name: Anna Mapelson (1831-1928, arrived in Australia 1853). Obituary 1928. [work out of copyright]
The burden intolerable (1910, short story)
My adopted son (1910, short story)
Pity (1919, poem)

Taylor, Margaret Cox aka Vandorian b. 1864; d. 1939; The sun obituary (20 Jul 1939); The bulletin obituary (26 Jul 1939)
A rose of memory (1911, short story)
A woman’s letter (1911-18; column)
— ed. The children’s circle for The star (1910)
Glory of Golden Bay: a story of the Mutton Bird Islands (1914, prose)
Jane of the dairy farm (1910, short story)
Only the kid (1913, short story)
Our friend Augusta ([1916], short story)
Wives and daughters (1909, column in The star [Sydney])

Taylor, Agnes Rosamond; birth name Rosamond Benham; aka Benham Taylor; Mrs Thomas Gilbert Taylor; Lalage. b. 10 Oct 1874; d. 11 Dec 1923; married in 1903, petitioned for divorce 1913 ref.
Rosa Cordis (1911, poem)

Thomas, Nora Kyffin; b. 5 Jun 1880, Adelaide, SA.
A modern wonder: Berlin from village to metropolis (1914, prose)
Australians abroad – in musical and artistic circles (1914, prose)
Life in Leipzig: further musical experiences (1914, prose)
Life in Leipzig: rich musical experiences (1914, prose)
One whom the gods loved (1916, poem)
Six sonnets (1917) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Some views of Leipzig: Great hospital base today; the Centenary monument (1914, prose)

Thorne, Carina b.1876 d. 18 Dec 1912; death notice
Leaves from the Australian Bush: a little collection of odd verses dedicated to Australian girls, young and old (1912, poetry; Brisbane : H. J. Diddams)

Tomholt, Alice C. aka A C Tomholt; birth name: Alice Christina Tomholt; b. 1887, Richmond, Vic; d. 27 Oct, 1949, Ballarat, Vic.
A study in green (1918, short story)
A wife’s rebellion (1912, short story)
The advent of Tilly Ann (1914, short story)
And the deaf shall hear (1914, short story – fain scan)
Ashes (1919, short story) – faint scan
Billy: maker of peace (1910, short story; variously titled Billy, maker of pence )
Billy takes a hand (1919, short story)
The breaking away (1916, short story)
The builders (1919, short story)
The burden (1915, short story)
Butterfly (1917, short story)
The caller (1919, poem)
The castle of cards (1917, short story)
The ceaseless loom (1917, short story)
The Christmas father (1913, short story)
Cross roads (1915, short story)
The deceiver (1915, short story)
The desire of the moth (1915, short story)
Do you remember (1919, poem)
The dream (1919, short story)
Dreams (1915, short story)
Fear of the light (1913, short story)
The fields in the distance (1914, short story)
The fruit (1917, short story)
The gift (1918, short story)
The golden sands (1917, short story)
The heart of things (1919, short story)
Her mission (1911, short story)
The higher fame (1914, short story)
His neighbour (1914, short story)
His wife (1911, short stories)
The intruder (1916, short story)
— Justice (1914, short story): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch3 concl.
The little grey ghost (1918, short story)
The lonesome heart (1916, short story)
The lovable scamp’s Christmas (1911, short story)
The lure (1915, short story)
The man who was down and out (1911, short story)
Me an’ Curnow (1917, short story)
The measure of a man (1916, short story)
The mediator (1917, short story)
Midge and the outsider (1913, short story)
Mignonette (1912, short story in Weekly Times: unreadable scan)
Mothers of men (1915, short story) – poor quality scan
My Son (1919, poem)
The mythical third (1910, short story)
The old home (1913, short story)
Pals (1916, short story)
Payment: a story of the goldfields (1910, short story)
The penalty (1915, short story)
Peter – and one other (1911, short story)
The price of Christmas (1915, short story)
The promise (1918, short story)
The proving (1918, short story)
The reason why (1918, short story) – very faint scan
The red feather (1918, short story)
The return (1916, short story)
The return [2] (1918, short story)
Returning (1919, poem)
Sharing Midge (1915, short story)
The stepping stone (1918, short story)
Stolen leaves from Cupid’s diary (1911, short story)
The test (1910, short story)
That which is unavailing (1919, short story)
Whosoever shall renounce (1916, short story)
The toll (1916, short story)
Unwon (1919, poem fragment)
We come to town (1914, short story)
When fate laughs (1916, short story)
When knowledge came to Mary (1919, short story)
Why Tony stayed (1919, short story)

Topp, Leila L birth name: Leila Leonora Sanders b. 1864; d. 1854
Flowers of Thought Culled from Nature’s Garden (1918) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Torrance, Joan aka Joan Kerr; Mrs Kerr; b. 1867; d. 1945 VIC
The Call To Arms (1914, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Turner, Ethel. aka Mrs H R Curlewis, Ethel Sybil Turner, Ethel M Turner, Ethel Curlewis. b. 24 Jan 1870 di 8 Apr 1958 [work in copyright until 2028]
— A changed horizon (1910): prologue; ch2 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch7; ch8; ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15 (cont.); ch17; ch19 (cont.); ch20 (cont.); ch22; ch23; ch25; ch27.
A snuff-box for Bismarck ([1915], short story)
A sweet, small tragedy (1913, short story)
Brigid and the Cub (1919): ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch4 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch10 (cont); ch11 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18 (cont. 5 Apr); 7 Apr (mislabelled ch14); ch19 (8Apr); ch20; ch21; ch21 (cont.); ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25; ch25 (cont.); ch26 (final).
Captain Cub (1917)
Fair Ines (1910) – link to archive.org
Flower o’ the pine (1914): ch1; ch3 (poor print quality); ch6; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch16; ch17; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch23; ch24; ch26 (final).
John of Daunt (1916, novel) – link to archive.org
— The magic button (1913-14, story serialised in Sydney Mail): 10 Dec; 17 Dec; 24 Dec; 31 Dec; 7 Jan; 14 Jan; 21 Jan; 28 Jan.
The rise and fall of a Dutch republic (1910, poem)
The secret of the sea (1913): ch1; ch2 (cont.); ch4; ch6; ch7 (cont.); ch9; ch10 (cont.); ch11 (cont.); ch13; ch14; ch14 (cont.); ch16; ch16 cont.); ch18; ch19; ch22 (22 Jun); ch22 (29 Jun); ch24 (cont.); ch26 (final).
St. Tom and the dragon (1918): Ch1; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch7 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10 (cont.), poor scan quality; ch11; ch11 (cont.); ch12 (14 Mar); (Fri 15 Mar, mislabelled ch11? cont.); ch13 (cont. 16 Mar); (18 Mar); ch15 (cont. 19 Mar)
— Women and wartime (1914, prose): no. 1; no. 2.

Twiss, F. E. a.k.a. Frances Eva Fitzgibbon Twiss; Fanny Twiss b. 1866, Ballarat, Vic; d. 1941
An Australian Santa Claus Among the Belgians: a futuristic sketch (1914, short story)

Walker, Netta aka Netta Waller; b. 1868, Windsor, NSW; d. possibly 1942; birth name: Henrietta Ann Walker; married George A Waller in 1915.
Ewe of Waterloo (1914, correspondence)
Push Along (1916, poem)
They’ll Answer the Call (1916, poem)
The Wallabies Farewell (1915, poem)

Watson, Kathleen b. 31 Dec 1870 Leicestershire, England; d. 9 May 1926, Brisbane, QLD; arrived in Australia 1898.
In the Shadows (1915, short story; appears in Melba’s Gift Book)

Weatherly, Francia aka Frances Westherly Esperons; Francia Hope; Mrs Frances Esperson; b. 1882 Branxholme, Vic; d. 14 Dec 1964, Vermont, Vic. Engaged Nov 1914 to Rev Oscar Esperson of Vancouver (ref).
Ospreys and egrets (1919, correspondence)

Weatherly, Marjorie. Birth name: Mary Ann Marjorie Weatherly; aka Marjorie Carter; Marjory Carter, Mrs M. Carter, Mrs Carter. b. 1884 Ranxholme, Vic; d. 1967 Rupanyup, Vic. [work in copyright until 2037]
— Unto the Third and Fourth Generation (1913): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch15; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21 (final).

Wemyss, Ellie; aka Eleanor Evelyn Beatrice Wemyss; b. 1885, Adelaide, SA; d. 1961 [Adelaide, SA]; founder and hon. State secretary of the Baden-Powell Girl Guides, South Australian branch (ref)
A ‘bob’ for ‘Billy!’ (1919, prose)
A call to arms (1915, poem)
A cheer-up Sunday (1918, prose)
A children’s fairyland – Australia’s first free childre’s library (1915, prose)
A little child (1910, poem: an appeal for the Fund for Christmas Cheer for the miners’ children in strike time )
A wish for us all (1911, poem)
Advance Australia (1914, poem)
Antarctica for Australia (1911, poem)
Arise! Australia’s army (1914, song)
Arise! Ye statemen! (dedicated to the Northern Territory Railway League) (1910, poem)
Baden-Powell (1912, poem)
By the cross we conquer (1917, poem)
Cheer up ‘our boys’ (1915, poem)
The clarion call: plea for a child welfare association (1916, poem)
Emblem of Australia (1912, poem)
The empire’s song of peace (1919, poem)
England’s Marys (1911, poem)
Fall in! Fall in! And follow on! (1918, poem)
Fighting men first (1915, poem)
Golden wattle, Australia’s emblem (1910, poem)
H. M. A. S. Adelaide (1918, poem)
Have we forgotten? (1912, poem)
Help the Y.M.C.A. (you must carry on always) (1918, poem)
Israel (1917, poem)
The lady of the car (1916, poem)
The light horse in Palestine (1919, poem; A gallant Jew, an Anzac brave )
Mothers of men (1918, poem)
Old glory (1918, poem)
Our army nurses (1919, poem)
Our first V. C. (1916, pooem)
Our gallant girls in Grey (1917, poem)
The pathway of pain (1919, poem)
Peace (1910, poem)
The saving of Jerusalem – on the taking of Jerusalem by the British, December, 1917 (1917, poem)
Singer and soldier: to Pte. Peter Dawson, world-famous Australian baritone (1918, poem)
Songs of cheer (1919) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
South Australia’s champion (1910, poem)
Sturt (1912, poem)
The teacher: dedicated to women teachers of the public schools (1919, poem)
To the Anzacs (1917, poem)
U.S. stands for Us! (1910, poem)
We’re not done yet! (1918, poem)
Welcome ‘Australia’! (1919, poem)
Women of Israel (1918, poem)

Weston, Kate Helen. aka Mrs J S Weston. Birth name Kate Helen Carter. b. Ballarat, Vic. 4 Mar 1863 d. 1 Aug 1929, Adelaide, SA. [work out of copyright]
A Vagabond Soul (London: Hutchinson & Co. Ltd, 1910? 1928?)
— A Woman’s Letter from London (1910, column): 5 Nov; 30 Nov.
Beatrice Harraden: The Author of ‘Ships That Pass in the Night‘ (1911, review)
Dorinda (1911, short story)
— Miss Battye (1910): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4.
— Mary Mahon (1912); ch1; ch2; ch3.
Matrimony By Correspondence (1918, short story)
— Mrs Stuyvesant’s Christmas Guest (1918): ch1, ch2.
— Snoggins (1910; first published 1908): ch1; ch2.
— The Steward of the Kittywake (1913): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4.
Which? (1912, poem)
[Weston also wrote a number of novels that have yet to be found online: The Partners: a tale of the Nor’-West coast of Australia (1911; review 1912), available at SLNSW; The Prelude (1914; review 1917), available at SLNSW; The Man Macdonald (London: Holden and Hardinham, 1913?; review1 1913; review2)]

Whitfield, Jessie Mary aka J. M. Whitfield; b. 1862 Sydney; d.1964 Oxfordshire, England
The Silent King Speaks ([1916], poem)
The Spirit of the Bush Fire (1910, short story collection)

Wilkinson, Irene b. 1882, Geelong, Vic; d. 1970, Melbourne, Vic
The best horse (1916, short story)
For king and country (1916, short story)
Into the sunshine (1910, short story)
Janey’s miracle (1914, short story)
Marmite (1916, short story)
The passing of Cinderella (1916, short story)
The silence of Ruth Pryce (1917, short story)

Wilkinson, M E, aka Mary E Wilkinson; Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson; Mary Elizabeth Osborne; Mrs. A. W. Osborne; M. E. Wilkinson; b. 1877, Geelong, Vic; d. 1971, Melbourne, Vic
A boarding house romance (1914, short story)
Beverie (1910, short story)
Justice: a fragment (1917, drama)
The little people (1913, short story; Bush Sketcher series)
The optimist (1914, short story)
Smiling Bella (1913, short story)
The wedding of Marjorie (1916, short story)
The world force (1919, poem)

Woodard, Agnes Theodora. aka A T Woodard, Nessie Woodard (ref), Agnes T Woodard; b. 1881, London, Eng; d. 14 May 1947, Brisbane, Qld; worked as a school teacher (ref 16 Feb 1915); never married, lived in Wooloowin, Brisbane (ref 27 Oct 1947).
A coronation ode (1911, poem)
A lament for the waratah (1910, poem)
A song (1911, poem)
A sonnet (1910, poem)
Australia (1910, poem)
Beside a North Queensland River (1911, prose; scroll to view)
Evening on the Johnstone River (1911, poem)
The lands of the river scrub (1910, poem)
Plague and a patient (1918, short story)
The problems of domestic service – from a woman’s point of view (1912, prose)
The remembrance (1911, poem)
Sonnet – a farewell (1910, poem)
Storm (1912, poem)
The story of Stumpy (1910, short story; from A page for the boys )
Westward Ho! (1911, poem)

Young, Jeanne F aka Jeanne Forster Young; Sarah Jane Forster; b. 1 Jul 1876; d. 11 Apr 1955
Introduction to Catherine Spence: An Autobiography (1910, criticism)


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