Entries for our AWW Bingo giveaway closed on October 31 and we now have a winner. Congratulations to Jennifer Cameron-Smith, our Bingo winner for 2017. Jennifer will receive a copy of Writing the Dream, kindly donated by Serenity Press.

writing the dream cover

Jennifer completed the first Bingo card:

AWW Bingo Card 2017

Her entries for the 2017 Bingo challenge were as follows:

  1. A book that surprised me: The Circle and the Equator by Kyra Giorgi. You can read Jennifer’s review here.
  2. A book of non-fiction: Into the Heart of Tasmania: A Search For Human Antiquity by Rebe Taylor. Review here.
  3. A book that’s more than ten years old: Three Little Maids by Ethel Turner (First published in 1900.) Review here.
  4. A book by an Indigenous author: My Side of the Bridge by Veronica Brodie. Review here.
  5. Free Square: The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba Clarke. Review here.
  6. A short story collection: Do You Love Me or What? by Sue Woolfe. Review here.
  7. A book with a beach setting: To The Sea by Christine Dibley. Review here.
  8. A book with poems: Driving Too Fast by Dorothy Porter. Review here.
  9. A book that won an award: The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon (This book won the 2017 ABIA book award for Book of the Year Older Children, age range 8 to 14 years.) Jennifer’s review here.

Jennifer’s reviews are always thoughtful and her choices illuminating. I highly recommend following the links above.

Thanks, Jennifer, and thanks Serenity Press for their donation. We’ll be putting you in touch.

We didn’t have a winner for the Classic’s challenge. How did you go? Did you complete any of the squares? Maybe completing the Classics card can be our challenge for next year?

AWW Bingo Classics Bingo Card 2017

By the way, if you’re wondering what classic books or stories you can access online, check out our lists here. This past week, I’ve been busy on TROVE, finding more links to forgotten serialised novels and short stories (mostly crime and romance) from the 20s through to the 60s.