Oh my goodness, 4 months to go and the year will be over! But there have been some great books this year and there are a few new ones that have been reviewed this month, so I’ll focus on those.

First up is Watershed by Jane Abbott and reviewed by Rebecca @story addict Rebecca Watershedsays “This was an utterly unputdownable book for me. It maps humanity’s descent into the worst of our nature and then asks how do we rise above it again? Watershed is the perfect illustration of the theory that we are the product of our circumstances. Our environment shapes our actions.” and “There is gratuitous, horrific violence and it’s very hard to tell who you’re supposed to be cheering on. There are no good guys.”



Women of Wasps and War by Madeleine D'EsteNext is a gritty historical fantasy Women of Wasps and War by Madeleine D’Este and reviewed by Veronica who says “The best stories press your emotional buttons in some way, and Women of Wasps and War certainly did that. I felt uncomfortably provoked by the brutal yet compellingly written world, furious at the short sightedness, cruelty, and bias of the men, and alternately frustrated and hopeful for the women.” and Emily @A Keyboard and an open mind says Oof. This was a powerful book. I read about 20% of it one night and then the rest of it the following day because I couldn’t put it down. A lot of my reactions were simply “Argh!” or “Mmngnng” and could probably be summed up better in reaction gifs than a proper review”  Check out her ‘proper’ review.


IMercenary Royal: Dead Suns reviewed Mercenary Royal: Dead Suns by Shona Husk I thoroughly enjoyed this book which took me to a new world “This was an action packed read with plenty of twists and I couldn’t put it down once I started reading, I look forward to the next book.”


GreythorneNext up in Greythorne by L.M Merrington and reviewed by Cassandra who says “If you’re after a fast-paced read, this book may not be for you; true to its gothic horror roots, the story is told in a way that seems almost gentle, conveying a creeping dread and a growing sense that something is very, very wrong. The slow build is really hard to achieve, but Merrington did a great job — once Nell got to the island and met the Greythornes, I was hooked. On the other hand, if you’re after a relatively short, “spoopy” read with a creepy setting and a mad but charming antagonist who wouldn’t be out of place in Arkham, then definitely check Greythorne out.” Check out her full review, it sounds very interesting and I’m adding this to my TBR list.


The Bride PriceThe Bride Price by Cat Sparks is a collection of science fiction stories. Aislinn reviewed this collection and says “Sparks specialises in tough, straight-talking mostly female leads having exciting adventures in dangerous post-apocalyptic worlds. I’d call them fun but they don’t always end all that happily, and the pleasure is in the journey and the intellectual gymnastics of keeping up with Sparks’s world-building and the twists and turns of her tales. As with much great science fiction there’s a lot of political allegory and I find myself thinking of modern situations as I read of worlds where women’s rights are eroded, where there are slaves, and where the poor have to fight every minute for survival while the rich live comfortably.”


These were the new additions for August, to check out all the reviews for August click here

Until next month, happy reading, I look forward to seeing what great books are read in this last 4 months of 2019. Thanks for linking your reviews to AWW the link for this is here.