Hello everyone and welcome to the wrap up for June for romance, romantic suspense and erotica titles. It was another solid month for reviews with not far off a title a day being added to the category which should ensure we have plenty to talk about.

Mistake Creek Rachel Amphlett

Kicking off with Mistake Creek by Rachel Amphlett, a self-published title that earned itself two five star reviews. Brenda from Goodreads had this to say:

Mistake Creek by Aussie author Rachel Amphlett is an absolutely gripping thriller, fast paced from the very first page; it kept me enthralled until I reached the end a few hours later. With an excellent plot, the intrigue and mystery was tense and powerful. I have no hesitation in recommending Mistake Creek highly to all mystery/suspense/thriller lovers.

Seems like Veronica was in agreement –

Mistake Creek will appeal to a wide range of readers, especially those that like a thrilling read filled with danger and action but will also appeal to those that like a little romance with their thrillers.


Fiona McArthur released another well received rural novel in June, this one focusing on employees of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in far western New South Wales. For Brenda, this was yet another five star read:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Homestead Girls and have no hesitation in recommending it highly. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Cassie from Book Birdy also thoroughly enjoyed this one, particularly the role of the RFDS –

I finished this book feeling a little envious. Yes, I have a hospital at my doorstep. For that, I am grateful. But I don’t have Fiona McArthur’s outback – and that sounds like a truly wonderful place to live.


Koven by Vanessa Skye gives us a paranormal romance to include this month, introducing readers to Celeste, a reluctantly turned vampire turned vigilante. Reviewer Lynxie praised a lot of the world building as well as the vampire belief system:

The weaving threads of the story and how they tied Celeste and Striker together, was really enjoyable. I particularly liked the ceremonial initiation into the Koven; it was a great idea and one that sparked many interesting thoughts about the vampire society as a whole.

High Strung T Gephart

Jess from the Never Ending Bookshelf reviewed the self-published Power Station series by T Gephart beginning with High Strung and continuing on with Crash Ride and Back Stage. Of the first book, Jess says:

High Strung is a quick and easy read that I highly recommend to everyone who loves rockstar romances, or loves a well written, spunky, laugh-your-ass-off well rounded story. It’s a little bit quirky, a whole lot of fun, and man that sexual chemistry almost needs it’s own fire department on stand by.

Dangerous Arrangement

A Dangerous Arrangement by Lee Christine took readers abroad to an exotic location. Brenda from Goodreads must’ve had an excellent reading month because this one was again, a five star read:

I thoroughly enjoyed the full-on action, the fast pace and the dangerous intrigue. Absolutely gripping, A Dangerous Arrangement is a page turner which I read in a few hours. Filled with well-crafted characters and a great plot, I have no hesitation in recommending this romantic suspense novel highly.

I also found this one to be a great read, reviewing it on my own blog, 1girl2manybooks

A Dangerous Arrangement is a fast-paced and highly enjoyable story that blends the best of romance and suspense into one cohesive story. I never have any hesitation in picking up one of Lee Christine’s books and recommend them all.

That’s it for this month romance lovers, I hope you found something of interest. See you next month!


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