Now that I’ve worked out how to make the menu page appear, things are progressing.

Still to do:

  • Write copy for various pages, with appropriate links, including the sign-up page
  • Develop and insert the appropriate Google form on sign-up, post your review and completion pages.
  • Find out whether the overall database spreadsheet automatically happens from the Google Form and add this to the appropriate page
  • Explain to the AWW2013 team how the “category” tabs work (they’re not pages, but linked to actual posts),
  • Invite the team to become contributing editors
  • Have contributing editors discuss how the “mini blogs” work, and the short comings of this system (no static page for permanent links); discuss whether we need additional pages in addition to the category tabs (WordPress allows for a second menu bar above the line)
  • Add links to major awards in all categories…

So much to do, but we’re getting there! Feedback, anyone?