Annie and Ida Rentoul, the early years

Annie and Ida Rentoul, the early years

by Whispering Gums Another in our series of juvenilia posts, this one on the sisters, Annie and Ida Rentoul   Australia has several bookish sisters, and we have featured some of them here, including Louise and Amy Mack, and Ethel and Lilian Turner. Annie and Ida...
Jean Curlewis, The lonely lady (short story)

Jean Curlewis

by Debbie Robson. .. more than anything what I value now, looking back on each of the novels (wishing she hadn’t died so young) is the way Curlewis evokes place

Jessie Urquhart, Hodden Grey (short story)

Jessie Urquhart, the jail governor’s daughter

by Elizabeth Lhuede Rediscovering Jessie Urquhart (1890-1948), another of our forgotten Australian women writers. In 1935, Zora Cross published an article, “Australian women who write”, in which she refers to many whose names will be familiar to readers of Australian...