As a self-published author, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to come across Little Gnome – Brisbane’s Biggest Little Bookshop. While they do stock mainstream publications, they have a strong emphasis on self-published authors with almost 150 titles on sale in store, giving indie authors the same opportunity to reach readers with their print books as traditionally published authors. Self-published authors can apply to have their books stocked at Little Gnome by submitting through the ‘Author Page’ tab on their website.

Little Gnome Bookshop

Photo credit: Sean from When in Wynnum.

As described on their website, Little Gnome is a book store, coffee shop, and meeting place. When not running their regular game nights, hosting author talks, books signings, and poetry nights, or delighting the locals with great coffee, tea and sweets, they also run a monthly book club with books selected from local authors. How good is that?

A recent review of the store describes it as ‘A real gem of a shop with books you won’t find just anywhere. Character, coffee and cool people – I see why locals love it and readers and writers alike keep coming back.’

I contacted the humans at Little Gnome, Mum and Son duo Human Bel and Human Jack, and asked if they could give me their Top 5 self-published books by Australian women writers sold in the shop. Drum roll please……

Nene Davis Distance Nene Davies: Author of the Distance Series Distance, Further and Surfacing

Simone at Great Aussie Reads enjoyed the series, commenting that after finishing the third book, Surfacing, that she was sad to say goodbye to the characters,  ‘…Nene Davies takes the reader on quite a journey with well drawn characters and vivid descriptive prose that draws you right into the story.’


Katrina Logan A fish with a wish

Katrina Logan: Children’s Author of A Fish With a Wish, Straddie, The Very Shy Peacock and many more.




Helen McKenna The Beach HouseHelen McKenna: Author of The Beach House and Room 46

Marcia at Book Muster Down Under enjoyed The Beach House so much she gave it 5 stars. She says that it is a ‘…A well-structured novel with nice short paragraphs, and an easy, flowing prose, these almost 5 novellas within this book are truly inspirational and I highly recommend it as a book everyone should read.’

Marcia also enjoyed Helen McKenna’s next book, Room 46. In her review of Room 46 she states that it is ‘… a lovely story with two leading ladies whom readers will instantly connect with and relate to…’ She goes on to say that ‘…Helen McKenna develops her characters well, endearing them to the reader who is also captured by all the twists and turns that Grace’s life begins to take.’

Deb Drummond and Janice Teunis Lingering DoubtsDeb Drummond and Janice Teunis: Authors of Lingering Doubts





Martii Mclean If I Die Before I WakeMartii Maclean: Author of If I Die Before I Wake and Weird, Weirder Weirdest.




So, if you are anywhere near Little Gnome in Wynnum, Queensland, drop in to see the humans and the little gnome himself – I am sure they will serve up some great coffee with a serve of great books on the side.

Find out what the Little Gnome is up to here:

Submission for Self-Published Authors:


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