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LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    Too Flash
General fiction (set after 1980)
Jo Tamar 27/01/2015
Emma @ My Book Corner 28/02/2013
LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    How Green Is My Valley
Non-fiction - other
Whispering Gums 12/07/2013
LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    Sinking From Sight
Non-fiction - other
Whispering Gums 07/12/2013
LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    Mullumbimby
General fiction (set after 1980)
Lisa Setepenre 22/02/2017
Stephanie Gunn 11/12/2014
Maree Kimberley 25/05/2014
Marilyn 11/05/2014
Marilyn 24/04/2014
Katie Keys 29/03/2014
Sue Stevenson 13/02/2014
Jessica White 14/07/2013
Writereaderly 05/07/2013
Lisa Walker 14/05/2013
James Tierney 07/03/2013
LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    Steam Pigs
General fiction (set after 1980)
Theresa Petray 02/09/2017
LUCASHENKO, Melissa.    Too Much Lip
General fiction (set after 1980)