The following list provides links to texts by well-known and forgotten Australian women writers published in the 1910s which are available either to be read online or for download. They are organised alphabetically by author in decade of publication.


Aimir, Noel aka Marie Lion, The black pearl, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1911, 244 pp.

Boake, Capel aka Doris Boake Kerr, Painted clay, Australasian Authors’ Agency, Melbourne, 1917, 343 pp.

Boldrewood, Rose aka Browne, Rose Christiana Angell (Birth name), The Complications at Collaroi, John Ouseley, London, 1911, 304 pp.

Bruce, Mary Grant,* A Little Bush Maid (1910)

—–. Mates at Billabong  (1912)

—–. Back To Billabong (1914)

—–. Captain Jim  (1916)

—–. ‘Possum (1917)

Deamer, Dulcie,* The Suttee of Safa: A Hindoo romance (1913)

Downes, Marion Grace (romance), Swayed by the Storm : a story of Australia to-day, Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1911, 264 pp.

Gaunt, Mary, A Broken Journey: Wanderings from the Hoang-Ho to the Island of Saghalien and the Upper Reaches of the Amur River (London: T. W. Laurie Ltd., ca.1919) multiple formats here.

—–. A wind from the wilderness (London: T. W. Laurie, ltd., [1919]

—–. A Woman in China (London: T Werner Laurie, c. 1914) multiple formats here.

—–. Alone in West Africa (New York: C. Scribner’s Sons; London: T. W. Laurie, ca. 1912) multiple formats here.

—–. The Ends of the Earth, T.( Werner Laurie, London, 1916) 237 pp

Harper, Edith Alice Mary,** writing as Anna Wickham aka John Oland, The man with a hammer: verses (London: G. Richards, 1916) Downloadable here.

—–. The contemplative quarry [1917]; and, The man with a hammer [1916] (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and co., 1921) available here.

Howson, May Isabel, Love’s sacrifice (founded on facts). A book for the trenches. Depicting undying love, Imperial Press, Melbourne, 1917, 199 pp.

Mack, Louise (romance), The Romance of a Woman of Thirty, Rivers, London, 1911, 374 pp.

Osmond, Sophie,** An Australian Wooing (1916)

Praed, Mrs Campbell; aka Praed, Rosa Caroline (romance and gothic), Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land: a story of Australian Life (1915)

Quin, Tarella aka (married name) Tarella Daskein (romance), Kerno: a stone, William Heinemann, London, 1914, 283 pp.

—–. Paying Guests, Lothian Book Publishing, Melbourne, 1917, 311 pp.

Richardson, Henry Handel,* The Getting of Wisdom (1910)

—–. Australia Felix (1917) (Vol 1 of The Fortunes of Richard Mahony)

—–. The Fortunes of Richard Mahony (1917)


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Note: For purposes of this list “Australian” is defined loosely and may include authors who wrote books while living in Australia, or who wrote books set in Australia. Many of these text were found in the Colonial Australian Popular Fiction: A Digital Archive (CAPF) and bibliographical details and genre are taken from that archive. (Note: the archivists’ definitions of “romance” might differ from contemporary views.) Links to author names where given are to the CAPF archive, unless otherwise indicated; links to online texts are either to that archive, to pdf versions from the University of Sydney Digital Archive, Project Gutenberg or elsewhere as found. If you find other texts for this list, or better links to any of the books listed below, please let us know via the contact page.

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