The following list provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers published in the 1920s which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author in decade of publication.


Ansted, Josephine, The son of the bondwoman, H. G. Forster, Sydney, 1925, 380 pp.

Cross, Zora Bernice May, An introduction to the study of Australian literature  (Sydney : Teachers’ College Press: Angus & Robertson, 1922) text downloadable here.

Deamer, Dulcie,* Revelation: A Romance (1922)

Ercole, Velia.**

—–. “Freedom”, Country Life, 16/01/1925, available on TROVE.

—-. “Heroica”, The Australian Women’s Mirror, 4/43 (1928), available on TROVE.

—–. “The Lion’s Share: Christmas Story”, The Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser , 22/12/1942; (p2), available on TROVE.

Forrest, Mabel, Gaming gods: a novel, Hutchinson, London, 1926, 280 pp.

—–. Hibiscus Heart, Hutchinson, London, 1927, 287 pp.

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka “Owen Roe O’Neill”, “L”, Joseph Marizeeni, Bark House Days (1921)

—–. The breaking furrow: verses (Melbourne: S. J. Endacott, 1921)

Gaunt, Mary, The surrender: and other happenings (London: T. Werner Laurie [1920])

—–. As the whirlwind passeth, Murray, London, 1923, 314 pp.

Grimshaw, Beatrice, Queen Vaiti, N.S.W. Bookstall Co., Sydney, 1920, 168 pp.

Gwynne, Agnes M, The mystery of lakeside house, Robertson & Mullens, Melbourne, 1925, 166 pp.

Harper, Edith Alice Mary,** writing as Anna Wickham aka John Oland, The little old house: [poems] (London: Poetry Bookshop, 1921). Downloadable here. See also, New and Selected Poems of Anna Wickham Edited by Nathanael O’Reilly (UWAP, 2017)

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, Meg of “Minadong”, Edward A. Vidler, Melbourne, 1926, 221 pp.

—–. Pretty Nan Hartigan, Pellegrini, Melbourne, 1928, 213 pp.

—–. Pierce O’Grady’s daughter: an Australian story, Pellegrini & Co., Melbourne, 1928, 308 pp.

Mulry, Mary Egan,** The nobleman jackaroo, Simpson, Halligan & Co., Brisbane, 1927, 152 pp.

Richardson, Henry Handel,* The Way Home (1925)

—–. Ultima Thule (1929)

Simpson, Mary, Tell-tale stories from the bulletin, Edward A. Vidler, Melbourne, 1926, 91 pp

Stevens, Janie M, The mad painter and other bush sketches, Edward A. Vidler, Melbourne, 1926, 110 pp.


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* Links to the Australian Dictionary of Biography online
** Links to AustLit

Note: For purposes of this list “Australian” is defined loosely and may include authors who wrote books while living in Australia, or who wrote books set in Australia. Many of these text were found in the Colonial Australian Popular Fiction: A Digital Archive (CAPF) and bibliographical details and genre are taken from that archive. (Note: the archivists’ definitions of “romance” might differ from contemporary views.) Links to author names where given are to the CAPF archive, unless otherwise indicated; links to online texts are either to that archive, to pdf versions from the University of Sydney Digital Archive, Project Gutenberg or elsewhere as found. If you find other texts for this list, or better links to any of the books listed below, please let us know via the contact page.

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