In the ‘Background to the Challenge’ on The Australian Women Writers (AWW) Challenge website, Elizabeth Lhuede asks the question “If books by Australian women aren’t being reviewed, how do readers know what they’ve published?” Now, thanks to the volunteer reviewers and editors of AWW, we not only know what Australian Women have written and published, we also have a database of reviews at our fingertips. I am pleased to have played my very small part.

2018 was a year of withdrawal for me – withdrawal from the publicity trail, from socialising, from commitments. It was a year that enabled me to curl into myself and just write. Nevertheless, I am pleased I took on the role of Editor of the Short Story reviews. It is a genre very close to my heart and (in my opinion), a genre which has failed to return to the popularity heights of yore, despite its easy accessibility for time-strapped readers. I live in hope.

The short story review statistics for 2018 do look surprisingly healthy . . .
82 reviews of 62 books by 75 authors

The most prolific reviewers were:-
Anne Jenner (9)
Ashleigh Meikle, The Book Muse (8)
Sue at Whispering Gums (7)
Eleni Konstantine (albeit short reviews, via Goodreads) (7)
Nancy Elin (5) and Kali Napier [Goodreads] (5)

The book that scored the highest number of reviews was Kate Forsyth’s ‘Vasilisa the Wise and other Tales of Brave Young Women’(5 reviews), followed my Melanie Cheng’s ‘Australian Day’ (5 reviews).

Nadia L King’s ‘Jenna’s Truth’ and Jennifer Down’s ‘Pulse Points’ each received 3 reviews.

Both Text and UQP had the most titles on the reviewed list (5 each). I wonder if this reflects their greater willingness to embrace the short story form or their harder work at getting the word out to reviewers.

I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings for Australian Women Writers and the reviewers of their published works.

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