Well things have quietened down a little on the reviews in the short stories category. Just six over the past two months.  

On the Lost in a Good Book blog, Amy reviews ‘Beginnings: An Australian Speculative Fiction Anthology’ by various authors. Sixteen stories by sixteen different stories. There is often some confusion surrounding the definition of Speculative Fiction so I was interested to read Amy’s take on the guidelines which are ‘so broad they can cover almost anything strange, unknown, magical, and mystical.’ 

Amy also reviews Karly Lane’s ‘December’s Wish’, a romance novella with ‘a small town charm’.  

Jennifer Down’s ‘Pulse Points’ attracted another review, on the interestingly named blog ‘A Strong Belief in Wicker’. Louise confesses to being not much of a short story reader in the past but, since discovering a Ryan O’Neill collection, has taken a little more interest and is going to endeavour to have a shorty story collection on the go at all times. Bravo, Louise! I look forward to reading your continued thoughts on short stories in the months ahead. Incidentally, Ryan O’Neill is one of my favourite contemporary short story writers (and a very entertaining speaker to boot) and I’m pleased you enjoyed ‘The Weight of a Human Heart.’ 

You’ll find a considered and detailed review by Cass Moriaty on Goodreads of ‘My Name is Revenge’ by Ashley Kalagian Blunt. This collection of one novella and three essays was a finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award. Cass tells us that Kalagian Blunt provides ‘a fine example of what can be achieved by combining history with fiction.’  

Also on Goodreads: ‘The Permanent Resident by Roanna Gonsalves on Calzean’s Reviews (this collection sounds quite interesting so I would have liked to read a more in-depth review).  Hint, hint! 

I’ll be back for another round up in July and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an increase in short story reviews.

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