The following list provides links to texts by Australian women writers published in the 1940s which are available for download or to be read online, and now includes some only available in print. Links are to TROVE unless otherwise stated. Note: for State Library of Victoria (SLVIC) digital collections, access conditions apply.

If you find other texts for this list, please let us know via the contact page.

Aston, Matilda Ann aka Aston, Tilly b.11 Dec 1873, Carisbrook Vic; d.1 Nov 1947, Windsor Vic; obituary 3 Nov 1947; photo portraits: Blind war workers via SLNSW.
A tribute to the old coach drivers – especially to my friend, Frank Smiley
Failure (1942, poem)
The inner garden (1940; with cameo pen drawing of author) – link to SLNSW digital collection
Memoirs of Tilly Aston, Australia’s blind poet author and philanthropist (1946) – link to archive.org

Ballantyne, Gina b. 1916, Adelaide, SA; d. 1973, Central Coast, NSW.
Phantom (1943) – link to SLNSW
Philistine (1945, poem)
Vagrant (1942) – link to SLNSW
Values (1947, poem)

Bannister, Sallie
Fourpenn’orth (1946, correspondence)

Barnard, Marjorie b. 1897; d. 1987. Part of writing team M Barnard Eldershaw – see separate entry)
The dressmaker’s romance (1940, short story)
Fighting in Vienna (1940, short story)
The persimmon tree (1942, short story)

Barry, Anna aka Anna Carey, Nora Barry b. 1902, Qld; d. 1964, Manly, NSW. A member of the Sunday Times staff in 1925. Biographical note: 1 Feb 1926; biographical note: 6 Mar 1926; biographical note May 1927; biographical note 1941.

A well-known Australian journalist, Miss Anna Carey (Mrs. Barry) arrived in Grafton on Saturday to join the staff of the Daily Examiner. Miss Carey has had extensive journalistic experience abroad in Malaya, China, in the Middle East and in London and is also a novelist and writer of short stories. She has also travelled widely in Australia, New Zealand and Java. During the past eighteen months she has been under contract to the Currawong Press of Sydney and her light romantic novels, written under the name of Nora Barry, have had Australian-wide sales. She has also published with the New Century Press of Sydney and her latest novel for that Press is in process of publication. Daily Examiner, 1 Dec 1941.

A short history of women (1947, column)
A tiger hunt: intruder in the kitchen (1942, prose)
An exhortation to our women (1947, correspondence)
Anna Barry replies (1947, correspondence)
Anna Barry replies to A.I. (1947, correspondence)
The beautiful island: bombs over Penang (1941, prose)
Better conditions for animals needed (1949, prose)
Ding! a North Queensland quisling (1942, short story)
The magi and the man: a Christmas story (1941)

Barns, Beatrice aka Beatrice Sarah Barns; b. 1883, Maryborough, Qld. A member of the Lyceum Club (ref).
In love we still are one (1944, poem)
Prelude (1943, poem)
Questing (1941, poem)
Sea sonnet (1943, poem)

Blewett, Dorothy; wrote as Ann Praize; b. 1898, Northcote, Vic; d. 1965, Melbourne, Vic.
Pattern for scandal (1948, novel; available via AustLit website, conditions apply)

Bowen, Stella b. 1893; d. 1947. Artist and writer; Wiki entry.
Drawn from life: reminiscences (1941, autobiography) – link to Open Library

Brand, Mona; a.k.a. Mona Alexis Fox Brand; Mona Alexis Fox; b. 22 Oct 1915 Sydney, NSW; d. 1 Aug 2007 Sydney, NSW
Lass in love (1946, poetry collected)
Silver singing (1940, poetry collected)

Bevan, Beatrice Vale birth name: Beatrice Vale; also writes as Mrs Willett Bevan, B V B; b. 1876, Vic; d. 1946, Adelaide, SA. Obituary 13 Apr 1945.
A day of prayer (1940, poem)
Easter (1943, poem)
Silence (1941, poem)
The unknown warrior: from sketches in verse and prose (1941)

Birkett, Winifred.**
Earth’s quality, published 4 May 1940 as an Australian Women’s Weekly novel.

Boake, Capel aka Doris Boake Kerr, D B Kerr; b. 29 Aug 1899; d. 5 Jun 1944.
Poems of Capel Boake (c1946; published by her sister A V Hubbard; includes some previously unpublished poems)
The twig is bent (1946; review by A.L.B. 1946); also printed as a serial: 1 Dec (ch1); (cont. p59); (cont. p60); 8 Dec; 15 Dec; 22 Dec (no title, but according to Index for that issue); 29 Dec; 5 Jan; 12 Jan; 19 Jan; 26 Jan; 2 Feb; 9 Feb; 16 Feb; 23 Feb; 2 Mar; 9 Mar; 16 Mar (final).

Bulcock, Emily, birth name: Emily Palmer; aka Emily Hemans Bulcock, Emily H Bulcock; b. 28 Jul 1877, Tinana, Qld; d. 4 Sep 1969, Qld.
From quenchless springs: new poems (1944, poetry)

Campbell, Anita b. c 1910 NSW; on her work: The Sun, 22 Mar 1947 (ref)
Apostrophe to David (1940, novel; Currawong press) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Little green specks: story of a postwar problem (1945, short story)

Carey, Anna See entry under Nora Barry

Casson, Marjory R; birth name: Marjory Rose Walker; aka Marjory Rose Casson; Mrs Frank Casson; also writes as M R Walker, M. R. C; M Casson; b. 1889 Adelaide, SA; d. 25 Jun, 1965, Adelaide, SA
A bird in the bush (1941, poem)
Disturbing, Prechett? (1940, short story)

Cheyne, Irene; birth name: Ruby Irene Daphne Cheyne; b. 1886, Wangaratta; d. 1951, Heidelburg, Vic.
Old chairs to mend (1941, children’s play); other publications in School magazine.

Chute-Erson, Kathleen b. c1876; d. 19 Nov 1966
Selected poems (1944) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Clift, Charmaine and George Johnstone.
— and George Johnstone. High Valley (1949; may be available via your local library as an ebook; details untapped.org.au)

Coffey, Ida; aka Penelope birth name: Ida Eunice Ash b. 1883, Kensington, Vic d. 16 May 1949, Melbourne, Vic
Look up and laugh: 13 years at the mike (1946) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Cole, Ida Jane Louisa; birth name: Ida Skinner; aka Cole, Ida J L; b ca 1880s;
— ‘Koo’ the kookaburra ([1940])

Cottrell, Dorothy; birth name: Ida Dorothy Ottley Wilkinson; aka Ida Dorothy Ottley Cottrell; b. 16 Jul 1902, Picton, NSW; d. 29 Jun 1957, Florida, USA.
My love will come (1948, serialised)
Where’s that dog, Spike? (1941, short story for children)

Crist, Alice Guerin, birth name: Alice Guerin; b. 8 Feb 1876, Ireland; d. 13 Jun 1941, Toowoomba, Qld. Arrived in Australia 20 Jan 1879; obituary 17 Jul 1941.
The Christian brother (1941, poem)
The guest (1942, poem)

Cross, Zora aka Zora Bernice May Cross, Bernice Smith, Z. C. Bernice May, Adelaide Stree, B May, Mary Glenbrook, Zora C Smith, Rosa Carment and Daisy M. b. 18 May 1890 Eagle Farm, QLD; d. 22 Jan 1964, Glenbrook, NSW. [works in copyright until 2034]
Fidelity (1940)

Dalziel, Kathleen, birth name: Laura Kathleen Natalie Walker, aka K Dalziel; also writes as Kathleen Womersley, Kathleen Walker; b. 1881, Durban, SA; d. 1969, Ivanhoe, Vic; arrived in Australia c. 1887. Dalziel’s son, Norman Preston Wormersly, died 16 July, 1945 on Ambon [Indonesia] (ref); note: the family death notice identifies three siblings: Reg, Alan (RAAF) and Mavis
Black cockatoos (1949, poem)
Dawn at the heads (1948, poem)
Early almond (1949, poem)
Eden (1948, poem)
Hut in the hills (1947, poem)
The luck-bringer (1941, poem)
Prisoner of war (1944, poem)
Salvage (1947, poem)
Silver wattle (1949, poem)

Davies, Edna aka Edna Irene Davies; b. c1896 d. 22 Dec 1952; author and journalist from Minlaton, SA (ref); death notice with age; obituary
Matron (1949, short story)

Deamer, Dulcie* aka Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Dulcie Deamer, Dulcie Goldie. b.1890; d.1972.
The 1949 glamorsex (1949, short prose)
Goldfish-bowl future (1948, short prose)
He laughed at the death-bone, (1949) Famous Detective Stories 2: 73-80.
Ladylike ladies – nineteen – what? (1945, short prose)
Miss in mufti (1945, short prose)
The sacrifice of the death-bowl, (1949) Famous Detective Stories, Series 3: 79-88.

Dick, Isabel; birth name: Charlotte Isabel Atkins; aka C I Atkins, C Isabel Atkins, Charlotte Isabel Dick, Mrs Ronald Dick; also writes as C I D; C I Dick. b. 24 Jun 1881, North Hobart, Tas; d. 12 Sep 1959, Hobart, Tas. Biographical snippet 1; biographical snippet 2 (18 Jul 1945)
Beauty for ashes (1940, short story)
Music is everywhere (1949, short story)
Wild orchard (1945, novel: dedicated to the early pioneers of Tasmania ) – link to archive.org

Doyle, Ruby Mary; aka Ruby Doyle, Ruby M Doyle b. 1887, Gunnedah, NSW; d. c1943, England
Death is not the ending (1940, poem)
Walton-on-Thames (1941, prose)

Drake-Brockman, Henrietta.* and **
— Look for the blister, short story (spy-thriller/romance/Japanese and German war story) Australian Women’s Weekly 26 Dec 1942 (pp 21, 21 and 27).
Results (1941, short story)

Drew, Dene; birth name: Christina Wilhelmina Kirkham; Mrs G W Kendrew of Bute, SA b. 1864 d. 1949
Anzac poem (1940, poem)
Australia (1940, poem)
Trevor’s dilemma (1940, serialised in Australian Christian Commonwealth): 2 Feb; 9 Feb; 16 Feb; 23 Feb; 1 Mar; 8 Mar; 15 Mar; 22 Mar; 29 Mar; 5 Apr; 12 Apr; 19 Apr; 26 Apr; 3 May; 10 May; 17 May; 24 May; 31 May; 7 Jun; 14 Jun; 21 Jun; 28 Jun; (incomplete)

Eldershaw, M Barnard (writing name for Flora Eldershaw 191897-1956) and Marjorie Barnard (1897-1987)
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (1947; may be available via your local library as an ebook; details untapped.org.au); also available to borrow via Open Library (sign up for free membership)

Ercole, Velia.** aka Margaret Gregory
All or nothing (1944, short story)
Banner for youth, (1941, short story), The Australian Women’s Weekly, 4 Oct 1941, also in Chatelaine, March 1941.
Hand In the dark (1943, short story)
Luck (1943, short story)
My hand In yours (1946, short story), Daily Advertiser, 29 Oct 1946. Also published as Overture in the Fog, Good Housekeeping, Nov 1944.
Overture in moonlight, (1940, short story), The Australian Women’s Mirror, 16/27 1940.
Some girls wear mink, (1946, short story), Daily Advertiser, 22 Oct 1946.
The stranger (1948, short story), The Australian Women’s Weekly, 26 Jun 1948, also available via archive.org.
Woman set free, (1945, short story), The Australian Women’s Weekly, 28 Dec 1946 (p 9, 30); also published in Chateleine, May 1945.

Evans, Nellie A, aka Nellie Alice Evans b. 1884, Goulburn, NSW; d. 1944. Before her death, Evans’ 1940s work was published in The bulletin, The sun (Sydney) and The Sydney morning herald (Sydney), and syndicated elsewhere, including The northern champion (Taree, NSW). A collection of her poems, The remembered valley and other poems, was published posthumously in 1947, with an introduction by Mary Gilmore. Her obituary appeared in Goulburn Evening Post (23 Jun 1944):

OBITUARY MISS N. A. EVANS The death occurred in Sydney on Saturday, June 17. of Miss Nellie A. ( Gypsy ) Evans. Al-though she had been in indifferent health for some time her sud-den death came as a great shock to her relatives and friends. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Evans, of the Crookwell district, where she was born and lived for a number of years before coming to Goulburn and later going to Sydney. She became well-known as a verse-writer, and many of her contributions in the Sydney dailies were much admired. She was noted for her lyric poems, for their originality, colour and delicate warmth. Her topical jingle was also distinguished by her keen wit. When Masefield visited Australia some years ago he commented on her work as having a true singing quality of the best lyric verse. She is survived by two sisters, Miss Emily Evans (Goulburn), Jane (Burwood), and one brother, Mr Charles Evans (Coogee). Two sisters predeceased her. Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Peter’s, Surrey Hills, on Monday morning, her funeral leaving later for the Catholic cemetery at Botany.

Her death was also marked with an appreciative Vale in Pertinent (1944), a magazine which had published several of her poems.

A moving undertaking (1942, prose)
Christmas morning (1940, poem)
Dante’s garland (1943, poem)
The inaccessible princess: a modern fairy tale (1942, short story)
Mountain magic (1943, poem)
Packing for the holidays (1942, prose)
The red road (1940, poem; in Bohemia)
Spring (1941, poem)
Sydney Harbour bridge (1940)
Treasures (1941, poem)

Faviell, Laura; birth name: Laura Eveline Faviell; aka Mrs Laura Eveline Dixon, Laura Edwards; also writes as Sylvia Fairfax. b. 1888 NSW; d. Apr 1953 (ref with biographical snippet); a nurse in WWII, she lived in Harbord (now Freshwater) NSW at the time of her death.
The distant star and other verses (1946) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Fielden, Lorna; b. 1887; d. 1977; may have been the same Lorna Fielden who was Head of the Preparatory School Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew (ref).
The gardener’s warning (1947) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Finlay, birth name: Mary Ellen Moroney; aka Mary Eileen Finlay, Mollie Eileen Moroney; Mary Eileen Fortescue; and Mrs E F Boswarrick. b. 16 Oct 1878, Maffra, Vic; d. 12 Jun 1950, Melbourne Vic; married in 1899; death notice 14 Jun 1950. [Note: a number of her novels are available in print at SLNSW]
A Cinderella town (1944, prose)
A Lilydale light that failed (1944, prose)
The amateur: being an answer to the specialist (1943, short story) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Anzac Day lives outback (1941, short story)
The departed romance of Brander’s Ferry (1941, prose)
Early Healesville (1943, correspondence)
Echoes of Gracedale House (1943, prose)
Ghosts of Melbourne (1943, prose)
In memoriam (1943, prose)
It’s a new world (1944, prose)
The Lock Fyne mine and Matlock (1943, prose)
MacVeigh’s has gone, but lingers in memory (1941, prose)
Memories of Melba; an old man tells; early days in bush home (1941, prose)
My heart was stirred in Healesville (1943, prose)
Operations…and all that (1948, short story) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Pentridge as it is today (1944, prose)
Return to Healesville: past and present comparisons (1944, prose)
Those were the days at home (1940, prose)
Three wars (1943, prose)

Finn, Mary Agnes b. c1860, Vic; d. Randwick, NSW 1948
Hermit’s life (1944, short story)
Irish assignment (1944, short story: Introduction: An exposure of sordid conditions in Ireland was wanted, but the young reporter found an infinitely better story )

Francis, Nancy aka Nancy C Francis, Black Bonnet b. 1873, England; d. 1954, Herberton, Qld; arrived in Australia c. 1910. Francis published many journalistic pieces in the Cairns Post (Qld) throughout the 1940s.

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka Robert Gray, Turner O Lingo, Gordon Manners, E, Alpenstock, Owen Roe O’Neill, L, Joseph Marizeeni (1868-1946). [works out of copyright] A prolific author whose full title list can be found at AustLit (subscription or access via library). [works out of copyright]
A hop ahead of science (1941, column, humour)
All washed up (1941, column, humour)
And sew on (1941, column, humour)
Bedtime story (1941, column, humour)
Forewarned (1941, column, humour)
Grammar lesson (1947, column)
Hops no handicap (1941, column, humour)
The lying truth (1941, column, humour)
Make no mistake (1941, column, humour)
Midnight memory (1941, column, humour)
Nothing’s special (1941, column, humour)
Odd corners (1941, column, humour)
Order department (1941, column, humour)
Plea for variety (1941, column, humour)
Problems solved (1941, column, humour)
Suspicious customer (1941, column, humour)
Sweet mystery of love (1941, column, humour)
Test for wives (1941, column, humour)
Try this (1941, column, humour)
Vacation (1941, column, humour)

Franklin, Miles birth name: Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, aka Stella Franklin; also writes as Brent of Bin Bin; Mr and Mrs Ogniblat L’Artsau, William Black, S.M.S, Stella Lampe, Vernacular, Sarah Mills, Sarah Miles, An Old Bachelor, The Glowworm, Field Hospital Orderly; b. 14 Oct 1879, Talbingo, NSW; d. 19 Sep 1954, Drummoyne, NSW; departed from Australia in 1906 and lived for a time in Chicago.
Authors on censorship (1948, column)
Australian writers need courage (1945, column)
‘E’: the fully story (1946, prose)
My career goes bung (1946; Angus & Robertson 1990 – link to archive.org: access conditions apply)
‘Twas ever thus (1948, criticism)

Gibbs, May birth name: Cecila May Gibbs; aka Cecilia May Ossoli Kelly; also writes as Blob, Stan Cottman; b. 17 Jan 1877, Kent, England; d. 27 Nov 1969, Sydney NSW; arrived in Australia 1881
— Fire: (1944, short story for children in School Magazine; abridged from ‘Mr and Mrs Bear and Friends’ ): 1 Feb; 1 Mar.
— Nuttybub’s adventure (1941, short story for children in School Magazine; slightly adapted from ‘Nuttybub and Nittersing’ ): 1 May; 31 May.
— The plot to kidnap Scotty (1942, short story for children in School Magazine, from ‘Scotty in Gumnut Land’ ): 2 Mar; 1 Apr.
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (1949, short story for children in School Magazine, from ‘Snugglepot and Snugglepie’ [sic] )
— Snugglepot and Ragged Blossom (1944, short story for children in School Magazine, from ‘Little Ragged Blossom’ ): 1 Sep; 1 Oct.

Gilmore, Mary; birth name: Mary Jean Cameron; b. 1865; d. 1962; Mary Gilmore was a prolific writer who published over many decades. A full list of her works can be found at AustLit (subscription or free access via library membership).
A strange relic: pathetic page from ‘Old days, old ways’ (1942, prose)
No foe shall (1942, poem)
The sainted onces (1940, poem)
Women writers (Letter to the Editor, The ABC Weekly 23 June, 1945: 20)

Gittins, Constance birth name: Constance Laura Doughty; aka Constance Laura Doughty Gittins, Mrs T Gittins Jnr, Connie Gittins; also writes as Constance L D Smith; born 25 Jun 1875, Gympie QLD; d. 1963, Bowral NSW
Farewell – and hail (1943, poem)
Message (1943, poem)

Goldstraw, Alice; aka Alice Jane Goldstraw; b. 1885, Allansord, Vic; d. 1967, Warrnambook, Vic.
Loch Ard Gorge: the story of a shipwreck (1948, selected work/poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Gore-Jones, Alice aka A Gore-Jones; b. 29 May 1887, Toowong, Qld; d. 26 Jul 1961, Brisbane, Qld. Gore-Jones was a journalist as well as a poet, who published most prolifically in the 1920s. A Bulletin article in 1940 described her as social editor for the Brisbane Telegraph (ref).
Anniversary (1940, poem)
The answer (1940, poem)
Christmas tree is set up on houseboat (1946, prose)
Searchlight (1942, poem)
St Valentine’s Day (1941, poem)
Varied headgear adorns guests at coast party (1946, prose)

Gornall, Lola, b. 1884, Sydney, NSW; d. 1969, Sydney, NSW.
Peter Pan’s garden (1943, poem)
Spirit of progress (1940, poem)

Graves, Kathleen birth name: Kathleen Eleanor Cowle Priest; a.k.a. Kathleen Graves; Kathleen Eleanor C. Graves; Kitty Priest; also writes as: The Two K’s ; K.E.C. Graves ; K.E. Graves; b.13 Apr 1901 Devonport, Tasmania; d. 13 May 1974 Deloraine, Tasmania
The decoy (1941, short story)

Gray, Mina; birth name: Mina Phyllis Gray; Mrs Alfred Leslie Bingham b. c 1917
A silver song (1947, poem)
Adventure in khaki (1944, short story; refers to author as Australian author )
Breakers ahead! (1944, short story)
Before dawn (1946, poem)
The bell (1944, short story)
Christmas (1948, poem)
Citadel (1945, poem)
Cul-de-sac (1947, poem)
The day (1945, poem)
Dawn (1947, poem)
Escaped beauty (1945, poem)
Exiles (1945, poem)
Dark encounter (1945, short story)
The fallen (1945, poem)
The false spring (1946, poem)
Flute song (1947, poem)
Fossil (1946, poem; on a piece of petrified wood found at Berowra )
For Pete’s sake (1945, short story)
Glass lady (1946, short story)
House in ruins (1947, poem)
Husband for Francesca (1947, short story)
Jungle broadcast (1945, poem)
Leave it to Mike (1946, short story)
The music box
Presence (1945, poem)
Resurgence (1949, poem)
Rose-plot (1947, poem)
Shop window reflection (1948, poem)
Spring song (1947, poem)
Unconsummate (1947, poem)
War years (1945, poem)

Greig, Maysie aka Maysie Coucher Greig, Mrs Max Murray, Jennifer Greig-Smith Sopoushek; also writes as Jennifer Ames, Ann Barclay, Mary Douglas Warren; b. 1901; d. 1971.
Reunion in Reno (1941, novel/romance) – link to archive.org, access conditions apply
Ring without romance (1940, short story/romance)
Workaday lady (1941, novel/romance) – link to archive.org, access conditions apply

Grimshaw, Beatrice. b. Antrim, Northern Ireland 1879; d. Kelso NSW 1953; arrived in Australia 1936.
At home with crocodiles (1944, prose)
The bells of Oberon (1945, prose)
Beautiful death (1947, short story)
Beyond the last league (1940, short fiction)
The devil pig (1940, short ficiton)
Mud in her eye (12 Oct 1940; short story)
Sands of coral (1940; short story)
Shadow of the palm (1946, short story)
Tonga and its Queen (1944, prose)

Hain, Gladys Adeline; birth name: Gladys Taylor; also writes as Anzac Officer; b. 1 Jul 1887, West Shelbourne, Vic; d. 6 Mar 1962, Carlton, Vic. In the 1940s, Hain was the editor of the pages for Australian women for The argus (ref). She also had journalistic pieces published in The Australasian, The advocate, and elsewhere.

Hart, Gertrude aka E Gertrude Hart; Ethel Gertrude Hart, E. G. H. and T. L. O. A. b. 1873 Vic; d. 1965
Conspiracy of two (1943, short story)
The lucky hit (1940, short story)
The psychologist (1942, short story)
The successful man (1941, short story)
The window table (1940, short story)
A woman’s way (1942, short story)

Hill, Ernestine
Girl crusader in the slums (1940, prose)
Long trek from Darwin (1942, prose; has photo of author)

Homfray, Lucy Everett, aka L E Homfray b. 1873, Sydney, NSW; d. 1951, Sydney; sister of a Canon Homfray who resided in Portland, near Lithgow, NSW; ; she wrote hymns to be sung, as well as poetry (ref1; ref2); resided at Lindfield, NSW (ref), Bowral and Beecroft. The announcement of her death in the Lithgow Mercury reads:

News has been received in Portland of the passing of Miss L. E. Homfray, sister, of Canon Homfray well known cleric who was one of the most popular rectors here some 30 years ago. Miss Homfray herself was a very gifted lady, having more than average ability, as a Prose Writer and Poetess. Her composition, Hymn for Airmen, set to the tune Old Hundreth was much used by some Army and Air Force chaplains. The deceased lady was a great inspiration to her brother in his parochial ministrations, her life could be summed up with due reverence in that noble tribute, She went about doing good!

Christ the King (1942, poem)
Hymn For Airmen (1940, poem; has editorial note, Many years ago the Homfray family lived at Tinosee for 17 years )
Hymn for Peace (1940, poem)

Jackson, Aura Z aka Aura Zelacostas, Aura Jackson, Aura Maura Zelacostas; b. 1908 Greece; m. 1929 to Alfred E Jackson, widowed Dec 1943; short story and radio script writer; image 1947.
A girl’s best friend (1943, short story)
Affectionately yours (1942, short story)
Air raid (1943, poem)
Apply within (1943, short story)
Beauty parlour (1943, short story)
Believe in fairies (1943, short story)
Birds without wings: satire (1944, short story)
Blackmailed (1943, short story)
Blind date (1942, short story)
The blue bluebird: a fairy story for adults (1942, short story)
The blue car (1943, short story)
Bluey (1943, short story)
The book (1943, short story)
Bus spy (1943, short story)
The disgruntled Aussie (1943, short story)
The editor regrets (1942, short story)
The enemy listens (1943, short story)
Fly away, Paul (1943, short story)
Footprints on the sands of thyme (1944, short story)
George Washington (1942, short story)
Glass houses (1943, short story)
Grecian maid (1943, short story)
Hitler’s no accident (1943, short story)
I’ve never seen Canberra (1945, article)
Lacquered Jardiniere (1943, short story)
The lake (1943, short story)
Last will and testament (1942, short story)
Letter to his love (1943, short story)
Light on a crime (1943, short story)
Lover’s knot (1943, short story)
Midnight tryst (1943, short story)
Min and Bill (1942, short story)
The misunderstanding (1943, short story)
Nom-de-radio (1943, short story)
Nursie (1943, short story)
Opposition candidate (1943, short story)
The other wife (1942, short story)
Pick up (1943, short story)
Pin-up girl (1943, short story)
Premonition (1943, short story)
The reluctant patient (1943, short story)
Return (1942, short story)
Rock of Zologo (1943, short story)
Rogues are inspiring (1943, short story)
Rosie (1943, short story)
Shoplifter (1942, short story)
Syntax (1943, short story)
Taffy was an orchid (1942, short story; competition winner)
Theatre (1942, short story)
This is glory (1942, short story)
Trash (1943, short story)
Until death (1943, short story)
Windows (1943, short story)

Jackson, Gladys; birth name: Gladys Smith; aka Gladys Violet Fredrika Jackson; Mrs William Jackson; b. 9 Dec 1881, Gatton, Qld.
China and its people (1947, prose; serialised in Pittsworth sentinel)

Jerome, Helen, birth name: Helen Bruton; aka Helene Jerome, Helen Bruton Jerome; also writes as Nellie Bruton, Helen Bruton; b. 10 May 1883, London, Eng; d. 10 Feb 1966, Berkshire, Engl.
— [Untitled] (1943, poem: Dear Janet Eyre, when we were young, quoted in an article on Helen Jerome’s stage adaption of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre)

Kelaher, Mary. Birth name Mary Ellen Cross. b. 1895, Moree, NSW; d. 1943, Sydney, NSW.
Mystery house:aA romance of wartime (1942, novella serialised in Australian Women’s Mirror): ch1 (12 May); ch3 cont. (19 May); ch4 cont. (26 May); ch6 cont. (2 Jun); ch8 cont. (9 Jun); ch10 cont. (23 Jun); ch12 cont. (30 Jun); ch13 cont. (7 Jul); ch14 cont. (14 July); ch15 (21 July); ch16 cont. (28 July); ch17 cont. (4 Aug); ch19 (11 Aug); ch20 cont. (18 Aug); ch21 cont. (25 Aug) final.

Kelly, Nora aka Nora McAuliffe b. NZ; one-time editor of the social pages of The bulletin.
Magnolia (1944, poem)
The sailor (1943, poem)
September 9, 1943 (1943, poem)
Street scene (1944, poem)

Kelman, Ethel; birth name: Harriet Ethel Kelman; also writes as E Dalrymple; b. 2 Oct 1882, Bishops Bridge, NSW; d. 1947, The Entrance, NSW
This England (1940, poem fragment)

Kershaw, Ethel M; birth name: Ethel May Dau; aka Ethel May Kershaw; b. 1887, Vic; d. 1965, Pascoe Vale, Vic
Garden fragrance (1948, selected works/poetry; meditations of a religious nature)
— ed. Garden gleanings (1948; meditations of a religious nature; includes two poems by Kershaw’s sister, A M Wiss)

King, Ailsa aka Ailsa Caroline Iceton; b. 26 May 1892, Weelamurra, Qld; d. 5 May 1986, Armidale NSW
Spit (1943, short story)

King, Jane Franklin b. 9 Dec 1895 NSW; d. 8 Jul 1967 Howrah, Tasmania
The son’s wife (1946, short story)

Knaggs, M R aka Mary R Knaggs, Mary Read Knaggs; b. 1884, Sydney NSW; d. 11 Jul 1974, Blue Mountains NSW.
The best is yet to be (1943, poem)
God’s purpose (1948, poem)

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, M. M. Knowles; John Desmond, Marion Miller, Aunt Patsy. b. Woods Point, Vic. 8 Aug 1865; d. Camberwell, Vic. 16 Sep 1949. ANDB entry. [works out of copyright]
Wattle Day for club charities (1941, poetry)

Just, Jennifer aka Irene Vere McMeekin; also writes as Irene Vere Cleverdon; b. 1887, Vic; d. 1979, Parkville, Vic.
Paper boats a-sailing (1945) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Ration of blue (1947, short story)

Law, Winifred.
Rangers of the Universe (Sydney: New Century Press, 1945; children’s fiction, science fiction).
— [Through Space to the Planets (Sydney: New Century Press, 1944; children’s fiction, science fiction; hard copy available SLNSW; also online copy available via UQ, access conditions apply)]

Lister, Gladys; birth name: Gladys Henriques; b. 23 Apr 1887, Hawthor, Vic; d. 1957, Sydney, NSW
Dawn mother (1942, novel)
The door in the tree (1943, short story for children in School magazine)
Grandpuff and leafy (1942, novel for children)
The house that beckons (Sydney: New Century Press, 1940; extract in School magazine 1941)
Jennifer stands by (1941, novel)
The waterfall (1942, short story for children in School magazine)

Litchfield, J S birth name: Jessie Phillips; aka Jessie Sinclair Litchfield, J Litchfield, Jessie Litchfield; b. 18 Feb 1883, Ashfield, NSW; d. 12 Mar 1956, Richmond, Vic; a resident of the Northern Territory for many years. Litchfield was a prolific poet and editor.
Garden of the north (1942, correspondence; in reply to an article by Ernestine Hill, The long trek from Darwin, ABC weekly 24/1/42)

Littlejohn, Linda birth name Emma Linda Palmer Teece; aka Mrs Charles T Tilden (ref); sister-in-law of Agnes Littlejohn; b. 11 Dec 1883; d. 21 Mar 1949. Littlejohn was a journalist and feminist who wrote regular articles for Australian women’s weekly in the 1930s.
Why we like Americans (1940, report of an ABC talk)

MacDonald, Annie birth name Anne Lowe; aka Mrs Alfred Henry MacDonald; born 1870, Kew, Vic.
The poet’s atlas (1944, poem)
Wouldn’t you? … poems of Australia (1943, poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Macdonald, Henrietta b. 1859 Macleay River, NSW; d. 1949 Maitland NSW
Forty-nine beautiful Australian poems (Glebe: Henrietta Macdonald, 1945) – via SLVIC digital collections
Rainbow Farm, or, Geoff the soldier: an Australian story (Glebe: Henrietta Macdonald [1945] – via SLVIC digital collections ( THIS is the third (and worst) Australian book I have recently felt constrained to drop from a great height into my new Lease-Lend dust bin. From a review in Daily Telegraph, 22 Jul 1944)
Three short early Australian stories (Glebe: Liberty Press, 1950)

McEwin, Margaret birth name: Margaret Fraser b. 3 Jan 1886, Adelaide, SA; d. 20 Sep 1958, Adelaide SA
Trees of Remembrance (1935, poem)

McFadyen, Ella aka Ella May McFadyen, Ella M’Fadyen, Ellen McFadyen; E. McF ; b. 26 Nov 1887, Stanmore, NSW; d. 22 Aug 1976, Lane Cove, NSW.
The pegmen’s walkabout (1947, poem for children; rhyme by Ella McFadyen, drawings by Edwina Bell)

McManis, Olive. Birth name: Olive Hero Gordon McManis; b. 1877, Paddington, NSW; d. 1973, Sydney, NSW.
Longing, ABC Weekly Vol 8, no. 9: 5 (1946, poem)

McNutt, M. E. birth name: Mary E Shaw; aka Mollie E McNutt, Mollie M’Nutt, Mrs Andrew M’Nutt; b. 23 Mar 1885, West Mailand, NSW; d. 26 Feb 1919, Torrington, NSW; obituary 5 Mar 1919 (ref).
The quarrel (1939, poem; published posthurmously)

Marlowe, Mary, birth name: Marguerite Mary Shanahan; aka Margaret Mary Marlowe; also writes as Puck ; b. 18 Feb 1884, St Kilda, Vic; d. 19 Feb 1962, Rooty Hill, NSW
Second-hand sweethearts (1943, short story)
When women agree (1943, short story)
Worn once (1944, short story)

Moore, Ivy; birth name: Ivy Amy Mary Walshe; aka Mrs J I Moore; b. 24 Aug, 1888, London, Eng; d. 1 Aug, 1956, Mosman, NSW.
Soft rain (1941, poem)

Morris, Myra.
Buses (1949, poem)
Room to let, a short story. The Australian Women’s Mirror, Vol25/no.11, 9 Feb 1949, p3.

Moresby, Isabelle; birth name: Emily Isabelle Hunt; aka E I Moresby, Emily Isabelle Moresby; b. 1886, Williamstown, Vic; d. 1967, Prahan, Vic.
The lucky dozen – real life stories for boys and girls (1940)
Music is good fun (1948, prose)
Music of the gum leaves (1948, prose)

‘Neville, Margot’** (pseudonym for sisters Margot Goyder b. 1896; d. 1975 and Ann Neville Goyder Joske b. 1887; d 1966 ). [Works in copyright until 2045.]
— The Cliffside case (serialised), Australian Women’s Weekly, 25 Sep, 9 Oct, 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 30 Oct, 6 Nov, 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov 1948 (final). (Oct 2 missing from TROVE?)
Compassionate neutral, (1945, short story): 19 May 1945, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Do not disturb, (1945, short story): 17 Feb 1945, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Do you remember, (1945, short story): 18 Aug 1945, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Double or quits, short story, 7 Dec 1940, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Fragile with care, short story, 7 Feb 1948, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Fred’s bomb, short story, 30 Jan 1943, The World’s News (p 16).
— The gardenia case, Australian Women’s Weekly, available on TROVE in instalments: 2 Nov, 9 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov, 7 Dec, 14 Dec, 21 Dec, 28 Dec 1946.
Home is the soldier, short story, 21 Sep 1946, Australian Women’s Weekly.
It dad to be you, short story, 2 Jul 1949, Australian Women’s Weekly.
— It’s a wise father, short story, 10 Apr 1943, The World’s News (p 12).
 Love Is Enough , short story, 14 Jun 1947, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Meeting At Night, short story, 1 Mar 1947, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Mr. Thatcher’s War (1943, short story)
Paradise for Two, short story, 20 Sep 1947, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Price for Perfection, short story, 22 Nov 1947, Australian Women’s Weekly.
The Professor’s Hammock, short story, 17 Mar 1943, Weekly Times.
— Rendezvous with Death, (serialised novel): 17 Nov, 24 Nov, 1 Dec, 8 Dec, 1945, Australian Women’s Weekly.
The Scent of Honeysuckle, short story, 27 Jul 1946, Australian Women’s Weekly.
 The Soldier and the Boy, short story, 1 May 1943, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Spring Meeting, short story, 23 Feb 1946, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Time Stood Still, short story, 15 Jul 1944, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Truth Takes a Holiday, short story, 20 Sep 1941, Australian Women’s Weekly.
Unsolicited Gift, short story, 13 Aug 1949, Australian Women’s Weekly.
The White Satin Gown, short story, 16 May 1942, Australian Women’s Weekly.

O’Harris, Pixie
Gulara ([1943], children’s story, Currawong press)
Rocks of Han ([1944], children’s story; Currawong press)

Palmer, Bessie aka Bessie Lilian Palmer b. 14 Dec 1880, Qld; d. 15 Jul 1964, Qld.
Bony finger (1940, prose snippet in World Wags, ABC Weekly: 19)
The hero (1945, short story)
The reward (1945, short story)
The sword of Damocles (1944, short story)
The wager (1945, short story)

Palmer, Nettie; aka Janet Gertrude Palmer. b. 18 Aug 1885; d. 19 Oct 1964. [work in copyright until 2034]. Palmer wrote extensively throughout the 1940s for publications including ABC weeklyThe Australian women’s mirror, The bulletin, Meanjin papers and other publications. The AustLit database entry for Palmer lists 541 in works in total.
The Australian literary fund and its working (1946, prose)
Uncle (1949, short story; by N.Q. )

Park, Ruth b. 24 Aug 1917, Auckland, NZ; d. 16 Dec 1910, Sydney NSW; arrived in Australia in 1942.
The castle where nothing would grow (1949; short story, children’s)
Early in the morning (1946, radio play)
The Harp in the South (1947, serialised in The Sydney Morning Herald): ch1.
Home to Dixie (1949, short story)
Occasional scene (1945, poem)
Poor Man’s Orange, (1949, published in the Sydney Morning Herald): ch1.

Powers, Phyllis M. birth name: Phyllis Mary Clarke; aka Phyllis M Power. b. 6 Sep 1887, Brighton, East Sussex, Engl; d. 1977; of Rupertswood, Victoria (ref). A note in Gadfly in 1906 refers to as the 17-year-old daughter of Sir Rupert Clarke, the well known magnate of Victoria (ref). Note: her father has an entry in Australian Dictionary of Biography wher she barely rates a mention.
— A hundred years ago: Australian leaves from the diary of an English Great-great-great-grandmother, further extracts from the diary of Elizabeth Clarke (nee Dowling), Power’s great-grandmother: 3 Aug 1949; 14 Sep 19495 Oct 1949; 25 Oct 1949; 11 Jan 1950; 18 Jan 1950; 25 Jan 1950; 29 Mar 1950; 19 Apr 1950; 10 May 1950; 31 May 1950; 28 Jun 1950.
Her first day : introduction of extracts from a diary by the great-grandmother of Phyllis M Power (nee Clarke), from 1849 and published for Australia Day January, 1949: p4; p37.
Five stories for Margrette-Anne (1944)

Prichard, Katharine Susannah b. 1883, Levuka, Fiji; d. 1969 Biographical note (17 Feb 1937)
Bad debts (1940, short story)
The bridge (1940, short story; illustrated)
Golden miles (1948; novel, second in Goldfields Trilogy) – link to archive.org; access conditions apply
The roaring nineties (1946; novel, first in Goldfields Trilogy) – link to archive.org; access conditions apply
The siren of Sandy Gap (1940, short story)

Primrose, Adelaide, birth name: Adelaide Elizabeth Paton Primrose, a.k.a. Mrs L. J. F. Gatzemeyer; b. 22 Mar 1877 Adelaide, South Australia; d. Nov 1944 obituary (10 Nov 1944); obituary of her husband mentions a son, Geoffrey (1 Jan 1932)
The Christ child (1941, poem)
The little flower (Feast Day, Oct 3) (1941, poem)

Quinn, Marjorie b. 28 Nov 1889, Sydney; d. 1972; biographical snippet in Our women of the open ways by A H Chisholm The Australian woman’s mirror (27 Jan 1925).
Great dearth of studios for women artists in Sydney (1940, prose)
Hollywood’s gone homey (1940, prose; not yet found, The clock struck five in same magazine, ABC weekly ref)
Something to love (1941, short story)
The web she wove (1942, short story)
Women who will play a part in Australian drama month (1940, prose)
Women writers are nice folk, really (1940, prose; mentions several Sydney/NSW writers of her acquaintance who gather at Kings Cross residence of Mary Gilmore: Ethel Turner, Dora Wilcox, Flora Eldershaw, Marjorie Barnard, Winifred Birkett, Mary Kelaher, Vera Dwyer, Ella McFadyen, Dulcie Deamer)

Ramsay, Isolde b. 1898, Dubbo NSW; d. 1946, Parramatta, NSW.
Spring morning (1946; poem written at Thornleigh, NSW)
To an old-timer (1846, poem)

Robertson, Philadelphia, N. b. 27 Feb 1886, Wangaratta, Vic; d. 11 Jan 1951, East Melbourne, Vic. Wrote a collection of poems in WWI.
Healesville Red Cross (1943, correspondence)

Roland, Esther** birth name: Eena Marie Crowley; a.k.a. Mrs G. H. Job; E. M. Job; Eena M. Job; also writes as: Eena Job; b. 8 Jan 1918 NSW; d. 18 May 2007 Qld
Fourth generation (1941, short story)
— No power now (1942, short story;adventure/romance), Australian Women’s Weekly, 26 Dec 1942 (p 22, 23, 24 and 25).
— Simple Simon (1947, short story; outback romance/post-war story), Australian Women’s Weekly, 1 Nov 1947 (pp 3, 4 and 10).

Roughley, Edna a.k.a. Edna G. Roughley; Edna Gladys Roughley; b. 1905 Marrickville, NSW; d. 16 Apr 1989 Sydney, NSW
Mouthful of mud (1940, short story)
Christmas present (1941, short story)

Rosman, Alice Grant. b. 18 July 1882; died 20 August 1961; aka Alice Trevenen Rosman.
Australian airmen come to tea – London hospitality for overseas troops (1940, prose)

Russell, Lindsay, birth name: Patricia Ethel Stonehouse; also wrote as Harlingham Quinn b. 1 Aug 1883, Nhill, Vic; d. 1 May 1964, Melbourne, Vic.
Sands of the desert epilogue (1942; quotation from earlier publication written under the pseudonym Harlingham Quinn)

Sabine, Jo aka Freda Josephine Tindal b. 1899, Grafton NSW; d. 11 Dec 1978 NSW.
The pillow pat poems (Sydney: New Century Press, 1941)

Simons, Marion aka Marion Betteridge Simons; b. 25 Sep 1883, Crystal Brook SA; d. 5 May 1952; also wrote as Mrs Tulliver
Chinese god goes bush (1940, prose)
The inn-keeper’s wife (1941, short story; a Christmas story) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Simpson, Helen aka Helen de Guerry Simpson, Helen De Guerry Browne, Mrs Denis John Browne, Mrs D J Browne, Helen de G Simpson, S. H. and H. S. b.1 Dec 1897, Sydney, NSW; d. 14 Oct 1940, Worcestershire, Eng.
Maid no more, London: Heinemann, 1940, novel. Link to Project Gutenberg Australia.

Simpson, Mary; birth name: Mary Williams; writes as Weeroona ; b. 1884, Stawell, Vic.
Crossing swords with fate : episodes in the life of the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon: a play in six scenes (1940, drama) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Sketheway, Effie, Effie Edgar Sketheway, E E Sketheway b. Adelaide, SA; 31 Jan 1877; d. 23 Oct 1948 Adelaide, SA; aka A Muser; studied music at Adelaide University; was injured in an accident (perhaps a fall from a horse) and entered into a Home for Incurables .
My dream garden (1948, poem)
The optimist (1950, poem published posthumously)
Pain (1943, poem; also correspondence from the author about her incapacity)
Values (1948, poem)

Smith, E Nea aka Esther Nea-Smith; Esther Nea Smith; Esther Smith; Essie Meyers; b. 1889, South Yarra, Vic; d. 1971, St Leonards, NSW
Australia: land of blue and gold (1940, selected work/poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
Blossoms of grace (1940, selected work/poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The heavenly ambassador (1940, selected work/poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Smyth, K Carew, birth name Katherine Graham, aka Katherine Carew Smyth, Katherine Carew-Smyth, K Smyth, K Carew-Smyth; also wrote as Malicia Demons, many journalistic prose pieces written under this pen-name are not listed here. b. 1 Mar 1876 Toowoomba, Queensland; d. 1954, Queensland; ; obituary 11 Oct 1954.
These lanky men (1942, poem; writing as Malicia Demons ; Note: A Great deal affecting the course of the war depnds on these lanky men from the antipodes. The Australians did what was expected of them, and more. A C Sedgewick in the NY Times )

Stafford, Stella aka Mrs James Stafford, Annie Stella Stafford; birth name: Annie Stella Isavel Harris; b. 1888, Clifton Hill, Vic; d. 1969, Eltham, Vic
The best of all: stories for young and old (1945) – link to SLVIC digital collection+
The path of life (1948; reprinted from 1934 publication?) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Stevens, J. M. aka Joan Marguerite Stevens; Janie M Stevens, Joan M Stevens; b. 1887; d. 30 May 1944.
Contrast (1941, short story)

Steger, Winifred; birth name: Winifred Oaten; aka Mrs Karum Bux; Bebe Zatoon; also writes as Winifred the washerwoman; Sapphire Bill, Winifred Stegar; b. 1882, London, Eng; d. 1981, SA; arrived in Australia 1891.
The grass is green again (1947, short story)

Street, Jessie M G; birth name: Jessie Lillingston; aka Jessica Mary Grey Street, Jessie M Street, Lady Jessie M G Street; also writes as Jellica Lillingston; b. 18 Apr 1889, Nagpur, India; d. 2 Jul 1970, Paddington, NSW
Equal pay (1942, correspondence)
Women as pets (1942, correspondence)
Women-power (1942, correspondence)
Women’s wages (1946, correspondence)

Tennant, Kylie a.k.a. Kylie Rodd; Mrs Lewis Rodd; b. 12 Mar 1912 Manly, NSW; d. 29 Feb 1988 Sydney, NSW.
Jim (1942, short story)
Lost haven (1946, serialised)
The miracle (1940, short story)
Ride on stranger (1943; may be available as an ebook via your local library; details on untapped.org.au)
Sunday afternoon: a real life sketch (1941, short story)
Time enough later (1945, serialised novella) – first chapter here.

Thompson, Nita O birth name: Nita Olive Julia Thompson; also writes as Marrigal ; b. 31 Dec Glenelg, SA; d. 7 Mar 1970, Adelaide, SA
Are opals unlucky? (1942, short story)
The deputy (1943, short story)
Dusty’s slip (1944, short story)
The Finke fugitive (1943, short story)
For better or worse (1941, short story)
Hope for the best (1942, short story)
Just a whim (1946, short story)
Lost dischord (1943, short story)
Minding baby (1943, short story)
The picture (1943, short story)
Rivers rising (1944, short story)
Stagnation (1944, short story)
Their start return (1943, short story)
The voice (1943, short story)
Woman’s reasoning (1941, short story by Marrigal )

Thornton, Fairelie; birth name: Florence Thompson; aka Florence Rudge; b. 1860, London, Eng; d. 1950, Chatswood, NSW; arrived in Australia 1914.
Fear and faith (1940, poem)
The old year and the new (1948, poem)

Tomholt, Alice C. birth name: Alice Christina Tomholt; b. 1887, Richmond, Vic; d. 27 Oct, 1949, Ballarat, Vic.
Victory for Celia (1946, short story)

Torrance, Joan aka Joan Kerr; Mrs Kerr; b. 1867; d. 1945 VIC
The shrine (no publication date given; 1900s-40s; poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection

Vincent, M. G. birth name Melva Gertrude Vincent; a.k.a. Melva Thomas; Melva Vincent; also writes as D.O.S. b. 23 Dec 1912 Dorrigo, NSW; d. 4 Oct 2004 Canberra, ACT.
Milligan’s colt (1949, short story)
Mr Tollput’s rose bushes (1949, short story/humour)
Unpunctual stork (1949, short story)

Weatherly, Marjorie. Birth name: Mary Ann Marjorie Weatherly; aka Marjorie Carter; Marjory Carter, Mrs M. Carter, Mrs Carter. b. 1884 Ranxholme, Vic; d. 1967 Rupanyup, Vic.
To my sister (1948) – link to State Library of Victoria Digital Collection

Weigall-Chase, Sylvia and Cedric Weigall-Chase.
Hookum’s gang, or, the story of Jimmie and his elephant (Sydney: New Century Press, 1940; children’s fiction).

Wells, Elizabeth E; birth name: Elizabeth Ellen Worland; aka Elizabeth Ellen Wells; b. 1888 Geelong, Vic; d. 1965, Geelong, Vic.
Along the way (1949, selected work/poetry) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Wilkinson, Irene b. 1882, Geelong, Vic; d. 1970, Melbourne, Vic.
Dahlia slug (1946, children’s picture book)
The lyrebird (1946, poem)
Shelter of theology (1943, correspondence)
Walter worm (1944, children’s picture book)

Wilson, H.H. birth name: Helen Helga Mayne; a.k.a. Helen Helga Wilson; Helga Mayne; Mrs Edward Lionel Wilson; Helen Wilson; b. 25 Jan 1902 Zeehan, Tasmania; d. Feb 1991 Sydney, NSW
Case dismissed (1946, short story)
The girls (1948, short story)
Grand piano (1946, short story)
Grapes from thorns (1947, short story)
Letter from Emily (1948, short story)
Returned to base (1946, short story)
— [Untitled: “It was the Kinonan’s big day…”] (1949, short story; writing as Edward Boxer)

Wiss, A. M. birth name: Alice Maud Dau; aka Alice Maud Wiss, Alice Maud Dow; b. 1875, Vic; d. 16 Nov 1936, Hobart, Tas. Sister of Ethel M Kershaw.
Christmas thoughts in Garden Gleanings, ed. Ethel M Kershaw (1948, poem)
Winter in Garden Gleanings, ed. Ethel M Kershaw (1948, poem)

Wyatt, A Forsyth; birth name Annie Forsyth Evans, aka Annie Forsyth Wyatt; Mrs Ivor Bertie Wyatt. b. 3 Jan 1881; d. 27 May 1961; biographical snippet and portrait of author.
Cradle of our history (1947, correspondence)
— [ To the editor of the Herald ] (1940, correspondence)


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** Biographical and bibliographical information on the following authors can be obtained by subscription from AustLit:
Birkett, Winifred
Drake-Brockman, Henrietta
Ercole, Velia
‘Neville, Margot’
Roland, Esther (Eena Marie Crowley)