While this blog is still in draft form, I’ve taken the opportunity to import old posts published on the Australian Women Writers Blogger site.

Unfortunately, the importing hasn’t been trouble free. WordPress has managed to import titles and labels (which is mistakenly identifies as “categories”, rather than “tags”), but no content. This means I’ve ended up having to cut and paste individual posts.

The cutting and pasting hasn’t been seamless, either. Much of the original posts’ formatting gets lost in the process, and it’s tedious work to reformat when I’ve still to work out the code to get basic things like paragraphing.

So, apologies to anyone who has followed this blog, especially if you’ve suddenly been inundated with a list of old – blank or wonky – posts. I’m working on it!

The following photo has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of this update, but it did give me my title.

Adaminaby, August 2012
(photo by Rodney Weidland, used with permission)