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Towards the end of 2018, I agreed to take on the role of editor for the Poetry page along with my usual role as editor of Non-Fiction (General). Today’s Yearly Wrap Up will combine the two pages, but throughout the following year I will alternate my monthly posts between the two as numbers of reviews dictate.

The stats for Non-Fiction (General) 2018 are:

68 reviews of 60 books written by 61 authors.

As these numbers show, the diversity in authors and books was outstanding throughout 2018. Our general non-fiction reading encompassed categories that included feminism, diversity, indigenous, letters, science, politics, gender, essays, fashion, environment, true crime, travel, health and cooking.

2018 saw 32 AWW reviewers engage in the General Non-Fiction genre. Our top reviewers were:

Jennifer Cameron-Smith @Goodreads with 8 reviews

Anna Greenwood @Goodreads with 7 reviews

 Brona (me) with 6 non-fiction reviews, and

Nancy @NancyElin with 5 reviews.

The Poetry stats for 2018 included:

13 reviews of 12 books written by 13 authors.

2018 saw 5 AWW reviewers engage in the Poetry genre.

Jonathan @Me fail? I Fly! was the stand out contributor with 9 of the 13 reviews.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us!

If you’d like to join us in 2019 please consider doing signing up to the AWW Challenge. It’s easy and it’s fun – just sign on here.

Meanwhile, I thank all of you who have contributed reviews throughout 2018. Non-Fiction and Poetry may not be the high profile pages on this ever growing site, but every single review helps us achieve our goal of highlighting our wonderfully diverse Australian Women Writers.

About Bronwyn: I have been a book blogger at Brona’s Books since 2009 and a bookseller (specialising in children’s literature) in Sydney since 2008. Prior to this I was as an Early Childhood teacher for 18 years in country NSW.

I joined the AWW team in 2015 as the History, Memoir, Biography editor. In 2017 I moved to the General Non-Fiction page and in 2018 I picked up the role of editor of Poetry. You can also find me at The Classics Club as one of the new Gen 2 moderators.

dragonflyI taught myself to read when I was four by memorising my Dr Seuss books. I haven’t stopped reading since.

You can find me on Twitter @bronasbooks and Litsy @Brona.