Books by Australian women released in March included:

  • AnnMarie Brear’s Nicola’s Virtue (Knox Robinson Publishing) – historical fiction set in NSW in 1867. Read our interview with AnnMarie here.
  • Deborah Burrows’ Ambulance Girls (PRH) – the first in a trilogy dealing with three young women in the same Auxiliary Ambulance station during the London Blitz of 1940/41. Interview here.
  • Tracy Farr’s The Hope Fault (Fremantle Press) – general fiction (literary, contemporary with a twist.
  • Krissy Kneen’s, An Uncertain Grace (Text) General adult literary fiction set in Australia from now till 130 years in the future.
  • Natasha Lester’s Her Mother’s Secret (Hachette) – historical fiction, set in England and New York city, 1918-1939.
  • Jane Rawson’s From the Wreck (Transit Lounge) – a novel inspired by a historical character.
  • Cat Sparks’, Lotus Blue (Skyhorse – Talos Press) – speculative fiction set in far future Australia.
  • Karenlee Thompson’s Flame Tip (Hybrid Publishers) – a collection of short stories. Interview here.
  • Gabrielle Tozer’s Remind Me How This Ends (HarperCollins) – a coming-of-age boy-meets-girl-again YA novel. Interview here.

In April, we have (among others):

  • Prudence Black’s. Smile, Particularly in Bad Weather: The Era of the Australian Airline Hostess (UWAP).
  • Sara Foster;s literary thriller, The Hidden Hours (Simon & Schuster).
  • Isolde Martyn’s Troubadour – historical fiction set in medieval England and France. Interview here.
  • Leigh Price’s The River Sings (HarperCollins/Fourth Estate) – literary adult fiction, set in London/Sydney 1800-1838.
  • Sarah Schmidt’s debut novel, See What I Have Done (Hachette) – about the Lizzie Borden murder case and
  • Sandi Wallace’s Dead Again (Atlas Productions) – adult contemporary crime fiction.

To see a more complete list of AWW books published in March and April, check out our new releases page.

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