It seems like Crime has been pretty well read again this last few months and a quick glance at the list shows some titles that I would love to read, some titles that I have read but haven’t logged for the challenge, oops, and some titles that are on my list and I’m determined to get to, soon.

Since the last wrap-up we have seen 63 reviews logged of 36 books by 30 authors. The numbers are pretty steady and crime remains a popular genre with some fabulous books newly released as well as a wealth of great reading that has been out in the world much longer. This spread of numbers is pretty common for a crime round-up with lots of books being reviewed multiple times, and authors who show up with a couple of different titles.

So let’s go see just what there is to discover in this round-up.

The Scholar is a book that still sits on my towering TBR, along with it’s predecessor, and the more reviews I read the more I want to read it. In the last couple of months the book has been reviewed 7 times, making it our most prolifically reviewed title of the round-up.

Heidi @ but books are better says: McTiernan writes well, and drew me in with the ease of a skilled author, effortlessly evoking the sights, the sounds and atmosphere of the world her characters inhabit. I found both cases Cormac is trying to solve in The Scholar utterly intriguing, and as in The Ruin, some of the themes pulled on my heartstrings.

Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews thinks: Dervla McTiernan makes an explosive return to the crime writing scene with The Scholar, which again features the affable Detective Cormac Reilly. Just shy of a year after the release of the first book in this series, and the debut that made Dervla a household name both in Australia and internationally, The Ruin, The Scholar is a great follow up novel to what I anticipate to be a long running series for McTiernan.

Bree @ 1girl2manybooks is a fan: This series ticks all the boxes for me – interesting, complex main character, incredibly well thought out criminal investigations and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing on things the whole way through. The writing is so good, I wish I had a dozen more Cormac Reilly books to dive into. Just going to have to be patient and wait for Dervla McTiernan to write them all!19

The Scholar is also reviewed on Goodreads by Jennifer and Claire and at ReadRoundOz and Carpe Librum.

Under The Midnight Sky by Anna Romer is a brand new release that I can not wait to sink my teeth into. It has 5 reviews this round-up and I’m sure that number is only going to grow in the coming months. Checking out the reviews that have already been logged has only made me more determined to move this one up my TBR pile.

Snippets of early reviews says…

Carolyn on Goodreads: Romer has masterfully woven these strands together to bring us a suspenseful and engaging novel as secrets buried deep in the past are all eventually brought to light by Abby’s dogged investigations. Her descriptions of the wilderness of the Gorge, pristine but unconquerable, also add to the atmosphere of suspense and tension. Highly recommended. 4.5★

Jennifer on Goodreads: I’ve read all four of Ms Romer’s novels, and while I’ve enjoyed each of them, this is the best yet!

Brenda on Goodreads: Wow! Aussie author Anna Romer’s latest novel, Under the Midnight Sky, is an absolute screamer! The chilling twists, the secrets buried so deeply the years flew by without knowledge by police or anyone else. The innocent and the lost; the heartache; the fear and terror – all blended perfectly to form a novel which made my heart race. A perfect psychological thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.

Marianne on Goodreads: Romer’s plot is intriguing, with twists and turns and red herrings that keep the reader guessing right up to the dramatic climax.

Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf: Under the Midnight Sky is atmospheric and moving. Anna Romer is one of the great story tellers of our time.

The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence is one that I have actually read, and reviewed though it seems I haven’t linked it to the challenge, bugga. This is a fabulous mystery that leaves you wondering what you would do if you could change things. It has 4 reviews and here’s what our reviewers thought.

Bree @ 1girl2many books begins her review with: This book was something that had my attention from the first page. I honestly ended up so much more involved in the story than I ever expected to be going into it.

Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf says: This is a cleverly plotted page turner. I read it in two days. The story pulls you in and was actually causing me great anxiety.

Marianne reviewed on Goodreads: Spence easily evokes her settings, both time and place, with some beautiful descriptive prose and mentions of technology and literature that firmly establish the era. Her characters are easily believable, their dialogue natural.

Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out says: Suffice it to say, The Lost Girls is a poignant, intriguing ,and captivating read I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Chocolate and Old Lace is the beginning of a new series by Kaz Delaney and it has some positive reviews already.

Helen on Goodreads: Oh this is a fun, fabulous story a real page turner, and the start of a series woohoo, I think Rosie Hart is going to become a friend as she uses her sleuthing skills to solve murders and who

knows what else, truly this is a story that I just about inhaled and I would suggest that you make sure you have nothing else to do when you pick this one up.

Brenda on Goodreads: Chocolate and Old Lace is the 1st in the Rosie Hart Mystery series by Aussie author Kaz Delaney and I really enjoyed it. Along with the mystery and intrigue, there was lots of food baked by the intrepid Rosie, an adorable dog called Tiny (who wasn’t), and a delightful town in Texas that is Rosie’s new home. An entertaining cosy mystery which I highly recommend.

We have quite a few returned titles reviewed recently with Little Gods still getting reviews, Sulari Gentill makes the list with a number of titles, Jane Harper is still being reviewed. There are some older titles making the list and some crossover titles.

If you want to check out all of the crime novels that have been reviewed you can head to the AWW Books Reviewed page and search by Genre. It will put all of the reviews at your fingertips.

We would love to hear about the great crime reads you have enjoyed recently.