Welcome to winter and if there is a more perfect time for curling up with a romance novel, I don’t know it! This is our fifth romance wrap up of the year and as usual there is a good selection to work through, including some very popular titles that both garnered four reviews each during the month of May. Our first book that gathered four was:


Season Of Shadow And Light, the third novel by Jenn J. McLeod which was the subject of a blog tour put together by the publisher. Shelleyrae of Book’d Out says:

…and Season of Shadow and Light is a story about connections – between partners and lovers, between parents and their children, and between siblings – tested, sometimes frayed and weakened, but strengthened by forgiveness, trust and love.

Sam from Samstillreading found herself racing through the latter part of this one, so compelling was the story

Once the secret was revealed, the story didn’t lose momentum – if anything it cranked it up a few notches! The hurt and anguish turns into a race against time as Paige must work out where and with whom her loyalty lies.

I also reviewed this one at 1girl2manybooks and for me, it was a very multi-layered story

Season Of Shadow And Light is a lot of things – a mystery, a story of personal growth, a family saga, a gentle romance. It’s an exploration of love and loss as well as some tough issues, such as the late term child loss and complications arising from Paige’s stroke.

Northern Heat

The other title to receive four reviews was also one that was part of a blog tour – Helene Young’s latest release, Northern Heat. This book picked a supporting character from Young’s previous novel, Safe Harbour and made him front and centre for his own happy ever after and the results were very positive.

Brenda, on Goodreads, was incredibly enthusiastic about this one –

Wow! Aussie author Helene Young’s best yet in my opinion! […] Northern Heat is full of gripping suspense – I read it in a few hours as I couldn’t put it down. My heart was pounding; it was breathtaking!

For me at 1girl2manybooks:

I really enjoyed this story and the way that all of the facets were woven together so well. […] The thread of suspense running through the plot was interesting and kept the me really invested in hoping that some characters really received what they truly deserved! Helene Young is so incredibly consistent and each time I pick up one of her books I really know I’m going to enjoy the ride.

Jess at The Never Ending Bookshelf recommends readers clear their schedules for this one!

For when Helene Young masterfully, and effortlessly I might add, revs up the narrative’s suspense by positioning Conor and Kristy’s growing sexual awareness and chemistry alongside the town’s underlying criminal activities, that just so happen to come to a head during the building cyclone (Cyclone Kate), you won’t want to spare a second on anything but this narrative. For it’s just that good.

Believe me, you won’t want to miss this one.

Only We Know Purman

Victoria Purman’s fourth full length novel earned 2 reviews this month, the first from Kathryn at The Book Date who says:

I really enjoyed this beautifully written story.  The two main characters – both wounded – but working there way towards wholeness. […] Another wonderful book from this author.  I really love her south Australian settings, excellent writing and gentle exploration into characters’ lives.

Only We Know was also reviewed by Sam from Samstillreading, who awarded it a 10/10.

Only We Know just reaches out to you and pulls you into Calla and Sam’s world from the start. It’s easy to read and easy to forget the time when you read her books.

Turnaround Treasure Shop

The newest release of Jennie Jones is The Turnaround Treasure Shop. Brenda from Goodreads continues to thoroughly enjoy this series:

…another delightful installment in the Swallow’s Fall series by Aussie author Jennie Jones. Thoroughly entertaining, it’s an excellent read; I highly recommend the complete series and by reading them in order of publication, you will get to know all the characters well. Fabulous!

wish list labrooy

For our final book this month, we step back 10 years. Most of the reviews for this month were new releases, books published in April or May and a handful of others were relatively recent that have been covered here in our wrap ups before. There was one review for well known author Melanie La’Brooy’s The Wish List from Robin Reidstra. Robin praises the fresh writing and the modern setting.

So for an entertain read set it Melbourne with some fun and romance you can’t really go past The Wish List. Enjoy. I did. I adore the nods to fairytale romance and classic love stories.

Recommended for anyone after a light, funny read. Get your tissues ready because you will laugh that hard.

That’s it for this month romance lovers, I hope you found something to interest you! I’ll be back next month with a look at some more titles.


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