Wow! February already, it is crazy how fast this first month has gone. I hope you’ve all been finding some great books to read. I’m Claire, your new Speculative Fiction Editor, this is all completely new to me so bear with me as I learn the ropes. I am an avid reader of Australian Women Authors, reading over 100 books last year and I wanted to try my hand at supporting authors in a different way. I am an Art Therapist and a Crane Operator, yes I know – an odd match, but crane operating gives me tons of time to read while waiting for things to happen.

I am amazed at how broad this category is and I know I’m going to find myself some more great reads this year.

So, this month 28 books were reviewed with 33 reviews

The first book is one I loved – you can read my review here. I likened it to Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree and The Enchanted Woods – everything is only limited by your imagination! Nevermoor: The Trials of Morigan Crow is a great book for children and adults alike and I’m excited that this is book 1 and book 2 will be out later this year. Three other people also enjoyed this book. Brenda thought it was “absolutely, breathtakingly brilliant! Fantastical, clever, imaginative, magical – I was riveted, unable to put it down.”

Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend cover  

The next book is one I’ve heard a lot about and am looking forward to reading: Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales by Kate Forsyth, reviewed by 3 people.

This book is a retelling of 7 wonderful fairy-tales with some amazing illustrations. Once upon a time, these stories of magical transformation were meant for young women as they grew away from childhood and towards adulthood. They were told by their mothers and grandmothers and the wise women of the clan as they spun and wove and stirred their pots and made their potions. The heroines of these old tales set out on a difficult road of trials to discover their true destiny. And, contrary to popular opinion, marrying a prince was not the only goal. These ancient tales of wonder and adventure are about learning to be strong, brave, kind and true-hearted, and trusting in yourself to change the world for the better.Vasilisa-cover-Kate-Forsyth


Theresa Smith Writes says  “I enjoyed each and every story. They were all so wonderful, a true celebration of girl power that I appreciate wholeheartedly. Kate’s talent with fairy-tale retellings truly knows no bounds.”

Ashleigh from The Book Muse says, “Kate’s retellings are special, and words that evoke the same magic of the tales they were inspired by, and keep the integrity of the original whilst giving it wings and a new voice through the courageous and loving women she has focussed on. These stories will endure, and become part of fairy tale canon and the wonderful library of Kate Forsyth stories. It is an amazing book that can be read alone or out loud to younger people and shared with young women of all ages to show them how to be courageous and brave.”


This month Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman was reviewed by two people. I have heard a lot about this book recently and am looking forward to reading it myself.Claire Coleman, Terra Nullius

Author Kali Napier says, “Very difficult to review this book without spoilers, but I think most people will pick it up knowing that Terra Nullius is cross-genre.”

And blogger Angharad from Tinted Edges says “This is really one of those kinds of books where you should really dive in cold and experience it fresh. Coleman is a wildly creative and clever writer, and this book is brilliantly crafted and exceptionally well-researched.”

It definitely sounds like one we all need to read for ourselves. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve read it or when you do.


Lie Smith by Alis Franklin a new Urban Fantasy is a new book on my radar but this review by The Conversationalist makes me want to take a look.



I loved the review by Rebecca Bowyer on books 7 and 8 from the D-Bot Squad by Mac Park, aimed at young children 5-7 years. She says that for those of us born in the 80’s -90’s, it’s like McGyver but with dinosaurs. I’ll be giving this to my nephew for sure.

Mega Hatch: D-Bot Squad 7                               Dino Corp: D-Bot Squad 8 book


Graevale by Lynette Noni is book four in the Medorian Chronicles and Ashleigh from The Book Muse highly recommends the whole series.

Graevale (The Medoran Chronicles, #4)

Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Forster is yet another that I have been hearing good things about, book one in a new series, and two people left reviews this month. Brenda gave it a glowing review.


Eleni left a review for Skin, book 2 in the flesh series by Kylie Scott, a dystopian zombie story. I’m thinking I might enjoy this series myself.



The final book I’ll mention is A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists by Jane Rawson. The title alone grabbed my attention and it seems Joanne felt the same way. This book was Awarded ‘Most Underrated Book’ of 2014.Jane Rawson, A wrong turn at the office of unmade lists

Joanne says, “So much about it spoke to me…the quirkiness and peculiarity of its nonsensical title, the mismatched puzzle map-grid cover and the mention of time-space travel.” And, “Good-natured and entertaining banter of endearingly flawed characters is the means by which Rawson explores deeper themes — loss and bereavement, resilience and survival, and the power of the imagination and how that interacts with our perception of reality.”

So, I’ll say happy reading and if you’d like to check out any of the other books reviewed head to our review database and have a look around.

Until next time 😊