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Adams, Bertha Southey aka Bertha Adams, B. S. Adams, Mrs T C Brammall, Berth Southey Brammall, Bertha Brammall; b. 1877 Hamilton, Tas; d. 1957 Sydney, NSW; biographical snippet (21 Mar 1936); widowed 1945 (ref)
A Scene on the North-West Coast (1894, poem)
— A Wandering Lamb (1897; children’s fiction), ch1, ch2; ch3; ch4; ANFD entry.
— “The Answer (1898, poem)
— Betty (1896; children’s fiction), ch1, ch2.
— “The Butterfly” (1894, poem children’s)
— “Darliea: A Fairy Tale of Ceylon” (1897), ch1, ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ANFD entry.
— [Dusky Dell (Launceston, Tas, The Examiner, 1898); print copy available at SLNSW)] review 1898.
— Ethel: The Short Tale of a Tennis Ball (1898; children’s fiction), ch1, ch2.
Firelight Fancies (1894; poem for children)
— “The Fool of the Shadowy Valley” (1896; children’s fiction): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch11; ch12; ch16; ch18; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch25 (final).
How It Happened (1897, poem – very faint scan)
— In the Heart of the Glowing Coals (1898; children’s fiction), ch1, ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5 (not labelled?); ch6; ch7; ANFD entry.
Lassie (1897, poem)
— Mates and Moses (1896, children’s fiction): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4 (13 Jun); ch4 (20 Jen); Jun 27; ch7 (4 Jul); ch9 (11 Jul); 18 Jul; ch9 (25 Jul); ch10 (1 Aug); ch12 (8 Aug); 15 Aug; ch13 (22 Aug);
— Monica (1897), ch1, ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ANFD entry.
Nameless (1898, poem)
One of Many (1897, poem)
The Pilgrim’s Grave (1896, poem)
Sunrise at Hamilton-on-Forth (1896, poem)
— The Three B’s (1899; children’s fiction), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch9 (cont.) (Sat 6 May); ch10 (Sat 6 May); ch13 (Sat 13 May); ch14 (Sat 13 May); ch14 (Sat 20 May); ch15 (Sat 27 May); ch16 (Sat 3 Jun); (note: chs 11 and 12 missing or after 9 mislabelled? ANFD entry.
Wattle (1898, poem)
— Yu-Yu’s Love Tale (1898, children’s fiction), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ANFD entry.

Anderson, Thistle; a.k.a. M. C. Fisher; Thistle M. C. Anderson; Thistle Clavering Fisher; Thistle Clavering Shearmur b. 12 Oct 1878, Scotland; arrived in Australia 1885; interview with the author (19 May 1905); biographical snippet in The Bulletin (1905)
[— Carmen (1897, short story adventure) appears in The Australian Journal, access via SLNSW requires log in: Gale link]

Baker, Louisa Alice*****  aka Mrs L A Baker, “Dot”, “Alice” and Alien. Birth name: Louisa Alice Dawson b. Warwickshire, England 1856; d. Deal, Kent, England,1926). Note: English author who lived in New Zealand from 1863 to 1894 and set three of her novels partly in Australia, so probably spent some time in Australia.
— Confidences to Her Cousins Across the Sea (Ladies Column: 21 Sep; Ladies Column: 23 Nov; 1895)
The Untold Half (London: Hutchinson & Co.1899, 406 pp.) Downloadable as pdf. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Bateson, Caroline Emma aka “C.E.B.”, Mrs C E Bateson b. 1856; d. 1906
Exit Bogie! (1898, short story)
Goodie and Grandma (1899, short story; children’s fiction :”selected from the Western Australian Fairy Tale book”)
Lady Santa Claus (1899, short story; children’s fiction: “selected from the Western Australian Fairy Tale book”)
My Enthusiastic Relation: A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Dr. Schomburgk (1891, biography)

Baynton, Barbara aka “B.B.”, “B” (1857-1919)
Good-Bye Australia  by “B. B.” (1899, poem)
Fragments: Day-Birth and To-Morrow (1899, poems)
The Tramp (1896)

Bedford, Ruth b. 2 Aug 1882, Petersham, NSW; d. 24 Jul 1963, Paddington NSW
Rhymes (1893) – link to SLVIC digital collection+

Benham, Agnes b. [1850]; d. [1915]; mother of Rosamond Agnes (Benham) Taylor.
— [Untitled] (1898, criticism)

Blitz, Mrs A. (Julia) (1847-1923).
An Australian millionaire, Ward, Lock & Bowden, London, 1894, 498 pp. downloadable as pdf. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Bode, Ettie aka Bode, Mrs. J. A. aka Ettie E Ayeliffe (1836-1920).
A Christmas Sonnet (1890, poem)
An Idyl (1891, poem)
Christmas (1893, poem)
Christmas (1894, poem)
Christmas Carol (1898, poem)
Christmas Lines (1897, poem)
Help! (1893, poem)
— The Lubra in Australian Poets: 1788-1888 ed. Douglas W B Sladen, New York: Cassell Publishing Company 1890: 60 (pdf)
— Sighingsweet: a fairy tale (1891, short story)
— Too Much Governed (1891, poem; attributed to “Ettie S Bode”, but most likely a typo)

Broad, Mrs Alfred. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD. Possibly the married name of Emmeline Fanny Ray (source: wikipedia entry on Alfred Scott Broad).
— [After the Summer Rain, The Centennial magazine, Sep 1890 edition; print copy available in SLNSW]

Braithwaite, Marie, aka Jack Rugby and E J Braithwaite, nee Maria Black. b. circa 1861; d. 1927 (obituary)
A Broken Curb (1899, short story)
A Cat’s Paw (1899, short story)
A Haunted Station (1898, short story)
A Romance of the Camp (1897, short story)
An Unpromoted Officer (1897, short story)
The Bread of Cain (1898, short story)
The Colt Breaker (1898, short story)
How I Aided an Absconder (1898, short story)
In Bonds of Brotherhood (1899, short story)
In the Grasp of a Madman (1898, short story)
Katie (1897, short story)
Mrs Wilson’s Family Pride (1897, short story)
My Aunt’s Legacy (1898, short story)
Old Miller’s Tambourine (1897, poem)
Tommy’s Abduction (1899, short story)

Browne, Jessie Campbell aka Mrs W C Browne, Mrs William Charles Browne; Ecce Homo
The Three Sisters (Parramatta: Fuller’s Printing Works, 1892) – link to NSWSL digital collection

Bruton, Nellie, birth name: Helen Bruton; aka Helene Jerome, Helen Bruton Jerome; also writes as Nellie Bruton, Helen Bruton; b. 10 May 1883, London, Eng; d. 10 Feb 1966, Berkshire, Engl. As “Nellie Bruton”, the author began publishing at an early age, several poems appearing in The freeman’s journal, The bulletin, Sydney Mail and Cosmos magazine (ref) in the late 1890s. Bruton married the editor of Cosmos, Armand Jerome, in 1900 (ref).
A woman and a fly (1899, short story)
At dusk (1899, prose)
White roses (1897, poem)
You and I (1899, poem)

Caffyn, Kathleen aka Caffyn, Mrs Mannington, K M Caffyn, and Iota (romance) (1853-1926). AustLit database lists “Iota” as a visitor, rather than Australian.
A comedy in spasms
, Hutchinson, London, 1895, 282 pp. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Cambridge, Ada (1844-1926).
— A breath of the sea (1897; short story serialised in Australian Town and Country Journal): 20 22 Jan; 29 Jan; 5 Feb.
— A sweet day (1898, short story): 6 Aug; 13 Aug.
The ambushed enemy (1898; originally in Windsor Magazine; reprinted Hamilton Spectator)
The charm that works (1891, novella): ch 1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6 (poor print quality); ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15. Links in Trove found with assistance from The Australian Newspaper Fiction database. Print quality not good.
Company: a love episode (1891)
— In the dead of night (1897): ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch4 (cont.); ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch7 (conclusion). “‘In the Dead of Night’ is well written, and records the discovery, after many years, of a singularly sensational episode in the history of an old English home.” (From a ATJC promotion 2 Oct 1897.)
Not all in vain (1892) – links to archive.org
Materfamilias (1898) – links to gutenberg.org
— “One of These Little Ones” (1905, short story): 11 Jun; 18 Jun.
The three Miss Kings (1891) – links to gutenberg
— Two old fogies (1898): ch1; ch 1(cont.); ch2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4 (conclusion).
— The wind of destiny (1898, in Australian Town and Country Journal): 20 Aug; 27 Aug. “A shower of rain, a space of clear moonlight filled with romance, and a million other manifestations bf the inanimate world, are factors in the fate of man. Trifles light as air have often more influence upon him than all the wisdom of all the ages, and matters apparently of no more moment than the thistledown that floats in the vagrant wind change the whole course of his existence. This is the theme of ‘The Wind of Destiny,’ by the well-known novelist Ada Cambridge, which will appear in our issue of August 20. It is a well written story, the stage upon which the little drama is played being a yacht on the pleasant but on this occasion somewhat boisterous-waters of Hobson’s Bay.” ATCJ promotion (6 Aug 1898).

Carmichael, Jennings aka Grace Elizabeth Jennings, Carmichael, Mrs Francis Mullis. b 24 Feb 1867, c 9 Feb 1904. Carmichael published several short stories, as well as hundreds of poems (listed on AustLit database).
— A brown little girl (1897): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4.
A camp-fire confidence (1895, short story)
A Christmas house party (1896)
— A case of identity (1896): ch1; ch2.
— [“The Children of the Bush: A Sketch”, The Antipodean 1892: 69-73, available at SLNSW]
— “Christmas Day at the children’s hospital Melbourne” (1893, column)
— A little hoyden (1898): ch1; ch2.
Bullocks (1896, short story)
— “Gyp’s dream: in the children’s hospital” (1890, poem and short story)
Hospital children: sketches of life and character in the children’s hospital, Melbourne (1891) – link to SLNSW Digital Collections
Jack’s snake story (1891)
Larry (1896, short story)
Mac’s experiment (1897, short story)
— [My old station home, Centennial Magazine vol 2 no 7, 1890: 556-560; available in hard copy and microform SLNSW]
Nipped in the bud (1895, short story)
Real old chums (1896, short story)
— Too late (1896, short story): ch1; ch2.

Castilla, Ethel aka Ethelrita Ramos de Castilla, aka “Viva”. b. Kyneton, Vic 1861; d. Camberwell, Vic, 1937. [Note on the death of her sister Amy, one of the first women graduates in medicine at Melbourne University and a founder of the Women’s Hospital, 19 Nov 1898. Mentioned briefly in Women in Australian literature The Advance Australia, 15 Oct 1918 and again in Who were they? by W E Fitz Henry, The Bulletin, 8 Aug 1956 as one of the forgotten women writers of the 1890s]
A baronet’s blunder (1894, short story)
A birthday song (1894, poem)
A clerical error (1898, short story)
A summer sunset (1894, poem)
An Australian lullaby (1898, poem)
An Australian Rosebud (1892, poem)
An island homestead (1894, poem)
The Austral seasons (1897, poem)
Bells and lilies (1892, poem)
Charity (1894, poem)
Christmas lilies (1896, poem)
Corindah (1890, short story)
The coronation of Queen Victoria (1897, short prose for children)
Cubbo (1897, short story)
Dorothy Dimple (1894, poem for children?)
Dr. Vaughan’s Easter holiday (1893, short story)
Easter-tide (1893, poem)
Gawne Haviland’s reward (1898, short story)
In carnival time (1893, poem; theme: Melbourne Cup)
In the race of God (1899, poem)
In the fFace of the dead (1899, poem)
In the terrace (1899, short story)
Judith (1896, poem)
— The king of the Downs (1899), ch1, ch2.
The question (1898, poem)
The song of the Salvation Army (1893, poem)
— The squatter’s son (1897, short story): ch1; ch2.
The station bell (1897, short story)
To Algernon Swinburne (1892, poem)
To an Australian boy (1894, poem)
To the south wind (1893, poem)
The triumph of Karl (1894, poem)

Chads, Ellen Augusta (b. circa1837-1843; d.1923).
— “The Dog’s Shelter” (1897; nonfiction article)
— “Graham Jocelyn’s Revenge” (1897; short story)
Tracked by bushrangers: and other stories : together with, Work for the Master : a series of papers for women, (romance) George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1891, 95 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Archive.

Clinch, Eileen Bertha b. c1879; d. 1930, Pennant Hills, NSW
— “Australian Fairies” (1898, short story)
— “Faff and Paff”” (1897, short story)
— Letter to Dame Durden, “Eileen Clinch (aged 17 years)”: on Egyptian mummies (17 Aug 1897)
— “Winnie; or, Stolen From Home”: ch1 (21 Aug); ch2 (28 Aug); ch4 cont. (4  Sep); ch5 (11 Sep); note: “By Eileen Clinch (Blayney). The young writer of this story tells Princess Spinaway that her grandfather was a great “traveller in former times, and while in the Far West of America he kept a diary. Scenes, manners, and customs of the Indians he jotted down, and his grand-daughter has upon the notes moulded the following story.”
— “The Story of a Flower: founded on fact” (15 May 1897)

Couvreur, Jessie Catherine, (nee Huybers, first married name Fraser), aka “Tasma”. (1848-1897).
A fiery ordeal (1897, novel)
A knight of the white feather (1892, novel; published in New York as The white feather) – link to Google books
A Sydney sovereign and other tales, Trübner & Co, London, 1890, 219 pp (novel, romance).
— A broken heart (1890): ch1; ch2; ch3.
In her earliest youth (1890, novel) – link to archive.org
The penance of Portia James, William Heinemann, London, 1891, 293 pp. Link to Project Gutenberg Australia (novel)
Not counting the cost (1891, novel) – link to archive.org

Coventry, Amy Godon aka A. G. Coventry birth name: Amy Gordon Hollinworth b.1850 Ashfield, NSW; d. 1921 Sydney.
— “A New Year’s Eve Reverie: In Memoriam The Hon. Thos. Lodge Murray-Prior” (1893, poem)

Crist, Alice Guerin, birth name: Alice Guerin; b. 8 Feb 1876, Ireland; d. 13 Jun 1941, Toowoomba, Qld. Arrived in Australia 20 Jan 1879; obituary 17 Jul 1941.
— “An Every-day Angel” (1898, poem)
— “At Christmas” (1899, poem)
— “At the Window” (1900, poem)
— “Ave, Labor!” (1899, poem)
— “Going to School” (1989, poem)
— “Ridge’s Flat” (1893, short story): 21 Oct; 28 Oct; 4 Nov.
— “Silvio Pellico” (1899, poem)

Dalziel, Kathleen, birth name Lau Kathleen Natalie Walker, aka K Dalziel; also writes as Kathleen Womersley, Kathleen Walker; b. 1881, Durban, SA; d. 1969, Ivanhoe, Vic; arrived in Australia c. 1887.
— “A Christmas wish” (1896, poem)
— “Christmas lilies” (1897, poem; by “Kathleen Walker (aged 16), 12-mile, Emu Bay Railway”)

Delphia. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
— “A Holiday Adventure” (1897; children’s fiction), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5 (1 Jan 1898); ch6 missing? pages 69-72 are missing from TROVE; hardcopy may be available NSW State Library; ch7 (15 Jan 1898).

Dickinson, Evelyn b. 1861, Ireland; d. 1967, London; arrived in Australia 1892, departed 1911
A Vicar’s Wife (1892, novel) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Duncan, Ada Lindsay aka Mrs Thomas Charles Cloud, “Mrs T. C. Cloud” and “Lindsay Duncan”.
— “A Message Home (On the Way to the Cape)” (1899, poem)
— “A Queer Convention” (1895)
— “A Wreath of Wattle” (1890, poem)
— “Chivalry” (1892, poem)
— “Chulywig’s Adventure” (1893, children’s fiction)
— [Drift: A Volume of Stray Verse (Wallaroo: Lindsay Duncan 1891); print copy available SLNSW]
— “The Enchanted Pearls: A Fairy Play for Children in Two Acts” (1894)
— “The Enchanted Staff” (1892, children’s fiction)
— “Gonnella” (1890, poem)
— “How Geoff Was Stolen: A Fairy Tale in Rhyme” (1896, poem)
— “The Inquisitive Elf” (1893, poem)
— “Legends of the Lilies of France” (1891, poem)
— “Love and Friendship” (1898, poem)
— “On the North Line: A Railroad Sketch” (1892)
— “Once” (1898, poem)
— “Petsie and the Pixies” (1892, children’s fiction)
— “Some New Nonsense Rhymes” (1893, prose for children)
— Tales of Our Township: V: The Doctor’s Tenants (1890); “Mrs Connor’s Cow” (1892); “The Jealousy of Stephen Whitlock” (1896);
— “That Marvellous Magpie: A Story For Children” (1899)
— “Through the Dark Night: The Story of a Woman’s Revenge” (1894, poem)
— “Two Sonnets: I Tenebrae; II Lux” (1898, poetry)
— “Violets” (1895, poem)
— “Welcome Once More” (1899, poem)
— “While the Ships Sail By” (1896, poem)
— “The Wind and the Rose” (1891, from Drift, quoted in a review 8 Dec 1891)

Elmes, Frances Fitzgerald aka Mars, A Leo Watts, S.O.S. and F.F. b. 1867; d. 1919
— “An Epicure in Emotions” (1899, short story)
— “Farewell!” (1899, poem)
— “Found Wanting” (1897, short story)
— “Goodbye” (1899, poem)
— “Gwendoline” (1899, poem)
— “In the Grey of the Morning” (1897, short story)
— “Jones’s Wife” (1899, short story)
— “Kisses” (1899, short story)
— “Last Night” (1899, short story)
— “Lose Who May” (1898, short story)
— “Memories” (1897, short story)
— “One Way of Love” (1897, short story)
— “Under the Rose” (1899, short story)

Eyton, Alice (aka Aice Von Saxmar; Aice Rose Eyton) b. 8 Jun 1874; d. 3 Nov 1929
— “A Shearers’ Race Meeting and After” (1897, short story)
— “The Aboriginal Babies: The Birds and the Insects, a sorrowful tale” (1899, short story; parts of text unreadable)
— “Across the Years” (1898, short story)
— “An Australian Fairy” (1899, short story)
— “Behind the Hills” (1897, short story)
— “Down By the Sea Wall” (1898, short story)
— “Eight Hours in King Street” (1899, short story)
— “The Fairy Cape” (1898, short story for children)
— “The Hidden Fairyland” (1899, short story for children)
— “Hopkin’s Claim: Coolgardie” (1897, short story)
— “Margery’s Dream” (1897, short story)
— “Mother’s Story” (1897, short story for children): 2 Oct; 9 Oct
— “Nancy and Mick” (1898, short story for children)
— “O Mimosa San” (1899, short story)
— “Old Time Relic” (1897, short story)
— “On Circumstantial Evidence” (1898, short story)
— “Queen Empress and the Cotter’s Wife” (1897, short story)
— “The Queer Little Old Woman” (1898, short story)
— “Rosebud Dainty and Fair” (1898, short story)
— “The Sound Fairy” (1899, short story)
— “The Tale Spinner of Bondi” (1898, short story for children)
— “What the Eucalyptus Tree Heard” (1898, short story)
— “Why the Laughing Jackass is the Bushman’s Clock” (1898, short story)

Field, Catherine Eliza Somerville: aka Katie Langloh, K. Langloh Parker, Mrs P R Stow, Catherine Somerville, Catherine Field. Birth name: Catherine Eliza Somerville Field. b. 1856 (Encounter Bay, SA), d. 1940 (Glenelg, SA). Review 1896.
— “A Droughty Day” (1899)
Australian legendary tales, Melville, Mullen & Slade, Melbourne, 1896, 132 pp. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
—-. “Bahloo, the Moon and the Daens“, (1896, in Australian Legendary Tales, reprinted as “The Moon and the Blacks” in 1940 in School Paper: Grades III and IV Jen no. 496 1940: 76-77).
— “Brownie” (1899)
— “The Crow and the Crane: An Aboriginal Legend” (1897).
More Australian Legendary Tales (1898) – link to gutenberg Australia

Field, Nellie Mary b. 1875
— “The Selfishness of Women” (1898, short story; appeared in The Bulletin)

Finn, Mary Agnes b. c1860, Vic; d. Randwick, NSW 1948. Obituary (13 Jan 1949). Editor of The Annals of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (ref). Finn published several works of fiction for children that are available online via AustLit database (access via library membership or subscription)
Clifton manor (first published 1899 [ref], novella; link to reprinted version: 1939)

Fisher, Mary Lucy aka Lala Fisher, Mrs Francis George Fisher, Lala. Birth name: Mary Lucy Richardson b. 17 Jan1872, Rockhampton, QLD; d. 27 Feb 1929, Gladesville NSW.
— “A Trio” (1892, poem)
By creek and gully: stories and sketches mostly of bush life, told in prose and rhyme, by Australian writers in England, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899, 308 pp. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— “The Twilight Hour” (1891, poem)

Foote, Maria Hannay, aka “Egeria” and “Tau”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Whim of the Mistress (1894), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ANFD entry.
Astera-kesphoros; The Star of Healing (1895), ch1; links to other chapters available via ANFD.
— “At The Coachmaker’s” (1890, children’s fiction in three parts): 1 Feb 1890; 8 Feb 1890; 15 Feb 1890.
— “The Black Dingo of Weeri Yeela” (1892; in seven parts), ch1; chs 2-3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; chs 11-13; ANFD entry.
— “Buntie Reed and His Mare Blossom” (1895; in five parts); ch1; ch2; ch3; chs 4-5; ANFD entry.
— The Mirage of Bralga Plain (1893): ch1; chs 2-4. ANFD entry.
— Miss Vanneck’s Trousseau (1893): chs 1-2; chs 3-4; chs 5-6; chs 7-8. ANFD entry.
Morna Lee, and Other Poems. (London: Gordon and Gotch, 1890) – link to hathitrust.org
— Nannie’s Debut (1893): chs1-3. ANFD entry.
Which of Them? A Story of the Mallee Country (1890) ANFD entry.
— The White Geranium. A Romance of Old Marong (1893): chs 1-2; chs 3-5; ch6. ANFD entry.

Forrest, Mabel, birth name: Helena Mabel Checkly Mills; aka M Forrest, Mabel Burkinshaw, Helena Mabel Checkley Forrest; also writes as M Burkinshaw, M Burkershaw, Helena M C Mills, M. R., and “Reca”. [Sister of Ethel Mills.]  b. 6 Mar 1872 Yandilla, Qld; d. 18 Mar 1935, Brisbane, Qld. Forrest was a prolific writer who published many poems in the 1890s as “Reca” in The Queenslander (Brisbane), and “M Burkinshaw” in The Australasian and The Bulletin, as well as short stories. The following list is a sample only. (Full list here and on AustLit database [access via library membership or subscription].) A collection of her stories was published as The Rose of Forgiveness and Other Stories in 1904.
— “A striking time” (1897)
— “Aged forty” (1899)
— “An accident” (1898)
— “The ashes of fires” (1898)
— “Blind chance” (1899)
— “The bone of contention” (1898)
— “Convalescent” (1896, short story)
— “Found wanting” (1897)
— “Frances Floriline” (1896, short story)
— “Friends” (1897, poem)
Georgie (1897)
— “Jack Brown’s washing day” (1898)
Lucille (1897)
— “The makings of a romance” (1898)
— “Old Mogill” (1897, poem)
— “The rift within the lute” (1897)
— “Small mercies” (1896, short story)
— “The stumbling of the Rev. Theophilus Brown” (1896)

Fortune, Mary Helena. aka “Waif Wander” and “W.W.”.
— “A Bunch of Shamrocks” (1891).
— “The Heart of the Hills: Or Hilda’s Christmas Gift” (1897).
— “The Story of a Waif” (1898).

Fullerton, Mary Eliza aka Robert Gray, Turner O Lingo, Gordon Manners, “E”, Alpenstock, “wen Roe O’Neill, “L”, Joseph Marizeeni (1868-1946). [works out of copyright] A prolific author whose full title list can be found at AustLit (subscription or access via library).
— “Small Hands” (1894, poem)
— [Untitled] “Send your figure’s from Hong Kong” (1894, poem humour)

Gilmore, Mary; birth name: Mary Jean Cameron; b. 1865; d. 1962; Mary Gilmore was a prolific poet who published over many decades. A full list of her poems can be found at AustLit (subscription or free access via library membership).
— “A Spell Is On Me” (1892, poem)
— “Alone With the Dead” (1893, poem)
— “The Awaking of Spring” (1893, poem)
— “Estranged” (1892, poem)
— “Good Night” (1892, poem)
— “Humpin’ Bluey On the Track” (1893, poem)
— “The Outcast” (1896, poem)
— “Sweethearts” (1899, poem)
— “Tom Harrison Said” (1893, poem)
— “Us Is Out” (1899, poem)
— “We Missed Each Other” (1899, poem)
— “Wedded” (1897, poem)

Gordon, Lottie b. circa 1883
— “An Australian story” (1898, short story; “aged 14”)

Greaves, Lilian Wooster aka “Lilian”. b 1869 d 1958
— “Moonlight Rainbow” (1899, poem)

Gaunt, Mary, aka M. Gaunt, “Mrs H Lindsay Miller”; b. 1861, Vic; d. 1942, France; departed Australia 1901. Colonial Popular Fiction Digital Archive bio; AustLit bio entry (subscription).
— “Along the Shore” (1896, short prose; set in Warrnambool)
— “An Inexpensive Cycling Costume” (1897, column)
— “And Their Was Trumpery” (1899, short story)
Dave’s Sweetheart
, Melville, Mullen and Slade, Melbourne, 1894, 264 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— Deadman’s, Methuen, London, 1898, 304 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— Down in the World
(1893): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7. ANFD entry.
Kirkham’s Find (1897) – link to Australian Digital Collections
The Moving Finger (London: Methuen, 1895; short story) link to Gutenberg
— “‘Ora Pro Nobis“‘ (1899, short prose)
The Other Man (1894), chs 1-2; chs 3-4; chs 5-6; chs 7-8; chs 9-10; chs 11-12; chs 13-14; chs 15-16; chs 17-18; chs 19-20; chs 21-22; chs 23-25; ch26; ch27; ANFD entry.
— “Quits” (1899; originally published in the Windsor Magazine; reprinted in The Broad Arrow Standard): 4 Feb (issue of second instalment missing from Trove, but text added to first instalment).
The Riot at the Packhorse (1890): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; [8th and 15th Feb editions missing];  ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch14; ch15. ANFD entry.
— “She was Six Years Old, She Said” (1899, short prose)
— “Those Boys” (1897, short story)
— “The Vintage” (1895, short prose)
— “The Wheel” (1896, short prose – poor scan quality)
— “The Yanyilla Steeplechase” (1891)

Goldstraw, Matilda, aka Noel Hope. Identified as Australian and female here.
Milliara: An Australian Romance. (1894) – link to La Trobe University resources online. [further ref. Amies, “The career of a colonial schoolmistress”; Marion Amies, “The author of Noel Hope’s Milliara: An Australian Romance”, in Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand Bulletin, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 65–7.]

Greaves, Lilian Wooster b. 1869; d. 1956
— “Moonlight Rainbow” (1899, poem)

Grimes, Emma Watts aka Ellerton Gay; birth name: Emma Allen; b 1846 Falmouth, Cornall; left Australia circa 1887 (but continued to write about Australia).
— “A Day Behind the Fair” (1892, short story)
Across the Gulf (1893, serialised in Illustrated Sydney News): ch1; ch2 (cont.); ch4 (cont.); ch6 (cont.); ch8 (cont.); ch10; ch12 (cont.); ch14 (cont.); ch15 (cont.); ch17 (cont.); ch19 (cont.); ch20; ch21 (cont.); ch23 (cont.); ch25 (cont.); ch27 (cont.); ch29 (cont.).
— [Drifting Under the Southern Cross: An Australian Romance (London: Gordon and Gotch 1892; print copy at SLNSW]
Gathered Rue (1894, serialised in Adelaide Observer): ch1; ch3; ch5; ch7; ch9; ch12; ch14; ch16; ch18; ch20; ch22; ch23; ch25; ch26; ch28; ch29; ch30.
— “Life’s Compensations” (1898)
Passing the Love of a Woman: An Australian Story (1895, serialised in The Queenslander): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18.
— “The Three R’s: A Duologue” (1905)

Grimshaw, Beatrice. b. Antrim, Northern Ireland 1879; d. Kelso NSW 1953; arrived in Australia 1936.
— [Broken Away (London: John Lane, 1897; novel, romance; print copy available at SLNSW)]

Halcro, Hugh. See entry for Katherine A Rees below.

Hackney, Esther. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
— Thistledown (1899): Prologue; ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13ch14; ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20. ANFD entry. Links to TROVE.

Ham, Alice aka Mary Alice Ham, “Hafra” b. 30 Mar 1854 Kew, Vic; d. 24 Jun 1928, Brisbane QLD. [As “Hafra” Ham wrote journalistic pieces for The Brisbane Courier and The Queenslander.]
— “A Gray Day in England” (1891, poem)
— “A Wheel Reversed” (1889, short story)
— “At Belmont, Bassano Away: Cameos of Shakespeare no. 1” (1895, poem)
— “Burleigh Heads” (1890, poem)
— “Condamine Bluffs, Killarney” (1897, poem)
— “Coward or Hero” (1890, poem)
— “The Dukes of Clarence” (1892, prose)
— “Frost Fancies” (1892, poem)
— “Gold Willie: An Old Shepherd’s Story” (1891, poem)
— “Her True Lover: A Stock Rider’s Song” (1892, poem)
— “Her Steadfast Purpose” (1890; a Christmas story).
— “Iago’s Portrait: Cameos of Shakespeare no. 2” (1895, poem)
— “In April Days” (1892, poem)
In Lethe’s Tide (1895, novella serialised in The Queenslander): chs 1-3; ch4; ch7; ch9; ch11; ch13. ANFD entry.
— “In Memoriam: Frederick Lord Leighton PRA 16th January 1896” (1896, poem)
— “In Memoriam: James Russell Lowell” (1891, poem)
— “In Memoriam: Oliver Wendell Holmes” (1894, poem)
— “In Memoriam: Robert Browning” (1890, poem)
— “Koreelah, Clarence River” (1897, poem)
— “Many a Mile Away” (1888, short story)
— “The Mission of the Flowers” (1891, poem)
— “Moonlight” (1890, poem)
— “On the Downs” (1893, poem)
— “Psyche” (1891, poem)
— “Scholarly Princes of Wales” (1891, essay)
— “Shafton Bend: A Study in Gray” (1891, poem)
— “Sunrise ‘Out Back’: With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling” (1898, poem)
— “Tempora! O Mores!” (1898, poem)
— “Three in Arden: Cameos from Shakespeare no. 3” (1896, poem)
Through the Mill (1890; serialised in the Queenslander in 5 parts), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ANFD entry.

Hammill, Mrs Herbert. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
The Editor’s Dilemma (1898)
— One Christmas (1893): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7. ANFD entry.

Hardwicke, Elizabeth aka Elizabeth Brown, Mrs Hardwick; Mrs Charles Brown, E Harwicke, E.H. (1836-1901)
The Cost of An Error (Melbourne: Richardson Bros, 1897; novel. Available via State Library of Victoria (may take a while to download)
Poems (1894) – link to archive.org

Harris, Mrs Julia S aka Mrs Robert Harris. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
— The Oakhurst Tragedy. A Tale of the Supernatural (1891): ch1; ch2; ch3. ANFD entry.
— “Outwitted; Or, Diamond Cut Diamond” (1897), ch1; ch2; ch3; ANFD entry.
— “Sir Jaspar’s Ward, or The Wraith of Trevor Park” (1894), ch1; ch2; ch3; ANFD entry.
— “From Shadow Land; or A Traveller Returned” (1892)

Hart, Annie A aka Annie Alice Hart, Annie A Hines; also writes as “TLOA” b. 1870, Scarsdale, Vic; d. 1966, Port Fairy, Vic; married Alfred Hines in 1897; her infant daughter Gertrude died in 1899.
— A Heliotrope Gown (1897, short story): ch1; ch2.

Haviland, E S aka “Philip Dale”, Mrs Cyril Haviland; birth name: Ellen Sydney Bridson; b. 1858, Bathurst NSW; d?
— “A Christmas Song” (1896, poem: “[The following lines are by “Philip Dale”, the pen-name of Miss Bridson, once resident in Windsor.]”)
Voices from Australia “by Philip Dale and Cyril Haviland” (London: Swan Sonnenschein & Co, 1892)

Hay, Agnes Grant (1837-1909)
Footprints: A Memoir of the Late Alexander Hay, one of the Fathers and Early Colonists of South Australia written by his widow (1899, biography)

Hirst, Edith H. b. 1855; d. 1932 NSW
— “The Old Coach Road” (1898, poem)
Round the Camp Fire and Other Poems (1892) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Hodge, E. Baldwin. aka Mrs Baldwin Hodge. b. 1860, Bathurst NSW; d. 1949.
A Pitiful Blunder (1894; serialised in The National Advocate Bathurst): chs 1-2; chs 2-3; chs 3-4; ch4; chs 4-6; chs 6-7; chs 7-8; chs 8-9; chs 9-10; ch10; chs 10-11; ch11; [Dec 1894 issues of The National Advocate, Bathurst missing; hard copy may be available at SLNSW: identifier: 74Vvwx34GwrA]; ch30; chs 31-32; chs 32-33; chs 33-34; ch34; chs 34-35. ANFD entry
Dolph Meldrum’s Wooing (1897): ch1; ch3; chs 3(cont.)-4; chs 4-6; chs 6-8; ch8 (cont.); ch9; chs 10-11; chs 11-12; chs 12-13; chs 13-14; chs 15-16; ch17; chs 18-19; chs 20-21; chs 21-23; chs 23-24; ch24; chs 25-26; chs 26-28 [note: according to ANFD ch27 was published out of sequence]; ch27, then chs 29-30.
— “Mabel’s Invitation” (1897, short story)
— “The Next Generation” (1899, short story)
Seven Episodes (1897): ep1: “Three Taken, One Left”; ep2: “Gold: the Buyer”; ep3: “A Futile Crime”; ep4: “Found In the Bush”; ep5: “A Husband’s Skeleton Cupboard”; ep6: “They Sin Shall Find Thee Out”; ep7: “The Power That Sympathy Gave”. ANFD entry.
— “The Timber Getters” (1899, prize-winning short story)
— “Wallie’s Christmas” (1897, short story)

Holmes, Mabel. Mentioned in W E Fitz Henry Bulletin article, “Who Were They?” (8 August 1956).
— “He Never Could See” (1894, short story)
— “His Hair” (1894, short story)
— “The Monkey or the Man” (1895, short story)
— “The Shooting of Saysoon” (1896, short story)
— “They Laid Their Snares” (1897, short story)

Hogan, Nancy. b. 1876 Tas
— “A West Coast Incident” (1897)

Howitt, Mary E. B. b. 1866; c. 1933
— “The Lost White Woman: A Pioneer’s Yarn” (1897)
— “To the Moroka and the Snowy Plains” (1892, prose)

Hudspeth, B. M. aka Beatrice Mary Hudspeth, Mrs White Parsons; b. 1867 Tas
Santa Claus and the Shadow (189?) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Hughes, Mrs F; aka Alice Hughes
My childhood in Australia: a story for my children (1892; illustrated)

Another addition to the already long list of Australian romances has been made by Mrs F Hughes, who tells, in a smiple, picturesque way, a story for her children. The title, “My childhood in Australia”, sufficiently indicates the nature of the work. Various incidents characteristic of rough bush life in South Australia are narrated in a graphic manner, and a good deal of information about the natural history of Australia and the character of the aboriginals is woven into the story. (4 Apr 1892 ref)

“My childhood in Australia” is a simply-written little “story for my children” by Mrs F Hughes, who lived whilst young in the bush near Wellington, South Australia. I am bound to say from the pictures of the home station it looks an aris and uninviting spot; but as a little girl the author found it delightful, and very sorrowfully left there to go to school at Adelaide. (24 Feb 1892 ref)

The authoress, Mrs F Hughes, with her brothers and sisters, played with the sheep and calves, made friends with the blacks, and petted all the wild animals that came in their way. (16 Apr, 1892 ref)

Hughes, Katherine birth name Catherin McNicol; also writes as K H; b. 1871 Wentworth, NSW; d. 22 Sep 1957 Jandowae, QLD [work in copyright until 2027]
— Lost in the bush: a Christmas tale (1894, short story; available via SLNSW with log in; Gale link)

Hungerford, Alys b. birth name: Alys Hungerford; Mrs Francis John Beamish; Mrs Kenneth Stuart Hungerford; 17 July 1857 at Cahirmore, Rosscarbery, County Cork, Ireland; d. 16 August, 1934 at Lawson (district of Katoomba), NSW; arrived in Australia 1887
A summer nocturne (1894, poem)

Hutton, Minnie b. 1883 aka Minnie Lockwood, also wrote as “Chrystal Stirling”
— [Dear Washington (1900, correspondence)
Pet (1898, short story)
—[Prize Letter] (1898, correspondence)

Hyland, Inez K b. Portland 1863; d. Magill, SA 1892. An article, “Amongst the Books” (17 Jun 1893), mentions a collection of “poems and short stories” by Hyland, In Sunshine and Shadows, which was published posthumously by Hyland’s grandmother, Mrs. Penfold. (This is most likely the collection mentioned in 7 Mar 1933.) Sydney Partrige wrote a short biographical not on Hyland in The Sydney Mail (1 Jul 1914).
A Voice in the Vineyard (1893, poem)
Dot Confides to a Friend (1891, poem)
—  In Sunshine and in Shadow (1893, collection of poems and short stories published by the writer’s grandmother, Mrs Penfold)
To A Wave (1993, poem) – link to archive.org
Pharoah Lives For Ever (1891, poem)
Seasons” quoted in “Some Christmas Songs” (Adelaide Observer, 19 Dec 1896)

Irby, Florence M. b. 1875, Tenterfield, NSW; d. 1964, Port Macquarie NSW; naturalist and resident of Casino NSW
A Man and a Brother; or, How Molly Spent Christmas Day (1898, short story)

Jerome, Helen: see Nellie Bruton

Kaeppel, Mrs Frances. aka “Mimosa”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
Broken Vows, or Love Betrayed. A Tale of Domestic Infidelity (1894)

Kearney, G. M. V. birth name: Georgina Mary Veronica Doyle; b. c1851; d. 1936.
An Ode to Queen Victoria (1897, poem)
The Glass Candlestick (1899, short story)

Kelly, Honora Frances aka Bundarrania, b. 1848, 7 Apr, Barraba, NSW; d. 1898, Jul, Stony Creek Station, NSW.
Combo Jimmy: A Colonial Idyl of the King (1895, poem)
— Song of the Australian ‘Eidelweiss’ (Dedicated to Ellis Rowan” (1892, poem)

Kidgell, Ada A.* b. 1869, Ballarat, Vic; d. 1949 Darling Point, NSW; short story writer, novelist, poet and journalist; see also entries under Ada A Holman (married name).
A bush post-office (1898, short story/romance) – neighbours fall out over missing mail.
Mannigan’s successor (1898; short story – very faint text, almost impossible to read): The Australasian, 25 Jun 1898: 30-31.
Miss Minksley in outline (1898, short story/romance) – an audacious girl scandalises the village matrons with her outspoken and brash ways.
Peggy’s ball dress (1897, short story/romance) – a young seamstress does a kind act
Playing at providence (1898, short story; prize-winner) – a young governess from Melbourne schemes to solve the marital troubles of a young couple in the bush
The triumphant candidate (1898, short story)

Kirkham, Elizabeth aka Kyra Keith.
Divided Lives (serialised from 1899-1900): ch1; ch1 (cont.); chs 2-3; 9 Nov; 16 Nov; 23 Nov; 30 Nov; 7 Dec; 14 Dec (ch10 cont.-ch11); 21 Dec; 28 Dec (ch12 cont.-ch13); [missing ch14 from 4 Jan issue?] ch15 (11 Jan); 18 Jan; 25 Jan; 1 Feb; 8 Feb; ch21 (cont.)-22 (15 Feb); 22 Feb; 1 Mar; 8 Mar (ch26) 15 Mar (ch27); 22 Mar; 29 Mar; 5 Apr; 12 Apr (final).
For Lack of Gold (1898, poem)
Left Surrender (1898, poem)
— [Pains and Penalties (Melboure: G Robertson, 1899; hard copy available at SLNSW)]: review 16 Sep; review 30 Sep.

Knowles, Marion Miller aka Marion Miller, M. M. Knowles; John Desmond, Marion Miller, Aunt Patsy. b. Woods Point, Vic. 8 Aug 1865; d. Camberwell, Vic. 16 Sep 1949). ANDB entry.
Barbara Halliday: a story of the hill country of Victoria, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1896, 320 pp. Link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— “Aunt Hannah (1898)
Patsy (1898)
Sally’s Widower (1899)
Sandy (1896)
Songs from the Hills (London: Melville, Mullen & Slade: 1899; available to be read online SLNSW digital collection; scroll down to view)
The Store at the ‘Golden Bar’ (1898)

Lawson, Louisa aka “L.L.”, Dora Falconer, Mrs P. H. Larsen, Mrs Appleby; b. Mudgee, NSW; 1848; d. 1920, Gladesville NSW; birth name: Louisa Albury.
A Bush Experience (1891)
—– A General Servant (1896)
A Lucky Day’s Washing (1890)
Dert” and “Do, Dawn Newspaper Office, Sydney, 107 pp. [unknown publication date: 1890-99?] – link to Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
— Herb and Dot. Or, Lodgings for Santa Claus (1895); ch1; ch2; ch3. ANFD entry.
Manager and Muddler (1894)

Lee, Bessie aka Mrs Harrison Lee, Mrs Harrison-Lee, Bessie Cowie, Bessie Lee Cowie, Betsy Lee; “Colonial Quizzo”, Sarah Pumpkin, Mrs Harrison Lee Cowie; b. 1869, 10 Jun, Dalesford, Vic; d. 1950, 18 Apr, Pasadena, California USA.
— “Mrs Pumpkin Back Again” (1897)
— “Mrs. Pumpkin’s Visit to Town: the same old story” (by “Colonial Quizzo): 1891.

Lewin, Frances Sescadorowna. aka Sesca Lewin Somerville, Mrs Archibald Somerville, “Nemor”, “Bonnie Dundee. “Southern Cross”, F Sesca Lewin, Sesca Lewin. b. 24 Nov 1861, SA; d. 27 nov 1946, Brighton, SA. Lewin also wrote poetry; a list of her poems can be obtained at AustLit (subscription or access via your library).
— A Christmas Development (1899): ch1; ch2; ch3. ANFD entry.
— Dora’s Sacrifice (1896): ch1; ch2; ch3. ANFD entry.
— The Hypnotist (1895): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5. ANFD entry.

Light, Maud. b. 1870, New Zealand; resident NSW; d.?
— “Sam’s Wife” (The Bulletin, Christmas Edition 9 Dec 1899; short story)

Lloyd, Mary E. aka Mary Ellen Lloyd, M.E. Lloyd, Vinegar, Bay Ash, “MEL”, Comrade Mary. Birth name: Mary Ellen Parry; b. Wales, UK; d. Sydney NSW 1962.
— “A Hasty Inspection” (1896, prose)
— “Crackle” (1898, prose humour)
— “The Creak of the Door” (1897, short story)
— “Fragrance” (1897; prose, humour)
— “Presence of Mind” (1893, column)

Lockett, Jeannie b. 27 Aug 1847, Bathurst NSW; d. 14 Nov 1890, Sydney NSW.****
—-. “A Notable Professor” (21 Nov 1890)
The Case of Dr. Hilston (1890): Ch 1; Ch 1 (cont.)- 2; Ch 2 (cont.); Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6 (cont.); Ch 7 (cont.); Ch 8 (cont.); Ch 9 (cont.); Ch 11; Ch 13; Ch 14 (cont.); Ch 15 (cont.); Ch 16 (cont.).
Judith Grant: A Novel (London: Hutchinson, 1892; available to be read online via SLNSW digital collection; may take a while to load)

Florence E Lord aka “Wilga”; birth name: Florence Eliza Lord b. 1879 QLD; d. 1942 VIC
— “Kangaroo Fete” (1897, short story by “Wilga”): 24 Jul; 31 Jul. (Lord is identified as the author of this piece in AustLit; there are other pieces by “Wilga” published when Lord was a child.)

Luffmann, Laura Bogue aka “C Bogue Luffman”, Laura M Lane, Bogue Luffman, Lauretta Caroline Maria Luffman; birth name: Lauretta Caroline Maria Lane. b. 1846, 17 Dec, Bedfordshire, Eng; d.1929, 7 Jun, Queanbeyan, NSW. In the 1880s and 90s, Luffmann published a series of books (or panphlets?) print copies of which are held at the NLA (full list on TROVE).
— “A Bush Waif” (1896)
— [“A Cold Lover”, (1898, short story romance by “Laura M Lane; The Australian Journal, October vol. 33 no. 401: 631-632.] Available online via library membership : Gale link. Reprinted in Kilmore Free Press (12 Apr 1900: 4).
Flo, A Bush Maiden (1896) – very faint print.

McAdam, Constance, aka Constance Clyde, Clyde Writer, Pen, C. C., C Clyde. b. 1872, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1951, Brisbane QLD.
— “A Boarding House Idyl” (1899)
— “A Case for the Psychologist” (1896)
— “A Glass of Beer” (1899, poem)
— “A Woman’s Love” (1899)
— “A Woman’s Promise” (1897)
— “At the Army” (1896)
— “Consolation – Song Words” (1896, poem)
—–, “Conversely” (1899)
— “Dead” (1897, poem)
— “The Dream Child” (1899, poem)
— “The Dream for Free” (1896, poem)
— “Dreams and Shadows” (1898, poem)
— “Her Good Mother” (1899)
— “His Rival” (1895, poem)
— “Hypnotised” (1897)
— “Illegitimate” (1895, poem)
— “Letters from the Grave” (1898)
— “Love” (1895)
— “Mary Jane’s Respectability” (1899)
— “Mrs Murgan’s Snake Bite Cure” (1898)
—–, “Night’s Day” (1899, poem)
— “Our Higher Civilisation” (1896)
— “To Save His Soul” (1897)
— “The Peasant’s Pedigree” (1896, poem)
— “Posing” (1896, poem)
— “The Saddest Song” (1899, poem)
— “The Soul of David King” (1899)
— “The South” (1896, poem)
— “Suicide: An Allegory” (1896, poem)
— “The Test of Love” (1899, poem)
— “Two Interpretations” (1896, poem)
— “Unequal” (1897, poem)
— “Unheroic” (1896)
— “Virgins, Wise and Foolish” (1899, poem)
— “Voices” (1896, poem)
— “Wanbury’s Second Wife” (1896)
— “The Widow” (1899, poem)

McBurney, Mrs M.E. aka Alice Flax and “Flax”. Identified as female and Australian in the ANFD.
— “Aline” (1896), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ANFD entry.
That Fellow Woman. A Kanaka Idyl (1893)
— “Where the Rustling Cane Grows Ripe” (1891; in 6 parts); ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ANFD entry.

McKinnon, Alice Kate b.1878; d. Orange, NSW 1956; resided at Oakley
— “A Wreck at Sea” (1897, poem)
— “Autiobiography of a Game Rooster” (1899, short story for children)
— “The Beetle and the Butterfly: a fable” (1899, short story for children)
— “The Children’s Garden” (1899, poem)
— “Dreaming” (1898, poem)
— “In Shadow Land” (1898, poem)
— “Marguerite” (1899, poem for chidren)
— “Mousie’s Birthday Party” (1899, short story for children)
— “Other Days” (1899, poem)
— “Roger’s Visitors: A Dairy Story” (1899, short story for children)
— “Sunset Land” (1899, poem)
— “Two Phantoms” (1898, poem)

Mack, Amy Eleanor, aka Mrs Laucelot Harrison, Amy E Makc; also writes as “Fayre”; b. 6 June 1876, Port Adelaide, SA; d. 4 Nov 1939, Sydney, NSW.
— “Her coup-de-theatre” (1899, short story)

Mack, Louise aka Marie Louise Hamilton Mack; Mrs Creed; Mrs Allen Illingworth Leyland; Mrs J P Creed; Mrs J Percy Cred; Mrs Percy Creed; Marie Louise Creed; Felicia Watts; Louise M; M.L.M.; Nerang Minstrel. b 10 Oct 1870 Hobart; d. 23 Nov 1935 Mosman NSW. [work out of copyright]
A remembrance (1895, poem)
A spring song (by “M.L.M.”; 1894, poem)
An Easter song (1897, poem)
An idyl of Nurra Murra: the parson’s eldest son (1894)
An Impressionist outline: after the newest mMasters (1897)
Away beyond the belt of blue (1896, poem)
Colonial Experience (1894, short story)
— [Compensation (Cosmos magazine, 31 May, 1895, vol 1 no. 9: 453-456) – along with several others in this publication]
The Curse of Smith, Senior (1893; humour)
Dawn in the Bush (1894, poem)
Dirt Cheap! (1896, humour)
The dog that was hung (1895)
For Frances (1897)
For three days (1895)
Girls Together, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1898, 226 pp – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
Illusion (1897, poem)
In a Country School (1897, short story)
In the attic (1897, poem)
In the mind of a child (1898)
— [“Kismet” (Cosmos magazine, 20 Oct 1894, vol 1 no. 2, p94; poem)]
The Lacy Mortons and others (1896, drama)
Leaf music (1896, poem)
The little solicitor (1898)
The Man Who Yearned for the New (by M.L.M.; 1894)
Manly Lagoon (1893, poem)
Of a wild white bird” (1895, poem)
Of this city (1895, poem)
The Old Home (1899, poem)
On Wairee Hill (1895, poem)
On the Wharf (1893, poem)
— The Princess with the Golden Toe. A Fairy Tale (1897): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4. ANFD entry.
The promise (1896, poem)
The sale of a landlord (by “M.L.M.; 1894, humour)
The song of the dead (1894, poem)
The Story of Mary (The Bulletin Christmas Edition 16 Dec 24 1893)
Soul Flight (1893, poem)
Specially taken (by “M.L.M.”; 1897, humour)
The story of Mary (1893, short story)
Teens: A Story of Australian School Girls (1897; romance) – link to Australian Digital Collections
— [To Henry Lawson (1899, poem) Cosmos magazine 30 Apil vol. 5 no. 10: 110; print copy available from SLNSW]
Vows (1893, poem)
Winter (1898, poem)

MacLeod, Agnes b. 1868 NZ; d. 1934, Mosman NSW
Measure Measure (1899, short story)

Majeroni, Giulia b. 1848in Italy; d. 1903 Carlton, Vic.
A Living Statue (London, Melbourne: George Robertson, 1893; written in Bathurst NSW) – link to NSWSL digital collection

Manning, Emily (1845-1890).
The Story of a Royal Pendulum (1890), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ANFD entry.

Martin, Catherine (1848?-1937). aka “Antario”
A Real Dream (1897)
An Australiangirl, Richard Bentley and son, London, 1891, 474 pp. romance – link to Gutenberg
Mrs Archibald Thorndale’s Dog (1890)
The Silent Sea (1892) – link to archive.org

Martin, Harriet Anne aka Martin, Mrs Patchett (1837-1908), (ed.).
Coo-ee: tales of Australian life, by Australian ladies, Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, London, 1891?, 318 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Archive.

Maunsell, Isabella. Birth name: Isabella Catherine McDonald Cross; b. 1845; married Vero Maunsell 2 Dec 1875 in Queensland; d. 1913, 8 Feb, Toowoomba QLD.
— “Dora Ramsay’s Lesson” (1890, children’s fiction)
— “Maggie’s Fernery” (1891; children’s fiction): part 1; part 2.
— “The Mirror of Fate” (1890, children’s fiction): part 1; part 2; part 3.
— “The Mountain Lake” (1890)
— “The Other Side of the Wall” (1890; children’s fiction): part 1; part 2.
— “Uncle Paul’s Charge” (1890: children’s fiction): part 1; part 2; part 3.
— “The Wee Wild Mountain Maid” (1890, poem)

Meredith, Louisa A.
Waratah rhymes for young Australia (1891: “with photo-etched illustrations by Mrs. E.M. Boyd, Mr. R. Andrè, and the author”) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Mills, Ethel Margaret. b. [1872 or 1878?]; d. 1952; aka E Mills, Ethel Margaret Primrose Mills. [sister of Mabel Forrest] – links below are to TROVE; Mills was a prolific writer and published many poems during the 1890s that can be found on Trove. She lived for some time in Stanthorpe, Qld.
— “A bunya-bunya idyll” (1897, short story; a Christmas romance/love story; Queensland setting)
— “A cave romance” (1898, short story; a love story set in the “western district”)
— “A day with Miss Kit” (1897, short story; text corrupted; Barwon River/cattle station setting;)
— “A lesson in love” (1899, short story; a cinderella-like premise for an aspiring romance writer)
— “A man of God” (1896, short story)
— “An adversity baby” (1898, short story)
— An episode of the Brisbane flood (1899, short story; QLD setting; a controlling father’s plan for his daughter is thwarted.): ch1; ch2. ANFD entry.
— “Autumn leaves” (1897, short story; reminiscence of a disappointed love)
— “Beauty and the beast” (short story; 8 Jan 1898; romance; a girl overcomes her distaste and a station owner’s wife is disappointed)
— “The brown baby” (1899, short story)
— “Concerning Lynda Grey” (1899, short story)
— “Emilyn’s shawl” (1899, short story)
— “His especial fear” (1897, short story; a potential lover is put to the test)
— “How Grace lost a lover” (1898, short story; another comic story about the Wycherley family; Barwon setting)
— “In Death’s disguise” (1898, short story; shipboard, Sydney and “western station” setting; a middle-aged widow marries a man 20 years her junior before they take a “descendant of Becky Sharp” into their home)
— “Jack’s dramatic star” (1897, short story; text corrupted; story of the failed marriage of the borather of Francie, the narrator); other versions: Armidale Star; Clarence and Richmond Examiner.
— “Jean’s folly” (1898, short story; a spinster’s chances of security are lost as she waits for a fickle lover)
— “Little Miss Jones” (1899, short story)
— “Lydia” (1899, short story; very faint text; any other copies available?)
— “Maid, man and cat” (1902, short story)
— “The man who came to stay” (1897, short story; one of a series of stories about a family who live at “Wilwanda”, including the narrator, ‘Sis’, her older brother Jack and younger sister Susie; an unwanted visitor provides the opportunity for Susie to show her mettle)
— “Mark Reading’s vow” (1897, short story; Blue Mountains setting; convict – ghost? – story. Poor quality print)
— “Mazeppa” (1897, short story; the fate of an Indigenous girl who is adopted by white settlers after her family is murdered)
— “On tramps” (1899; prose/nonfiction anecdotes, seemingly drawing on encounters Mills and her sister experience during their life on a country station; includes ref. to “Moree Plains” and Brisbane.)
— “The parson’s top boots” (1899, short story)
— “The Ripplemere ring” (1899, short story)
— “That border-town ball” (1898, short story); story set at “Gundara Station”, described as near the boundary which separates Queensland from New South Wales; depicts a battle between the “toffs” and local shearers.
— “To tea at the priory” (1898, short story); portrays domestic life of a once-wealthy familiar, including interesting details of contemporary technologies; set in a “Werrima” town; the Hills and the Wycherleys make another appearance.
— “Two men and Margaret” (1898, short story); a love story; QLD setting, “Mt Craven” – possibly west of Bundaburg?
— “Victoria” (1899, short story)
— “When Rosemary grew” (short story; 26 Mar 1898); a love story/romance; a girl raised in the bush in Queensland and betrothed to her country sweetheart is sent to her aunt’s in Sydney.
— “Wondleford mystery” (1899, short story); a domestic murder finally is finally explained; has a “ghost story” feel about it.

Montefiore, Caroline L, aka “Eric”. Identified as female and Australian in the ANFD.
— Miss Mellisham’s romance (1892), ch1; ch2; ch3; ANFD entry.

Moon, Alice C aka A C Moon
Blos: a Tasmanian river study (1893, short story).

Morrice, E C. aka E Charles aka Mrs W Morrice. Birth name: Elizabeth Charlotte Bingmann; b. 1851; d. 1941.
— “To the Southern Cross” (1890, poem)
— “The wilfulness of Winnie” (1897, novella for children serialised in Australian Town and Country Journal): 4 Dec; 11 Dec; 8 Jan; 15 Jan; 22 Jan; 29 Jan; 5 Feb; 12 Feb; 19 Feb (final).

Moseley, Isabelle aka Belle Moseley b. 1878; d. 1952 SA
— “Little Jack” (1895, short story)

Murphy, Agnes G b. 1865; d. 1931 Founding member of the Austral Salon; wrote a women’s column for Melbourne Punch as “Rhoda”
One woman’s wisdom (1895, novel) – link to SLNSW digital collection

Muskett, Alice Jane b.1869; d. 1936
— “The fete night” (1899, short story)

Neale, Agnes; birth name: Caroline Agnes Leane; b. 1849, 5 Jan Crafthole, England; d. 1892, 22 Sep, Adelaide SA.
— “An angel in the household: a Christmas dream” (1890, poem)
— “A picture” (1892, poem)

Nelson, Harriet Arnold (?-1930?).
The romance of the Greystones, An Australian Story, Ward, Lock & Co., London, 1899, 314 pp – link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

North, Marianne (1830-1890)
Recollections of a happy life: being the autobiography of Marianne North edited by her sister Mrs. John Addington Symonds (London: Macmillan, 1892, prose travel) – link to hathitrust.org

O’Connor, Janet, a.k.a. J. O’Connor (1827-1895).
An address to Queensland girls (1893; essay)

Osmond, Sophie.** b. c 1871; departed from Australia 1900;  Contemporary bio of Osmond: actor, singer, writer (1894)
Dulgabeena : an Australian story (1894) – link to SLVIC digital collection
Snags: a story of the shearing strike (1895) – link to SLNSW digital collection
— “Winning a lion” (1896, short story)

Paige, Ethel C, aka Ethel Paige, Ethel C M Paige; b. 1869, Brisbane; d. 1938 North Sydney
— “A castle in the air: a fairy story” (1898, short story)
— “An old maid’s fairy” (1898, short story)
— “Christmas gifts that came from Granny” (1897, short story; children’s fiction)
— “How Becky ran away” (1899, short story; children’s fiction)
— “Over the garden wall” (1897, children’s ficiton): 20Nov; 27Nov.
— “The reign of Queen Mab” (1897, children’s fiction): 31Jul; 7Aug; 14Aug; 21Aug.
— “Sweetheart’s first pantomime” (1898, short story)
— “Two Christmas trees” (1899, short story)

Palmer-Archer, Laura M. aka “Miss Archer”. Identified as Australian and female in the ANFD.
A bushman’s sweetheart (1897)
A knot of jasmine (1898)
Bush boys (1895)
Dolan’s discharge (1898)
The little white soul (1897)
The lonely woman (1898)

Parker, K Langloh – see entry under Catherine Eliza Somerville Field.

Partrige, Sydney, birth name: Kate Margaret Partridge; aka Sydney Partridge, Sidney Partrige; also writes as Kate Margaret Stone; b. 1871, Wairarapa, North Island, NZ; d. 17 Feb 1953, NSW
— “A consequence” (1898, short story)
— “A foul revenge” (1898, short story)
— “A matter of firmness” (1898, short story)
—  “A simple and inexpensive meal” (1899, short story; advertised as by “Sydney Partrige”; printed as by “Sidney Partrige”)
— “A tight place: founded on fact” (1898, short story)
— “The duffer’s daughter” (1898, short story; illustrated)
— “The first vacancy” (1898, short story)
— “How she got McLaren” (1898, short story)
— “Phillida’s fortune” (1898, short story)

Paterson, Alice F. birth name: Alice Florence Gome; aka Solus b. 1849 England
— “A Memory” (1894, prose)
— “The Adelaide Hospital” (1985, prose) also in Adelaide Observer
— “Asceticism: Some Comments by ‘Solus’”, The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Bumeracha Advertiser (SA) (25 Oct 1895: 4; prose)
— “Australian Girls: A Reply to Miss Ackermann’s Criticisms” (1894, prose)
— “Choir Appreciation” (1897, prose) also in Adelaide Observer
— “Dick’s Girl” (1899, prose; in “The Story-Teller”, Adelaide Observer): part 1; part 2.
— “The Education of Girls: An Answer to a Recent Essay” (1895, prose)
— “Home Sweet Home” (1894, prose)
— “Honour to Merit” (1896, prose) also in Adelaide Observer
— “Love” (1895, prose) also in Adelaide Observer, Evening Journal
The Mater” (1897, prose)
— “Pin Money” (1897, prose) also in Adelaide Observer
— “Sleep: Some Comments by ‘Solus’The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Bumeracha Advertiser (SA) (31 Jul 1896: 4; prose)
— “Slow Murder” (1895, prose) also in Evening Journal, Adelaide Observer
— “To Teach Again” (1897, prose)
— “Trilby” (1896, prose)
— “The Unbaptised” (1897, prose; “written for Truth [Sydney]”)
What a Woman Expects in Her Home” (1895 prose) also in Adelaide Observer
— “Woman” (1894, prose)
— “Worn Out” (1894, prose)
— “Yellow-Backs” (1895, prose – about “yellow-back” novels)

Pedley, Ethel b. 1859, London; d. 1898, Sydney
Dot and the Kangaroo (1898, children’s fiction)

Petersen, Miss Elizabeth Ida aka “Conatus”. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Whited Sepulchre (1897): chs 1-4; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; chs 7-11; chs 11-15; chs 15-17; chs 17-20; chs 20-23; ch23; chs 24-26; chs 27-30; chs 30-33; ch33; ch34; ch35; ch36; ch37; ch38; chs 39-40; chs 41-43; ch43; chs 44-45; ch46; [Oct 23 issue of The Bendigo Independent is missing from TROVE; microfilm or hard copy may be available at State Library of Victoria]; chs 49-50.
That Vixen Nancy (1899): ch1; ch2; ch5; ch7; ch8ch10; ch12; ch15; ch17; ch19; ch22; ch24.

Philpott, N. V. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Perth Idyll (1898)
Morning Waits at the End of the World (1897), chs 1-4; chs 4 (cont. -8; chs 8-12; chs 13-15; chs 15 (cont.)-18; chs 19-21; chs 22-25; chs 25 (cont.)-29; chs 29 (cont.)-33; chs 33 (cont.)-34; ANFD entry.
— “Sisters Three” (1894), chs 1-2; chs 3-4; chs 4(cont.)-6; chs 6-8; chs 8-10; ANFD entry.
Under The Southern Cross (1894), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch8; chs 9-10; chs 10 (cont.)-12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch19; ch20; ch21; ch21 (cont.); ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25; ch26; ch27; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch30 (cont.); ch31; ch32; ch33; ch34; ch35; ch35 (cont.); ch36; ANFD entry.
— Whom The Gods Love (1893), syndicated in The Western Mail: ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; chs 7-8; chs 9-10; chs 11-12; chs 13-14; ch15; ch16; chs 17-18 (some text obscured); ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25; ch26; ch27; ch28; ch29; ch30; ch31; ch32; ch33; ch34; ch35; ch36; ch37; ch38; ch39; ch40 (Sat 10 Jun); ANFD entry.

Praed, Mrs Campbell aka Rosa Caroline Praed (1851-1935), December Roses: A Novel (1892). romance and gothic
The Romance of a Chalet: A Story (1892) – link to hathitrust.org
Christina Chard : A Novel (2 versions available) (1893) – link to hathitrust.org
Outlaw and Lawmaker (in 3 volumes) (1893) – link to hathitrust.org
The Romance of a Station: An Australian Story (London: Chatto and Windus, 1893) – link to Australian Digital Collection; available as pdf
Mrs Tregaskiss : A Novel of Anglo-Australian Life (1895) – link to hathitrust.org
Nulma (1897) – link to hathitrust.org
The Scourge-Stick (1898) – link to hathitrust.org
— Madame Izan: A Tourist Story (1899) available as pdf; – link to hathitrust.org

Primrose, Adelaide, birth name: Adelaide Elizabeth Paton Primrose, a.k.a. Mrs L. J. F. Gatzemeyer; also published as “Waratah”; b. 22 Mar 1877 Adelaide, South Australia; d. Nov 1944 obituary (10 Nov 1944)
— “A greeting: South Australia to New Zealand” (1899, poem)
— “A Reverie” (1899, poem; scroll down to view)
— “An Old Legend: told in verse” (1899, poem for children)
— “Carnations” (1898, poem; scroll down to view)
— “Co-ee! A song of the bush” (1899, poem)
— “Daft Jim” (1897, prize-winning short story written as “Waratah”)
— “Dear General” (1898, correspondence)
— “The Legend of the Cornflowers” (1899, prose)
— “How I spent my Christmas holidays” (1897, prose; prize-winning story)
— “In Memoriam” (1898, poem)
— “The Message of the Bells” (1899, poem)
— “Old Fossil” (1899, short story)
— “ ‘On the Wings of Song’: or, the legend of the little violin player” (1898, short story)
— “Peach Blossom” (1899, poem)
— “The Romance of the Christmas Card” (1897, poem; poor quality scan)
— “What is Courage?” (1897)
— “Where? An answer to a friend” (1899, poem)
Works attributed here to Primrose, published as by “Waratah”:
— “A Lament” (1899, poem)
— “At the Dip of the Ensign” (1892, short story)
— “Calm After Storm” (1891, short story: “a highly entertaining love story, the scene of which is laid in New South Wales” – The Express and Telegraph SA)
— “The Road of Life” (1893, poem)
— “Rupert Danvers’ Mistake” (1893, short story)
— “Waiting” (1892, poem; religious theme)

Quin, Teth aka Quinn, Ethel.
The well-sinkers : an Australian pastoral, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899, 224 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Rawson, Wilhelmina Frances aka Mrs Lance Rawson (1851-1933).
— ‘The Bushman’s Rest, in Martin, Mrs Patchett (ed.), Coo-ee: tales of Australian life, by Australian ladies, Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, London, 1891?, pp. 177-256. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.
Judge Not. A True Story of the Bush (1894): ch1; ch2; ch3.

Rees, Katherine A. aka Katherine A Wardlaw; “Hugh Halcro”.
— “A Little Trip North” (1897)
— “The Blacks of Zulinga Island” (1894)
— “Captive and Captor” (1899).
— “Gas” (1896)
— “The Ghost of Murray’s Plains” (1897).
— “Gory” (1896, short story)
— “King Peter” (1896), I, II.
— “Little Sigma: A Cyclone Story” (1896)
— “The Palace of Cloud” (1894)
— “Peace and Goodwill” (1894; a Christmas story).
— “Two Stars: An Australian Fairytale” (1895)

Richmond, Lily.
Sally: a Sydney tale, in three parts, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1897, 321 pp. Link to Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Digital Archive.

Rose-Soley, Agnes aka “Rose de Boheme”, Mrs J F Soley, Madame Rose-Soley, J F Rose-Soley) b 1847; d. 1938, 19 Mar; founder of the Lyceum Club in Sydney; obituary. Rose-Soley was a journalist, as well as fiction writer. A list of her other publications can be found via the AustLit database (subscription or free access via a library). Biographical information, “A R and J F Rose-Soley“.
— “An Island Diana” (1895)
— [Manoupa : A Tale, London : Digby, Long , (1897); according to TROVE, a 1946 print edition is available at the University of Melbourne Library, but isn’t listed in their catalogue]
— “Naeletua and Leata” (1897)
— “Our Stage-Box at the Palma” (1896)
— “Products Pistachio” (1895)
— “Two Views of a Doll’s House” (1890)

Rosman, Alice Grant. b. 18 July 1882; died 20 August 1961; aka Alice Trevenen Rosman. An entry on Abe Books has this biographical information:

Rosman published some of her early stories in The Observer and The Chronicle, and began her professional career working on C.J. Dennis’s Gadfly in 1906. After this she worked for The Daily Herald and wrote a weekly Adelaide gossip column for The Bulletin from 1908-11. In 1911 the two Rosman sisters moved to England where Alice worked on the British Australian magazine from 1915-20. She later became assistant editor at the Grand Magazine from 1920-1927. Rosman published her first novel, Miss Bryde of England in 1915, though it was not met with any success. She continued to publish in the ensuing years but did not receive any degree of recognition until The Window was release in 1926 in both Britain and the United States. (ref)

An Old Tune (1898)

Rowan, Ellis aka Marian Ellis Rowan, Mrs F C Rowan; birth name: Marian Ellis Ryan; b. 1848, 30 Jul, Melbourne, Vic; d. 1922; 4 Oct Macedon, Vic.
A Flower-Hunter in Queensland and New Zealand (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1898; autobiography)

Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
Woman against Woman (1896), ch1; chs 2-3; ch3; ch4; ch4 (cont.); ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch8; ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch9 (cont.); ch9 (cont.); ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch13 (27 May); 30 May (ch 13 cont. mislabelled 12?); ch14 (30 May); ch15; ch15 (cont.); ch15 (cont.); ch16; ch17; ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch18 (cont.); ch19; ch20ANFD entry.

Rugby, Jack. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Haunted Station (1898)
A Romance of the Camp (1897)
An Unpromoted Officer (1897)
The Brand of Cain (1898)
The Coltbreaker (1898)
In the Grasp of a Madman (1898)
Lovemaking by Telegraphy (1899)
Mrs Wilson’s Family Pride (1897)
My Aunt’s Legacy (1898)
Tommy’s Abduction (1899)

Russell, Frances Emily aka Mrs H E (Henry Edward) Russell, “Eucalypta“; birth name: Frances Emily Robey; b. 1846, NSW; d. 1899, St Leonards, NSW; associated with the women’s college at University of Sydney, factory girls’ club, home for consumptives.
— [“A Garden Dream”, Cosmos Magazine, 30 Nov, vol. 2, no. 3 1895: 116-17); print copy in SLNSW]
— “A Neglected Pathway to Greatness” (1890, column)
— “A Plea for the Better Development of Woman” (1890, column)
— “A Rainy Day” (1891, column)
— [“A Tale of a ‘Telephone Belle'”, in Cosmos Magazine, Sep vol. 1 no. 1, 1894: 39-43; print copy in SLNSW]
— “The Affirmative View” (1890, column)
— “Ave, Et Vale” (1890, column)
— [“The Breaking of the Drought”, in Cosmos Magazine, 20 Oct vol. 1. no. 1 1894: 106-109); print copy in SLNSW]
— “Family Relationships” (1891, column; review)
Federation of Australia: A Poem (Sydney: Turner and Henderson, 1898) – link to SLNSW digital collection
— “The Heroic in Woman” (1890, column)
Joyce Martindale (London, Sydney: Remington, 1893)
— “Letter to the Editor of the Herald” (1890, correspondence; also 13 Nov 1890; 30 May 1891)
— “Looking Forward” (1890, column)
— “Noblesse Oblige” (1891, column)
— “On Christmas Keeping” (1890, column)
— “On Co-operation in Households” (1890, column)
— “On the Decay of Romance” (1890, column)
— “On Thrift” (1890, column)
— “Some Characteristics of the Australian Race” (1891, column)
— “The Poet of the Ideal” (1891, column)
— “The Profession of Marriage” (1890, article)
— “‘Thorough, of the Spirit of Well Doing’” (1891, column)
Too Easily Jealous: An Australian Romance (London, Sydney: Eden, Remington, 1892) – link to SLNSW digital collection; review.
— “Unacknowledged Sources of Inspiration” (1891, column)
— “Women’s Suffrage” (1891, essay)

Schlank, Racey.aka Racey Beaver, Excelsior b. [1872]; d 14 Apr 1931; Jewish heritage
— “A Bush Story” (1898, poem)
— [“A Character-Camera” (1898, novella) – available at SLNSW for use in library]
— “A Farmer’s Daughter” (1893, poem)
— “A Philosopher’s Ode” (1893, poem)
— “A Severed Friendship” (1892, poem)
— “A Womanly Woman” (1891, poem)
— “The Alarm” (1893, poem)
— “An Evangeline” (1891, poem)
— “Before the Curtain” (1895, poem)
— “The Bushman’s Dog” (1897, poem)
— “The City of Dreamers” (1890, poem)
— “Dead Sea Fruit” (1893, poem)
— “The Death Bone” (1897): ch1; ch2.
— “Dolly’s Faith” (1894, poem)
— “The Feathered Shoes” (1898, short story)
— “Frankie” (1891, poem)
— “His Passport Home” (1891, poem)
— “Ideal Land” (1893, poem)
— “In the Northland” (1899, poem)
— “In the Scrubland” (1897): ch1; ch2.
— “The King’s Decree” (1892, poem)
— “The Last Claimant” (1895, poem)
— “The Madman’s Picture” (1895, poem)
— “Marguerites” (1890, poem)
— “The Mouse’s Wedding” (1890, poem)
— “Mrs Grundy” (1899, poem)
— “On the Track” (1897, poem)
— “Once Upon A Time” (1899, poem for children)
— “Our Lady Nature” (1899, poem)
— “Reverie” (1889, poem)
— “The Rover” (1898, poem)
— “Something Better” (1892, poem)
— “The Spirit’s Gift” (1898, poem)
— “The Stockman’s Farewell” (1898, poem)
The Story of a Brain Kaleidoscope (1896): ch1; ch2.
— “The Story of a Poet” (1893, poem)
— “Then and Now” (1890, poem)
— “To Glenelg” (1891, poem)
— “Two Lives” (1892, poem)
— “Vesper” (1892, poem)
— “Wild Heath” (1892, poem)
— “The Wind’s Story, or the Night Watchers” (1892, poem)

Scott, Winifred. b. 1866; d. 1950
— “A Brush With the Blacks: A Queensland Story” (1899, short story)
In Black and White (1898, prose)

Shackell, Mrs. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
Matched and Mated: A Romance in Real Life (1893), ch1; chs 2-3; ch4 (cont.?); ch5; ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; chs 10 (cont.)-11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch14 (cont.); ch15; ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch17; ch18; ch19; ch19 (cont.); ch20; ch21 (13 Jan 94 mislabelled 12?); ch22; ch23; ch23 (cont.); ch24; ch25; ANFD entry.

Shaw, Alice Marie aka A M Shaw b.1861; d. 1941
— “The Dash For the Rand” (1896, poem)

Steel, Mrs E. Identified as Australian and female in Australian Newspaper Fiction Database.
Katie Bryce’s Two Christmas Days (1894)

Stocks, A. Mabel. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
The Silver Honeymoon (1898)
Studies in Bush Life. On a Gippsland Selection (1899): ch1; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14.

Storrie, Agnes L. aka Mrs J. W. Ketwell, “Avea”, “A.Y.E.A.” b. 1864; d. 1936.
“A Vital Mistake” (1896, short story)
— “With Whip and Wheel” (1890, short story): 30 Aug: ch1; 6Sep: ch4; 6Sep: ch5; 6Sep: ch6; 6Sep: ch7; 6Sep: ch8 (final)
— “Woven Awry. A Twisted Thread” (1897, short story)

Stow, Catherine Eliza. aka K. Langloh Parker. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
Australian Legendary Tales (1896 London) – link to archive.org
More Australian Legendary Tales (1898) – link to archive.org

Suttor, Catherine. aka Mrs Allan Suttor, Mrs Alan Suttor; birth name: Catherine M J Bowerman; b circa 1856; died circa 1950; married Allan Albert Suttor in 1879.
— “A Bush Coquette” (1898)
— “A Modern Knight” (1899)
— “A Rash Resolve” (1898; faint print quality)
— “Amaranth” (1898; described as “a complete story of station life” ref)
— “An Eve of Fire” (1899)
— [“At the Dawning of the Day” (Mudgee Western Post, Christmas number 1897)]
— “Beloved of the Gods” (1899)
— “Darby and Joan” (1898)
— “Doctor Carson’s Crime” (1899)
— “Father Darcy. An Australian Easter Story” (1897)
— “Folly’s Pranks” (1899) – faint print
— “From the Back Country” (subtitled “For The Worker”; 1899)
— “The Ghost of Garloon” (1899)
— “Lord of His Own” (1898)
— “Mollie Darling” (Austral Light Jan 1899, ref; reprinted 3 Feb 1900 in The Armidale Chronicle)
— “Mrs Percy’s Peach Jam” (1899)
— [Unknown title, The Horsham Times supplement, 22 Aug 1899, ref)
— “When Rogues Fall Out” (1899)
— [“The Whisper of Satan”, writing as “Harold King”, Mudgee Western Post Christmas issue 1896)]

Sweetapple, Anne aka “Silver Wattle”. Birth nam: Anna Mapelson (1831-1928, arrived in Australia 1853). Obituary 1928.
— “A Victim of Intrigue” (1899)
— “The Devil a Saint Would Be” (1897): ch1; ch2; ch3.
— “How I Came to Australia” (1890, fiction in 4 parts), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ANFD entry.
— “Never to Know” (1898, short story)
— “The Secret of Three” (1890, short story)

Taylor, Margaret Cox aka Vandorian b. 1864; d. 1939
— “A Lost Island” (1898, short story)
— “Deserted” (1899, short story)
— “On the Mooli Mooli Run” (1898, short story)
— “Princess Buln Buln” (1899, short story)
— “The Story of a Dewdrop” (1896, short story)
— “The Story of a Mask” (1895, short story)

Taylor, Agnes Rosamond; birth name Rosamond Benham; aka Benham Taylor; Mrs Thomas Gilbert Taylor; “Lalage”. b. 10 Oct 1874, Adelaide, SA; d. 11 Dec 1923, Melbourne Vic. Obtained a 3rd class medical degree; practiced in Subiaco, WA from 1902; a cousin to English author, Edith Nesbit. Married Thomas G Taylor, Secretary of the WA Social Democratic Federation in March 1903.
— “At the End That Is Not” (1897, poem)
— “The Dominant Note” (1897, poem)
— “From a Garden” (1897, poem)
— “Ganymede” (1896, poem)
— “I Was Afraid” (1899, poem)
— “In August” (1897, poem)
— “Then – Love Me” (1897, poem)
— “The White Night” (1898, poem)

Thomas, Margaret (1843-1929). Links below are to the Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Archive.
— ‘The Story of a Photograph‘, in Martin, Mrs Patchett (ed.), Coo-ee : tales of Australian life, by Australian ladies, Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, London, 1891?, pp. 257-270.
— ‘Struck Gold, in Fisher, Lala (ed.), By creek and gully, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899, pp. 75-84.
— ‘To My Cigarette‘, in Fisher, Lala (ed.), By creek and gully: stories and sketches mostly of bush life, told in prose and rhyme, by Australian writers in England, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899, pp. 163-166.

Thorne, Carina b.1876 d. 18 Dec 1912; death notice
— “Our Polly” (1898, poem for children)

Thornton, Fairelie; birth name: Florence Thompson; aka Florence Rudge; b. 1860, London, Eng; d. 1950, Chatswood, NSW; arrived in Australia 1914.
They say (1892, poem)

Todd, Mrs R.H. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
The Queen of the Fairies: A Christmas Story for Young Australians (1892)

Turner, Ethel.* birth name: Ethel Mary Burwell; aka Ethel Sybil Turner; Ethel M Turner, Ethel Curlewis, Mrs H. R. Curlewis and Ethele S Turner b. 24 Jan 1870, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Eng; d. 8 Apr, 1958, Mosman, NSW; arrived in Australia circa 1880. Also writes as Dame Durden; Princess Ida; The Little Laureat; The Old Sailor; and E.S.T.
— “A boy’s appeal” (1897, poem)
— A champion in ankle-straps (1896): ch1; ch2. ANFD entry
— “A dreadful pickle” (1893): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch4 (cont. or ch 5 mislabelled?); ch6ANFD entry.
— “A happy new year” (1896, poem; scroll to view in second column)
— “A horrible cannibal tale” (1897, poem; scroll to view “The old sailor”)
— “A little boy’s plan” (1896, poem)
— “A magnificent scheme” (1896, poem)
— “A modern Achilles” (1893, short story)
— “A song in the night” (1897, poem)
— “A story of strange sights” (1895, short story)
— “A suburban terrace” (1896, short story)
— “Almost an idyll” (1896, short story; illustrated)
— “An ogre up to date” (1895, short story)
— “Ananias and Sapphira” (1894, short story)
— “The argonautic expedition” (1897, short story)
— “At a street corner” (1894, prose)
— “The butcher and the buccaneer” (1897, poem)
The camp at Wandinong (1898), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ANFD entry.
— “The child of the children” (1897, short story)
— “Deportment” (1897, poem)
— “The doing of it” (1894, children’s story)
The family at Misrule (1895) – link to archive.
— “Gladys and the Fairies” (1893; children’s story), ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch4; ch4 (cont.); ANFD entry
The gloves of Gregan M’Alister (1897)
— “In shabby shoes” (1896, poem; illustrated)
— “Johnny and I are out” (1899, poem)
— “The little duchess” (1894, short story)
The missing word: a dream within a dream (1893)
— “Note of sympathy” (1897, poem)
— “On mannerisms” (1896, prose)
— “Orphaned by the sea” (1897, poem; illustrated)
Seven little Australians (1894) – link to archive.org
— “Something new” (1895, poem)
— “The sportsman’s code” (1896, poem)
The story of a baby (1896) – link to archive.org
— “‘Sweetheart’: a sketch behind the counter” (1893, short story)
— “The taking of the flag” (1896, poem)
— “Told in the wattle scrub” (1893, short story for children)

Turner, Lilian,** aka Regan, Talking Oak, Mrs F. Lindsay Thompson; b.1867 Eng; d. 1956 Turramurra NSW
— “A Wayside Romance” (1898, short story)
A Woman’s Way (1897)
— Barbara (1899): ch1; ch2; ch3. ANFD entry.
By the Blue Mountains (1894, serialised novella)
— “Colonial Tommy” (1899, short story).
Disturber of the Peace (1897)
— “Johnson the Idealist” (1897, short story)
The Lights of Sydney (1896, novel) – link to SLNSW digital collection
Little Lady Golden-Hair (1898)
— “The Little Less” (1896, short story)
Miss Elizabeth (1886), ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ch6 (cont.); ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch14; ANFD entry.
— “The Narrow Way” (1899), ch1, ch2.
— “Orange Blossoms or Weeds” (1893, short story)
To Him that Hath Not (1898).
— “Written Down” (1895, short story)

Walker, Netta aka Netta Waller; b. 1868, Windsor, NSW; d. possibly 1942; birth name: Henrietta Ann Walker; married George A Waller in 1915.
— “A Bush StoryWindsor and Richmond Gazette (17 Dec 1898: 4)
— “The Beggar” (1898, poem; second prize and reprinted 1922)
— “From Sun-Scorched Plains” (1899)
— “Homes of the Rich and Poor” (1899, poem; reprinted 1922)
— “Immortelles” (1898, poem)
— “Jack’s Story” (1898, poem)
— “In Memoriam” (1898): Woods. – In loving memory of our dear Sister, Mary (Poll) who died May 2nd, 1897.
— “Moths” (1898, poem)
— “Passion Flowers” (1898)
— “The Shearer’s Ball” (1898, poem)
— “Sleep” (1898, poem)
— “Sweet Briar” (1898, poem)
— “To the Dance” (1898, poem; reprinted 1922)

Ward, Mary Augusta aka Mrs Humphry Ward; birth name: Mary Augusta Arnold; b. 1851, 11 Jun Hobart, Tas; d. 1920, 24 Mar, London. (Note: Ward was born in Tasmania but left as a child.)
Robert Elsmere (Chicago, New York and San Franscisco: Belford, Clarke & Co, 1888)

Waterhouse, Jessie Mabel aka Jessie Mabel Smythe and Mrs J I Waterhouse b. 1851; d.1928
Bowled Out: A Story of Bushranging in South Australia (1891, novel) – link to SLNSW digital collection
For Marjory’s Sake: a story of South Australian country life (1893) on iTunes here.
On the Wrong Track (1893): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch8 (cont.); ch9; ch10. ANFD entry.
Pilgrims from the Seventh Pleiad (1896): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch12; ch13; ch14; ch15; ch16; ch17; ch18; ch19; ch20; ch21; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25. ANFD entry.

Watson, Kathleen b. 31 Dec 1870 Leicestershire, England; d. 9 May 1926, Brisbane, QLD; arrived in Australia 1898.
Litanies of Life (London: James Bowden, 1897)

Weale, Isabel aka Delphia, Mrs G T Weale; birth name: Isabella Tomlinson; b. c 1845, England; d. 1919, 25 May, Brisbane, QLD; arrived in Australia c Aug 1863.
A Holiday Adventure (serialised in The Queenslander 1897-98): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6 (8 Jan page 72 missing from TROVE); ch7.
— “Dora in Queensland” (1898, short story humour)
The Mermaid (serialised in The Queenslander 1898): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4.
— “The Pet Lamb” (1898, children’s short story)

Whalen, Ada b. 1874; d. 1932
— “In City Streets, 1898” (1899, The Bulletin Red Page)

Whitfeld, Adeline J. aka A Jamieson Wrainford. ANFD list of titles.
Double Ugly (1896): ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch8; chs 8 (cont.)-9; ch9; ch10; ch12; ch12 (cont.); ch14; ch14 (cont.); ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch19; ch20; ch22; ch23; ch24; ch25.
— Farmer Mack (1895), ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch1 (cont.); ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch5 (cont.); ch6; ANFD entry.
The Living Pen (1897): ch1; ch1 (cont.); ch2; ch3; ch4; ch6; ch7; ch8; ch9; ch10; ch11; ch11 (cont.);ch13; ch13 (cont.); ch14; ch15; ch16; ch16 (cont.); ch17; ch18; ch18 (cont.); ch19 (conclusion).
— “Madge” (1892; serialised in The Launceston Examiner): ch1; chs 2-3; chs 3 (cont.)-4; chs 5-6; ch6 (cont.)-7; ch7 (cont.); ANFD entry.
— My Lady (1893), ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ch7 (cont.); ch8; ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.)-11; ch12; ch13; ch13 (cont.); ANFD entry.
On The Measureless Plain. A Colonial Story (1898): ch1; ch3.
— Rex (1894), ch1; ch2; ch2 (cont.); ch3; ch3 (cont.); ch4; ch4 (cont.); ch5; ch6; ch7; ch7 (cont.)-8; ch9; ch10; ch10 (cont.); ch11; ch12; ch12 (cont.); ch13; ANFD entry.
— Uncle Turk (1894), ch1; ch2 (captured with previous item “Poetry” – scroll down); ch3; chs 4-5; chs 6-7; chs 8-10; chs 11-12; chs 13-14; chs 15-17; links to other chapters available via the ANFD.

Whitfield, Jessie Mary aka J. M. Whitfield; b. 1862 Sydney; d.1964 Oxfordshire, England
— “Hush! the moon is crying” (1898, poem)
— “Janet O’ My Soul” (1898, short story)
— “Jinx: A Christmas Story” (1891, short story)
— “Miss Maffeete” (1899, short story)
— “Sorrento Sprites: A Fairy Story” (1899, short story)

Whiting, Mary Bradford (1864-1935). Few bibliographical details for this author have been found. Her book A Daughter of the Empire (1919) is cited among notes for a Monash University exhibition on Australian Women Writers. Indications that Whiting was Australian, or at least wrote in Australia, include the titles of several of her children’s books, such as, Wallaby Hill and Josee: An Australian Story. For a fragment of information on Josee see here. Chapter 1 of Sir Tristram, which was serialised in 1897, contains a portrait of a female writer in her study. She also published numerous short stories for children in “The Girls Own Paper“.
Sir Tristram (serialised in 1897 – links to TROVE), Ch1; cont. Ch1 & Ch2; cont. Ch2;  cont. Ch2 & start of Ch3; cont. Ch3 & start Ch4; cont. Ch4v; cont. Ch4, start Ch5; cont. Ch5; cont. Ch5, start Ch6; cont. Ch6 & start Ch7; cont. Ch7; cont. Ch7 (poor quality); cont. Ch7, start Ch8 (poor quality); cont. Ch8; Ch9; cont. Ch9; ch10; cont. Ch10; cont. Ch10;  cont. Ch10; Ch11; cont. 11 (4 Dec); cont. Ch11; cont. Ch11; cont. Ch12; Ch13; cont. Ch13 & start Ch14; cont. Ch14; cont. Ch14 & start Ch15; cont. Ch15 and start Ch16; cont. Ch16 (14 Dec); Ch17 (15 Dec); cont. Ch17 (16 Dec); cont. Ch18 (Dec17); Ch19 (Dec18); cont. Ch19 (20Dec); cont. Ch20 (22 Dec); Ch20 (Dec21); cont. Ch20 (Dec22); Ch21 (Dec23); cont. 21; cont. Ch21 (24 Dec);  cont. Ch22 & start Ch23 (Dec 27); cont. Ch23 & start Ch24(28 Dec); cont. 24 & Ch25 (29 Dec); cont. 25 (30 Dec) (final).

Wildman, Ina M birth name: Alexina Maude Wildman; aka Ina M W, Sappho Smith; b. 28 Feb 1867, Paddington, NSW; d. 15 Nov, 1896, Waverly, NSW obituary (16 Nov 1896). Publishing as “Ina M W”, Wildman published several poems in The bulletin in the 1890s. Obituary (16 Nov 1896)
— “Bread and Violets” (1899, poem)
— “Mistaken” (1892, poem)
— “Over” (1892, poem)
— “Red handkerchief” (1890, short story)
— “[Untitled] “I tried to heat my hands/ At the great fire of life…” (1890, poem)

Wilson, Anne Glenny aka Mrs James Glenny Wilson; birth name: Anne Adams; “Austral”, “Lady Wilson”; Lady Annie Wilson; Annie Glenny Wilson; A. G. W. b. 1848, 11 Jun, Greenvale, Vic; d. 1930, 11 Feb, Wanganui, North Island, New Zealand.

Wren, Jenny. Identified as Australian and female in ANFD.
A Life History (1898)
A Woman’s Heart (1895)
— Missing. A Christmas Story (1892), ch1; ch2; ch3; ch4; ch5; ch6; ch7; ANFD entry.

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