The following list provides links to texts by Australian women writers published in the 1950s which are available to be read online. Note: If you find other texts for this list, or better links to any of the texts listed below, please let us know via the contact page.

Foott, Bethia.
—–. “Mary Hannay Foott,” (1959: The Bulletin, 1 July vol 80 no 4142 (pp 34-35, 44): an entertaining personal account of the life of the early Scottish-Australian journalist, poet and story-teller, Mary Hannay Foott, written by her grandson’s wife.

‘Neville, Margot’* (pseudonym for sisters Margot Goyder and Ann Neville Goyder Joske); biographical and bibliographical information on the author can be obtained by subscription or via library log-in from AustLit: ‘Neville, Margot’.
—–. The Case of Come Hither Bend, serialised (1950): Australian Women’s Weekly: 22 Apr, 29 Apr, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May, 3 Jun (final).
—–. Cyanide For Supper, serialised in Australian Women’s Weekly (1951): 27 Jan, 3 Feb, 10 Feb, 17 Feb, 24 Feb, 3 Mar, 10 Mar, 17 Mar, 24 Mar, 31 Mar (final).
—–. The Flame of Murder, serialised (1959), Australian Women’s Weekly: 27 May, 3 Jun, 10 Jun, 17 Jun (final).
—–. Holiday’s End, short story, 16 Jan 1957, Australian Women’s Weekly.
—–. “Love-in-a-Mist“, short story, 28 Apr 1954, Australian Women’s Weekly.
—–. Murder and Poor Jenny, serialised (1950) Australian Women’s Weekly: 2 Feb, 9 Feb, 16 Feb, 23 Feb.
—–. “Murder of Olympia“, short story, 27 Jun 1956, Australian Women’s Weekly.
—–. Murder of the Well-Beloved, published 6 January 1954 as an Australian Women’s Weekly novel in supplement form, and available on TROVE.
—–. Murder Was Her Welcome, serialised (1957), Australian Women’s Weekly: 18 Sep, 25 Sep, 2 Oct, Oct 9 (final).
—–. “Once Upon a Time,” 16 Jun 1954, Australian Women’s Weekly.
—–. “Over the Fence“, 22 Jul 1953, Australian Women’s Weekly.
—–. “The Seagull said Murder”, short story in two parts (1953) Australian Women’s Weekly: 28 Jan, 4 Feb.
—–. “There’s Only One Road,” short story, 16 Jul 1952, Australian Women’s Weekly.

* Biographical and bibliographical information on the following author can be obtained by subscription from AustLit: ‘Neville, Margot’

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