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Memoir/Biography/History: 2012 releases

The other day when the tally of literary books was posted, Text publishing tweeted that their biography of Elizabeth and Mary Durack by Brenda Niall should have been included.

Should more nonfiction titles be regarded as “literary”?

The follow is a list of books reviewed for the AWW challenge during January-June.

Disclaimer: If there are errors
with release dates, please let me know – reprints make it difficult to
judge original publication dates on publishers’ websites.

Tally: 10 books, 11 reviewers, 12 reviews




Are there other memoirs, biographies or histories published this year that haven’t been reviewed for the challenge?

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Shelleyrae from Book’d Out blog suggests:

Other suggestions from comments:

  • The Censor’s Library: Uncovering the Lost History of Australia’s Banned Books by Nicole Moore (UQP 2012)
  • Larrikins: A History by Melissa Bellanta (UQP 2012)
  • The Lone Protestor by Fiona Paisley (Aboriginal Studies Press)

Sue T from Whispering Gums blog suggests:

  • House of Fiction by Susan Swingler, about her parents, Elizabeth and Leonard Jolley, and herself. (Fremantle Press 2012)