Welcome to the April roundup of romance, romantic suspense and erotica. We received 10 reviews of 10 different books by five readers, so there’s plenty to interest you this month!

Once again, Brenda was our top reviewer with 5 reviews. Kendall Talbot was our author with the most reviews – Brenda read and reviewed two of her books, Treasured Lies and Treasured Dreams . These are the last two books in a trilogy, and I’m pretty sure Brenda is was eagerly awaiting Treasured Dreams from her review of Treasured Lies!

She writes of Treasured Lies:

Treasured Lies is #2 in the Treasured trilogy, and another great addition! Aussie author Kendall Talbot has an excellent mix of romance and spine chilling suspense throughout this book, though the tension isn’t quite as intense as the first, Treasured Secrets. I’m really looking forward to Treasured Dreams which is due out in a few weeks, to conclude this intriguing and gripping trilogy. Highly recommended.

For Treasured Dreams, Brenda thought the last book was a fitting conclusion:

Treasured Dreams is the third and final in the Treasured trilogy by Aussie author Kendall Talbot. Filled with the usual tension and fast paced action, it’s an excellent finale and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend all three books, but also recommend reading them in order. Great romantic suspense!

Veronica Joy enjoyed Fleur McDonald’s Indigo Storm, which she called ‘breath-holding’.

I came to love the little town of Blinman (it’s a real town and they really do have a cook out) and its residents that’s why I was a little bit shattered by the ending (no spoilers).

If you enjoy a well crafted romantic suspense with strong women and a true community feel you can’t go past Indigo Storm.

Jess from The Neverending Bookshelf read Thorne by Charlotte McConaghy. Although it took a little longer for her to love it than previous books in the series, it was ultimately rewarding:

But I persisted, and you know what, I loved this book. Almost as much as the first one once it got going.

Once again Charlotte McConaghy has delivered a unique and innovative fantasy novel that pushes both the characters and readers beyond our wildest expectations. Part epic adventure, part mystery and part romance, there is something here for every reader, making Thorne one hell of a fantastical page-turner that is sure to keep you up late at night trying to guess what happens next. It’s a high impact, adrenaline fuelled, scream at the page, why did you do that, fall in love, kind of intense read that will leave you with the worlds biggest book hangover imaginable.

Fantastic reviews this month – which of the featured reviewed titles are you most interested in reading?

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