What is the In Conversation With series?

In Conversation is a fortnightly podcast series with the occasional accompanying video which gives you, lovely readers, even more choice on how to hear what your favourite authors have to say and makes it more accessible to all of you.

The fourth writer in our series is Liz Newell, a West Australian writer and playwright who has given us two plays The Intersection of Sound and Sunk and Belated and has a few novels in the works, in addition to setting up events at Fremantle Press. She talked to us about how best to make sure you get to put elephants (yes, elephants) in your playscripts, how the writing community is supportive of each other, new life goals involving tattoos and how writing plays helps her to write better novels.


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The interviewer who laughs too much and gets too excited is journalist and writer Marisa Wikramanayake. If you adore her, you can send your #askanauthor questions to her on Twitter.