Hello again, another month down and more books read, this month there were 14 books reviewed in the spec fiction category. Half of these are new books and half ones we’ve been seeing regularly, which means they must be good and perhaps I should try them out myself.

The lost girlsFirst up we have The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence, which Jeniffer descibes as ‘straight-ish fiction’ in her interview with Mrs B which is definitely worth a read. This book was also reviewed by Amanda @Mrs B’s who says “this is a stunning read from cover to cover. Enlightening and imaginative, The Lost Girls crosses moral codes and the edge of reason.”  It is an Australian based mystery involving time travel “The Lost Girls is much more than a time travel novel. I think, at its core, it is a book about memories. It is about how we make, store and retrieve memories. It is about the associations we make to our lives. It is also a critical examination into moral boundaries. It makes you think deeply about the possibility of change to an aspect of your life.” I have this out of the library at the moment and I’ hoping I can get to it before it’s due back as there is a waitlist for it.

catching teller crowH.M. Waugh reviewed Catching Teller Crow by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina, her review makes me want to go and read it right now. She says it “is profoundly moving, at times painful, addictively suspenseful, and all woven together with strength and love.”

VardaesiaVardaesia (Medoran Chronicles #5) by Lynette Noni was reviewed by Ashleigh @The Book Muse, I have followed all of her reviews on this series and it is definitely one I want to read. Ashleigh writes “It is a perfect ending to the series, where all the threads from the rest of the series are all brought together in a finale that ensures wrapping up the series gives closure for readers and will always be a favourite.” Once I clear my backlog of books (stop laughing), I will make it my mission to read this series.


There seems to be a lot of novellas being published lately, firstly this month we had Amy @Lost in a Good Book who reviewed Vera: A Tale of Pelythia by J.A. Knight she says “This easily stands alone as a short story, there is impressive world building and character development and with a few lines and few words Knight can convey meaning and intent” 

Next up is a romance athology Untamed Destinies in which one of the stories by Kim Petersen is a paranormal romance, I reviewed the whole anthology at Claire’s Reads and Reviews. All three stories are definitely worth a read.

Another novella reviewed was The Devils Work by Demelza Carlton reviewed by Claire

Finding Aurora by Rebecca Langham was reviewed by Emily @A Keyboard and an Open Mind who says she ‘enjoyed it but wanted more because she’s greedy’ lol


Clare McFaddenI usually finsh off with a children’s book if there’s one available and todays sounds great, I think I’ll find it for my niece. The Flying Orchestra by Clare McFadden was reviewed by Rebecca @Story Addict who writes:

“Mum, how do you give a book a ‘like’?”

“A ‘like’?” I asked my 6-year-old son.

“Yeah, a ‘like’. Like for videos on YouTube. So other people know it’s really good. ‘Cause this book’s really good and I want to tell everyone.”

Mr 6 waved The Flying Orchestra, by Clare McFadden at me. He loves this book. It brings together some of his favourite things – flyingmusic and of course, words.”

If that isn’t a great endorsement, I don’t know what is. If you have kids you should definitely have a read of her review.


Until next month, happy reading, don’t foget to link your reviews in the database of AWW.

Claire Louisa xx