Hi again, I can’t believe it’s August already. We’ve had some new books added to the review list this month which is awesome.

First up is Rogue by A.J. Betts, this is a sequel to Hive which came out last year and I’ve really been looking forward to it. Theresa @Theresa Smith Writes logged her review for it during July (unfortunately it’s still waiting on my shelf for me to read it). Theresa was slightly disappointed with this novel “I didn’t mind Rogue but it didn’t have me as enthralled as Hive. Hayley’s sheltered naivety offers at times an overly simplistic outlook and I found the ending somewhat rushed and oddly timed, with little preceding warning of the ultimate outcome.”  and “If you read Hive, you’ll want to follow it up with this one, even if it’s just to find out why Hayley’s world was originally constructed. But it’s not a novel that can be read as a standalone so if you’re new to this series, I recommend you pick up Hive first.” I’m looking forward to reading it, just to see how it all pans out.

Fire watcher BrimstoneNext up is Firewatcher Chronicles #1: Brimstone by Kelly Gardiner, a YA/middle grade historical fiction/time travel story that sounds like a fabulous read. Ashleigh @The Book Muse reviewed this one, she said “ The fire burns through each page, crackling and smoking as you read, and feel the fear and uncertainty of both events, even though today, in 2019, we know the outcomes of each event.” and “In an exciting new trilogy, history and time travel collide with mystery as Christopher is pulled into a mystery involving Brother Blowbladder.”

Brenda reviewed Whisper by Lynette Noni, this is the first in a new series and Brenda says “I was captivated! Nothing like I’ve ever read before. Set in Sydney – or under Sydney to be precise – directly below Centre Point Tower and Taronga Zoo. A fascinating young adult speculative fiction novel (and for the older among us), Whisper is one I highly recommend.” This one is definitely on my radar.

Veronica reviewed The Pale by Clare Rhoden and says “The Pale is the kind of intelligent speculative fiction read that I love. I highly recommend it.” You should definitely take a look at her whole review.

H.M Waugh reviewed Tarin of the Mammoths: The Exile by Jo Sandhu, she says “There iTarinOfTheMammoths.jpgs a happy place where the reader and the scientist in me combine to devour both books and chocolate, all with a smile on my face. Only found amid the pages of truly fab books, I found that happy place reading ‘Tarin of the Mammoths: The Exile’ by Jo Sandhu.” it seems she highly recommends it also saying “Hey if your kids (or you!) love history and science and all things Stone Age, then this is the book to read. It’s got danger, adventure, friendship and a diverse set of characters.” Highly recommended for middle readers (and adults)


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Claire Louisa x