Lesbian and Queer Women Writers

This is a list of queer Australian women writers which you might like to refer to for reading ideas. If you know of any others, please add them in the contact form below and we’ll update the list.* (Compiled by Jessica White)

Alexander, Mardi

Ashmere, Emma

Blackadder, Jesse

Bradstock, Margaret

Brown, Maggie

Brown, Pamela

burns, joanne

Cameron, Lindy

Cataldi, Lee

Chinna, Nandi

Clarke, Barbary

Cleven, Vivienne

Cook, Rachel

Connell, Raewyn

Cunningham, Sophie

Dearborn, Tricia

Dicinoski, Michelle

Evans, Nicole

Fallon, Kathleen Mary

Fergus, Lara

Fonseca, Conchita

French, Sophia

Gardiner, Kelly

Gardner, Angela

Gerrish, Carolyn

Goldsmith, Andrea

Glastonbury, Kerri

Hampton, Susan

Hanscombe, Gillian

Harford, Lesbia

Hawthorne, Susan

Hodgman, Helen

Howell, Katherine

Henson, Pene

Jagose, Annamarie

Jackson, Eleanor

Jenkins, Wendy

Jeffreys, Sheila

Jeffs, Sandy 

Jessen, Bec

Jones, Jill

Kelly, Jennifer

Kent, Hannah

Leigh, Geena

Lilley, Kate

Lucashenko, Melissa

Machon, Kirsty

Martin, Sylvia

McGregor, Fiona

McKemmish, Jan

McNab, Clare

Mills, Jennifer

Lenore, Miriel

Leigh, Geena

Moorhead, Finola

Nicholls, Bron

Nixon, Jenni

Pausacker, Helen

Porter, Dorothy

Post, Sue-Ann

Praed, Rosa

Rendle-Short, Francesca

Saint-Claire, C.C.

Saravanamuttu, Dipti

Shotlander, Sandra

Simpson, Inga

Sulway, Nike

Szubanski, Magda

Taylor, Jean

Turcot, Betsy

Van Neerven-Currie, Ellen

Wakeling, Louise

Walker, Sarah

Walker, Yvette

Winter, Lee

Wigman, Y.L.

Wylie, Ida Alexa Ross

Zajkowski, Maria

* Links are to the biographical entry on the AustLit database where available.


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