The following list is intended to provide links to texts by Australian women writers published in the 1960s which are available to be read online. (This is a work in progress, so if you have an other authors or links to add, please let us know.)

Neville, Margot.** [aka sisters Margot Goyder and Ann Joske]:

—–. Come See Me Die, serialised (1964), Australian Women’s Weekly, 1 Apr, 8 Apr, 15 Apr, 22 Apr, 29 Apr (final).

—–. Drop Dead, serialised in three parts (1963), Australian Women’s Weekly, 1 May, 8 May, 15 May.

—–. Head on the Sill, serialised (1966), Australian Women’s Weekly, 26 Oct, 2 Nov, 9 Nov (final).

—–. Love And the Law, short story, Australian Women’s Weekly 10 Jan 1968.

—–. Murder Beyond the Pale, serialised (1962), Australian Women’s Weekly, 29 Aug, 5 Sep, 12 Sep, 19 Sep, 26 Sep.

—–. Sweet Night For Murder, serialised (1960), Australian Women’s Weekly, 7 Sep, 14 Sep, 21 Sep, 28 Sep (final).

—–. “You’re Only Old Once,” short story, 19 Feb 1969, Australian Women’s Weekly.

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