Hi everyone, another month down, only 3 months til it’s next year! Crazy stuff. I met up with a WA author Michelle Diener the other week as I was lucky enough to have won a set of her Sky Raider series and am really looking forward to reading them. Michelle writes sci-fi and fantasy and she has agreed to answer some questions for us in a Sunday Spotlight soon.

We had 10 books reviewed this month, hopefully I can read my new set of books and add a few for next month.

Wintering by Krissy Kneen which is set in a dark Tasmanian forest, was reviewed by two of our reviewers Cass Moriarty who describes it

as “part ghost story, part horror outback noir, part romance, part Twilight Zone, part mystery – and all, of course, bound together with the curiosity, affection and respect for science and nature that all her writing captures.” She gave it 5 stars as did Marianne who says “Kneen’s latest offering has an original plot with twists and surprises that will keep readers guessing right up to the dramatic climax.” Check out both of their reviews, I’m adding this to my list.

In The Dark Spaces by Cally Black was reviewed by HM Waugh who thought this was a “Fabulouly awesome book” she says “If you

want world-building of awesome and relatable characters and a super voice, then ‘In the Dark Spaces’ by Cally Black is for you. It’s SciFi with added ethical conundrums and a dash of Stockholm syndrome. Prepare to cry. And grin. And be absorbed.” It won the Ampersand Prize for unpublished manuscripts in 2015 and, more recently, the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel.

Columbine’s Tale by Rachel Nightingale is the second book in the Tales of Tarya series. Isobel Blackthorn read and reviewed Harlequin’s Riddle back at the beginning of the year and recommends that you read it first. She says “Ultimately, Columbine’s Tale is about

creativity and healing, of good versus evil, of the use and misuse of magical powers – the power to create and to destroy – and the all-important moral message underpinning the series, that creativity should be life-giving, not life-taking. In all a delightful and insightful read.

Next up is We Three Heroes by Lynette Noni and is book #4.5 in the Medoran Chronicles. I was actually looking at this series in the bookshop the other day. Ashleigh @The Book Muse has convinced me to take a look but she recommends “it’s crucial that if you want

We Three Heroes (The Medoran Chronicles, #4.5)

to read this one, you must have read the first four books – which are all very good, and filled with brilliant humour and friendship.” Book 5 is out next year, so now is probably a good time to start reading this series. She says “Each novella explores a different demon and tragedy for each of Alex’s friends, and this insight into them has been an interesting and emotional journey for both character and reader – despite the shocks and gut punches, it is still one of my favourite series, and I know there will be more but that’s what makes it powerful: knowing bad stuff will happen but also knowing there are heroes willing to go out and stop Aven from achieving his goal. Each story and its inevitable conclusion are like a punch to the guts, reminding us that we are human, as are the characters we love, and that I will come back to again and again.”

Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend cover

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morigan Crow by Jessica Townsend has popped up again reviewed by two people, maybe because book two comes out at the end of the month and I for one can’t wait! This is a great book for young and old.

Emily @A Keyboard and an Open Mind thought it was “delightful” while Nicole said “A wonderful read for those in need of a little escapism!”

Lastly for this month was a delightful looking children’s book Archibald, The Naughtiest Elf In The World Goes To The Zoo by Skye


Davidson and Illustrated by Ágnes Rokiczky. Ashleigh @The Book Muse says “His cheeky look is inviting and fun, and he gets up to mischief and takes adventures that are magical and fun – where he takes children and adult readers alike to all new places, using magic and his naughty and cheeky self. This is the first book in a new picture book series, and it will be exciting to see where Archibald takes us in his next adventures and with his exquisite charm and brand of magic that creates turmoil and laughter wherever he goes.”

Well that’s it for this month, I look forward to seeing what everyone has been reading next month, please remember to link your reviews to AWW so I can share them with others. I hope to read a few spec fiction books this month along with plenty of others, enjoy October and happy reading…

Claire Louisa x