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HEISS, Anita.    Am I Black Enough For You?
History, memoir or biography (non-fiction)
Eleni Konstantine - Eleni's Library 14/09/2019
calzean 03/02/2017
Emily at A Keyboard and an Open Mind 15/08/2016
Tarla Kramer 12/06/2014
Kevin Rennie 20/12/2013
Whispering Gums 17/07/2013
Marilyn 13/04/2013
Melissa Phillips 21/02/2013
Linda Funnell 26/11/2012
Jessica White 14/10/2012
Mindy 12/10/2012
Deborah Biancotti 05/10/2012
sally906 23/09/2012
HEISS, Anita.    Paris Dreaming
Romance, erotica or romantic suspense
Whispering Gums 27/02/2013
HEISS, Anita.    Manhattan Dreaming
General fiction (set after 1980)
Dani 28/02/2013
Suburban Sonnet 21/09/2012
Christine 21/09/2012
HEISS, Anita.    I'm Not Racist, But...
Mixed / don't know / prefer not to say
HEISS, Anita.    Tiddas
General fiction (set after 1980)
Carolyn 25/03/2016
Robin Riedstra 01/04/2015
Maureen Helen 08/02/2015
Faith 29/09/2014
Dark Matter Zine 23/08/2014
Angie Holst 11/07/2014
Lynette Washington 10/07/2014
Jenny Schwartz 15/06/2014
Monique @ Write Note Reviews 18/04/2014
Lauren @ The Australian Bookshelf 04/04/2014
Michael Jongen 01/04/2014
Bree 07/03/2014
Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out 06/03/2014
Lisa Walker 03/03/2014
HEISS, Anita.    Avoiding Mr Right
General fiction (set after 1980)
Le Koala Lit 12/10/2012
Cathy Powell 22/09/2012
HEISS, Anita.    Who Am I? The Diary of Mary Talence
Historical fiction (set before 1980)
HEISS, Anita.    Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms
Historical fiction (set before 1980)
Margaret Broughton 18/05/2017
calzean 15/02/2017
Sue Dodd 26/01/2017
Sally Roddom 19/01/2017
Jessica White 31/12/2016
Marina 30/12/2016
Theresa Smith 08/12/2016
Ellen Forsyth 12/09/2016
Sam Still Reading 21/08/2016
ReadRoundOz 02/08/2016
HEISS, Anita.    Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia
History, memoir or biography (non-fiction)
Non-fiction - other
HEISS, Anita.    Not Meeting Mr Right
General fiction (set after 1980)
HEISS, Anita  ; SCOTT, Rosie.    The Intervention: An anthology
Non-fiction - other
Elizabeth Lhuede 16/08/2015