As we come towards the end of the year, it feels like these come around all too quickly, and I’m under the wire at the moment in getting everything done, so this one might be brief. In terms of number of books read, the average of fourteen reviews for eleven books – with some new reviewers and some regulars – August seems to have been a month where I didn’t submit any young adult reviews – either because they weren’t out yet or I had a plethora that didn’t fit into this category.

This month we also have some new reads – new as in they have not appeared thus far this year, and it is nice to see lesser known books getting some attention. One regular, Amanda Barrett, has appeared once with her review for Rogue by AJ Betts – the sequel to a book called Hive. Amanda says though it is unsettling for the reader, it is one of those books with a wide base audience yet did feel some distance as an older reader of the book. This is one that I don’t think has been as hyped or as popular with some of our other roundups, so it is nice to see this appearing here.


Cloggie Downunder and Nadia L King read and reviewed It Sounded Better in My Head by Nina Kenwood –  Nadia says it is the perfect book about learning to accept yourself and adapt to what life throws at you. Cloggie says it is an outstanding debut novel that is a nice break from heavier novels if you need it.


Cassandra Page reviewed three books by Ellie Marney: All the Little Bones, All Fall Down and All Aces. The three comprise a trilogy that Cassandra read. In one post, she mentions possibly reviewing them in one post, but gave them each their own review whilst linking them to each other through what she wrote. It takes place in a circus and explores all the facets of circus life and their relationships. She loved the combination of crime, romance and the circus across the trilogy, and if I have time, I might check it out!

Hopefully next month I’ll be less down to the wire, and include more reviews. Until October!